Dallas (1978)

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 02/Apr/1978 Digger's Daughter
2 1x02 09/Apr/1978 Lessons
3 1x03 16/Apr/1978 Spy in the House
4 1x04 23/Apr/1978 Winds of Vengeance
5 1x05 30/Apr/1978 Barbecue

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
6 2x01 23/Sep/1978 Reunion (1)
7 2x02 30/Sep/1978 Reunion (2)
8 2x03 07/Oct/1978 Old Acquaintance
9 2x04 14/Oct/1978 Bypass
10 2x05 15/Oct/1978 Black Market Baby
11 2x06 21/Oct/1978 Double Wedding
12 2x07 28/Oct/1978 Runaway
13 2x08 05/Nov/1978 Election
14 2x09 12/Nov/1978 Survival
15 2x10 19/Nov/1978 Act of Love
16 2x11 26/Nov/1978 Triangle
17 2x12 03/Dec/1978 Fallen Idol
18 2x13 17/Dec/1978 Kidnapped
19 2x14 07/Jan/1979 Home Again
20 2x15 14/Jan/1979 For Love or Money
21 2x16 26/Jan/1979 Julie's Return
22 2x17 02/Feb/1979 The Red File (1)
23 2x18 09/Feb/1979 The Red File (2)
24 2x19 16/Feb/1979 Sue Ellen's Sister
25 2x20 23/Feb/1979 Call Girl
26 2x21 09/Mar/1979 Royal Marriage
27 2x22 16/Mar/1979 The Outsiders
28 2x23 23/Mar/1979 John Ewing III (1)
29 2x24 06/Apr/1979 John Ewing III (2)

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
30 3x01 21/Sep/1979 Whatever Happened to Baby John? (1)
31 3x02 28/Sep/1979 Whatever Happened to Baby John? (2)
32 3x03 05/Oct/1979 The Silent Killer
33 3x04 12/Oct/1979 Secrets
34 3x05 19/Oct/1979 The Kristin Affair
35 3x06 26/Oct/1979 The Dove Hunt
36 3x07 02/Nov/1979 The Lost Child
37 3x08 09/Nov/1979 Rodeo
38 3x09 16/Nov/1979 Mastectomy (1)
39 3x10 16/Nov/1979 Mastectomy (2)
40 3x11 23/Nov/1979 The Heiress
41 3x12 30/Nov/1979 Ellie Saves the Day
42 3x13 14/Dec/1979 Mother of the Year
43 3x14 20/Dec/1979 Return Engagements
44 3x15 21/Dec/1979 Love and Marriage
45 3x16 04/Jan/1980 Power Play
46 3x17 11/Jan/1980 Paternity Suit
47 3x18 18/Jan/1980 Jenna's Return
48 3x19 01/Feb/1980 Sue Ellen's Choice
49 3x20 08/Feb/1980 Second Thoughts
50 3x21 15/Feb/1980 Divorce - Ewing Style
51 3x22 22/Feb/1980 Jock's Trial (1)
52 3x23 29/Feb/1980 Jock's Trial (2)
53 3x24 14/Mar/1980 The Wheeler Dealer
54 3x25 21/Mar/1980 A House Divided

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
55 4x01 07/Nov/1980 No More Mister Nice Guy (1)
56 4x02 09/Nov/1980 No More Mister Nice Guy (2)
57 4x03 14/Nov/1980 Nightmare
58 4x04 21/Nov/1980 Who Done It?
59 4x05 28/Nov/1980 Taste of Success
60 4x06 05/Dec/1980 The Venezuelan Connection
61 4x07 12/Dec/1980 The Fourth Son
62 4x08 19/Dec/1980 Trouble at Ewing 23
63 4x09 02/Jan/1981 The Prodigal Mother
64 4x10 09/Jan/1981 Executive Wife
65 4x11 16/Jan/1981 End of the Road (1)
66 4x12 23/Jan/1981 End of the Road (2)
67 4x13 30/Jan/1981 Making of a President
68 4x14 06/Feb/1981 Start the Revolution With Me
69 4x15 13/Feb/1981 The Quest
70 4x16 20/Feb/1981 Lover, Come Back
71 4x17 27/Feb/1981 The New Mrs. Ewing
72 4x18 13/Mar/1981 Mark of Cain
73 4x19 27/Mar/1981 The Gathering Storm
74 4x20 03/Apr/1981 Ewing vs. Ewing
75 4x21 10/Apr/1981 New Beginnings
76 4x22 17/Apr/1981 Full Circle
77 4x23 01/May/1981 Ewing-Gate

