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Cupid: The Tommy Brown Affair

Trevor is talking on the phone with Claire as she goes home. Claire walks into her apartment to find it has been ransacked, and hangs up immediately. Trevor rushes over and finds that everything is ok, nothing is even missing, but Claire is still very nervous about her safety. In the meantime, Trevor talks with the locksmith, who happens to be an ex-con who has fallen in love with his attractive young parole officer... Never fear, Trevor is on the job: "One key to her heart, coming up!"

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 104
Airdate: Tuesday April 28th, 2009

Guest Stars
Anna ChlumskyAnna Chlumsky
As Josie
Adam KaufmanAdam Kaufman
As Tommy
Shirley RumierkShirley Rumierk
As Paula Travato
Trieste DunnTrieste Dunn
As Sonja
Amy SchumerAmy Schumer
As Heather
Beth Ellen PatrickBeth Ellen Patrick
As News Anchor
Brian OBrian O'Neil
As Supervisor
Craig BockhornCraig Bockhorn
As Middle Aged Detective
Joe Gonzalez (1)Joe Gonzalez (1)
As Uniformed Cop
Main Cast
Bobby CannavaleBobby Cannavale
As Trevor Pierce/Cupid
Rick GomezRick Gomez
As Felix Arroyo
Sarah PaulsonSarah Paulson
As Dr. Claire Allen
Episode Notes
Anna Chlumsky has appeared multiple times in Cupid (2009) as "Josie". She also had a one-time role in the original 1998 Cupid episode "Meat Market" playing "Jill". She may be the only person to appear in both versions of the series.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Bob DylanIf Not For YouAt the end

Episode Quotes
Claire: You shouldn't be calling me unless it's about your mental health. One last time I am your psychiatrist, you're my patient.
Trevor: Yah, I'm aware of that.
Claire: Are you, because in our sessions you treat me like I'm the woman who cuts your hair.
Trevor: A young lady who I have the utmost respect for, by the way.
Claire: You deflect every serious question with a joke or a tangent. I need to get a true picture of who you are and where you came from if I'm going to help you.
Trevor: I'm Cupid, and I'm from Olympus.
Claire: So you say.

Claire: Since you're already here, if you wanted to stay and help me clean up, I guess that would be okay.
Trevor: Yeah, sure. Where should we begin. Shall I suggest... the bedroom? (she gives him a dirty look) So when you go to sleep tonight you won't be surrounded by a reminder of what happened? (sees the sense in that, acknowledges it)

Claire: They totally trashed the place!
Trevor: What, this? Please. Back home this is a typical Sunday morning in my bedroom.

Trevor: You know what they always say. If you're not breaking a lamp, you're not doing it right.
Claire: They? Who is this "they" that always says that?
Trevor: Ahhh... Zeus. Apollo. The guy who owns the lighting store in Mount Olympus.
Claire: There's a lighting store in Mount Olympus?
Trevor: "Mount OLampus". I.. I know, it's ridiculous. But when it was called "Lamps by George" they could hardly scare up a customer.

Tommy: I know I'm supposed to meet you! But seriously, I'm on a job... I'm not lying. I'm not lying!! (motions to Trevor) W-will you tell her I'm not lying? (hands Trevor the phone).
Trevor: He's not lying... Trevor Pierce...Putting in some locks. Break-in. I-Idon't know. He was here when I got here.
Tommy: Does she want to know what I'm wearing?
Trevor: Do you want to know what he's wearing? ... She doesn't, although she put it slightly more colorfully.
Tommy: Ask her what she's wearing.
Trevor: He wants to know what you're wearing. (pause) ...She says she's gonna be wearing your ass as a hat, if you're lying.
Tommy: (taking phone back) Just the ass-hat and nothing else? Hello? Hello?
Trevor: She hung up, didn't she?
Tommy: Yep.

