Collateral Damage - Recap

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The episode begins and Christopher while riding through Southfork comes across the tree where, both Bobby and he had declared their love for the women they loved. John Ross meanwhile is consulting a trust lawyer, to resolve the mineral rights issue, as he needs to drill. Christopher meanwhile comes in and returns the CD of Marta and John Ross, back to John Ross, telling him he doesn’t need to use. Christopher then tells John Ross before leaving that he shall fight for Southfork and for Elena. Rebecca meanwhile pays Elena a visit, and thanks Elena for driving her to the hospital the other day. Then while talking, Rebecca suddenly gets sick and rushes into Elena’s bathroom to puke. Elena rightly concludes that Rebecca is pregnant.

Rebecca tells her that she is nine weeks pregnant. Rebecca also tells Elena that, she tried calling Christopher about it, but he doesn’t answer. Annie meanwhile is sitting in a park bench, with the necklace gifted to her by Ryland in her hand. She meanwhile gets a call from Bobby, who wants to go for a ride with her. She in turn makes some excuse to avoid meeting Bobby for the ride. John Ross in the meanwhile is meeting up with his cousin Lucy, and wants her to talk to his uncle Gary, about Gary signing off his mineral rights to JR. He then tells her how; Southfork is sitting on 2 billion barrels of oil, just ready to be drilled. John Ross then tells Lucy how he would be prepared to offer her a stake, if she manages to convince Gary. Christopher meanwhile pays Elena a visit and tells her how he cares about her.

Elena in reply tells Christopher that he really needs to call Rebecca. Elena than tells Christopher that Rebecca is pregnant. Meanwhile, cops arrive at Southfork and place Bobby under arrest for assaulting Harris Ryland. Later, Bobby’s lawyer tells him that, Ryland just wants Bobby to apologize and in return he shall drop the charges. Bobby then asks his lawyer what he has managed to find about JR’s involvement in the Southfork deal. He tells Bobby that they haven’t found anything, but they have managed to find information on JR’s PI, Baum who according to the file seems to have a police record. Christopher meanwhile pays Rebecca a visit. Christopher tells her that it might all once again be a ploy on her part. She in turn tells him that, she was hoping he would be more adult about this, considering what his birth parents did to him.

Later at home, Christopher tells Annie that he is going to get a paternity test done the next day morning. Annie meanwhile reprimands Christopher harshly for assuming Rebecca might have been unfaithful. Later, Bobby tells Annie that she has been edgy ever since she received the flowers from Ryland. Bobby then admits to Annie, how he paid Ryland a visit after she received the flowers and slapped him around, and also how he is pressing charges because of that. Annie is outraged on hearing this and storms out. Meanwhile John Ross and Elena are sitting at a bar being all romantic. Suddenly John Ross is visibly unnerved on seeing Marta walk by, and immediately excuses himself. He then tries to seek out Marta, but she seems to have disappeared. He then receives a call from Vicente’s man asking him to report in an hour about the progress in the drilling.

Later, John Ross makes a deal with Vicente where he gives him information about Marta having skimmed money off the Southfork deal, by lying about its actual price to Vicente. In return, Vicente gives John Ross a period of one more week, to make good his commitment, after which Vicente shall take Southfork and everything beneath it. Later, John Ross is shocked to see Lucy come out of Bobby’s office. She in turn apologizes to him and walks out. Bobby then tells John Ross that Lucy and Gary were always on his side. Later, Sue Ellen suggests to John Ross that he can probably ask Elena for some oil from her plot, as in the end its oil that Vicente wants. John Ross tells her, Elena is the one good thing he has got in his life, and hence he wants her to stay safe. Baum meanwhile informs JR about the problems John Ross is facing.

JR in turn tells him, John Ross can handle himself, as he is chip of the old block. Baum then informs JR that Cliff’s right hand man Frank’s actual name is Raheed Durrani, and he was picked up from the streets of Islamabad 30 years ago as a child, by Cliff. Cliff gave him a good education and brought him up like his own son, the only difference is that Frank won’t inherit Cliff’s fortune. JR concludes that this very fact of him just being a henchman for Cliff and nothing more, despite a good education, must make Frank feel cheated; a cheated man is a dangerous man JR interjects. Christopher and Rebecca are meanwhile informed at the clinic that, they would have the results of the paternity test by the afternoon. Sue Ellen meanwhile asks Elena to help John Ross. Elena though is reluctant as she doesn’t want to get in the middle of this.

Marta meanwhile is shown sitting in a table nearby. Later Marta calls John Ross up from Elena’s phone and tells him she has Elena. She then tells him to come to a hotel room where she is, or else she shall hurt Elena. John Ross arrives at the hotel room, but doesn’t find Elena there, but only Marta, who tells John Ross how Vicente’s men are following her thanks to him. She tells John Ross to help her out, if he cares about Elena’s safety. Meanwhile Christopher visits Elena at her house. She tells him how her phone is missing. Christopher tells Elena he wants to be with her, and it doesn’t matter what the test says. Elena though, says she is happy with John Ross. Bobby meanwhile reluctantly apologizes to Ryland who takes back the case.

He then hands Bobby an envelope, and tells him to look inside, so he can find out what kind of a person Annie really is, as there is a lot he doesn’t know about her. John Ross meanwhile figures out that Marta doesn’t have Elena, but just her phone. John Ross then snatches Elena’s phone from Marta and walks out of the room. Later at home, Bobby sees Annie advocate Rebecca’s case in front of Christopher. Meanwhile the doctor calls Christopher and asks him to come in for the results. Meanwhile John Ross is shocked to find Marta’s dead body on the roof of a car outside. Turns out, she fell or was pushed from the balcony of her room. A couple, who had seen John Ross head towards her room earlier, also sees him drive away with a worried look on his face. Christopher meanwhile is informed by the doctor that he is the father, and also that he is having twins. Christopher is later moved to tears when he sees the ultrasound.

Bobby later hands Annie the envelope and tells her what Ryland told him. He then tells Annie he trusts her and doesn’t need to know anything more; he then sets fire to the envelope without opening it. While the envelope is burning, a photograph of Annie with a child is revealed for a few seconds before it’s burnt to cinder. Bobby though has his back to the fire and doesn’t see it. Meanwhile, Elena tells John Ross that she has decided to help him. Just then the cops come in and tell them along with Bobby and Annie who arrive at the scene that, there are eyewitnesses who have seen John Ross fleeing the scene of the crime. The cops then reveal that John Ross has to be taken in for questioning, for the murder of Veronica Martinez, who they know as Marta Del Sol. The episode ends at this point.