Venomous Creatures - Recap

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The episode begins and Christopher refinishes his childhood crib. He thanks Elena for being so understanding about the whole "having twins with someone he's still married to" thing. John Ross drops by on his way to scare the reporters off Sue Ellen's lawn after she has lost the election, thanks to the recent revelation. Also, the annulment hearing is “today”. Ann in the meantime is a wreck in bed, sobbing over her daughter. A doctor gives her a shot to calm her down. Bobby tries to calm her down and promises her he'll find out what happened with Emma.

Derrick from Dallas PD later updates Bobby, saying there's nothing in the file about Emma Ryland being found. Sue Ellen on the other hand packs up her campaign signs and pours herself from white wine. She looks visibly depressed as result of the loss. Just then John Ross and JR show up at her doorstep. John Ross blames himself for her loss, since he's the reason she had to bribe the ME. JR assures her she's overcome worse, including alcoholism, but she's worried about getting indicted for bribery. JR promises to keep the state attorney from pressing charges against her. John Ross in the meantime gets a text from Pamela, offering to meet up. When they leave, Sue Ellen pours out her wine. Pamela interrupts a Barnes Global meeting led by Frank to announce they're turning away from casino development and into clean energy, per her father's wishes.

At the annulment hearing, Pamela's lawyer argues she had legally changed her name to Rebecca Sutter so she wasn't lying after they reconciled. Lou then calls the real Rebecca Sutter to the stand, who says Pamela tried to fix things with Christopher. Christopher flips out on hearing this, warning her he'll go after Tommy when he finds him. The judge after hearing both sides rules against annulment and schedules divorce proceedings, much to Christopher’s chagrin. Christopher chases after Pamela. "You wanted a war, you've got one" he says. John Ross later meets Pamela up in her limo, contrary to her text dictating terms. John Ross wants the shares of Ewing Energies she'll get in the divorce, but she says her dad Cliff wants them to lord over JR. But, in exchange for the shares John Ross promises her every penny of profit from the methane.

She says again that any deal they make will be on her terms. JR drops in on Peter Bedford, the state attorney, at a country club. Peter says he can't help with Sue Ellen then goes to make his tee time. Bobby and Lou meet with Harris and his lawyer. Harris is scheduled to meet with the police tomorrow, but won't give Bobby any details on Emma. He warns Bobby that if Ann asked for a shot to calm her down, it's a slippery slope. At home, Elena tells Christopher that she closed the deal on the oil platforms. They're sitting on methane pockets and they'll save millions by converting instead of building something from scratch. After a Barnes Global meeting, Frank is unhappy with Pamela for horning in on the business.

JR interrupts them and as Frank leaves, Frank tells Pamela he knows who she shared a ride with yesterday. JR warns her she'll be dealing with him if she goes after Ewing Energies. "You're not the first Pam to fox her way into the henhouse. I'm one for one in flushing out Pamela, and I plan on being two for two" he tells her. As he passes Frank on his way out, JR taunts him saying "How's it feel to be a poodle?" Bobby goes back to the stables where they met Emma and shows her picture around, but no one has seen her. Then he recognizes her horse and learns that it and Emma both just came in from London. Pamela brings Rebecca Sutter a big bag of cash for flipping on Christopher and suggests she get out of town. Sue Ellen in the meantime pours her heart out to Ann.

On the golf course, JR interrupts the state attorney's round of golf to bring up a charity golf event last year that had pretty girls in a hospitality tent. A caddie took pictures, and JR shows them to Peter, who looks visibly worried. John Ross is annoyed to see Christopher, Bobby and Elena meeting without him. Elena explains her deal for the platforms, which frees up enough cash for John Ross to buy the trucking fleet and Christopher to start his methane operation. Bobby and Christopher have decided to give Elena a portion of their shares. John Ross thinks about it and says Elena has earned it. He suggests they each give 5%, making them all equal partners. Elena hugs him. Christopher is suspicious when he sees John Ross leave. He asks Jill to cozy up to John Ross's secretary. He wants to know what John Ross's up to.

John Ross explains his plan to JR. Basically; Elena is deeply in debt to Sue Ellen and until she pays it off, her assets including her shares, are vulnerable. JR on his part wants some of the company after John Ross and Sue Ellen take it over. A courier in the meantime brings Christopher a package, saying the sender told them to delay it for a month. It's a cell phone from Tommy Sutter with a note saying "If anything should happen to me, you deserve to know the truth. Check the voicemail". Someone from the stables calls Bobby about the horse, which’s been winning competitions for eight years. Emma Brown has been riding him. Harris Ryland owns the horse. Ann joins Bobby, saying she's skipping the shot. She asks if he has news, but he says there is none.

Christopher drops in on Rebecca Sutter in her hotel room, where his PI found her. He plays a threatening voice mail from Pamela to Tommy, warning him she knows people who can make him disappear. There's also a voice mail from Becky reminding Tommy he said she'd get a cut of the Ewing money if she let Pamela use her name. Christopher tells Becky they're going downtown so she can file a missing persons report for Tommy and recant her testimony. JR drops in on Sue Ellen. She thanks him for convincing the state's attorney not to press charges and invites him in for tea. John Ross on the other hand drops in on Pamela's penthouse. They trade offers back and forth for her Ewing shares after the divorce, in exchange for Christopher's methane patent. She kisses him; he takes her offer of 70% and leaves.

The elevator begins its descent, but heads back up. He's back in her penthouse with his shirt off in her arms in no time. The courier who brought Christopher the package reports to Frank, who pays him off in drugs. Bobby visits Harris Ryland's house and meets his mother, Judith Brown Ryland. She says they gave Emma a proper upbringing. Bobby sees a picture of Emma as a young girl with Harris. Bobby realizes Judith and Harris are the ones who snatched Emma at the fair. They raised her in secret. Emma joins them and says her father "saved" her from her mother. The episode ends at this point.