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
78 5x01 09/Oct/1981 Missing Heir
79 5x02 16/Oct/1981 Gone, But Not Forgotten
80 5x03 23/Oct/1981 Showdown at San Angelo
81 5x04 30/Oct/1981 Little Boy Lost
82 5x05 06/Nov/1981 The Sweet Smell of Revenge
83 5x06 13/Nov/1981 The Big Shut Down
84 5x07 20/Nov/1981 Blocked
85 5x08 27/Nov/1981 The Split
86 5x09 04/Dec/1981 Five Dollars a Barrel
87 5x10 11/Dec/1981 Starting Over
88 5x11 18/Dec/1981 Waterloo at Southfork
89 5x12 01/Jan/1982 Barbecue Two
90 5x13 08/Jan/1982 The Search
91 5x14 15/Jan/1982 Denial
92 5x15 22/Jan/1982 Head of the Family
93 5x16 29/Jan/1982 The Phoenix
94 5x17 05/Feb/1982 My Father, My Son
95 5x18 12/Feb/1982 Anniversary
96 5x19 19/Feb/1982 Adoption
97 5x20 26/Feb/1982 The Maelstrom
98 5x21 05/Mar/1982 The Prodigal
99 5x22 12/Mar/1982 Vengeance
100 5x23 19/Mar/1982 Blackmail
101 5x24 26/Mar/1982 The Investigation
102 5x25 02/Apr/1982 Acceptance
103 5x26 09/Apr/1982 Goodbye, Cliff Barnes

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
104 6x01 01/Oct/1982 Changing of the Guard
105 6x02 08/Oct/1982 Where There's a Will
106 6x03 15/Oct/1982 Billion Dollar Question
107 6x04 22/Oct/1982 The Big Ball
108 6x05 29/Oct/1982 Jock's Will
109 6x06 05/Nov/1982 Aftermath
110 6x07 12/Nov/1982 Hit and Run
111 6x08 19/Nov/1982 The Ewing Touch
112 6x09 26/Nov/1982 Fringe Benefits
113 6x10 03/Dec/1982 The Wedding
114 6x11 10/Dec/1982 Post Nuptial
115 6x12 17/Dec/1982 Barbecue Three
116 6x13 31/Dec/1982 Mama Dearest
117 6x14 07/Jan/1983 The Ewing Blues
118 6x15 14/Jan/1983 The Reckoning
119 6x16 28/Jan/1983 A Ewing is a Ewing
120 6x17 04/Feb/1983 Crash of '83
121 6x18 11/Feb/1983 Requiem
122 6x19 18/Feb/1983 Legacy
123 6x20 25/Feb/1983 Brothers and Sisters
124 6x21 04/Mar/1983 Caribbean Connection
125 6x22 11/Mar/1983 The Sting
126 6x23 18/Mar/1983 Hell Hath No Fury
127 6x24 25/Mar/1983 Cuba Libre
128 6x25 01/Apr/1983 Tangled Web
129 6x26 15/Apr/1983 Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork
130 6x27 29/Apr/1983 Penultimate
131 6x28 06/May/1983 Ewing Inferno

