Guilt & Innocence - Recap

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The episode begins and in the aftermath of the explosion all the Ewings are fine, but Pamela seems hurt and is holding her stomach. At the hospital, Christopher is told that Pamela isn’t stable and that they’re trying to save the babies. It looks like no one died, but there was a lot of smoke inhalation. John Ross sends Christopher to check on Elena and says he’ll keep an eye on Pamela. Bobby finds Ann and is relieved. Elena’s mom and Drew show up and so does Emma. Harris is there too because Judith took a fall and broke her leg. He tells Emma he just wanted to check on her and tells her that he misses her, as she walks away.

Drew is miserable as he looks at his sister’s injuries and quickly leaves because his guilt gets the better of him. Drew goes to find Harris’s henchman and he blames Drew for putting together a faulty mechanism. He tells him it wasn’t supposed to go off until that night and that it’s all Drew’s fault. The henchman suggests Drew leave town for a few days. The doctor tells Christopher and John Ross that Pamela and the babies are in serious condition. She’s got an aneurism in her abdomen and if it ruptures, she’ll die. The doctor says the repair Pamela needs will put the fetuses at risk and there’s already been a placental abruption. The doctor wants to terminate the pregnancy and treat Pamela for her condition.

She tells Christopher she needs his permission to do the life saving surgery on Pamela if it comes to that. She says Pamela is in shock and on pain killers, so she can’t make a rational choice herself. Christopher is blaming himself for the explosion, while Elena and crew are bringing in the best specialists to take care of Pamela and the babies. Elsewhere in the hospital, Judith wakes up and Harris tells her that Ann was a mistake and he was weak for letting her into their lives. Judith says that at least it brought Emma into their lives. She orders him to repair her relationship with Emma. She says if he does that, she’ll forgive him and won’t kick him out of the family business. Emma finds John Ross in the ER and offers him some weed to relax, but he declines.

Harris approaches and Emma takes him aside to ask about Judith. Harris tells her to go see Judith and says she’s lost without her. Emma agrees and leaves with Harris while John Ross looks on in anger. John Ross heads in to see Pamela who asks him if what happened to her is karma. He tells her he would have been run over and shot if that were true. Pamela’s mom comes into the ICU, turns out, John Ross called her. The explosion investigators come to the hospital and tell them that it was a methane issue. Bobby tells them to leave and they say they’ll contact him with their attorney. John Ross lashes out at Christopher, blaming him for the explosion. Sue Ellen reassures John Ross that she has a contact at the explosion investigators and will get to the bottom of it.

Emma comes to see Judith and Judith tells her that she’s scared of Harris. She tells her that he pushed her down the stairs and tried to kill her. She tells Emma that if she will take her back to England to save her from Harris, she’ll give her the company. Judith suddenly loses her composure and has to be sedated. After Judith passes out, Emma tells Harris that Judith is out to get him and he says that he knows. Harris gets a call from Cliff and steps out. Harris apologizes that Pamela got hurt, but Cliff doesn’t care. He tells him he’s already got the explosion investigators working the case.

Ann comes looking for Emma and Harris tells her he’s sorry to hear about the explosion on the rig and he’s glad she’s okay. Sue Ellen is having a drink with Ken, one of her old flames, who works at TESHA, the explosion investigation branch. She’s happy to see him and flirts around a bit with him. Afton, Pamela’s mother, and John Ross are keeping Pamela company, when Christopher and Elena come in. Afton pulls Christopher out and tells him she knows he’s to blame for her daughter getting hurt and that he needs to stay away. Afton tells the doctor to save Pamela and Christopher tells the doctor to save the babies whatever it takes. John Ross and Afton are horrified, on hearing this request of Christopher’s. John Ross tells him if Pamela dies, the whole thing will be Christopher’s fault.

Everyone is waiting to see how Pamela and the babies will fare. The doctor comes and tells them that they all survived. She survived the aneurysm and the babies are still in utero. Afton wants to see her daughter alone and the doctor takes her to the recovery room. Emma tells John Ross to have coffee with her, but he turns her down, so she leaves and goes to meet Drew instead. She tells him Pamela is okay and she dropped off her mom and Bobby at the main house. He’s packing and she asks where he’s going. He tells her it’s a short business trip for a couple of days. She asks why he’s packing everything if that’s true. He doesn’t give her a straight answer, but instead recites a Spanish proverb. She says she knows who he is and it’s okay that he’s not perfect. She asks him again why he’s leaving and reminds him that he told her never to quit. She then kisses him.

At the hospital, Afton’s comforting Pamela and while she leaves to get her a pillow Christopher comes in. He tells her he’s glad she’s okay and she asks if the explosion was his fault. They are both unable to control their emotions and burst into tears. Drew wakes up naked and looks at Emma asleep in his bed and his half packed suitcases. Harris’s henchman meets Drew with his travel arrangements, but Drew tells him he’s not leaving. Emma comes to visit her grandmother, but she’s not in the room. She asks Harris where Judith is and he says she’s somewhere safe where she can’t hurt herself. He tells her how much it meant that she had his back when dealing with Judith the day before. He says they’re both safe from Judith now. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

Judith is in an ambulance and they’re taking her to a rehab facility her doctor recommended. She is heavily drugged, so she can’t protest. At South Fork, Bobby gets a message from investigators JR hired to find Christopher’s mom Pam. He tells Ann that they found her in Abu Dabhi because that’s where she was when her passport expired. Ann tells Bobby she thought he was done with Pam and he says he thought so too.

Ken tells Sue Ellen that the methane wasn’t to blame and it looks like there were explosives involved. When John Ross and Christopher get the news, they know immediately it was Cliff. At the hospital, Pamela’s babies are in trauma and she’s screaming in pain. Chris and John Ross watch in horror, while the babies don't make it. The episode ends at this point.