Season 2

10 :02x01 - Welcome Back Barber-rino

When Kevin returns from the road hoping to get his job back, Tiffany has other plans and decides to bring on another superstar female hairstylist instead. Later, refusing to admit that he desperately needs his job back, Kevin concocts a plan to make Tiffany believe she can't get along without him.
Guest Stars: Joyful Drake as Lani | Donnell C. Barrett as Metermaid

11 :02x02 - Home Alone

Annoyed that Tiffany has moved into his apartment, Kevin relocates to Jack's mansion and wastes no time adjusting to all of the trappings of the good life. Meanwhile, Candy tries to pretend that she is over her break-up with her fiancee, but her co-workers don't believe she is telling them the truth.
Guest Stars: Corbin Bernsen as Jack Sherwood
Director: Ken Whittingham

12 :02x03 - Babe Magnet

Tiffany discovers that Kevin is using her to meet women while they attempt to bond as friends. Candy and Faith decide to try on-line dating.
Guest Stars: Jeff Dyson as Bouncer | Chrystee Pharris as Miller | D'Eongelo Holmes as Himself | Eric Jackson as Himself
Director: Ken Whittingham

13 :02x04 - Strictly-Biz-nass

Tiffany and Kevin think they deserve a raise. Jack refuses and uses a business meeting to convince them about the reason why.
Guest Stars: Brian Stepanek as Meter Maid | Corbin Bernsen as Jack Sherwood

14 :02x05 - Mack Daddies

Tiffany learns that her father Jack is dating Sherry, who is a year younger than she is, Tiffany fights back by going out with Sherry's father Dennis, hoping to infuriate Jack and get him to dump Sherry. At the salon, Kevin is upset about the new handyman that Tiffany hired used to torment him as a child.
Guest Stars: Corbin Bernsen as Jack Sherwood | Katt Williams as Barry | John Bennett Perry as Dennis | Jennifer Lyons as Sherry

15 :02x06 - Reverse The Curse

Kevin thinks that Jack will approve and support his new hair care line and Candy reveals her second job
at a funeral parlor.
Guest Stars: Mindy Sterling as Ms. Fenell | Omarion as Darius | Donnell C. Barrett as Man in chair | Nefetari Spencer as Woman (Kevin's Spa date) | Parker Goris as Jacob

16 :02x07 - Hair Tease

Tiffany forces everyone to attend a sexual harassment seminar to help clean up the boys act after hearing one too many sexist comments.
Guest Stars: David St. James as Butler | Parker Goris as Jacob | Omarion as Darius | Mindy Sterling as Ms. Fenell
Writer: John Wolf

17 :02x08 - Wife Swap

Kevin and Tiffany pose as husband and wife on their first business trip together at a couple's seminar, hoping to secure a new spa product line from a new-age hippie couple.
Guest Stars: J. Alexander as Ricardo | Eric Allan Kramer as Brian | Omarion as Darius | Meiko Kobayashi as Lindsay | Nikita Ager as Heather | Allen Nabors as Ryan | Caleeb Pinkett as Jerry
Director: John Tracy

18 :02x09 - Analyze What?

Kevin and Tiffany confront their employees to find out who is gave them bad evaluations. Ace and Walt pool their money to buy a used car, hoping to attract some women and get into a fight over the car.
Guest Stars: Robert Maschio as Tommy | Simon Sortor as Simon | Cat Wilson as Ruby | Brian Stepanek as Metermaid | Omarion as Darius
Director: John Tracy

19 :02x10 - The Turkey Triangle

When the gang go to Jack's Yacht for Thanksgiving. Tiffany encounters her mother. She is still upset about her parents divorce. Kevin and Candy deal with the fact thier current lovers once dated each other.
Guest Stars: Corbin Bernsen as Jack Sherwood | Kiko Ellsworth as Loxley | Peggy Lipton as Marsha | Joyful Drake as Lani
Director: Maynard Virgil
Songs: Marques Houston -- Naked

20 :02x11 - Blinging In The New Year

When Jack orders that the salon be open until midnight on New Year's Eve, Kevin and Tiffany make the staff stay and work while they go out to a fabulous party with Whitney Houston performing at the Mayor's mansion.

Later, disgruntled that their plans are ruined, the staff gets a surprise customer when Bobby Brown stops by for a quick trim on his way to see his wife perform at the Mayor's mansion.
Guest Stars: Bobby Brown (1) as Himself | Corbin Bernsen as Jack Sherwood | Colin Campbell as German Man | Katt Williams as Barry | America Olivo as Woman |
Co-Guest Stars: Abner Genece as Make-Out Guy
Director: Maynard Virgil
Songs: Bobby Brown -- Every Little Step

21 :02x12 - Black Don't Crack

Tiffany hires a plastic surgeon for the Medi-Spa and Candy considers getting breast implants after she catches Loxley looking at other women.
Guest Stars: James Patrick Stuart as Dr. Lee | Jennifer Lyons as Sherry | Chris Spencer as Manager | Kiko Ellsworth as Loxley | Denise Boutte as Lisa |
Uncredited: Simon Sortor as Simon
Director: Gary Shimokawa

