Sins of the Father - Recap

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The episode begins and Chris escorts Rebecca Sutter to the police station to file a missing persons report on Tommy, but she worries about getting him in trouble. He’s sure Pamela did something to Tommy. He reminds her if she doesn’t file the report, he’ll put her in prison, too. They meet with a detective. Chris plays the voice mail from Pamela to Tommy threatening to make him disappear. At Southfork, Bobby comes home with bad news for Ann. He tells her that Harris took Emma and the police are going to talk to her tomorrow. Bobby tries to convince Ann to reach out to her daughter and try to undo the damage Harris has done. John Ross in the meantime wakes up in Pam’s bed, ready for round two. She kicks him out, she has work to do.

He wants to put their deal in writing, but she still doesn’t trust him. “Let’s not consider this work, let’s consider this screwing over Chris and Elena and stealing Ewing Energies right out from under them” John Ross says. They settle for round two. Bobby and Ann on the other hand head to the police station and find Judith waiting for them. “You were nothing but an egg donor for Harris, you were never worthy to be his wife” Judith tells Ann.” There was only one woman good enough for that job, isn’t there? Too bad it’s a crime to marry your son” Ann seethes. Bobby threatens to go after Judith as soon as Harris is in prison. Ann talks to Emma in an interview room. She’s angry to be forced to talk to Ann.

Harris told Emma that Ann was a drug addicted, depressed, hopeless mess. Ann says she was, because Harris made her believe she should blame herself. She took tranquilizers, but it made things worse. When I lost you, I died inside, Ann says. You seem to have recovered quite nicely, Emma snarls. Ann spent years looking for Emma; she shows her all her baby things and news clippings. “I think you’ve confused love with guilt”, Emma says and asks Ann to leave her and her father alone. Back at Southfork, JR learns up on cloud computing, so he can access dirt Bobby has on him, and goes over the loan agreement from Sue Ellen to Elena. If Elena defaults, Sue Ellen can take all her shares of Ewing Energies.

John Ross doesn’t think his mom will go for it, so JR encourages his son to get Sue Ellen riled up over the girl who broke his heart. In the kitchen, Chris gets word from his lawyer Lou that they’re scheduling time to get Rebecca Sutter back on the stand. Carmen in the meantime is excited to see her son Drew walk in the door; Chris is less so. He says he’s back in town for good. John Ross drops in on his mom at the office and suggests Elena is neglecting drilling on the Henderson property that she lent her money for. Sue Ellen says vengeance won’t heal a broken heart and after 17 years married to JR she knows when she’s being played. Still, she suggests it’s time to show Elena who she’s dealing with. Elena’s older brother insists he’s given up drinking.

With Chris out of earshot, Drew tells Elena he wants to drill on their fathers land. She has to tell him that it doesn’t have oil on it and their mother sold it to Bobby years ago. Rebecca Sutter goes to Pam’s office and tells her about the voice mails Chris has. She wants $1 million to leave town before she’s scheduled to recant her testimony. Later a detective questions Pam about her threatening voice mail for Tommy. She says she was worried Chris might hurt Tommy if he didn’t leave town since Tommy had hit her before. At Ewing Energies, Elena tells Chris about Drew’s plans for their father’s old land. “He wants to prove that my dad didn’t die drilling a dry hole, he still feels guilty about his death” Elena says.

Drew was there when his dad died and blames himself. Pam tells Frank to pay off Rebecca Sutter. Sue Ellen drops by Elena’s office, giving her a month to find oil on the land before she calls in the loan. When Elena relays the conversation to Chris, Jill reports that John Rosss secretary said he’s been calling his mom a lot lately. Chris gets word that the cops found something at Pam’s old condo. He heads over and finds forensic teams examining the place. The cop tells Chris about Pam’s ploy to pin Tommy’s disappearance on him. He shows Chris the traces of cleaned up blood spatter in the floor boards and grate, high velocity spatter indicating someone was shot. They’ll try to match it to Tommy.

Chris texts Rebecca, telling her about the blood and that she could be in danger. She packs furiously and calls a cab. She finds Frank at her hotel door. Elena in the meantime finds Drew on their old land. She suggests Drew help her drill on the Henderson land. At a bar, John Ross sidles up to the drilling foreman on Elena’s Henderson rig. He mentions the salt dome they hit. He suggests a faulty GPS on the rig could make drilling around it difficult. John Ross says he’d consider it a favor if they didn’t hit oil there for awhile. He gives him a roll of cash. Frank comes home to find JR waiting for him. He suggests Frank helped Pam clean up after Tommy’s death. He makes a pitch to Frank’s wounded pride, assuming he’s angry watching Pamela take his place at Barnes’s company.

JR wants to know where the body and the gun are. “I’ll make sure they pop up. You get your place back at Barnes Global table and I make sure that girl doesn’t get a piece of Ewing Energies” JR says. He suggests their hatred of Pamela puts them on the same side and says he’ll be expecting Franks call. The cop calls Chris and tells him it was Tommy’s blood at Pam’s condo. He’s now investigating a homicide. At the hearing, the judge is ready to toss the annulment case because Rebecca is late. Chris can’t reach her. At Southfork, another cop breaks the news to Bobby that there’s nothing they can do to Harris for kidnapping Emma since the statute of limitations has passed. Ann hears and leaves. Bobby goes to JR for help with a way to bring Harris down.

“Don’t you worry little brother, it’s going to be my masterpiece” JR says. John Ross in the meantime visits Pam at her office. Becky was a no show at the hearing. John Ross has heard about the evidence Tommy was shot. He knows Tommy had hit her and asks if there was a fight and she was protecting herself. He says he’s just protecting their deal, then picks her up and kisses her on her desk. Ann visits Harris Ryland at his house. He gloats over Emma, and then checks Ann for a wire.

She asks why he took Emma. “Because you were about to leave me, and after all I did for you, turning a gangly raw boned girl into a proper woman” Harris says. “Broken puppet” Ann in turn says. “There was no way you were going to make a fool out of me by leaving; you had to pay a price. The look on your face right now, it’s priceless” he adds. He taunts her over all the moments in Emma’s life that she missed. She takes a gun out of her purse and shoots him in the chest. She then leaves him bleeding on the floor. The episode ends at this point.