Tommy: I don't want to broadcast the whole [ex] thief thing, it doesn't exactly endear me to people. Take Paula, for example.
Trevor: Paula needs to get over that. You paid your debt to society. Besides, you were a jewel thief, you didn't kill anyone...(asking) You didn't kill anyone, right?
Tommy: Never even carried a gun. I was telling that very thing to the judge when he sent me away for five years.
Trevor: On the bright side, you don't get caught, you never meet Paula.
Tommy: Well, then I don't get to spend the rest of my life pining for a woman who hates me.
Trevor: You're mistaking cold and superior for hatred. No offense, I met the woman. She's borderline arctic.
Tommy: (smiles, knowingly) I know. Come on, you never had one of those icy, know-it-alls who make you crazy?
Trevor: I have one of those who thinks I'm crazy. Regardless, Frosty the Snowbabe doesn't hate you. It's just the nature of the relationship. Professional distance. You can't read too much into that, I never do.

Tommy: Come over here and check this out. (hands Trevor a piece of paper) Parole report Paula wrote two weeks ago. Check out the last chapter.
Trevor: (reading)While there is no evidence to suggest Tommy has engaged in criminal activity, he hasn't shown any meaningful change from his pre-prison mindset. He continues to rely on the charm and intelligence that made him a masterful thief to evade responsibility in his daily life.
Tommy: So you see what I'm saying...?
Trevor: Well, yeah.. 'Charm', 'Intelligence', 'Masterful'. Clearly, Paula thinks you're a giant loser. This is gonna be a piece of cake.
Tommy: What's gonna be a piece of cake?
Trevor: You and Paula. Leave it to me -- I'll have her in your arms by the end of the night.
Tommy: (smiling) Never gonna happen, my friend.
Trevor: Oh, OK. I'll leave then. Obviously, you don't really love Paula. (starts to walk out)
Tommy: (frowns) I don't love Paula? Let me tell you something -- When I got out of prison. my plan was to go right back into business. I was casing joints using books in the prison library. My ex-wife was handling my legwork on the outside. Then I get released and I have my first parole meeting. Staring across the desk at me was this smart, beautiful woman, who could seee right through me. Suddenly all that mattered... all I wanted... was to be a man she could respect.
Trevor: OK, I get it. You're probably right. Best to keep that sort of love unrequited. Much better off focusing on your other great love... making... keys.
Tommy: I'm listening.
Trevor: I gotta get to this singles group before the group leader destroys the last spark of romance and hope in a bunch of lonely hearts, but this...(writing) is where I work. Why don't you come in tonight and I'll fill you in on all the details.

Group Member: Yeah, I don't think I've had a relationship that didn't start with one or both of us a little wasted.
Claire: How many of you in here have relied on alcohol to start relationships? (most of them raise their hands) And of the people with their hands up, how many of you are presently sitting in a singles group? (pauses to let it sink in) We shouldn't be making important life decisions when we're not in full control of our faculties.
Trevor: OK, I'm sorry, but, when it comes to love, our faculties are morons. Alcohol doesn't make us do what we don't want to do, alcohol makes us do precisely what we want to do, but are just afraid to.

Trevor: Can you imagine how hard it is with Mars as your father? I mean, of all the gods, he's like a freakin' rock star!
Claire: It's always hard for a child to figure our who he is and what his place is in the world when he has a successful and powerful father... whoever he might be.
Trevor: Still... sometimes I wish he'd been one of the lesser gods, y'know, the God of Commerce, or the God of Cookies. The God of War in a warrior culture? (sighs) I'm never gonna match up.
Claire: There was a God of Cookies?
Trevor: A god of everything. The last couple years they started handing out titles as political favors... God of Cookies, God of Hats, God of Tape, everybody gets their fifteen minutes.

Tommy: This is your genius plan? Change the setting?
Trevor: Don't be dissing settings, bro. Settings are crucial. It's the reason why people kiss under the Eiffel Tower and not the Paris Baguette Buffet. It's the reason why Shakespeare set so many of his plays in Italy. You think sparks are gonna fly if it's Two Gentlemen of Detroit?

