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Season 6

101 :06x01 - Retribution

Fugitive Jordan pursues the truth about J.D.'s murder by traveling to Washington, D.C., where she hopes to uncover the news story he was working on to find out if it was the reason for his death. Meanwhile, Macy tries to locate Jordan; and Lu works with a no-nonsense independent investigator to prove Jordan's guilt.
Guest Stars: Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Peter Birkenhead as Ted Hawthorne | Jim Metzler as Judge Clarence Gordon | Craig Zimmerman as Lance Cooke | Charles Mesure as J. D. Pollack |
Co-Guest Stars: Kofi Natei as Cop #1 | Lenore Thomas as Judge's Clerk | Adam Simmons as Dwayne McKenzie | Kasey Mahaffy as Second Uni | James Huang as Firsts Uni | Chris Gann as U.S. Marshal | Jason Azikiwe as Lieutenant Johnson
Director: Roxann Dawson
Songs: Sarah McLachlan -- Dirty Little Secret, Metallica -- Whiplash

102 :06x02 - Shattered

Jordan and Lu investigate the suicide of a teen, whose note indicated that he'd been molested; Woody looks into the gruesome death of a woman who was hit by several cars on a highway; Macy warns Jordan that she needs to do things by the book when an investigator starts poking around the office; and Lily receives some surprising news.
Guest Stars: Ethan Sandler as ADA Jeffrey Brandau | Jamie Martz as Michael Elwing | Eddie Mekka as James Talbot | Matt Roth as Dave Gilbert | Joe O'Connor as Alan Manning | Richard Fancy as Judge Dixon | William Ragsdale as Bob | Jeffrey Donovan as William Ivers | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer |
Co-Guest Stars: Lucas Studle as Jason | Wayne Thomas Yorke as Louis Blake | Quinn Sullivan as Anne | Owen Smith as Andy | Gwen Mihok as Driver #1 | Dihlon McManne as Tom | Bob Margitich as Charles | Edward Carnevale as Driver #2 | Richard Augustine as Steven | Cecelia Antoinette as Betty Pasky |
Uncredited: Sterling Beaumon as Stewart Manning
Director: Donna Deitch
Songs: The Hotel Alexis -- Comeback Kid

103 :06x03 - 33 Bullets

A riot erupts in Boston after an eight-year-old boy is shot 33 times by police. Jordan the rest of the team of coroners as well as Lu and Woody join together to investigate the young boy's death and the police officers' involvement in it. With violence overtaking the city, Jordan and her colleagues are faced with the death of one of their own.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Tony Perez as Man Rescued from Truck | Blake Shields as Officer Connor Greco | Cassandra Creech as Ms. Caullings | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | James Earl as Man with Leg Wound |
Co-Guest Stars: Gina St. John as Newscaster | Larnell Stovall as Carjacker | Ludo Vika as Zola | Aaron Meeks as Young Man | Tessa Ludwick as Huyen | Jermaine Jackson (3) as Looter | Terry Hoyos as Panel Chair | Alma Collins as Grandma Caullings | Jason Azikiwe as Lieutenant Johnson
Director: John Badham
Writer: Rob Fresco
Songs: Linda Rondstadt and Ann Savoy -- Walk Away Renee

104 :06x04 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

When a Las Vegas prize fighter is found dead after winning a match, Danny and Delinda decide to stay in Boston to help Jordan and Woody investigate his murder. Meanwhile, Bug investigates the death of a young woman whose body was found in the river and had been there since the 1980s. After a month away, Lily returns to the morgue.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Josh Duhamel as Danny McCoy | Molly Sims as Delinda Deline |
Guest Stars: Mireille Enos as Sandy Walsh | Ethan Sandler as ADA Jeffrey Brandau | Jack McGee as Mickey Rowan | Chille DeCastro as Tony O'Reilly | Shaun Weiss as Brian Osguld |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Molinari as Colin Walsh | Bill Dempsey as Ring Announcer | Sarah Hudson as Susan Osguld | Jackson Wurth as Young Brian Osguld
Director: Roxann Dawson
Songs: Irene Cara -- Flashdance (What a Feeling)

