The Furious and the Fast - Recap

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The episode begins and John Ross informs JR on the phone that he has taken over Ewing Energies completely. He wants JR to have the biggest office and wants him to be there when he tells everyone about it. All the board members later assemble and Bobby informs everyone that he is putting a stop to the drilling at Southfork. John Ross isn’t happy with this and says this will result in loses and he even threatens to sell off Christopher’s methane patent if Bobby doesn’t change his mind. Christopher brings Pamela to a car race, where his methane powered car will also be racing and tells her that if his car wins he could get a multi-million dollar deal.

Sue Ellen has a talk with JR and then informs John Ross that JR can’t complete his deal in Abu Dhabi, if the drilling in Southfork is stopped, but John Ross isn’t worried because he is sure Pamela is on their side. John Ross’s uncle arrives at the office and says he has some news, but he will only reveal it once JR returns. Christopher has a talk with Alison Jones, from the city committee and tries to convince her to convert the city’s fleet to methane, by explaining to her why that’s a good idea. Drew tells Elena that he is planning to continue drilling on their father’s land and says he is using an updated technology.

He also apologizes to her for being the reason she got removed from the company. Pamela tells John Ross she can’t support him in his plan to sell Christopher’s methane patent because her father doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but John Ross feels she will change her mind once Christopher loses the race. Gary and Bobby have a chat and he tells Bobby that he is broke and his wife has left him, but he promises to support Bobby against John Ross and Sue Ellen. He hopes that Bobby’s plan will work. Bobby assures him that it will and also tells him how much he appreciates his loyalty, which is why Bobby offers him a loan.

At the race track, there is some issue with a car and the crew immediately gets to work, but one of the men on the crew seems to have other intentions. John Ross is later informed by Clyde about Denny Boyd, the suspicious looking guy on the crew, who he says has lost a lot of money at the track. Christopher assures Elena that she will be back in the company soon and then informs her that Pamela has the deciding vote on the sale of the methane patent, which is something Elena isn’t very happy about. Denny returns home and sees, John Ross waiting for him. John Ross tells him he will pay off all his debts and in return he wants a favor.

Harris and Judith inform Emma that the trainer in London she always wanted to work with has an opening and surprises her by informing her that she will be leaving with Judith the next morning. Emma clearly isn’t happy with Judith and Harris controlling every aspect of her life, but doesn’t say anything. Sue Ellen has a chat with Gary and hints that he should protect his investments and she also invites him to come along with her for the race. Emma pays Ann a visit pleasantly surprising her and she even opens up to her about how controlling Judith is and how, Judith has said things in the past that has affected her self esteem.

Judith and Harris find out that Emma paid Ann a visit instead of going for her riding lessons and Judith tells Harris, he should crush Emma’s curiosity about Ann or he will lose his daughter. Emma is having a great time riding with her mother and seems to prefer it much more than her riding lessons. Christopher and a mechanic work on his car at the garage and after they leave, Denny arrives. Drew begins mapping his father’s land using the updated technology he had earlier told Elena about. Harris is really mad that Emma went to see her mother and yells at her when she says she wants to stay in Dallas, so she can get to know Ann better.

He then gives her some meds and reminds her that she gets panic attacks without them and tells her she will be in London tomorrow. Through the mapping Drew has found out that there is an oil reserve in his father’s land, but it might be difficult to drill and he tells Elena about it. He asks Elena to go into business with him, so they can find out if it’s possible to drill this oil. Sue Ellen finds some old love letters that JR had written her and she also concludes that JR is jealous because she is flirting with Gary to get him on their side.

Clyde informs JR about Denny and JR asks him what information he has on Harris and Clyde says that he shall soon have something substantial. At the race, Christopher’s car is ready and Alison Jones along with the city committee, are there to see how Christopher’s car performs. Judith knocks on Emma’s door and says its time for the flight, but when she doesn’t open the door for a long time, Judith barges in and is shocked to find the room empty. Gary asks Sue Ellen why she is taking so much interest in him. Judith blames Harris for Emma running off because she feels he made a mistake by bringing her to the United States and she even blames him for getting involved with Ann.

Harris can’t take it anymore and tells her that he loved Ann because she wasn’t like her and in anger he even shoves her to the wall. During the race, Ricky, the driver of Christopher’s car, informs him over the radio that the engine of the car is overheating because something is wrong and Christopher concludes that they have no other option but to change the engine. Just then, Denny looks at John Ross and nods, indicating that he has kept his end of the bargain. Christopher brings the new engine and it’s installed during a pit stop in a real hurry and in the end Ricky joins the race, but now he is lagging a lap behind all the other cars.

Ricky makes some lost ground when the other cars make a pit stop and then with just three laps to go, Ricky makes it to the second place and just before the race is about to end, he pushes forward and ends up winning, stunning everyone including Sue Ellen and John Ross. Alison tells Christopher that she and the city committee are really impressed with what they saw and if he can keep producing methane to fuel the fleet, the contract is his. Pamela too is impressed and tells Christopher that he has her support.

John Ross later tells Christopher that he and Sue Ellen won’t gives back Elena’s shares, despite what just happened. Bobby and Ann return home and see Emma waiting for them suitcase in hand. She asks them if she can stay with them and they are more than happy to oblige. John Ross gets a call from JR, who wants to know all that is happening there and he then tells John Ross that he has a great plan and just as JR lowers the phone someone unseen enters JR’s room. John Ross hears gunshots on the other end and calls out for his father, but doesn’t receive a reply. The episode ends at this point.