22 :02x13 - Rogue Trip

The gang heads heads to Atlantic City, where Kevin gets into a high-stakes poker game by Tiffany's old nemesis Vince Van Patten and loses everything.
Meanwhile Walt decides to enter the Atlantic City Comedy Festival to face real comics.
Guest Stars: Edward "Grapevine" Fordham, Jr. as Ace | Darren Carter as Pete | Kurt Long as Charlie | Vincent Van Patten as Himself | Corey Holcomb as Himself | Buddy Lewis (1) as Himself | Iva La'Shawn as Herself | Christian S. Anderson as Guy
Director: Gary Shimokawa
Writer: Jeff Dyson

23 :02x14 - The Love Below

Tiffany hires a handsome masseur and immediately gets involved with him. Kevin looks up a former lover who hurt him several years ago.
Guest Stars: Andrew Walker as Jeremy | Shauntay Hinton as Angel |
Uncredited: Simon Sortor as Simon
Director: Katy Garretson
Songs: Foriegner -- I want to know what love is

24 :02x15 - Carpal Kids

Tiffany reconsiders her relationship with boyfriend Jeremy after learning that he has two kids. Kevin believes he has carpal tunnel syndrome, but he refuses to see a doctor
Guest Stars: Andrew Walker as Jeremy | Steve White as Steve | Bridger Palmer as Trevor | Courtney Taylor Burness as Kaitlynn | Chris Ball as Tony | Faith Yascone as Woman 1 | Love Yascone as Woman 2
Director: John Tracy
Writer: Josh Wolf

25 :02x16 - Class Dismissed

Kevin sets his sights on a sexy doctor, only to find himself in unfamiliar territory when he starts tending to her every need. Candy wants Tiffany to get a tatto to show thier friendship.
Guest Stars: Juelz Santana as Himself | Brooklyn Sudano as Feliccia | Toni Hunter as Tahsa | David Uiagalelei as Big Snookie | Robin Ribeiro as Tanya | La Monde Byrd as M.C. |
Uncredited: Simon Sortor as Simon
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Songs: Juelz Santana -- There it Goes

26 :02x17 - Strictly Biz-Nass 2: Biz Nastier

When Jack decides to try his hand in real estate and builds condominiums in the neighborhood which will shut down small shops, Kevin tries to persuade Tiffany to join a protest against her father to get him to stop his plans.

Meanwhile, not knowing that Walt and Faith are secretly dating, Candy sets both of them up on blind dates with other people.
Guest Stars: Corbin Bernsen as Jack | Steve White as Preston | Eric Payne as Mo | Kyle Lowder as Eric | Emily Morris as Luci | Neena Bidasha as Belly Dancer #1 | Veena Bidasha as Belly Dancer #2 | Angell S. Conwell as Crystal
Director: John Tracy

27 :02x18 - Codebreakers

Tiffany wonder about her feelings for Andrew while an old college friend comes to visit. Kevin learns that Candy's boyfriend has three other girlfriends besides her.
Guest Stars: Andrew Walker as Jeremy | Tony Gonzalez (1) as Zach | Randy J. Goodwin as Nick
Director: Gary Shimokawa

28 :02x19 - Coupling…Except Funnier

Kevin argees to a double date with Tiffany and Jeremy as Faith and Walter deal with everyone thinking that they have broken up.
Guest Stars: Keena Ferguson as Deja | Simon Sortor as Simon | Brooklyn Sudano as Feliccia | Andrew Walker as Jeremy
Director: Maynard Virgil

29 :02x20 - Adult Education

Kevin tries to redeem himself with Darius after embarrassing himself at Darius' business class, by participating in a marketing competition.

Meanwhile, unhappy with the way he dresses, Tiffany enlists Candy and Faith's help to discreetly give her boyfriend Jeremy a make over.
Guest Stars: Edward "Grapevine" Fordham, Jr. as Ace | Andrew Walker as Jeremy | Omarion as Darius | Countess Vaughn as Kelli | Tammy Townsend as Professor Duncan | Omi Vaidya as Prijab | Patty Shields as Saleswoman |
Uncredited: Simon Sortor as Simon
Director: Joe Menendez

30 :02x21 - It's A Ring Thing

A mishap at the jeweler has Kevin pretending to be engaged to Felicia. Tiffany begins to doubt that Jeremy is right for her after a visit from a college friend.
Guest Stars: Andrew Walker as Jeremy | Brooklyn Sudano as Feliccia | Jackie Debatin as Jordan | Johnnie Walker as Announcer
Director: Gary Shimokawa

31 :02x22 - Hollaback, Girl

Tiffany decides she is ready to move on and accepts her father's offer of becoming Senior V.P. of Development for Sherwood Industries, leaving Kevin to run the salon on his own. Meanwhile Walt discover's a pregnancy test.
Guest Stars: Corbin Bernsen as Jack | Simon Sortor as Simon | Taye Hansberry as Marion | Kimberly Barnett as Sharlene
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: UPN ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 14, 2005
Ended: May 11, 2006
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