105 :06x05 - Mr. Little And Mr. Big

Special prosecutor Ivers continues his investigation into the practices of the morgue, and Macy asks Jordan once again to behave herself. Jordan and Lily go on a road trip to recover the body of a little person, but only to find it stolen from the back of the morgue's van. Woody finds the body of a 16-year-old boy and encounters a rogue cop during the investigation. Meanwhile, Lily wrestles with the impact her love triangle will have on her unborn baby.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Rachel Boston as Ruby | Meredyth Hunt as Drew Marshall's Mom | Christopher Goodman as Deputy Joe Whatley | Kiko Ellsworth as Detective Parnell | Jeffrey Donovan as William Ivers | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Neill Barry as Drew Marshall's Dad | Ethan Sandler as ADA Jeffrey Brandau | Emy Coligado as Emmy |
Co-Guest Stars: Kunal Sharma as Park Employee | Greg Fitzpatrick as Suspect | Brian T. Delaney as Uniform #2 | Joseph Childs as Harry Fleck
Director: Ravi Kapoor

106 :06x06 - Night of The Living Dead

A high profile defense attorney, Shelly Levine, who has a history with Macy, is found shot and presumed dead. The only problem is he is very much alive and can hear and feel everything. With his autopsy looming, will Jordan or the rest of the team of coroners notice before it's too late?

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Ron Silver as Shelly Levine |
Guest Stars: Denise Gentile as Judith Gilman | Susan Gibney as DA Rene Walcott | Lee Garlington as Dixie | Marcus Giamatti as Donald Hagen |
Co-Guest Stars: Marie Wong as Marie | David Weidoff as Chad Buckley | William Walton as Jury Foreperson | Wendy Walsh as News Reporter | Kim Estes as Judge Christopher Hanna | Tom Bresnahan as A. J. Crawford
Director: Allan Arkush
Writer: Jason Ning

107 :06x07 - Hubris

A serial killer taunts Nigel through his online blog with clues that lead to a real life murder scene. As Woody, Dr. Kate Switzer and Nigel try to piece clues together from the victims bodies, the killer challenges Nigel to find the next victim before it's to late, but he only has 24 hours. Back at the morgue, Jordan and Bug are forced to audit old files for William Ivers. Jordan finds a mistake that may have sent an innocent man to prison, but she is torn about whether keep it to herself.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Jeffrey Donovan as William Ivers |
Guest Stars: Jonathan Scarfe as Ken Scott | Cyia Batten as Debra Scott | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Foster as Patrick Mahoney | Brian T. Delaney as Uni One | Kimberly Demarse as Theresa Getty | Taira Soo as EMT
Director: Roxann Dawson

108 :06x08 - Isolation

Jordan defies special prosecutor William Ivers orders by performing an autopsy on a corpse that she believes did not actually die from the flu. Woody's interest is piqued after the corpse spews out an unusual liquid and he offers to go with Jordan to investigate. They quickly realize that the situation is more serious than they thought and could trigger a public health scare. Meanwhile, Bug is concerned about Lily coming in contact with the deadly virus since she is pregnant and cannot take any medication, leaving Lily to make a tough decision.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Patricia De Leon as Magda Garcia | Kitty Swink as Dr. Martha Dupree | Hector Luis Bustamante as Eduardo Vega | Anne Betancourt as Linda Gonzales | Jeffrey Donovan as William Ivers |
Co-Guest Stars: Javier Montoya as Thomas Garcia | Alina Herrera as Elena Garcia | Carmen Corral as Isabel | Kate Mulligan as Hope Ellis | Sophia Santi as Sick Woman
Director: Bethany Rooney
Writer: Ashley Gable