Claire: That's a hot weekend, Trevor, that's not love.
Trevor: Why, because we didn't talk later about our feelings?
Claire: Did you have any talks later?
Trevor: Love's about passion, okay? It's not about "filling each other in on what happened at work that day".
Claire: I think you've been in love and it had a profound affect on you but it's too painful for you to talk about.
Trevor: You know what I think? I think that you've fashioned yourself an expert on this subject but I don't think you've ever actually been in love before.
Claire: Oh, I've been in love. (Trevor looks at her expectantly) My love life is none of your business.
Trevor: Everybody's love life is my business.

Claire: I still don't know what bothers me more. That the guy who installed my new lock is an ex-con, or that your matchmaking led to a woman losing her job.
Trevor: I gotta say, for someone who's been "in love", you don't have a high regard for it.

Trevor: Is this seat taken?
Sonja: I'm a lesbian, I have a venereal disease, I kill puppies for fun.
Trevor: Mission accomplished, I'm intrigued.
Sonja: Go away.
Trevor: Okay.

Tommy: How'd it go?
Trevor: (hyper) Like stealing candy from a very sexy baby. It was a rush. It was like a movie. Ocean's Eleven. I'm Clooney, you're Brad Pitt.
Tommy: I see myself more as Clooney.
Trevor: (petulently) Well everybody can't be Clooney and I called it.... Fine. You be Clooney.
Tommy: Trying to remember, did that movie have a happy ending?
Trevor: Clooney gets the crap kicked out of him. But he gets the girl.
Tommy: Good to know.

Trevor: All I'm saying is, after everything I did, how hard would it be to pick up a phone? I had no idea that matching people by hand was gonna turn out to be such a thankless job.
Claire: You're missing the big picture. They're fugitives.
Claire: (looks up) Is it starting to rain?
(Trevor pulls out a mini-umbrella, pops it open)
Trevor: Had a heads up from the gods, Zeus is off his meds again... You were saying?
Claire: I was saying what kind of life are Tommy and Paula going to have on the run?
Trevor: Where's your sense of romance?
Claire: Well maybe I just need a little inspiration.... Maybe, if I were to hear a tale of enchantment and woe from the god of love himself?
Trevor: You're not gonna quit until I tell you all about my broken heart, are you?
Claire: Nope.

Cultural References
Title: The Tommy Brown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair was a classic 1968 movie with Steve McQueen in the title role, as a millionaire who turned thief solely for the challenge of pulling off the perfect crime. The movie was re-made in 1999 with Pierce Brosnan playing the title role, producing one of the few rare examples where a re-make compared well with the original.

Trevor: A god of everything. The last couple years they started handing out titles as political favors... God of Cookies, God of Hats, God of Tape, everybody gets their fifteen minutes.

Pop Artist and social commentator Andy Warhol was noted as saying, "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes", commenting on the ease of obtaining a brief moment in the lights in a media-saturated culture.

Trevor: You think sparks are gonna fly if it's Two Gentlemen of Detroit?

Two Gentlemen of Verona is a comedic play by Shakespeare. It is known to be one of his earliest, and is possibly his very first play.

Detroit is a city in the USA in the state of Michigan, and, for the first two-thirds of the 20th century, was the primary place for auto manufacturing. With the latter part of the 20th century, however, it has fallen on bad times, and would generally be considered a fairly unromantic place as a result of dying industry, general infrastructure decay, and overall poverty.

At the end of the episode, Trevor's use of the cocktail mixer to fire an olive, striking the girl, and making her turn around and notice the guy behind her (and, unerringly sending the olive into the martini where it belonged after bouncing off of her shoulder) is rather clearly alluding to Cupid shooting an arrow at someone to make them fall in love. Trevor's impressive shot suggests a more than casual ability in this regard.

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