Dallas (1978)

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
223 10x01 26/Sep/1986 Return to Camelot (1)
224 10x02 26/Sep/1986 Return to Camelot (2)
225 10x03 03/Oct/1986 Pari Per Sue
226 10x04 10/Oct/1986 Once and Future King
227 10x05 17/Oct/1986 Enigma
228 10x06 24/Oct/1986 Trompe L'Oeil
229 10x07 31/Oct/1986 Territorial Imperative
230 10x08 07/Nov/1986 The Second Time Around
231 10x09 14/Nov/1986 Bells Are Ringing
232 10x10 21/Nov/1986 Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?
233 10x11 28/Nov/1986 Proof Positive
234 10x12 05/Dec/1986 Something Old, Something New
235 10x13 12/Dec/1986 Bar-B-Cued
236 10x14 19/Dec/1986 The Fire Next Time
237 10x15 02/Jan/1987 So Shall Ye Reap
238 10x16 09/Jan/1987 Tick, Tock
239 10x17 23/Jan/1987 Night Visitor
240 10x18 30/Jan/1987 Cat and Mouse
241 10x19 06/Feb/1987 High Noon For Calhoun
242 10x20 13/Feb/1987 Olio
243 10x21 20/Feb/1987 A Death in the Family
244 10x22 27/Feb/1987 Revenge of the Nerd
245 10x23 13/Mar/1987 The Ten Percent Solution
246 10x24 20/Mar/1987 Some Good, Some Bad
248 10x26 10/Apr/1987 Ruthless People
249 10x27 01/May/1987 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
250 10x28 08/May/1987 Two-Fifty
251 10x29 15/May/1987 Fall of the House of Ewing

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