The Enemy of My Enemy - Recap

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The episode begins with John Ross telling Elena how he imagined when he was a kid that, Southfork would one day be his. John Ross then tells Elena that Christopher would do or say anything to break them up. She then tells John Ross “I don’t believe in the war, but I do believe in the warrior”. Later John Ross is informed that the tankers didn’t show up from Ryland Transport. He is then informed that the dispatchers were informed to stay away from Southfork. Turns out, the orders came straight from the top. John Ross then figures out its Annie who might have done this and taunts Bobby about it. Rebecca meanwhile lies to Tommy that, she hasn’t found anything in the documents from the Ewing vault that they can monetize.

Tommy then tells Rebecca that he hasn’t found Christopher doing anymore work on his laptop, pertaining to the gas extraction process. She hides a file in her handbag when Tommy isn’t looking, and then leaves wishing Tommy luck, while on her way out. Bobby meanwhile asks Annie if she had something to do with Harris Ryland stopping his trucks from servicing JR’s rig. She confesses to Bobby that she did. She tells Bobby that she wanted to help Bobby slow John Ross down. Bobby then warns Annie that thugs like Ryland do not do favors without there being strings attached. He hopes that this wouldn’t come back to bite them. Bobby then tells Annie to talk things over with him in the future before she does something to help him. John Ross meanwhile is unable to arrange for tankers from anywhere else, just then Christopher comes in.

Christopher tells John Ross he wants evidence against JR, as John Ross was hand in glove with JR. John Ross tells Christopher he has nothing to give him, as JR not only screwed Bobby but also him. John Ross then tells Christopher that, the DVD only proves that he got together with some other woman, the night he broke up with Elena, and nothing more. John Ross then tells Christopher to go to the cops if he wants to. Rebecca later comes in and tells Christopher and Bobby that, she may have something that might help them save Southfork. She then hands Bobby the file. She also tells Christopher that she wants to do the right thing, and make up for what she did. The document is a copy of an invoice in the name of Bobby’s grandfather, and it separates the mineral rights of Southfork, from the land rights.

This means the mineral rights of Southfork, were separate from the land rights which Bobby indirectly sold to JR. This in turn means JR is the owner of the land but not the oil. Rebecca then tells Bobby that they would require the original document to enforce the agreement, and she can help look for it. Bobby thanks Rebecca for the document, but also tells her that they can’t automatically trust her. Later while getting into her car, Rebecca finds her nose bleeding, and is unable to stand. Elena who is walking by sees this and runs to her aid. Christopher meanwhile tells Bobby about the DVD and how he is blackmailing John Ross with it.

Bobby in turn tells Christopher blackmailing is bad business, and instead asks Christopher to help him look for the key to his grandfather’s vault, which might contain the document. JR meanwhile is busy trying to find out what Cliff Barnes is up to, and for that reason he is in Las Vegas. He is also informed that he can contact a man named Frank, who can help him. Bobby and Christopher meanwhile find a couple keys inside Bobby’s grandfather’s desk, and the keys have ‘Texas National Bank’ printed on them. Meanwhile at the doctor’s, Rebecca thanks Elena for bringing her there, and tells Elena that the doctor has said she is basically fine, although there are few more that need to be run. Vicente meanwhile pays John Ross a visit, and warns him about keeping his promise of delivering the oil to him, on time.

John Ross later tells his mother who knows Ryland socially, to convince Ryland to send his trucks back to Southfork. He tells her that she is running for Governor, so she can promise Ryland something in return for him doing this favor. John Ross then confides in his mother that he has gotten into business with some very dangerous people, and hence the consequences of him not delivering shall be very grave. She tells him she possibly can’t do it, as it wouldn’t be fair to the people who are backing her campaign. Later Marta pays John Ross a visit at home, and tells him she wants to get back with him, but he drives her away. Christopher and Bobby meanwhile find the relevant document they were looking for, in Bobby’s grandfather’s bank locker.

Meanwhile John Ross and Elena enter her house, planning to spend a romantic evening together. Elena goes in for a bath, and John Ross is shocked to see a photograph of his and Elena’s from earlier, knifed to the kitchen counter. He then quickly runs out, telling his men to keep an eye on Elena’s house, and instructing them to let no one in but him. John Ross then goes searching for Marta, but finds out that she has cleared out from her apartment, without a trace. JR meanwhile meets up with Frank who is Cliff’s driver. Frank asks JR what it that he exactly wants is. JR tells him that he wants to sit in on Cliff’s poker game. JR later tells Baum to find out who Frank really is, as he doesn’t buy Frank’s claim that he is Cliff’s driver. He also tells Baum to give Carlos Del Sol a message that he needs $1 million, which he plans to use for the poker game.

Later John Ross tells Baum that Marta might try to hurt Elena. Baum then tells John Ross that he shall find Marta and pay her a visit. Annie meanwhile is visibly disturbed to receive flowers from Ryland, telling her that he is glad he could help her. She then opens a small box sent by him, and inside is a gold chain with a pendant. On seeing it she begins to cry, and Bobby rushes out on hearing her and asks her what the matter is. She rushes inside the house without saying anything, Bobby then sees the note sent by Ryland, and is furious. Bobby then pays Ryland a visit, and barges into his office and slaps Ryland across the face, warning him to stay away from Annie. Sue Ellen later pays Ryland a visit. She tells him if he releases his trucks for John Ross, once she is Governor she shall make sure she returns his favor.

Ryland agrees to release his trucks, and tells her it’s the right thing to do. He then makes a contribution to her campaign, which she reluctantly accepts. John Ross later thanks his mother, and she tells him that he can always count on her. Annie meanwhile wears the pendant sent to her by Ryland. Meanwhile Bobby and Christopher show John Ross the document and inform him that JR might own the land rights to Southfork, but Bobby own the mineral rights, and hence they have stopped the drilling. Tommy meanwhile figures out that it was Rebecca who gave the document to Christopher, from checking in on his laptop. He confronts Rebecca about it, but she lashes out telling him that she and he are done. She then tells Tommy that she is in love with Christopher, and also that she has just found out she is pregnant. The episode ends at this point.