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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Mitch and Jody reunite in their hometown to deal with their mother, Suzanne, who has just been released from a psychiatric facility and has yet to learn that her ex-husband, Billy, is about to have a baby with his new girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Kevin Rahm as Roger | Kevin Chamberlin as Massage Client |
Co-Guest Stars: Crystal Kwon as Waitress | Yvonne Arias as Pretty Waitress | Rende Rae Norman as Woman #1 | Suzanne Ford as Woman #2 | John Kelly (1) as Customer
Director: Ted Wass
Songs: Dido -- Don't Leave Home

2 :01x02 - Whatever Happened to Baby Bodashka?

Suzanne decides to adopt a baby girl from the Ukraine after learning that Billy and his mistress are having a girl. Meanwhile, jealous of Suzanne’s affair with Elvis, her former psychiatric orderly, Billy inadvertently gets him fired from the institution. And Jody forces a hesitant Mitch to take his job as restaurant manager seriously when he has to fire a waitress who is stealing.
Co-Guest Stars: Jimm Giannini as Customer #1 | Dinah Lenney as Woman
Director: Ted Wass

3 :01x03 - Friends In High Places

Mitch worries about Suzanne’s avoiding married friends that she shared with her former husband, Billy, and advises her to join a divorce group to sort out some issues. Suzanne does, but finds that too boring, so she joins a group of recovering drug addicts instead.

Meanwhile, Jody deceives Mitch into loaning him money for a payment on his sports car, and Billy seeks reconciliation with Jody.
Guest Stars: Valerie Mahaffey as Carolyn Pierce |
Co-Guest Stars: Cathy Giannone as Woman | Jeff Sugarman as Male Customer | Eileen Barnett as Joan Sheridan | Armando Cosious as Raoul | Elizabeth Ward Land as Customer #1 | Jean Carol (1) as Customer #2
Director: Ted Wass

4 :01x04 - Jody Crumb, Superstar

Billy gives up on his massage business and returns to the restaurant, which rubs Jody the wrong way. And Mitch wants his own apartment, but knows that Suzanne will take it the wrong way. Besides, he can't afford an apartment unless he starts getting paid at the restaurant, and he's too proud to ask for a paycheck.
Co-Guest Stars: Aaron Sanders as Young Jody (8 Years Old) | George Barseghian as Young Mitch
Director: Ted Wass

5 :01x05 - Six Feet Blunder

Mitch meets a guy who won’t date him unless he tells his parents that he’s gay, Suzanne gets a job but is sexually harassed by a co-worker, and Billy decides he wants to buried in the family plot someday.
Guest Stars: Martin Mull as Tom | Rider Strong as Dennis |
Co-Guest Stars: Lindsey Fields as Tour Guide
Director: Ted Wass

6 :01x06 - Tennis, Any Crumb?

Mitch loses Suzanne's esteemed "favorite son" title when he befriends Billy's girlfriend Shelley.
Guest Stars: Illeana Douglas as Shelley |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Van Horneas as Young Jody | Max Burkholder as Young Mitch
Director: Ted Wass

7 :01x07 - Maybe I'm Tony Randall

Realizing he doesn't fit in with the gay stereotype, Mitch begins to think he might be straight.
Guest Stars: Noah Bean as Paul | Rachel Boston as Alison |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Cesario as Bartender | Loren Freeman as Peter | Max Burkholder as Young Mitch
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Joel Stein

8 :01x08 - Sleeping With The Enemies

Mitch becomes jealous when he finds out an affair between Jody and Andrea. Billy hurts his back fixing Suzanne's roof, and she takes him in and tries to win back the affections he had for her.
Guest Stars: Danielle Nicolet as Heide
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Sung Min Suh

9 :01x09 - The Gift Of The Magpie

After finding Christmas gifts she bought before going to the institution, Suzanne decides to celebrate the holiday in Spring.
Guest Stars: Kevin Rahm as Roger
Director: Ted Wass

10 :01x10 - Suzanne Gets Certified

Suzanne feigns being crazy again in order to go back to the mental hospital. Meanwhile, Jody is offered a gig.
Special Guest Stars: Elliott Gould as Frank Bergman |
Guest Stars: Branden Williams as Robbie Ghoul |
Co-Guest Stars: Bob Glouberman as Lawyer | Audrey Pham as Girl | Jim Jansen as Doctor | Kai Imazu as Boy
Director: Ted Wass

11 :01x11 - A Loon Again, Naturally

Suzanne becomes jealous when her arch-nemesis from the institution publishes a book about her recovery. Meanwhile, Mitch tries to make amends with Billy, after expressing his dissatisfaction with restaurant management.
Special Guest Stars: Rhea Perlman as Camille Spadaro |
Guest Stars: Nicolas Costeras as Charlie | Brian George (1) as Dry Cleaner |
Co-Guest Stars: Lucy DeVito as Cashier | Elizabeth Ward Land as Woman
Director: Ted Wass

12 :01x12 - He Ain't Hetero, He's My Brother

Suzanne goes to extreme measures to encourage her new boyfriend Frank to ask her to move in with her. Meanwhile, Jody blackmails Mitch.
Special Guest Stars: Elliott Gould as Frank Bergman |
Guest Stars: Illeana Douglas as Shelley | Teri Garr as Lorraine Bergman | John David Conti as O'Brien
Director: Ted Wass

13 :01x13 - ...And It All Came Crumbling Down

Suzanne starts a new life as a blackjack dealer, and gets caught up in a whirlwind romance. Meanwhile, Mitch worries about an incriminating e-mail he sent to Billy.
Guest Stars: Illeana Douglas as Shelley |
Co-Guest Stars: B.J. Ward as Woman | Bob Rusch as Man
Director: Ted Wass
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 12, 2006
Ended: February 07, 2006
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