Trial and Error - Recap

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The episode begins and Ann arrives at the hospital and tells Harris to tell the cops the truth. She basically wanted him to tell the cops that it was she who shot him and not Bobby. Ryland is in no mood to do so, because he wants to see Ann suffer. Judith summons the security who escorts Ann out. While on her way out Emma hears Ann yell that she wishes Harris had died. Ann later sees that there is blood on her boots and realizes its Harris’. She goes to the cops and confesses to her crime. At the hospital in the meantime, Anna asks Harris as to why he lied to the cops. He says that it was the effect of the medication. Harris then poisons Emma’s mind some more against Ann.

Pamela on the other hand promises to her father that she at any cost will acquire Ewing Energies and at no point will she allow her emotions to get the better of her. Lou informs the Ewing family that charges against Bobby are being dropped, because of the recent revelation by Ann. Turns out, Ann shall now be tried for Harris’ attempted murder. Lou plans to use the extreme passion defense and argue mitigating circumstances. JR gets a call from Cliff who tells him about what John Ross has been up to. He does this because of what John Ross did with Frank. Flash forward to one month later and the Ewing family is shown heading for court. Lou warns Ann that Harris too shall be testifying.

The trial begins and the prosecutor Carson calls Judith to the stand. Judith says a bunch of unflattering things about Ann. She also reveals to the court that it was Ann who wanted an abortion. Later, John Ross is informed by Clyde that Drew has been up to something illegal. Christopher is livid that Pamela would be testifying as a witness. He in anger accuses her of being involved in Tommy’s death. She isn’t at all happy with being accused in this manner and even threatens to move to Bermuda with their kids if he continues to do so. Later, John Ross asks Pamela out to dinner but she turns him down saying her father doesn’t approve of them being together. Clyde on the other hand busts one of Drew’s truck’s taillights, while he is away having coffee.

Sue Ellen in the meantime asks JR to forgive John Ross for going to Cliff. Bobby and John Ross find out that Vicente is slated to be extradited. They aren’t at all happy to discover this, because they both feel he should be punished for murdering the fake Martha and for his other misdeeds. Later in the court, a cop testifies that, given the evidence at hand, its clear Ann had planned the whole thing before she went to Harris’s to try and kill him. In other words, she didn’t really try to kill him in a fit of rage like Lou is trying to suggest. A surgeon also testifies that, Ann shot Harris multiple times which indicates, she knew what she was doing.

Drew on the other hand gets pulled over for the busted taillight. The cop asks him for the requisite paperwork but turns out the paperwork isn’t all in place. The cop then checks the back of the truck and finds that it’s full of smuggled purses and shoes, although the paperwork says he is transporting car parts. In the court, Sue Ellen testifies in Ann’s favor. She reveals she had met Ann when she volunteered in her program for battered women. She tells the court that Ann is a kind person and a good human being. Pamela is then called to the stand and says good things about Ann. She says she understands Ann’s pain. Elena in the meantime gets a call from Drew. She then pays him a visit in jail and says she will find a way to bail him out.

JR on the other hand tells John Ross he is ready to forgive him. John Ross in turn tells him about Drew’s arrest. JR fathoms why John Ross had Drew arrested and is happy John Ross thought of the morals clause violation. John Ross on his part is surprised that JR already knew about the clause. Harris in the meantime is called to the stand and basically tells the court that Ann was a bad mother and never really cared for Emma. He then describes to the court how one day Ann took Emma to the state fair and abandoned her there. Harris knows this because he followed them. He says this is the very reason why he decided to take Emma out of harm’s way, by keeping her hidden from Ann all these years.

During recess, Bobby questions Ann about what Harris said in court and she admits some of what he said is true. She says she wants to take the stand. Later, Ann testifies. She tells the court how Harris was the first man who paid attention to her and showed her a good life. She also reveals that Harris’ dad killed himself even before Harris was born and it was his mother who brought him up. Not only did she bring him up but she also controlled every aspect of his life. She says it was Judith who poisoned Harris’ mind against her by telling Harris that she was with him only for his money. Harris influenced by his mother, began controlling Ann’s life just like Judith had controlled his. She reveals how Harris used to control even the most trivial aspects of her life.

Then Emma was born and Ann was diagnosed with post partum depression. On that day, Ann left Emma with Judith so she could go see a divorce lawyer. Judith lied to Harris about it and when he found out about her plans to leave him, he made her see a shrink who put her on more medication. She says she only went to the fair to get away from Harris and Judith and it turns out on that day she had too many pills. In other words she wasn’t in her right mind. At the fair, she stepped away to get a soda leaving Emma alone just for a few minutes and when she returned she discovered that someone had kidnapped Emma. Later outside the courtroom, Christopher has a chat with Emma and tries talking reason to her. While they are at it, Emma sees Judith and Harris approaching.

She as a result asks Christopher to leave. Later in court, Emma is called to the witness box. She testifies that she heard Ann say she shot Harris, when she was at the hospital. She also says that she is glad Harris rescued her from Ann. Later, Christopher and Pamela sort things out and agree for some sort of mediation, for the sake of their kids. Later, the jury reaches a verdict. Ann is found guilty and is taken into custody. Emma runs out of the courtroom on hearing the verdict. Ann is put in the transport van that is headed for prison. The episode ends at this point.