Battle Lines - Recap

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The episode begins and Sue Ellen wraps up a speech for her election campaign. Turns out, she's 12 points ahead in the polls. John Ross on the other hand arrives at a bachelorette party in a nightclub and essentially dares the bride to be, to make out with him. She apparently looks interested. The next morning, he leaves her bed and her house, ignoring her suggestion he go out the back door. He finds her dad, Mr. Cartwell, in his study and blackmails him with threats to reveal the liaison to make Cartwell sell him his trucking fleet. At the race track, Christopher takes a methane powered car around the track to impress Ricky Rudd.

Christopher wants to get the city's fuel contract and thinks showing off with a race car is a good step towards securing the contract. J.R. in the meantime makes himself at home in John Ross' office. Turns out, it was his plan that John Ross seduce Cartwell’s daughter. He's pleased his advice to seduce Cartwell's daughter worked. Bobby, Elena and Christopher show up. John Ross has put in a $50 million bid for Cartwell and Christopher says the money was earmarked for his methane rig. He isn’t happy John Ross is going to spend it somewhere else. John Ross on his part doesn't see immediate profit in methane, but Bobby sides with Christopher, settling the issue. It is revealed the men each have 30% of the company; Elena has 10%. Christopher talks to John Ross alone, making clear his intentions to get him out of Ewing Energies, as they don’t seem to see eye to eye on issues.

Later, when Christopher leaves, John Ross texts Clyde that Christopher is leaving. John Ross then makes a pitch to Elena for civility, but she's not in a forgiving mood. Christopher goes to see Lou, his lawyer. He had the real Rebecca Sutter flown in from Des Moines after visiting her. She's prepared to testify to help him get an annulment and try to get custody of fake Rebecca's unborn twins, but she doesn't want her brother Tommy to get in trouble. Christopher agrees not to press charges, seeing that she is worried about Tommy and is ready to help him (Christopher). Christopher is putting her up in a hotel to surprise Rebecca. Someone in a truck watches real Rebecca leave Lou's office. Ann in the meantime checks out art she had commissioned for Bobby. Her ex, Harris finds her. He reveals he found their daughter alive. Ann is visibly shocked to hear this.

He says if Ann gives him back the tape she made for Sue Ellen of him admitting to laundering money, he'll tell Ann where she is. He in order to confirm his story shows her pictures of their daughter Emma, posing with her dressage horse. He says he already ran DNA to prove Emma is his daughter. He gives her 48 hours to turn over the tape, if she really wants to see Emma. Clyde turns over his surveillance photos of Emma to John Ross, who says he has a score to settle with Christopher. Back at Southfork, Ann reels from Harris's news. She apparently is in a predicament about what she should do. She tells Bobby that 22 years ago she had a daughter named Emma. When Emma was 18 months old, she was snatched at the state fair and never found. She explains that Harris wants the tape, in return for Emma.

Bobby worries Harris is lying, but suggests they check Ann's DNA, too just to clarify things. Christopher and Elena relax in the pool at night. He's optimistic the annulment will work out, now that the real Rebecca is here. Elena gently tells Christopher she thought John Ross was right about vertically integrating the company by buying Cartwell. She wants to be a full partner in Ewing. Christopher tells her to come up with a big idea. Rebecca Barnes in the meantime helicopters back into Dallas. Frank greets her. They want a divorce, not an annulment, so she'll get some Ewing money. She it turns out, stayed away to lull Christopher into a false sense of security. "But now I'm ready to make an entrance" she says, absolutely sure of her resolve. In the morning, Carmen takes a call from Rebecca's lawyer setting up a meeting.

Elena on the other hand goes to talk to a businessman named Mark about fixed oil platforms in the Gulf. She's interested in four oil platforms his company owns that are drilled dry. Turns out, as per government regulations, the company has five years to tear them down at a cost of $5 million per rig. But she wants to buy them, with the sea bed leases. Bobby and Christopher go to meet Rebecca at her lawyer's office, Barnes Global. Frank greets them outside and escorts them in to see Rebecca. She explains her middle name is Rebecca, but her name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes and Cliff Barnes is her father. Christopher is visibly shocked at the revelation. She tells Christopher she actually fell in love with him. She says she doesn't want his money, but wants to share custody of the twins instead.

Cliff on his part thinks that because Christopher created Ewing Energies when they were together, she's entitled to 30% of the company. Christopher is absolutely livid and argues her fraud will guarantee annulment. Threats are exchanged in the process. At a family meeting, J.R. is skeptical about the legal system working against Cliff Barnes. John Ross says they have his support. Christopher tells John Ross to re-encrypt all the methane plans and make fakes just in case Barnes tries to steal them. Later, Clyde calls John Ross with news. While at home all alone, Ann looks through her box of memories of her daughter. She gets a call with good news about her DNA. She goes to Sue Ellen's house to tell her, but Harris is waiting there already. They turn over the tape. Sue Ellen warns Harris she won't do his bidding as governor. Harris turns over Emma's address as promised.

At the race track, Ricky tells Christopher he loves his methane car. Ann comes back to Southfork, and tells Bobby what she's done. He tells Ann he would have handled Harris and gotten her daughter back "because you don't negotiate with a terrorist". With the election “tomorrow”, Sue Ellen's campaign HQ hears a news report that Dr. Varun Rasmussen, the medical examiner, accepted a bribe from Sue Ellen to declare Marta Del Sol's death a suicide instead of murder. Her rival Sam McConaughey makes plenty of hay out of it. Bobby and Ann on the other hand go to talk to Emma and find her with her horse at a fancy farm. Emma knows who Ann is, but says she was hoping not to see her ever again.

John Ross drops in on Pamela, saying they want the same thing; to destroy Christopher and Elena. "Yes, but you forget we hate each other," Pamela says. He suggests they work together to take Ewing Energies. She asks what he has to offer. He goes to the elevator and introduces the real Rebecca Sutter. The episode ends at this point.