No Good Deed - Recap

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The episode begins with, Elena sitting across the table to John Ross, in the police headquarters. John Ross tells her how Marta was actually an imposter, who was trying to mess up the Southfork deal. John Ross lies to Elena that, Marta used Elena’s cell phone to get to him. John Ross also lies to her that he went to the hotel room to save Elena, as Marta was trying to get her. He tells Elena that he grabbed her phone and left, and Marta was alive when he left the room. John Ross is then informed that there are fingerprints of his that have been found in the room besides the eyewitnesses who saw him leave the room. He is then placed under arrest for the murder of Veronica Martinez aka Marta Del Sol.

Later in jail, Sue Ellen tells John Ross that she has hired the best criminal defense attorney in the country, for him. Sue Ellen asks John Ross to tell her and the lawyer, any information that he might be withholding. John Ross then admits to Sue Ellen that he had an affair with Marta, then things went bad and Marta got jealous. John Ross tells Sue Ellen that, Elena can’t find out about him and Marta, as it will hurt her too much. He also tells her that “this is my mess to clean up not JR’s”, he then tells her that he shall handle the situation on his own. Meanwhile a cop tells Bobby that, unless Marta’s death is ruled a suicide, it doesn’t look good for John Ross. Later, Christopher asks the cop to do a background check on Rebecca. Vicente meanwhile meets John Ross in jail.

John Ross tells Vicente that Marta taped him, when he paid her a visit in the hotel room just before her death, which proves he is innocent. But the police did not find any evidence of that when the scoured her hotel room. He tells Vicente that his guess is that; Vicente’s men had something to do with it. Vicente though, pretends to be oblivious to this. Vicente then admits it, when he tells John Ross that, disloyalty is dangerous, and also reminds John Ross that it was he who informed them that she was a thief. John Ross is outraged on hearing this, and tells Vicente that, he is going to come clean to the cops. Vicente in turn threatens John Ross, telling him “pointing fingers in the wrong direction can be hazardous to you and your family”.

John Ross then tells him, “you get me out of here and I will get you your oil”. Vicente though tells him “I am sorry Mr. Ewing your time is up”. Meanwhile, an executive from Exxon Mobile pays Christopher a visit. He tells Christopher that he is aware of the huge potential that his research has. He then asks Christopher to sign over the exclusive rights of his research to Exxon, and promises to make it worth his while, in return. Christopher though turns down the offer, telling the executive that, he is planning to fly solo. Annie is meanwhile busy telling Rebecca that, she will make a great mother, just then Tommy walks in. Both of them reprimand him for coming back. Annie then tells Tommy that he should get a fresh start, and tells him that she can get him a job in Oklahoma, on her cousin’s ranch.

Tommy gladly accepts her offer, but Rebecca apparently isn’t too convinced about Tommy’s real intentions. Vicente meanwhile pays Bobby a visit. Vicente then explains to Bobby the deal he had with JR. He then tells Bobby that, he will have to take ownership of Southfork, if he doesn’t get his share of the oil, as agreed upon. Bobby then clarifies to Vicente that John Ross might own the land in Southfork, but it is he who owns the mineral rights. He then tells Vicente that, he wouldn’t allow a drop of oil to be pumped out of Southfork, and asks Vicente to “get the hell out” of his house. John Ross is later beaten up in jail by Vicente’s men, who threaten to kill him, if he doesn’t get Vicente the oil. Later Bobby is informed about it. Bobby along with Christopher, Elena and Annie proceed to see him.

In jail Sue Ellen in tears informs Bobby that John Ross was beaten senseless. John Ross meanwhile has been kept in the hospital ward, and under observation, as there is some internal bleeding. Bobby then tells Sue Ellen that they need to get John Ross out on bail, as soon as possible. John Ross meanwhile tells a worried Christopher that, the day he went to meet Marta she taped the whole thing, and now the footage is with Vicente. John Ross also tells him that Vicente is planning to edit the footage and use it against John Ross. Baum meanwhile calls JR and informs him about all that has transpired. Bobby later tells Annie, Christopher and Elena that, till JR’s fraud can be proven, he is going to allow Southfork to be drilled for oil, in order to protect John Ross.

Christopher though doesn’t want Southfork pumped for oil, and instead tells Bobby that he can offer Vicente something better. He tells Elena “I will make them an offer they can’t refuse”. Sue Ellen meanwhile offers the coroner examining Marta’s body a bribe, in return for him presenting a report saying Marta committed a suicide. She also blackmails him, telling him she knows his dirty secrets. JR meanwhile pays John Ross a visit, on the sly. He is visibly disturbed on seeing the condition that the sleeping John Ross, is in. Christopher meanwhile shows his research to Vicente. He then informs him how Exxon just tried to buy exclusive right to his research. He offers Vicente exclusive South American rights to his research, instead of the oil he was promised from Southfork.

He tells Vicente how, he will have almost unlimited stream of natural gas. Vicente tells Christopher that he will have to talk to his partners about this deal, and would need certain assurances that Christopher’s technology is sound. He then asks Vicente for the footage that would help exonerate John Ross. Meanwhile Sue Ellen and John Ross are pleasantly surprised to be informed that, the charges against him have been dropped. Turns out, the camera containing the footage of Marta being alive, when John Ross left the hotel room, was found on the roof of the hotel. Later, the coroner calls Sue Ellen and tells her how he risked his career on her insistence. He also informs her that Marta didn’t commit suicide, as she had defensive wounds. Therefore by declaring her death a suicide, he let the real killer walk.

She then tells the coroner “no one has to know about this”. Later at home, John Ross thanks Christopher, as he knows it was he who got him out. Christopher tells John Ross that he realizes John Ross was just trying to make his father proud and hence he did what he did. Sue Ellen meanwhile reveals to Annie how she bribed a medical examiner to get John Ross out, and how it was all for nothing. Christopher meanwhile gets back a report from the cop, who he had asked to do a background check on Rebecca. He later meets Rebecca with the report in hand, and informs her about it, he also apologizes to her, as the report is clean. He then tells her that he wants to forgive, but also that he needs to be sure there aren’t any more secrets.

Rebecca assures him that there aren’t. Tommy later comes back and tells Rebecca that, he was just pretending to be gone. She is enraged at him being back and tells him that, she is pregnant and needs to make it work with Christopher. He then tells Rebecca about the offer Christopher received from Exxon. He then tells Rebecca that, he already has buyer for Christopher’s research. Tommy then grabs Rebecca and kisses her forcibly on the lips. Turns out, the two aren’t brother and sister after all. Tommy then threatens her that, he will tell Christopher everything, if she doesn’t steal him Christopher’s technology. The episode ends at this point.