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Love & Family - Recap

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The episode begins with Pamela scanning through her father’s files on the Barnes Global server, to see if she can find anything about the explosion, but she doesn’t. Barnes is having lunch with Harris and gloating about, how he has finished the Ewings. At Ewing Energies, Pamela gives Ewings the bad news that she did not find anything of consequence in his father’s personal files. Christopher tells her, what he recently discovered about his mother and she seems surprised to hear it, saying her father never talks about her Aunt Pam.

At Southfork, Annie tries to talk to Emma, who she realizes is in some sort of trouble, but Emma refuses to say anything and walks away. Elena is pissed, when she learns that Drew was working for Harris, which is why he refused to do anything even after Harris beat him up. Drew tries to calm her down, but instead she angrily asks him to tell her the truth for once in his life. Elena shows him a photo she got from a file Christopher has on Harris and Drew recognizes the person in the photo as Roy, who works for Harris, and was his handler. Elena says Roy also own a storage locker, which is suspected of being a drug drop. Drew tells her he knows about the place, but didn’t know anything about the drugs. In the end, he shocks Elena by confessing that Roy is the one, who got him to blow the Ewing rig.

He reasons that Harris threatened to kill Elena if he didn’t agree, so he had no other way out. Elena tells Drew to turn himself in, saying the Ewings might help him if he testifies that Harris made him do all this. After Elena leaves, Drew removes a gun hidden in a case under his bed. At home, while Annie is telling Bobby about Emma’s addiction, Elena arrives and tells him everything. Elena, Christopher and Bobby come back to Elena’s house to talk to Drew, but they see that he is gone. They find Drew’s written confession on a table and see that his gun is missing. Christopher rushes out to search for him. At Pamela’s, while John Ross is telling her about Drew, Cliff arrives to take her out to lunch and John Ross is forced to hide, so Cliff doesn’t see him.

At the restaurant during lunch, while Baum is busy spying on the two from a table nearby, Pamela tells Cliff that she wants to be a partner in Barnes Global. Cliff reluctantly agrees, which is when he is informed about something and sounds worried. He arrives to meet Harris and the Governor, who are watching on the news that Roy has been arrested. It’s being suspected that he was involved in the explosion at the Ewing rig. It’s also revealed on the news that a warrant has been put out for Drew, who is suspected of carrying out the explosion. The Governor is really worried because both the suspects are connected to his biggest political contributor Harris Ryland.

Barnes isn’t worried because he feels they can pin this whole thing on Drew and Harris having the video in his possession, of Drew making the bomb, would be enough to implicate Drew. He adds that once it’s proven Christopher’s technology isn’t to blame Ewing Energies stocks will skyrocket and they will make truckloads of money. At Southfork, Emma watches the news and looks worried. She arrives at Harris’ and asks him if he is the one, who made Drew blow up the rig. Harris doesn’t deny it and blames her for everything, saying he framed Drew only because she began hanging out with a low life like him.

He manages to again intimidate Emma like he usually does and orders her to go back to South Fork and pack her things. A terrified looking Emma agrees to do as she is told. In court, Roy is brought in front of a judge and due to lack of evidence the judge drops all charges against him. The Ewings, who are also present in court, realize that they won’t make any headway in this case until Drew is found. At Southfork in the night, while Bobby is telling John Ross that Pamela has asked her father to give her 1/3 of Barnes Global, a sheriff arrives and tells Bobby and Annie to come with him. They arrive at the scene and are told Emma was in an accident, but is fine. Derek informs them that there were drugs found on her.

Annie sees her sitting in the back of an ambulance and tries to talk to her about the meds. Emma doesn’t want to listen to reason and instead insults her, saying Annie was just like her, when she was her age. Annie begs Emma, saying she wants to help her get rid of her addiction, but Emma refuses. Annie is left with no other choice but to show some tough love, which is why she refuses to bail Emma out, when the cops arrest her for DUI. Before Emma is dragged away, she tells her that she won’t bail her out until she agrees to go to rehab. She tells Bobby to make sure that Emma can’t call her father. While at home, Elena gets a call from Drew, who is hiding somewhere, and has changed his card, so he can’t be tracked.

Drew says he will sort things out, but for now he needs some money. Elena reluctantly agrees to help him and decides to take her mother along to make the drop, so no one suspects anything. At Pamela’s, she and John Ross discuss about the shares that her father has given her. John Ross comments, how she is just like him, which is why he is worried that she might screw him over after they have taken care of Cliff. She assures him she would never do that, so John Ross asks her to prove that to him. She counters that she is willing to do anything to convince him of her loyalty. Elena and her mother meet Drew in a wooded area and after handing him $5000, she tells him to go to Mexico, but he says he isn’t going anywhere until he puts things right.

At Southfork, Christopher is sent a photo of the woman, who owns the account in the Swiss bank. The woman is wearing a large hat and only a part of her face is seen, so Bobby can’t say for sure if it’s Pam. While they are at it, Elena arrives and hears Christopher saying that he wants to go to Switzerland to look for his mother. She tells him that she wants to go with him, so she can get away from things for a while. While Bobby is drinking by himself in his study, Sue Ellen arrives and says she hasn’t found Ken Richards yet.

During their conversation, Bobby gets a text from John Ross, saying Pamela’s shares will be his by the morning. At a chapel somewhere, a minister gets John Ross and Pamela married. The next day, Cliff arrives at the office of Ewing Energies to claim what is rightfully his now that the 24 hrs are up. Bobby willingly hands Cliff the keys to his office and walks away with a smile on his face. The episode ends at this point.