Let Me In - Recap

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The episode begins with both Rebecca and Christopher trying to cope with the loss of their babies. Christopher can’t stop crying, while Rebecca is stunned into silence. Flash forward to three weeks later and Rebecca still hasn’t recovered, although John Ross is trying his best to cheer her up. John Ross meets Bobby and he welcomes John Ross back to South Fork. Christopher arrives at Bobby’s office and finds him discussing the explosion with John Ross. Bobby feels their meeting with T.E.S.H.A later in the day might throw some light on who planted the bomb.

Both John Ross and Christopher are sure that Barnes is the culprit, but Bobby says they can’t be sure till they have proof despite Barnes having motive. At the T.E.S.H.A meeting, Scott Taylor, who is on the board of directors of the organization, tells the Ewings that the explosion was caused by a technical failure. Christopher tries to dispute it, saying that can’t be possible, but Taylor is insistent that forensic evidence points in that direction. The Ewings ask Taylor about Richards’ findings that there were two explosions on the rig and he says whatever Richards’ told them was false. T.E.S.H.A finds Ewing Energies negligent in the operation of its Methane rig and holds the company fully liable.

As a result, Ewing Energies is issued a $1 billion fine, which outrages all the Ewings and Bobby says they will fight it. The Ewings return to their office and brainstorm about how they can deal with this issue. Sue Ellen decides to have a chat with Ken Richards to see what she can find out, while Bobby gets in touch with Lou Rosen, his lawyer. Christopher tells John Ross to go see Pamela and convince her to find out if Barnes was somehow involved in the explosion. John Ross arrives at Pamela’s and finds her sitting by herself in a daze. She tells him that she sent Afton home last week and has since then been all alone. John Ross says he is there is make sure she is ok.

Christopher confronts Richards at a bar, where he is meeting his friends and asks him about the findings. Richards says he was wrong in telling Sue Ellen about two explosions, when actually there was just one due to the technical failure. Christopher knows Richards is lying and reminds him that he is letting a murderer go free. The bouncers at the bar restrain Christopher before he can cause any more trouble. At South Fork, Ryland meets Emma, while she is riding around the property. He knows she is seeing Drew and reads out to her the various charges ranging from felony to grand theft auto, against him. She knows about the charges, but says that it doesn’t make any difference to her. Ryland is agitated on hearing this and orders her to stop seeing Drew.

Emma rides away without saying anything and meets Drew. She asks him out to dinner and kisses him. While she is at it, Ryland’s man watches the two from a distance and informs him that Emma hasn’t paid any heed to his orders. He tells Ryland that he will put his plan into action in the night. At Pamela’s, while she is in the kitchen making tea, John Ross copies all the data from her computer onto a flash drive. Before leaving, John Ross tells her that there is something she needs to know about what caused the explosion on the rig. Emma is at the bar, where she is scheduled to meet Drew for their date.

She texts him to come soon and he steps out of his house while writing a text that he is on his way, but before he can send it, someone hits him on the head from behind and he falls to the ground unconscious. He is dumped in the trunk of a car by a couple of men, while someone deletes the message he had written and from his phone texts Emma that he can’t make it because he has a better offer lined up. Emma is hurt on reading the text and begins flirting with an older man there. Sue Ellen, who is at the same bar and has just finished her meeting with Ken Richards after warning him to not mess with the Ewings, sees Emma with the older man and is shocked.

Emma notices Sue Ellen watching and deliberately flirts some more with him. Sue Ellen says nothing and quietly walks away. Ryland arrives outside the bar while Emma is leaving with the older man and after Ryland sends him packing, he tells Emma to come with him. He brings her to a secluded area, turns on the headlights of his vehicle and lying on the ground badly bruised and beaten up, Emma sees Drew. Emma is terrified at the sight and begins sobbing. Ryland tells her that this is the consequence of her not listening to him and asks her if she is now ready to comply and she replies that she is. The next day, Sue Ellen tells Annie what she saw at the bar and suggests that she have a talk with Emma.

Richards is meeting with the Governor, who tells him that the Ewings should never know the rig was sabotaged. Richards says he can’t get over the guilt that Pamela lost her babies because of the accident. The Governor counters that he has to get over the guilt, or he will make sure that Richards is hung out to dry. Richard still seems unsure, which the Governor notices and orders him to hand in his resignation. Carlos calls Bobby and tells him that JR was last seen with a woman retiring to his hotel room in Mexico. He says the woman works as a hostess at a club that JR had visited that night. Carlos has brought her along to Dallas, so Bobby can meet her. Carlos says he is picking up the woman from her hotel and will be at Bobby’s office in an hour.

At Elena’s, Christopher tells her that he just wants to prove to Pamela that he had nothing to do with the explosion. Elena suggests that Christopher talk to Pamela about this, saying she is sure Pamela will believe him. At Bobby’s office, Rhonda, the hostess, tells him that JR wanted to know from her who the owner of her club was. After she told him it was owned by the Ochoa Cartel, who are narco traffickers, he asked her particularly about one American who used to come frequently to meet Mendez Ochoa. She refused to tell JR anything more because it would have put both their lives in danger. Bobby shows her Ryland’s photo and asks her if this is the American she is talking about and Rhonda replies that it is.

Bobby concludes that Ryland was meeting these narco traffickers because his trucks are used for transporting drugs and Carlos says he will ask the Mexican authorities to look into it. Christopher visits Pamela and she says John Ross told her that the rig was sabotaged and it wasn’t a technical failure. She hugs him with tears in her eyes and tells him to make sure that the person who did this pays dearly. Sue Ellen arrives at her office and sees an envelope from Ken Richards on her desk. In it is the list of all the people who contributed to the Governor’s campaign. Turns out, Ryland’s name features most prominently because he was the highest contributor. She shows Bobby the list and they both conclude that the Governor is in Ryland’s pocket and the sabotage was covered up on his instructions.

Bobby tells Sue Ellen about JR’s plan to take down Ryland and Barnes because he knew they would join hands. He shows her everything that JR left them, so they could execute his plan. The data that was copied from Pamela’s computer by John Ross has revealed that Rebecca Barnes, Cliff Barnes’s mother, had split her property into three parts, of which one part she had given to Pam, Christopher’s mother. If Pam isn’t found soon Christopher would automatically inherit Pam’s share making him 1/3 owner of Barnes Global.

Elena returns home and is shocked to see a badly bruised Drew sitting on the floor. He tells her who did this to him and wants her to promise she will tell no one. During the meeting Bobby receives an envelope and after looking inside he tells everyone to come with him. The Ewings arrive at the Henderson rig and see that the governor’s office has taken control of their drilling land. The episode ends at this point.