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
132 7x01 30/Sep/1983 The Road Back
133 7x02 07/Oct/1983 The Long Goodbye
134 7x03 14/Oct/1983 The Letter
135 7x04 21/Oct/1983 My Brother's Keeper
136 7x05 28/Oct/1983 The Quality of Mercy
137 7x06 04/Nov/1983 Check and Mate
138 7x07 11/Nov/1983 Ray's Trial
139 7x08 18/Nov/1983 The Oil Baron's Ball
140 7x09 25/Nov/1983 Morning After
141 7x10 02/Dec/1983 The Buck Stops Here
142 7x11 09/Dec/1983 To Catch a Sly
143 7x12 16/Dec/1983 Barbecue Four
144 7x13 23/Dec/1983 Past Imperfect
145 7x14 06/Jan/1984 Peter's Principles
146 7x15 13/Jan/1984 Offshore Crude
147 7x16 20/Jan/1984 Some Do...Some Don't
148 7x17 27/Jan/1984 Eye of the Beholder
149 7x18 03/Feb/1984 Twelve Mile Limit
150 7x19 10/Feb/1984 Where is Poppa?
151 7x20 17/Feb/1984 When the Bough Breaks
152 7x21 24/Feb/1984 True Confessions
153 7x22 02/Mar/1984 And the Winner Is...
154 7x23 09/Mar/1984 Fools Rush In
155 7x24 16/Mar/1984 The Unexpected
156 7x25 23/Mar/1984 Strange Alliance
157 7x26 06/Apr/1984 Blow Up
158 7x27 13/Apr/1984 Turning Point
159 7x28 04/May/1984 Love Stories
160 7x29 11/May/1984 Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie
161 7x30 18/May/1984 End Game

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
162 8x01 28/Sep/1984 Killer at Large
163 8x02 05/Oct/1984 Battle Lines
164 8x03 12/Oct/1984 If at First You Don't Succeed
165 8x04 19/Oct/1984 Jamie
166 8x05 26/Oct/1984 Family
167 8x06 02/Nov/1984 Shadow of a Doubt
168 8x07 09/Nov/1984 Homecoming
169 8x08 16/Nov/1984 Oil Baron's Ball III
170 8x09 23/Nov/1984 Shadows
171 8x10 30/Nov/1984 Charlie
172 8x11 07/Dec/1984 Barbecue Five
173 8x12 14/Dec/1984 Do You Take This Woman ...
174 8x13 21/Dec/1984 Deja Vu
175 8x14 28/Dec/1984 Odd Man Out
176 8x15 04/Jan/1985 Lockup in Laredo
177 8x16 11/Jan/1985 Winds of War
178 8x17 25/Jan/1985 Bail Out
179 8x18 01/Feb/1985 Legacy of Hate
180 8x19 08/Feb/1985 Sins of the Fathers
181 8x20 15/Feb/1985 The Brothers Ewing
182 8x21 22/Feb/1985 Shattered Dreams
183 8x22 01/Mar/1985 Dead Ends
184 8x23 08/Mar/1985 Trial and Error
185 8x24 15/Mar/1985 The Verdict
186 8x25 29/Mar/1985 Sentences
187 8x26 12/Apr/1985 Terms of Estrangement
188 8x27 19/Apr/1985 The Ewing Connection
189 8x28 03/May/1985 Deeds and Misdeeds
190 8x29 10/May/1985 Deliverance
191 8x30 17/May/1985 Swan Song

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
192 9x01 27/Sep/1985 The Family Ewing
193 9x02 27/Sep/1985 Rock Bottom
194 9x03 04/Oct/1985 Those Eyes
195 9x04 11/Oct/1985 Resurrection
196 9x05 18/Oct/1985 Saving Grace
197 9x06 25/Oct/1985 Mothers
198 9x07 01/Nov/1985 The Wind of Change
199 9x08 08/Nov/1985 Quandary
200 9x09 15/Nov/1985 Close Encounters
201 9x10 22/Nov/1985 Suffer the Little Children
202 9x11 29/Nov/1985 The Prize
203 9x12 06/Dec/1985 En Passant
204 9x13 13/Dec/1985 Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
205 9x14 20/Dec/1985 Curiosity Killed the Cat
206 9x15 03/Jan/1986 The Missing Link
207 9x16 10/Jan/1986 Twenty-Four Hours
208 9x17 17/Jan/1986 The Deadly Game
209 9x18 24/Jan/1986 Blame it on Bogota
210 9x19 31/Jan/1986 Shadow Games
211 9x20 07/Feb/1986 Missing
212 9x21 14/Feb/1986 Dire Straits
213 9x22 21/Feb/1986 Overture
214 9x23 28/Feb/1986 Sitting Ducks
215 9x24 07/Mar/1986 Masquerade
216 9x25 14/Mar/1986 Just Desserts
217 9x26 21/Mar/1986 Nothing's Ever Perfect
218 9x27 04/Apr/1986 J.R. Rising
219 9x28 11/Apr/1986 Serendipity
220 9x29 02/May/1986 Thrice in a Lifetime
221 9x30 09/May/1986 Hello, Goodbye, Hello
222 9x31 16/May/1986 Blast From the Past