109 :06x09 - Seven Feet Under

When Jordan, Macy and Detective Matt Seely attempt to solve a16 year-old girls murder, they discover that she was keeping a scandalous secret. During the investigation, Jordan begins to struggle with her declining health and Macy decides to confront her. Meanwhile, Woody, Dr. Kate Swtizer and Bug try to determine the cause of death of a mummy, but discover that the body is actually a modern day woman.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Neal Jones as Russell Gruden | Peter MacKenzie as Frank Ripton | Leah Pipes as Melissa Ripton | David Andriole as David Tallridge | David Monahan as Det. Matt Seely | Helen Slater as Elaine Tallridge | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Burgio as Maria Margosian | Anne Marie Howard as Andrea Ripton | Danica Stewart as Cindy Tallridge | Kayla Mae Maloney as Stephanie Federman | Val Lauren as Eric Margosian |
Uncredited: Parvesh Cheena as Groundskeeper
Director: Kate Woods

110 :06x10 - Fall From Grace

Jordan and Woody have the difficult task of trying to solve the murder of a pregnant woman and finding the baby that is now missing from her womb. While they wait for the DNA test results, Woody discovers that Jordan has made a crucial mistake that affects the case. Macy gives a tour of the morgue to a bunch of juvenile delinquents and tries to teach them a lesson about the value of life, but realizes it's harder then he thought.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: John Livingston as Rebecca's Husband | Carla Gallo as Marissa Owens | Karen Austin (1) as Marissa's Mother | Meredith Monroe as Rebecca | Shahine Ezell as Charlie Baxley |
Co-Guest Stars: Aris Mendoza as Rosa | Deprece Reddick as Oscar | Roscoe Myrick as Dent | Ron Butler as Lawyer | Scott Michael Morgan as Uniformed Officer #2
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.

111 :06x11 - Faith

Woody and Jordan desperately try to find a school bus full of children that is hijacked and then disappears. After locating the bus they have to use the forensic clues that were left behind to lead them to the missing kids but that turns out be harder then they first thought. Meanwhile, Dr. Kate Switzer and Nigel are stunned when they come across the dead body of "Santa" in the morgue. Also, Jordan's secret is finally revealed and everyone in the morgue is concerned for her health.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Ariel Winter as Gwen Burroughs | Lynne Moody as Helene Coleman | Tim Lounibos as Jamie's Father | John Lafayette as Terell Norton | Patrick Kerr as Conrad O'Dell | Elizabeth Keener as Stacey | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Emy Coligado as Emmy |
Co-Guest Stars: Gina St. John as News Anchor
Director: Donna Deitch

112 :06x12 - Sleeping Beauty

Macy takes Jordan to the hospital for her extremely risky brain surgery that will hopefully save her life. As he waits at the hospital, everyone else tries to keep busy in the morgue to avoid worrying more about Jordan. Woody tries to keep his mind occupied by throwing himself in to a murder case of a cop and an eyewitness that was about to testify against a gang leader.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Karim Prince as Arif Cuttahey | John Prosky as Keene's Lawyer | Austen Parros as Jasper "J.J." Keene | Megan Gallagher as Rachel | Philip Casnoff as Dr. Sanchez | Rachel Nicks as Tracy Seaver | Chancellor Miller as Tyler | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Susan Gibney as DA Rene Walcott | Emy Coligado as Emmy |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian T. Delaney as Uniformed Officer | B.J. Clinkscales as Beau Wallace | Phillip Jeanmarie as Daryl Bellamy | Janine Venable as Anesthesiologist | Britain Spellings as Delivery Guy | Joyce Lee as Nurse | Cullen G. Chambers as Bobby Seaver
Director: Bethany Rooney
Writer: Rob Fresco

113 :06x13 - Post Hoc

Macy and the rest of the coroners decide to take turns helping care for Jordan after her brain surgery. When Bug does not show up at Jordan's to relieve Woody, Nigel gets angry and then realizes something is wrong. Woody and Nigel begin to investigate and find out that Homeland Security has taken him into custody and are accusing him of being a terrorist. Meanwhile, a pesky detective keeps hounding the morgue staff to do an autopsy, but everyone is preoccupied with what is going on with Bug and whether or not he will be set free.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Boris Kodjoe as Detective Elliot Chandler | Erik Palladino as Homeland Security Agent | Lawrence Pressman as Judge | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Susan Gibney as DA Rene Walcott |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Slome as Carly Peppino | Ted Garcia as Anchorman
Director: Jill Hennessy

