The Last Hurrah - Recap

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The episode begins with Christopher dreaming about making love to Elena in bed, and then waking up in bed with a start. JR meanwhile has found out that Mitch’s son never cleaned up his act after the accident, and instead worked up pretty healthy drug problem. He even has two felony possessions on his record. JR tells John Ross that, if they can get evidence of one more felony they can blackmail Mitch into handing over the papers for Southfork, as a third strike would mean a long jail sentence for his son. JR then tells John Ross to catch hold of the son, and also to find out about a girl the son fancies. JR tells John Ross to take Marta’s help for the whole thing, but John Ross tells him that Marta is getting a bit clingy and hence he doesn’t want to.

JR then tells John Ross to find someone else he can trust. John Ross then calls up Rebecca and tells her that, they should meet up and talk about the email that Rebecca sent Elena to break her up with Christopher. Later JR is given all the information about Marta by a PI. Turns out, her real name is Veronica Martinez, and she has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and has been arrested for stalking 2 ex-boyfriends. JR then tells the detective that John Ross only has eyes for Elena. Annie in the meanwhile is organizing everything for a huge party, in order to bid a fitting farewell to Southfork. JR meanwhile pays Sue Ellen a visit. Just then Cliff Barnes comes in and JR isn’t too happy to see him. Barnes tells JR that he will never stop fighting to take back Southfork as it’s rightfully his, and tells JR that he is the same way.

JR tells Cliff that he is a change man. Then much to JR’s chagrin Sue Ellen leaves for lunch with Barnes. Meanwhile Rebecca meets John Ross who shows him the evidence he has against her, of her having sent the email. He in return for keeping quiet wants her, to photograph Mitch’s son doing drugs. Rebecca agrees to do the job, in return for his silence. Elena later brings in a business proposition for John Ross which he agrees to. JR’s PI in the meanwhile is busy spying on them. John Ross is later shown avoiding Marta’s calls while he is busy working with Elena. The two then seem to be getting close to one another, all the while being photographed by the PI. The PI then informs JR about it. Later Sue Ellen tells John Ross that she is concerned about him seeing JR again, and asks him if he thinks his father has really changed.

John Ross in turn tells her that he is finally teaching him about the oil business, just like he had promised he would. Christopher meanwhile tells Bobby about the email and how it led to his break up with Elena. He also tells Bobby that it was probably John Ross who is to blame for the whole thing. He then tells Bobby that ever since he has found out the truth, he can’t stop thinking about what could have been. Bobby then tells Christopher that he has to let go of Elena if he truly loves Rebecca. Christopher tells Bobby he knows that he has to, but he doesn’t know if he can. JR meanwhile tells the PI that his plan is to get Marta as mad as a hornet’s nest, with the help of the photographs. Rebecca in the meanwhile meets up with Mitch’s son, who now runs a support group for addicts.

Meanwhile, John Ross comes back to his apartment and sees Marta sitting on his couch. He lies to her that he was with his friends at the bar, and didn’t notice her calls. Rebecca meanwhile sitting with Mitch’s son in his car pretends to be hurt and crying tells him that, she can only get through her problems by getting high. She tells him that they could do it together and make a night of it. He in turn tells her that getting high is not going to solve her problems, and also tells her that he won’t partake as he is finally clean. He then tells her to stop lying to herself and tells her that getting high is not the solution. He then shows her the photograph of the woman he has fallen in love with, and hence wants to remain clean for her sake. Rebecca in then end tells him that, he has managed to change her mind, and gets out of the car. Later, Rebecca finds Tommy installing the program in Christopher’s laptop.

She gives him the excuse that she never found the right time to install it herself. Tommy in turn tells her that installing the program is imperative for stealing Christopher’s patent. He tells her that he also plans to extract information from the family vault, something which they can use to their advantage. Rebecca meanwhile calls up John Ross and tells him that she couldn’t do what he had asked of her. John Ross in turn tells her that if she doesn’t do what he asked, he would tell Christopher about the email. Marta instead offers to do the job for John Ross. Sue Ellen meanwhile tells JR that Barnes has offered to fund her election campaign. JR tells her that all Barnes wants to do is buy his way into her pocket. She in turn tells JR that everybody wants something, and asks JR what he wants. JR tells her that he wants to start afresh.

Christopher meanwhile makes sure that Elena ends up hating him; by giving her money for her help with his project and telling her that he did so, just so that in the future she can’t claim ownership in the company he is planning to float. He also tells her how she went behind his father’s back and joined hands with John Ross for money. Elena later messages John Ross asking him if he wants to be her date, for the barbeque at Southfork. John Ross later texts Rebecca telling her that he is coming to the barbeque, and also that she should have done what he asked her to do. JR meanwhile hands Marta the photographs of Elena and John Ross together. He tells her that the photographs were taken yesterday afternoon. He then tells her that John Ross is on his to Southfork to be with Elena. JR apologizes to Marta telling her that John Ross was just using her.

She then hands JR photos of her and Mitch’s son lying naked in bed, and tells him that she did that for his son. JR then tells Marta that he and she should make a new deal, for Southfork and its oil. Rebecca at the barbeque tells Christopher they need to talk, as soon as she sees John Ross arrive. Christopher tells her that first he needs to show her something. JR meanwhile shows Mitch the photographs of his son doing drugs and having sex with an unknown woman. JR then reminds Mitch that the photos would count as strike three for his son, and could result in a long jail sentence for him. JR tells Mitch that if he wants this scandal kept under wraps, he would have to stop extracting another dime from him, and hand over the papers for Southfork to him.

He also tells Mitch to redraw the contract completely in his name instead of the 50-50 split that was there between him and John Ross earlier. Christopher meanwhile shows Rebecca the calf he helped give birth. He then tells her that he loves her and nothing shall get in the way of that. Rebecca then in tears tells Christopher that she has to tell him something about the email that was sent to Elena. The episode ends at this point.