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
223 10x01 26/Sep/1986 Return to Camelot (1)
224 10x02 26/Sep/1986 Return to Camelot (2)
225 10x03 03/Oct/1986 Pari Per Sue
226 10x04 10/Oct/1986 Once and Future King
227 10x05 17/Oct/1986 Enigma
228 10x06 24/Oct/1986 Trompe L'Oeil
229 10x07 31/Oct/1986 Territorial Imperative
230 10x08 07/Nov/1986 The Second Time Around
231 10x09 14/Nov/1986 Bells Are Ringing
232 10x10 21/Nov/1986 Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?
233 10x11 28/Nov/1986 Proof Positive
234 10x12 05/Dec/1986 Something Old, Something New
235 10x13 12/Dec/1986 Bar-B-Cued
236 10x14 19/Dec/1986 The Fire Next Time
237 10x15 02/Jan/1987 So Shall Ye Reap
238 10x16 09/Jan/1987 Tick, Tock
239 10x17 23/Jan/1987 Night Visitor
240 10x18 30/Jan/1987 Cat and Mouse
241 10x19 06/Feb/1987 High Noon For Calhoun
242 10x20 13/Feb/1987 Olio
243 10x21 20/Feb/1987 A Death in the Family
244 10x22 27/Feb/1987 Revenge of the Nerd
245 10x23 13/Mar/1987 The Ten Percent Solution
246 10x24 20/Mar/1987 Some Good, Some Bad
247 10x25 03/Apr/1987 War and Peace
248 10x26 10/Apr/1987 Ruthless People
249 10x27 01/May/1987 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
250 10x28 08/May/1987 Two-Fifty
251 10x29 15/May/1987 Fall of the House of Ewing

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
252 11x01 25/Sep/1987 After the Fall: Ewing Rise
253 11x02 25/Sep/1987 After the Fall: Digger Redux
254 11x03 02/Oct/1987 The Son Also Rises
255 11x04 09/Oct/1987 Gone with the Wind
256 11x05 16/Oct/1987 The Lady Vanishes
257 11x06 23/Oct/1987 Tough Love
258 11x07 30/Oct/1987 Last Tango in Dallas
259 11x08 06/Nov/1987 Mummy's Revenge
260 11x09 13/Nov/1987 Hustling
261 11x10 20/Nov/1987 Bedtime Stories
262 11x11 27/Nov/1987 Lovers and Other Liars
263 11x12 04/Dec/1987 Brothers and Sons
264 11x13 11/Dec/1987 Brother, Can You Spare a Child?
265 11x14 18/Dec/1987 Daddy's Little Darlin'
266 11x15 08/Jan/1988 It's Me Again
267 11x16 15/Jan/1988 Marriage on the Rocks
268 11x17 22/Jan/1988 Anniversary Waltz
269 11x18 05/Feb/1988 Brotherly Love
270 11x19 12/Feb/1988 The Best Laid Plans
271 11x20 19/Feb/1988 Farlow's Follies
272 11x21 26/Feb/1988 Malice in Dallas
273 11x22 04/Mar/1988 Crime Story
274 11x23 11/Mar/1988 To Have and to Hold
275 11x24 18/Mar/1988 Dead Reckoning
276 11x25 01/Apr/1988 Never Say Never
277 11x26 08/Apr/1988 Last of the Good Guys
278 11x27 15/Apr/1988 Top Gun
279 11x28 29/Apr/1988 Pillow Talk
280 11x29 06/May/1988 Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork, Again
281 11x30 13/May/1988 The Fat Lady Singeth

