A Call to Arms - Recap

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The episode begins with Sue Ellen and Bobby meeting the Governor after he is done giving a speech to a group of people about how Barnes Global would be laying pipelines in the Henderson land for the government. They take the Governor aside to where John Ross and Christopher are and Sue Ellen tells him that she knows he is colluding with Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland. The Governor feigns ignorance, but the Ewings are on to him and throw him an open challenge, saying they’ll take him down along with Cliff and Harris.

The Ewings regroup at South Fork and brainstorm about, how they can quickly resolve this issue because the banks are putting pressure on them to pay back the loans they took for the drilling. They decide to apprehend Harris’s trucks before they cross the border and go over to Mexico. Also, in order to take down Cliff, Bobby tells Christopher to put more pressure on Ellis to find his mother, so they can get her shares of Barnes Global. Christopher feels that won’t be enough and they need to get Pamela on their side. He feels they can do this by telling Pamela the truth about the explosion.

At Pamela’s, while she is painting the walls to take her mind off things, John Ross arrives and tells her everything, but she doesn’t believe a word. She says her father could never hurt her and feels this is just one more of John Ross’ lies. She angrily tells him to leave. At South Fork, Elena tells Drew to stay away from Emma because she is worried Harris might hurt him again, but it doesn’t stop him from meeting Emma. Drew tells her that he misses her, but she too feels they shouldn’t see each other because the next time, her father might kill him. Drew reasons that they could go away someplace, but Emma refuses, saying that won’t work because there isn’t any place, where Harris won’t be able to find them.

In a hotel room, the Governor is meeting with Harris and Cliff. He tells them that the Ewings are beginning to join the dots, which is worrying him and says that if he goes down he will take the both of them with him. At Ellis’s office, he tells Christopher that there is absolutely no trace of his mother anywhere since 1996, when she last renewed her passport. Ellis feels that Christopher’s mother could in all possibility be dead, so Christopher tells him to get a death certificate, which would help him claim her shares.

At Southfork, while Annie is putting some flowers in Emma’s room, she sees a bottle of prescription meds hidden under some clothes. While she is looking at the bottle, Emma enters and Annie confronts her about the meds. Emma says they are anti-anxiety medication, but Annie doesn’t believe her. She asks Emma about the night, when Sue Ellen saw her at the bar with an older man. Emma lies that the older man was a creep, who was hitting on her and nothing more. She shifts the blame on Sue Ellen, saying it was she, who was drunk and wasn’t in her senses. In order to convince her, Emma even tells Annie to keep the bottle of meds, saying she doesn’t need them anymore. But as soon as Annie leaves, Emma frantically begins looking for another bottle, which she has hidden underneath her clothes and is shocked, when she finds that the bottle is empty.

At Ewing Energies, Christopher returns from his meeting with Ellis and finds Elena waiting for him lunch in hand. She asks about the meeting, but Christopher doesn’t tell her the real reason he met Ellis. At Southfork, Sue Ellen arrives and tells Bobby that Ken Richards has disappeared. Bobby says he will have Baum look into it. After he leaves, Annie talks to Sue Ellen about what Emma said. Annie apparently believes Emma’s version and Sue Ellen realizes this, so she advices Annie to not be blinded by her love for Emma.

Elsewhere on Southfork, Emma meets up with McCabe, a stable hand, who also takes part in the rodeo. She comes straight to the point and asks him for some prescription pain killers, saying she knows those who participate in the rodeo are hooked on to them. She hands him money, but that doesn’t satisfy him, so she kisses him, which seems to do the trick. Before leaving, she hints that she might be willing to indulge in much more than just kissing once he gets her the meds. At Pamela’s, Cliff arrives to makes amends for not visiting her at the hospital. She tells him, what John Ross told her and he says the Ewings just want to turn her against him.

At Sue Ellen’s office, after she has given him the details, she tells Baum to find Ken Richards. At Southfork, while Bobby and John Ross are having a heart to heart, Bobby gets a call from Derek, the cop who Bobby asked to keep a watch on Harris’s trucks. Derek says he has noticed something unusual with one of his trucks and tells Bobby he will keep him posted. At the stables, McCabe hands Emma the drugs and they begin kissing. Drew, who is passing by, sees the two and intervenes. He tells her that McCabe is a loser, but Emma pays no heed and walks away with McCabe. After following one of Harris’s trucks to a storage unit facility, Derek sees the cargo being unloaded there at Harris’ warehouse.

The manager there notices Derek spying from a distance, so when the cops arrive they find nothing in the cargo, but ladies shoes. Bobby feels something isn’t right, so he bribes the manager to keep him posted, if he sees anything unusual in the future. The manager says he will and after Bobby leaves, he calls Harris and says that Bobby had come just like Harris had suspected. He also tells Harris that the real cargo has been moved to a safe place. At Southfork, Drew meets Emma and tells her that he knows about her addiction. He says that he can help, but Emma isn’t interested. He threatens to go to the feds and tell them everything about Harris, if she doesn’t stop meeting McCabe. The Ewings are meeting their banker, who tells them that the bank got nervous and as a result sold their loan. Before they can ask, who the loan was sold to, Cliff enters and tells them that the loan was sold to him. He with a smile on his face tells the Ewings that they have 24 hrs to pay back the loan of $200 million and if they can’t, Ewing Energies will be his.

John Ross later calls Pamela and tells her about this latest move by Cliff. He reasons with her, saying Cliff knows Christopher’s technology isn’t dangerous and didn’t cause the explosion, which is why he is buying Ewing Energies. He says Cliff orchestrated the explosion, so he could take over the company. Pamela sees the logic behind what John Ross is saying, but still can’t believe her father would jeopardize her life for it, so she angrily hangs up.

She returns home and sees Cliff waiting there for her. He gives her the good news and she in turn asks him, why he is interested in a company with a worthless technology and a billion dollar fine on its head. He says he will take care of the fine and they will make billions on Christopher’s technology. Pamela immediately realizes that John Ross’ claims were all true, but she doesn’t say anything to Cliff. Instead, she rushes to the bathroom and breaks down. In the night, Pamela arrives at John Ross’ with tears in her eyes and tells him that her father killed her babies.

While Christopher is taking a shower, he gets a text from Ellis, saying he has some info on his mother. Elena sees this and confronts Christopher about it. He says he didn’t tell her because he knew she wouldn’t approve. At John Ross’, while he and Pamela are having sex, she tells him that she wants to hurt her father as much as he has hurt her. At Ellis’s office, he shows Christopher and Elena statements from a Swiss bank, in which deposits are being made each month by Barnes Global even today. These deposits mirror the exact amount that is put in the Barnes Global Trust in his mother’s name. Ellis also shows them a withdrawal slip from the bank and although the name on it is someone else’s, the handwriting matches that of Christopher’s mother. All of this suggests that Christopher’s mother is still alive. The episode ends at this point.