Family Business - Recap

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The episode begins with John Ross in bed, and Elena meanwhile searching for her other boot. Turns out, the boot was under the sheets. Elena then tells John Ross how JR is the one who got him into this mess, and hence he is to blame for everything. John Ross is then surprised to know that, Bobby was going to allow Southfork to be drilled, in order to save his life. Christopher meanwhile tells Rebecca “it’s going to take time to get back to what we were”. The two then enter a toy store to buy toys for their babies. Later at home, Rebecca is shocked to find Tommy waiting for her. He tells Rebecca that, she has to work a lot harder to get him the plans to Christopher’s gas extraction rig. Rebecca though asks him to leave her alone.

Tommy then forces himself on her, and gets slapped for his efforts. He then threatens to kill her, if she doesn’t get him the plans to Christopher’s rig. Harris Ryland meanwhile pays Sue Ellen a visit, at her office, and congratulates her for leading the polls for governor. Ryland then tells her that, he knows about her trying to bribe the medical examiner, in order to save John Ross. Ryland then tells her to launder some of his money, in return for his silence. Tommy meanwhile meets up with Frank, who asks him for the plans to the gas extraction rig that, Tommy had promised him. Tommy tells Frank he will get him the plans, but he needs twice the money than what was negotiated. Frank agrees, but tells Tommy to not give him a call till he has secured the plans.

John Ross and Elena meanwhile figure out a way to drill the oil under Southfork, without actually drilling Southfork. They talk to Bobby about it, and he seems receptive. Christopher meanwhile arrives and accuses John Ross of trying to make money off Southfork once again, despite him having helped John Ross. Bobby then calms him down and asks the two to sit. Then suddenly Bobby says that he can’t feel his eyes, and then collapses in his chair. John Ross then rushes to get help, while Christopher remains by Bobby’s side. Elena meanwhile calls 911. Later at the hospital, Christopher tells Elena that Bobby has woken up and is talking, and turns out Bobby has suffered some kind of a brain seizure. Elena later tells John Ross, about Bobby having cancer.

She also tells John Ross that Bobby did not reveal the fact that he has cancer to him, because Bobby thought JR and he would use it against Bobby to get Southfork. Later John Ross compels Baum to tell him where JR is, and also tells Baum “tell him, his brother is dying”. The doctor meanwhile tells Annie and Christopher that Bobby is still cancer free, and that the seizures were cause by a cerebral aneurism, due to the chemotherapy drugs. Bobby then decides to go home instead of staying at the hospital and tells Annie “if it’s really my time to go, I do not want to die surrounded by strangers”. Later at home Christopher is shown warming up to Rebecca, who is there to inquire about Bobby’s health. Later while leaving, Rebecca sees Christopher’s leather carry case lying in his car and is reminded of how Tommy wanted Christopher’s keycard to his office, so he can steal the plans.

She then contemplates stealing his keycard for a while, but in the end decides otherwise. JR meanwhile arrives to meet Bobby, but Annie drives him away threatening to shoot him, if he comes anywhere near Bobby. Christopher meanwhile asks John Ross to convince JR to give back Southfork to Bobby, so he can have some peace of mind. In return Bobby shall allow him to drill Southfork. JR later tells John Ross that, he won’t sign away Southfork to anybody. John Ross in turn tells JR that, it would be the decent thing to do, as Bobby and Christopher shouldn’t have to clean up their mess. John Ross then tells JR “can’t you just let it go”. He in turn tells John Ross that, Southfork is a piece of him, just like his flesh and blood.

Later, Sue Ellen comes to visit Bobby and is told by John Ross how JR is being pigheaded. John Ross later tells Elena, how JR is so lost in his own anger and bitterness that, there is no room for anybody else. Sue Ellen meanwhile enters Bobby’s room in anger and gives him a tight slap, across the face. She then tells him “you are done destroying our son’s life”. Sue Ellen later tells Annie that, Harris knows she bribed the medical examiner, and is now blackmailing her. JR is meanwhile informed that Bobby wants to see him. Bobby tells JR “JR I love you, no matter what, you remember that”. JR is moved by what Bobby said, and tells him “I will talk to you after you get that thing in your head fixed”. John Ross and Christopher meanwhile decide to work together.

They later inform Bobby how they have decided to go into business together, and also how Elena will also be a partner in the business. Christopher tells Bobby that, JR who owns part of the mineral rights to Southfork will only get a part of the profits, and will not be in any other way involved in their business. Bobby is skeptical about the idea put forth to him, but also feels that it might just work. Meanwhile, JR after some contemplation signs over the deed of Southfork to Bobby. Bobby tells him “you are still not off the hook for how you got this in the first place”. He in turn tells Bobby “if you die, I get that back”. Rebecca meanwhile tells Tommy from who she receives a call that, she doesn’t have the keycard, and also tells him “I am not doing this”.

A visibly frustrated Tommy then tells her that, she owes him and tells her “you do this one last thing and I am gone”. Rebecca though is adamant, and reiterates that she is “done”. She then hangs up on Tommy, much to his chagrin. Rebecca is later shown accessing her bank locker, removing a gun from it, and putting it in her handbag. Frank meanwhile tells Tommy that the deal is off, as he hasn’t managed to deliver. Meanwhile, Bobby’s PI informs him that, he has managed to secure proof, regarding JR’s involvement in the Southfork deal. He then asks Bobby if he is ready to send JR to jail. Bobby is visibly disturbed by this question, and in his quandary is put under stress, which results in him having another seizure.

He is then rushed in an ambulance to the hospital. Tommy meanwhile arrives at Rebecca’s apartment, and slaps her across the face. He then tells her “I did everything you asked me to”. He then throws her on the bed, and proceeds to rape her. She in the meanwhile manages to gain access to her handbag, and removes the handgun from it and points it at Tommy. Tommy then lunges at her and tries to wrestle the gun out of her hand. A gunshot is then heard and blood is sprayed on the stuffed monkey. The episode ends at this point.