Dallas (1978)

David Jacobs (1)     Creator8 Eps
Philip Capice     Executive Producer6 Eps
Henry Winkler     Executive Producer2 Eps
Michael Levitt     Executive Producer1 Eps
Malcolm Stuart     Executive Producer2 Eps
David Jacobs (1)     Executive Producer2 Eps
Lee Rich     Executive Producer (1978-1985)7 Eps
Leonard Katzman     Executive Producer (1986-1991) 
Anthony Anzaldo     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Terry Anzaldo     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Charlene Tilton     Co-Executive Producer 
Gregory Sills (1)     Supervising Producer2 Eps
Gary Tellalian     Producer2 Eps
Joseph B. Wallenstein     Producer1 Eps
James H. Brown     Producer (1985-1986) 
W. Stewart Campbell     Production Designer2 Eps
Graham Lee Mahin     Editor1 Eps
Edward A. Biery     Editor1 Eps
Sharon Everitt     Editor1 Eps
Jen Gillaspy (1)     Editor2 Eps
David Gibrick     Editor2 Eps
Harry Kaye     Editor2 Eps
Michael McCroskey     Editor2 Eps
Fred W. Berger     Editor3 Eps
Ruth Conforte     Casting1 Eps
Irene Mariano     Casting7 Eps
Fredric B. Blankfein     First Assistant Director2 Eps
Ed Ledding     First Assistant Director2 Eps
Anthony Adler     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Tommy Burns     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Claude Lawrence, Jr.     Second Assistant Director6 Eps
James E. Inch     Second Assistant Director3 Eps
John Carl Parker     Music4 Eps
Jerrold Immel     Music6 Eps
Patricia Peck     Music Editor2 Eps
Richard Berres     Music Supervisor1 Eps
Jimi White     Make-up1 Eps
Kris Wilson     Camera Operator1 Eps
Hector Ramirez     Camera Operator1 Eps
Ken Dezendorf     Camera Operator2 Eps
Dave Eastwood     Camera Operator2 Eps
Jack Marty     Set Decorator1 Eps
Marty Wunderlich     Property Master2 Eps
Skip Frazee     Production Sound Mixer1 Eps
Bennett Webber     Script Supervisor2 Eps
David Hayward (1)     Production Coordinator1 Eps
Jeanne-marie Bremer     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Sean Humphries     Assistant Editor2 Eps
David Oberg (1)     Post Production Supervisor2 Eps
Bill Davis (3)     Gaffer 
Neil Roach     Director of Photography2 Eps
Jerry Watson     Director of Photography 
Edward R. Plante     Director of Photography7 Eps
Ed Graves     Art Director4 Eps
Chad Cohen     Post Production Coordinator1 Eps
Michael Hofferth     Production Manager 
Linda Giambrone     Coordinating Producer2 Eps
Leslie Wilson     Associate Director1 Eps
Adam Hutson (2)     Production Accountant2 Eps
Martina Mikula     Production Accountant1 Eps
Warden Neil     Wardrobe2 Eps
Susan Mayes     Wardrobe1 Eps
Karina Watts     Wardrobe1 Eps
Jason Kallen     Best Boy2 Eps
Danny Lester     Costumer (Men)1 Eps
Winnie Brown     Costumer (Women)1 Eps
Terry Merrill     Talent Coordinator 
Neil T. Maffeo     Executive In Charge Of Production (1978) 
Edward O. Denault     Executive In Charge Of Production (1978-1987) 
R. Robert Rosenbaum     Executive In Charge Of Production (1987-1991) 
Barbara Miller (2)     Executive In Charge Of Casting7 Eps
Jerry Watson     Lighting Designer2 Eps
Dency Nelson     Stage Manager2 Eps
Alissa Rumack     Stage Manager1 Eps
Xaque Gruber     Production Staff1 Eps
Chad Foster     Production Staff2 Eps
Creth Davis     Production Staff1 Eps
Steve Dooher     Production Staff2 Eps
Wil Anderson (2)     Additional Music2 Eps
Shari Rhodes     Location Casting7 Eps
Liz Keigley     Location Casting9 Eps
Jerrold Immel     Theme Music1 Eps
Klaus Landsberg     Audio Mixer1 Eps
Michael Filerman     Executive Supervisor7 Eps
Syd Dutton     Special Visual Effects2 Eps
Bill Taylor     Special Visual Effects2 Eps
Jeanne-marie Bremer     Talent Clearance1 Eps
Casey Hooks     Audio Assist1 Eps
Dennis Mays     Audio Assist2 Eps
Kim Beltran     Post Audio Mixer2 Eps
Mike Wilson     Camera Assist2 Eps
Terry Cooke     Video Engineer1 Eps
Whitney Brown     Cue Cards1 Eps
Laura Mohberg     Hair & Makeup1 Eps
Alice Mansurian     Hair & Makeup 
Wafaa Ghannam     Hair & Makeup 
David Babaii     Hair & Makeup1 Eps
Patrick Tagaielle     Hair & Makeup1 Eps
Jeannia Robinette     Hair & Makeup2 Eps