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Blame Game - Recap

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The episode begins and Sue Ellen pays Ann a visit in prison. Later, Sue Ellen runs into Elena in the courthouse lobby and reprimands Elena for not keeping her updated about the progress in drilling at the Henderson ranch. Elena assures Sue Ellen she shall soon give her an update. Later, John Ross informs Sue Ellen about the next leg of his plan. Vicente Cano is being extradited to Columbia. He isn’t at all happy about this and apparently he has planned his revenge on the Ewings because his extradition was their doing. He wants to give the Ewings a “proper goodbye” before his departure. Pamela Barnes’ attorney tells Christopher, Pamela is ready to settle for fifty percent of Ewing Energies.

Christopher is fine with it but in return wants joint custody of the kids and also an annulment. Once the babies are born the annulment shall be granted by the court. John Ross reveals to Sue Ellen that Drew has violated the morals clause of the agreement that was drawn between her and Elena. Therefore the contract is void and Sue Ellen can now legally take possession of Henderson drilling and can also stake her claim over Elena’s shares in Ewing Energies. Sue Ellen suspects that John Ross had his hand in setting up Drew and she questions him about it. John assures her he didn’t set him up. JR on his part is trying to cheer Bobby up by emailing him funny dog videos.

Elena visits Drew. Drew is planning to plead guilty in court tomorrow. Christopher meets Elena and tells her about the mediation agreement. Bobby is summoned to testify in Ann’s hearing. He describes how he met Ann when she was involved in charity work. Ann was at that point helping out women who were battered. The court is then adjourned until the next day. Pamela informs her father about the deal she has struck in order to secure a part of Ewing Energies. Cliff is really happy to hear the news and is really proud of her. John Ross arrives to meet Pamela. He too is glad when he finds out about the deal. He is happy that as per their understanding they can now exchange the methane patent he has for the Ewing Energies shares she is going to receive.

Pamela shocks him by saying she isn’t interested in that deal anymore. John Ross isn’t happy to hear this and reminds her that he went against JR’s wishes and saved her from a murder rap. He feels she owes him. Pamela is adamant about her decision but assures him he will have a friend on the company board. John Ross isn’t appeased by this and feels he should have let JR take care of her and not intervened. He warns her that she shall regret her decision. Bobby meets up with Emma and tells her that she can visit Southfork any time she wants to. Christopher meets Drew in prison and reprimands him for his actions that have now gotten him in trouble.

Drew says he isn’t a criminal and was simply trying to save up enough money so he could buy back his father’s land from Bobby. He reveals to Christopher that his truck’s light was deliberately smashed by someone just so he would get caught. He also reveals that the foreman working at Elena’s drilling site deliberately tried to slow down the progress of the work. They both conclude someone is trying to keep Elena from drilling for oil. They try to figure out who it could be. Next day, Christopher decides to dig deeper into the whole issue and therefore checks the agreement that was drawn up between Elena and Sue Ellen.

While looking through the agreement he comes across the morals clause and immediately puts two and two together. He calls up Elena to inform her about it. But Drew finishes signing the plea by the time Christopher finishes explaining the whole issue to Elena. Elena isn’t too happy to discover Drew has already signed the plea. Vicente Cano is being transported to the airport. But, with the aid of one of his men working at the consulate he manages to escape. Cano is handed a gun by his man before his escape. Emma visits Ann in prison. Ann notices Emma is visibly bothered about something. Emma reveals that Ryland recently flipped out about something as trivial as her getting highlights.

In other words, Ryland is trying to control her life too just like he used to control Ann’s when they were married. Ann tries to calm Emma down by telling her things will slowly ease out. Christopher tells Bobby about how Drew was framed by John Ross and Sue Ellen because they wanted to get to Elena. Bobby concludes JR too was involved in this plan. He goes to JR’s room to confront him but sees that JR isn’t there and neither is any of his stuff. Apparently, he has moved out. Bobby on his part has a cloud drive full of evidence to implicate JR and John Ross. He tries opening the drive to show John Ross what he has on him and JR.

The moment he tires accessing the file it deletes on its own. Turns out, the email JR had sent Bobby earlier was a virus of some sort and it has now done its job. Vicente arrives a while later with three of his men. He smacks John Ross. In court, Ann is concerned to see that no one from the family has turned up. But, Emma is there. At home, Vicente orders Christopher to get him the methane patent and threatens to hurt Pamela and Elena if he doesn’t return within the hour. In court, Ann pours her heart out and then begs for a second chance.

While they are being held hostage Elena asks John Ross why he screwed her out of the company. John Ross justifies that it was his way of getting back at her for breaking his heart. Bobby tells Sue Ellen she could do the right thing. In court, Harris spews venom against Ann and paints a really horrible picture of her. At home, Pamela reveals to John Ross that she went back on their deal only because she wanted to make her father happy. In court, the verdict is out. Ann is only given probation much to her relief. The judge reprimands Harris and Judith for kidnapping Emma and even says that he understands why Ann shot Harris.

Ann is still worried about the fact that none of the Ewings showed up and neither can they be reached on their cell phones. Christopher returns home. Vicente says he shall be taking Elena along with him. Drew is shown approaching the house at that moment and he sees Vicente's helicopter landing and Elena being dragged away. He realizes she is danger and gets his rifle. Christopher runs after Vicente and Elena while others take care of Vicente’s goons. Vicente and Christopher get into a scuffle and just as Vicente is about to shoot Christopher a shot rings out.

Turns out, before Vicente could shoot Christopher, Drew has shot Vicente in the back. Bobby tells Sue Ellen that they're stronger together as a family after all that has happened. Ann arrives a little later and gives them her good news. Later, at the Ewing Energies board meeting John Ross introduces Sue Ellen as the latest member of the board. She reminds Bobby what he told her earlier about being stronger as a family. The episode ends at this point.