Ewings Unite! - Recap

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The episode begins and the Ewing men are working JR’s master plan. They are trying to tie Cliff to Harris so they can take them both down. Christopher and Bobby pack up and leave. John Ross too is preparing to leave when Emma comes in, kisses him and pulls off her top. He tells her he needs to go and she tells him to hurry, so he takes her to bed and gets busy. JR’s will is read. He has left Sue half of his oil rights to South Fork and the other half he has left to John Ross. There’s also an envelope from Miss Ellie that was supposed to be opened when JR died. It reveals that Ellie left half of South Fork to John Ross.

Cliff and Harris discuss what they each bring to the table. Harris has political clout and Cliff has money. Cliff offers him enough money to buy Ryland Transport from Judith. Christopher is with the Dallas transportation rep and asks her about the city contract. She tells him there’s a problem because Cliff Barnes has made a better bid. She can get him a shot to demonstrate how his rig works to the deciders. She hints that if he sleeps with her, she’ll help him. He turn her down and she leaves, visibly annoyed at the rebuff. Before leaving, she tells him he has one week to get his act together or Cliff will get the deal.

Christopher tells Bobby about Cliff’s competing bid and he asks if John Ross knows. He does, so Bobby calls him in. Bobby says they need to get Allison, the city rep, on their side. John Ross has an idea about how they can convince Allison. Harris has hired a Russian hit man to handle a job on the rig. He orders him to also keep an eye on Emma. Drew comes to see Bobby. He tells him that his father had a dream of drilling oil and seeing trucks with the Ramos name on it. He tells Bobby to sell him back his father’s land. Bobby reminds him that his father died chasing that dream. Elena comes in and backs Drew up. Bobby agrees to the sale.

Pamela has found some bargain priced oil leases that she says they need to look into, but Bobby and Christopher don’t trust her. Christopher tells her that her Dad is trying to screw up his DCT deal. They get into an argument about the issue and eventually she leaves angrily. John Ross meets Allison at her office. He compliments her and she’s intrigued. They make small talk and flirt around a bit. He offers her campaign funds for a Senate run and in return tells her to give the contract to Ewing Oil rather than Barnes or Ewing methane. She agrees.

Judith tells Harris that she knows he lashed out at her because he was angry with Ann. He admits he said some ugly things but refuses to apologize. He tells her he meant every word. She tells him he’ll regret it and storms out. Gary comes to see Sue Ellen and asks about her drinking. She tells him she only had a few drinks when JR died. Gary tells her, he will always be there for her. Sue Ellen confesses she was playing him to get the South Fork oil turned back on. She tells him she doesn’t need him anymore. Gary tells her that he cares about her and doesn’t want her to throw her life away.

Sue Ellen calls Valene and tells her that Gary’s missing her and that she needs to come to Dallas and get him because he’s too proud to admit it. Allison and John Ross stand on the balcony overlooking the city. A photographer snaps photos of them and calls Christopher. He tells him they got her. John Ross finds Pamela waiting for him. She tells him that Cliff promised to bank roll her political career to get her on his side. He says he already knew about it, but is glad to know she wasn’t in on it. He invites her to come by the rig for a demonstration. Emma and Drew take off on his motorcycle for a date. Her dad’s spy follows them.

Bobby welcomes Valene and Lucy to South Fork. Gary’s surprised to see his wife. Bobby invites Lucy to join him for coffee in the kitchen and leaves the couple alone. Emma and Drew are sharing stories about their lives. She tells him she was trapped in a glass bubble and no one could get in and she couldn’t get out. Harris’ henchman reports back about the date and Harris, is not happy. Harris tells him to implicate Drew in the rig job. Valene makes her way into Sue Ellen’s office and accuses her of calling her to Dallas to humiliate her. Sue Ellen insists she was only trying to get them back together. Valene isn’t buying it.

The henchman meets Drew at the bar and says he has another job for him. Drew doesn’t want to because of the bust. He says he lost their rig so he owes them and promises it will be the last one. He tells him he needs him to put a small detonation unit on Christopher’s rig. He says it will go off during a shift change so no one will get hurt. He says the Ewings won’t even lose money because they’re insured. Drew refuses, so he threatens to hurt Elena. Seeing no other option, Drew reluctantly agrees.

Christopher comes to see Allison at her office and tells her to remember that she brought this on herself. He tosses photos of her with John Ross onto her desk. He tells her she never should have screwed him or John Ross. He tells her to kill the Barnes bid or he’ll go public and ruin her marriage and career. Drew mulls over the task he’s been ordered to do. He eventually begins building a bomb. Elena finds Christopher enjoying a drink and celebrating his victory over Allison Jones. He tells her they had John Ross do what he does and they took photos. Elena accuses him of turning into John Ross, but he says he was only making her keep her word. He tells her that JR knew how to win and that’s what he’s going to do. Elena doesn’t want any part of this and tells him she’s going into business with her brother.

Drew sneaks onto the rig and plants the bomb. Gary tells Sue Ellen that she needs help. She tells him she can help herself and that he needs to get back with Valene. She reminds him that the only reason Valene left him was because he wasn’t sober and now that he is, they should be together. He tells her that he’ll only be a phone call away and agrees to go back to his wife. Judith tells Harris that she’s leaving for London. She says she’s hurt by his behavior. She tells him that she’s going to freeze his bank accounts and remove him as the head of the company. He tells her she can’t do that because he has commitments. She tells him it’s a family business and he’s dead to her, so he’s no longer family. They get into a heated argument at the top of the stairs. She suddenly loses balance and topples down the stairs. Harris is visibly distraught on seeing this.

Christopher is leading the city group around on a tour of the rig. Most of the Ewings are there. Allison pulls the city reps aside to discuss the proposal. The henchman is surprised to see Pamela on the rig. He calls Cliff to tell him about this. Cliff tells him to do it anyway. The henchman is a little horrified because Pamela’s pregnant. Allison tells Christopher if the numbers are good, the contract is his. The henchman goes ahead with the detonation. The Ewings are congratulating each other on their success when the bomb goes off. The episode ends at this point.