114 :06x14 - In Sickness & In Health

Jordan decides that she is ready to get back to work, but Macy is reluctant because he feels it is to soon. After agreeing to take it easy Jordan finds herself thrust into a murder case and find herself back to her old ways. Everyone is concerned about Bug's demeanor since his encounter with Homeland Security and wants him to open up about his experience. Meanwhile, Nigel and Kate team up with Woody to help solve the murder of a groom on his wedding day.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Keri Lynn Pratt as Lisa Price | Johnny Pacar as Ben Kensith | William Francis McGuire as Mr. Carson | Sarah Lafleur as Julie Pasternak | Rodney Eastman as Homeless Guy | Emy Coligado as Emy | Mercedes McNab as Natalie Carson | Boris Kodjoe as Detective Elliot Chandler
Director: Donna Deitch

115 :06x15 - Dead Again

A woman that has been presumed dead for the past six years actually has just died a few hours earlier and has caused Jordan and William Ivers to team up on this peculiar case. Woody and Bug are called to help Lily and Brandau when the psychiatrist they have been seeing suddenly dies in front of them during their session. At first they all believe that it was a heart attack until they find a mysterious stab wound. Lily suddenly goes into labor and the team helps her deliver.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Colby French as Tony Baron | Emy Coligado as Emy | John Badham as Marty | Donna Pescow as Debbie Baron's mother | Tovah Feldshuh as Elaine Hoffman | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Ethan Sandler as Jeffrey Brandau | Jeffrey Donovan as William Ivers |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Jamal Craig as Officer Hansel | Ashleigh Sumner as Debbie Baron | Gina St. John as Reporter | Kristina Sexton as Cheryl Marlen | Tony Longo as Donald Gene | Cliff Emmich as Dr. Marlen
Director: John Badham

116 :06x16 - D.O.A.

When an odd man wanders into Woody's office and claims there has been a murder, Woody and Jordan learn that the man is the one that was murdered. The man reveals that he was given a slow acting poison that will inevitably kill him. His only request is to find his missing daughter before he dies and Jordan and Woody agree to help. Nigel and Kate team up to solve the murder of two magicians that have seemingly killed each other. Bug makes a decision that will change Lily's and his lives.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer | Eric Stonestreet as Steve Anderman | Lauri Johnson as Saleswoman | Jamie Elman as Jonathan | Josette DiCarlo as Anna | Emma Bates as Emma Curaco/Carolyn Anderman | Michael Rooker as Shawn Curaco |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul McCarthy-Boyington as Danny Baker | Tony Mouleart as Stan | Sean Moran as Howard the Magnificent
Writer: Rob Fresco

117 :06x17 - Crash

AN UNFORGETTABLE FLIGHT IN THE SEASON FINALE -- Kate Switzer is put in charge of forming a team to investigate what killed a ship full of people on the Norwegian Sea and enlists the help of the entire group of coroners. On their way back to Boston, the plane suddenly flies into an unexpected storm causing the plane to crash in the mountains. Woody and Bug set out on foot to try to get to the highest point and get a radio reception to signal for help, but hit a roadblock when they reach an impassable mountain. In order to stay warm and keep busy, Jordan, Macy, Kate and Nigel decided to do what they do best, autopsies. While they are trying to figure out what mysteriously killed these people, they all secretly wonder if they will be rescued.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Derek Webster as Dave | Judith Moreland as Doctor | Brooke Smith as Dr. Kate Switzer |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Lutz as FBI Agent | Tom Ohmer as Captain Seaver | Roxana Ortega as Special Agent Jane Rush | Lidet Viravong as Basit Bakar
Director: Roxann Dawson
Warning: Crossing Jordan guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 2001
Ended: May 16, 2007
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