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
282 12x01 28/Oct/1988 Carousel
283 12x02 04/Nov/1988 No Greater Love
284 12x03 11/Nov/1988 The Call of the Wild
285 12x04 18/Nov/1988 Out of the Frying Pan
286 12x05 02/Dec/1988 Road Work
287 12x06 09/Dec/1988 War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing
288 12x07 16/Dec/1988 Showdown at the Ewing Corral
289 12x08 06/Jan/1989 Deception
290 12x09 13/Jan/1989 Counter Attack
291 12x10 20/Jan/1989 The Sting
292 12x11 27/Jan/1989 The Two Mrs. Ewings
293 12x12 03/Feb/1989 The Switch
294 12x13 10/Feb/1989 He-e-ere's Papa!
295 12x14 17/Feb/1989 Comings and Goings
296 12x15 24/Feb/1989 Country Girl
297 12x16 24/Feb/1989 Wedding Bell Blues
298 12x17 03/Mar/1989 The Way We Were
299 12x18 10/Mar/1989 The Serpent's Tooth
300 12x19 17/Mar/1989 Three Hundred
301 12x20 31/Mar/1989 April Showers
302 12x21 07/Apr/1989 And Away We Go!
303 12x22 14/Apr/1989 Yellow Brick Road
304 12x23 28/Apr/1989 The Sound of Money
305 12x24 05/May/1989 The Great Texas Waltz
306 12x25 12/May/1989 Mission to Moscow
307 12x26 19/May/1989 Reel Life

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
308 13x01 22/Sep/1989 Phantom of the Oil Rig
309 13x02 22/Sep/1989 The Leopard's Spots
310 13x03 29/Sep/1989 Cry Me a River of Oil
311 13x04 06/Oct/1989 Ka-Booooom!
312 13x05 13/Oct/1989 Sunrise, Sunset
313 13x06 20/Oct/1989 Pride and Prejudice
314 13x07 03/Nov/1989 Fathers and Other Strangers
315 13x08 10/Nov/1989 Black Tide
316 13x09 17/Nov/1989 Daddy Dearest
317 13x10 01/Dec/1989 Hell's Fury
318 13x11 08/Dec/1989 Cally on a Hot Tin Roof
319 13x12 15/Dec/1989 Sex, Lies and Videotape
320 13x13 05/Jan/1990 Tale of Two Cities
321 13x14 12/Jan/1990 Judgment Day
322 13x15 19/Jan/1990 Unchain My Heart
323 13x16 02/Feb/1990 I Dream of Jeannie
324 13x17 09/Feb/1990 After Midnight
325 13x18 16/Feb/1990 The Crucible
326 13x19 23/Feb/1990 Dear Hearts and Gentle People
327 13x20 09/Mar/1990 Paradise Lost
328 13x21 16/Mar/1990 Will Power
329 13x22 30/Mar/1990 The Smiling Cobra
330 13x23 06/Apr/1990 Jessica Redux
331 13x24 13/Apr/1990 Family Plot
332 13x25 27/Apr/1990 The Southfork Wedding Jinx
333 13x26 04/May/1990 Three, Three, Three (1)
334 13x27 11/May/1990 Three, Three, Three (2)

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
335 14x01 02/Nov/1990 April in Paris
336 14x02 09/Nov/1990 Charade
337 14x03 16/Nov/1990 One Last Kiss
338 14x04 23/Nov/1990 Terminus
339 14x05 30/Nov/1990 Tunnel of Love
340 14x06 07/Dec/1990 Heart and Soul
341 14x07 14/Dec/1990 The Fabulous Ewing Boys
342 14x08 21/Dec/1990 The Odessa File
343 14x09 04/Jan/1991 Sail On
344 14x10 11/Jan/1991 Lock, Stock and Jock
345 14x11 18/Jan/1991 "S" is for Seduction
346 14x12 01/Feb/1991 Designing Women
347 14x13 08/Feb/1991 90265
348 14x14 15/Feb/1991 Smooth Operator
349 14x15 01/Mar/1991 Win Some, Lose Some
350 14x16 08/Mar/1991 Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons
351 14x17 29/Mar/1991 When the Wind Blows
352 14x18 05/Apr/1991 Those Darned Ewings
353 14x19 12/Apr/1991 Farewell, My Lovely
354 14x20 19/Apr/1991 Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out
355 14x21 26/Apr/1991 The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
356 14x22 03/May/1991 Conundrum (1)
357 14x23 03/May/1991 Conundrum (2)

23/Mar/1986Dallas: The Early Years9
15/Nov/1996Dallas: J.R. Returns9.5
24/Apr/1998Dallas: War of the Ewings8.5

S14 - #107/Nov/2004Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork9

    Season 14 »
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 02, 1978
Ended: May 03, 1991
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