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Criminal Minds: Aftermath

The team is asked to assist with the case when the rapist resumes his crime spree, this time focusing his attention on a different demographic of women. During the investigation, Elle makes a critical decision that could let the rapist go free and, ultimately, impact her career with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x5
Production Number: 205
Airdate: Wednesday October 18th, 2006

Director: Tim Matheson
Writer: Chris Mundy

Alternate Airdates:

DE (Sat. 1) Apr 30, 2007
FI (Nelonen) Feb 21, 2008
NL (Veronica) Dec 20, 2009


Guest Stars
Bruce Gray (1)Bruce Gray (1)
As Dr. Wagner
Dahlia SalemDahlia Salem
As Detective Maggie Callahan
Jason LondonJason London
As William Lee
Lisa LongLisa Long
As Beth Norvell
Mandy June TurpinMandy June Turpin
As Alicia Jordan
Robert ClotworthyRobert Clotworthy
As Don Norvell

Co-Guest Stars
Derek WebsterDerek Webster
As Lawyer
Edward DiazEdward Diaz
As CSU Tech
Jennifer Ann EvansJennifer Ann Evans
As Lisa Blake
Jonathan Klein (1)Jonathan Klein (1)
As Craig Dyson
Tuffet SchmelzleTuffet Schmelzle
As Cheryl Cosgrove
Main Cast
Shemar MooreShemar Moore
As Derek Morgan
Matthew Gray GublerMatthew Gray Gubler
As Dr. Spencer Reid
A.J. CookA.J. Cook
As Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Kirsten VangsnessKirsten Vangsness
As Penelope Garcia
Thomas GibsonThomas Gibson
As Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner
Mandy PatinkinMandy Patinkin
As Jason Gideon
Lola GlaudiniLola Glaudini
As Elle Greenaway
Episode Notes
We learn that there are power reassurance rapists, power assertive rapists, anger retaliatory rapists and sexual sadists.

Power reassurance rapists target a specific victim and fantasise about being in a relationship with them.

Power assertive rapists humiliate and traumatise their victims.

Anger retaliatory rapists' attacks are random and excessively brutal.

Sexual sadists' attacks are also random and excessively brutal.

Episode Quotes
Gideon: Don't anybody ever go home?
Elle: You're here.
Gideon: Exactly. Trust me, you don't wanna model your social life on mine.
JJ: If it makes you feel any better, Hotch and Morgan took off.
Reid: Hotch is married, Morgan's... well, Morgan.

Gideon: Helen Keller once said: "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."

Detective Maggie Callahan: You're gonna have to talk to a lot of victims, it'd be helpful to have an extra female presence.
Gideon: Can you promise me you'll be sensitive?
Detective Maggie Callahan: As long as you promise to stay pissed off at what happened to them.

Jennifer: (to Cheryl Cosgrove) Someone hands over a wallet at gunpoint, everyone thinks that's the best thing to do. You did what you had to do to survive. Don't let anyone tell you different. Alright?

Detective Maggie Callahan: I figured you wouldn't be sleeping, either.
Gideon: What are you doing here?
Detective Maggie Callahan: I took a room on the hall.
Gideon: But you live four blocks away.
Detective Maggie Callahan: Exactly. Why be separated from the work?

Detective Maggie Callahan: (after seeing a bathrobe packed in Gideon's suitcase) You stole a bathrobe?
Gideon: Complimentary.

Reid: You okay?
Elle: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
(Reid enters Elle's room)
Elle: No, really, come right in. (grabs a drink) Wanna check my ID?
Reid: I thought maybe you might wanna talk.
Elle: Don't go all profiler on me.
Reid: Elle, you got shot in your own home and then came back to the BAU like nothing even happened. Thinking you might wanna talk isn't profiling... it's Psych 101.
(Elle glares at Reid)
Reid: Please?
Elle: After he shot me, he reached into my wound so he could write on the wall in my blood. I was barely conscious but I... I could feel his hand in there. And sometimes, it's like I can still feel it.
Reid: Elle, he's dead. You're... you're right here. You won.
Elle: Then here's to winning.

Dr. Wagner: Look, what's happening is-is just horrible but the margins on a clinic like this are incredibly slim and if word gets out that there's a connection to this rapist, my practice would be ruined.
Detective Maggie Callahan: To be honest, I don't care about your practice. Three women were raped after coming here. That's not a coincidence, it's a pattern.

Dr. Wagner: No medical information changes hands. It's not illegal.
Detective Maggie Callahan: Yeah but the margins on a place like this... word gets out, your practice would be ruined.

Morgan: Oh, one last favour, look up the words 'sexy' and 'brilliant' in that computer of yours and tell me what you come up with?
Garcia: Look at that, it's me.
Morgan: You are a goddess, woman! Ciao.
(the women in the waiting room area stare at Morgan)
Morgan: It was a... it's a work call.

Gideon: So, I fill out my intimate personal information then you just share it with everyone you have working here for minimum wage?
Craig Dyson: I sense an attitude.
Elle: We need copies of every single questionnaire that you got from the clinic. We can get a warrant here in about an hour if you prefer.
Craig Dyson: Look, if you think about it, all I'm doing is profiling just like you guys.
Gideon: Well, let's not think about it.

Elle: What the hell are your men doing?
Detective Maggie Callahan: Excuse me?
Elle: Well, you can have men outside the door but a woman can still get raped inside!
Morgan: Elle...
Detective Maggie Callahan: They knocked, there was no answer, there was no legal cause to enter.
Elle: So, they just walked away?
Detective Maggie Callahan: No, they left messages that it was urgent, she contact the police.
Elle: Which must be on the machine right after that creep left a message saying he was gonna rape her!
Detective Maggie Callahan: They did everything in their power.
Elle: You just keep telling yourself that.

Hotch: The only reason he's walking is because you panicked.
Elle: I'm supposed to believe that you've got my back?!
Hotch: What are you saying to me?
Elle: The last time you sent me home, Hotch, you got me shot!

Gideon: (to Elle) You need to get some air. While you do, huh, I want you to think about this job, what you've been through, what you're capable of. Do you understand me?

Elle: You and I both know what you are and you're not gonna hurt women anymore.
William Lee: I would never hurt them. You know that. That's why you let me go.
Elle: I didn't let you do anything.
William Lee: You're very pretty...
Elle: What did you just say to me?!
William Lee: Why do you choose to do a job that is so dangerous? You should find a man to take care of you.
Elle: Oh, like you took care of those women?

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