Revelations - Recap

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The episode begins with Tommy falling to the ground after being accidentally shot by Rebecca, during their struggle at her house. Rebecca then in absolute panic calls up someone and says “I am in trouble”. A little later a group of people, whose faces aren’t shown, arrive at the scene, neatly wrap Tommy’s body in a plastic sheet and then carry him out in a large garbage bin on wheels. Rebecca puts in all her efforts into washing off the blood stains from the floor. At the hospital, Christopher and Annie along with the others are informed by the doctor, that an operation has been performed on Bobby, but he hasn’t regained consciousness yet, hence it’s still difficult to gauge if he is out of danger.

JR stands by Bobby’s bedside, “wake up you hear me, wake up get better and keep fighting” he says holding Bobby’s hand. “I love you Bobby and I don’t know who I would be without you”, he then confesses. Vicente meanwhile calls John Ross up as he is unable to get through to Christopher. He tells John Ross that he is impressed with Christopher’s methane extraction project, and wants him to ask Christopher when it will be fully operational. Rebecca arrives at the hospital and tells Christopher that Tommy is gone for good, and will never trouble them again. Christopher asks her to tell him, if Tommy ever tries to get in touch with her again. He then also tells her that he wants to make their marriage work. Christopher later tells John Ross “I want you to get in touch with your PI, Baum. I want him to find out if Rebecca’s brother is still in Dallas”.

Rebecca enters the motel room in which Tommy was living. She is basically there in search of her wedding rings, which she had given Tommy, and which now Christopher wants her to put back on. Eventually she doesn’t find the rings there. “Where did you put Tommy’s body? There is something I need to find” she then tells someone on the phone. Bobby meanwhile regains consciousness and seems absolutely fine, much to Annie and Christopher’s relief. Rebecca meanwhile secures the receipt to the pawn shop, where Tommy has pawned her rings. John Ross meanwhile proposes to Elena at the construction site for the new office, of Ewing Energies. Elena with tears in her eyes accepts John Ross’s proposal. Meanwhile, at the pawn shop Rebecca is informed that, her rings have already been sold to someone else. She then pays double, just so she can get her rings back.

The shop owner promises to call her, as soon as he gets them. Later John Ross shows Christopher the new office space. Christopher is then visibly shocked to know that John Ross has proposed to Elena. He though pretends as if he is fine with it. “I really hope the two of you are happy together” he says. Meanwhile in her apartment, Rebecca recollects her struggle with Tommy, and what it eventually led to. Christopher meanwhile pays her a visit, with Chinese takeout in hand. Bobby meanwhile in the hospital tells JR “it’s time to clean up your mess with these Venezuelans, and stop your double dealing, for good”. Later at the hospital, Sue Ellen tells Annie, she has decided to bow out of the race for the Governor, and has called a press conference to that effect.

She also tells Annie “I am telling Ryland ‘no’, I will not launder his dirty money”. “I crossed a line while trying to help John Ross, and I am prepared to live with the consequences”, she then says. Meanwhile JR, Bobby’s lawyer and Christopher ask John Ross to confess to the law, the fact that he conspired with Veronica (aka Marta) and Vicente, to take Southfork. Elena meanwhile eavesdrops on the whole conversation. John Ross meanwhile tells them he needs assurances that whatever he confesses to, will stay sealed, and that none of them will say anything to Elena about this. On hearing this Elena walks into the room and says “you lied about everything” and storms out. John Ross runs out and tries explaining himself to Elena, but she tells him “I asked you point blank, if you had anything to do with this, and you lied to my face”.

He reasons with her that, he knew if he told her the truth she wouldn’t give him a second chance. “You lie so easily John Ross, how can I ever trust you again?” she in turn asks him. He then asks her to meet him at the Ewing Energy space the next day, so they can start afresh. She though says nothing and runs out. Annie meanwhile pays Ryland a visit, and says he is troubling Sue Ellen just to get to her. She then asks him, what he wants from her. He then basically suggests that she let him sleep with her, in return for him letting Sue Ellen off the hook. She then begins taking off her clothes in tears, and eventually reveals to him that, she is wearing a wire. She then tells him, how everything from extortion to money laundering charges can be leveled against him, from the conversation they have had.

She then warns him “you make a move against me, Sue Ellen or any member of my family, you’re going to jail”. Ryland then tries grabbing the wire, but is punched hard in face by Annie, who then storms out. Vicente meanwhile is about to sign over Christopher’s project and Southfork to Barnes, with Frank doing the deal. Just then, the FBI lands up at Vicente’s doorstep. Annie meanwhile hands over Ryland’s confession to Sue Ellen, but doesn’t reveal to her, how she acquired it. “What’s important is that you stay in the race” she then tells Sue Ellen “people of Texas need you”, she adds. A handcuffed Vicente meanwhile is informed by Bobby that all the deals between him, Christopher, JR and John Ross are invalidated, as JR and John Ross have confessed to the fraud that was committed.

Vicente is also informed that, the video of his associates pushing Veronica from her hotel room window, have been recovered from her cloud drive. Hence he shall also be convicted of murder. JR then informs him “John Ross and I, got immunity for our confession”. Later at home, John Ross tells Christopher, Baum found Tommy. Later Christopher arrives outside Tommy’s motel room with Baum waiting at the door. They then enter the room. They don’t find anything inside. But just then the phone in the room rings, and Christopher picks it up. A blond haired woman on the other side, assumes its Tommy who has picked up the phone, “Uncle Fred had a heart attack, I need you to come to Des Moines right away” she then says.

Christopher in turn asks “who is this?” and is visibly shocked when she replies “it’s your sister, its Rebecca”. She then asks “who is this?” Christopher later tells Rebecca “I just spoke to Tommy’s sister the real Rebecca Sutter”. He then asks her in anger “who the hell are you?” She says she is his wife Rebecca Ewing, and then goes on to say that he too lied in this relationship, as he was always in love with Elena and never with her. He though, will hear none of it, and threatens to send her to prison after he finds out who she really is. Later Christopher arrives at Elena’s doorstep and tells her that he and Rebecca are done, and also that he wants to begin a new life with her. He then hands back to Elena their engagement ring, she had returned to him, saying “it’s always been yours”.

Later, Elena’s mother returns John Ross’s ring back to him, while he is waiting for her at the office site. It is meanwhile revealed that Rebecca is actually Barnes’s daughter, and was doing everything at his behest. It is also revealed that she had actually fallen for Christopher, but she promises to her father that she is now, back on track. Barnes then tells her “I want you to get a piece of Ewing Energies, so we can put that family down, for good”. She in turn promises him, she won’t lose focus ever again. Christopher and Elena are meanwhile shown having sex in a hotel room. John Ross meanwhile asks JR to teach him every dirty trick in the book, so he can take away Ewing Energies from Christopher and Elena. He in return promises Southfork to JR. The episode ends at this point.