Guilt By Association - Recap

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The episode begins with John Ross and his new bride, Pamela. They are headed back from their Vegas wedding, when her dad calls. She tells him her casino meeting ran late and he assures her that his master plan to dismantle Ewing Energies is underway. Cliff is having the contents of their offices boxed up and carted away. Pamela’s not happy about the mess she’s returning to, but John Ross tells her they will face it together and holds her close. Upon learning that Cliff’s plane was in Nuevo Laredo the night JR was shot, he calls Bobby to tell him that he thinks Cliff was the one who shot JR. Bobby in turn tells Baum to put the “plan” in motion.

Pamela tells John Ross that she doesn’t think her father could kill JR in cold blood, but John Ross is pretty sure and really agitated. Bobby gets him to back down, saying they need more proof and says he knows exactly who to call. While Elena and Christopher are in Zurich, searching for Pam, she gets a call from her mom. Her mom is frantic because she hasn’t heard from Drew, so Elena promises to call him. She pulls out a burner phone and dials her brother. She tells him to give up on finding Roy and, instead, head to Mexico. He refuses, saying he knows what he’s doing. Christopher comes back and tells her that he found what may be his mom’s home address. Elena asks if he’s prepared, and he assures her he’s fine.

He says he’s only here for his mother’s Barnes Global shares and nothing else. She wishes him luck and he heads out. After finding Ken, who is hiding in a beach resort, Sue Ellen tells him she needs proof that the governor was involved in the TESHA cover-up. She says the fact that he’s hiding out in the Cayman Islands means the governor has some dirt on him. Ken concedes that his son’s company did some toxic dumping. He hid the report, which is what the governor is holding over his head. Sue Ellen promises to protect him, but he tells her she doesn’t have the power. She tells him to give her the TESHA evidence or she’ll expose him and his son herself.

In Switzerland, Christopher rings the bell of a house in Zurich. Dr. David Gordon comes to the door and he introduces himself. After telling him his mother isn’t there, and that he shouldn’t have come, he asks Christopher to leave. There’s a noise from the kitchen and Christopher barges past him into the house, but finds it’s only the cook. David urges him to leave again, but he tells David he won’t leave until he tells him who he is and what’s going on. David tells him he was the surgeon who fixed her up after the accident. He also reveals she told Cliff that part of her life was over and she never wanted to come back. David says she won’t get involved in the Ewing-Barnes feud and that was why she left Dallas to begin with. After David threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave, Christopher walks out in tears.

At Southfork, Ann gets a call from the nurse at the detox center at the jail. The nurse says that Emma has agreed to go to rehab, so Bobby and Ann decide to go get her. In Zurich, Christopher returns to the hotel room and tells Elena what David told him. Elena says that they’re not leaving Zurich until they confront her face-to-face. He agrees and says he’s glad she’s there.

In Dallas, Bobby brings in Rhonda, the waitress who was with JR the night he died. Bobby’s been hiding her out in Dallas. She agrees to help them and Pamela shows her a photo of her father, Cliff. Rhonda says she saw him at the club the night JR was killed. Bobby asks if she’s certain and she says he was staring at them all night. Pamela is shocked to hear this, and John Ross asks her if that’s enough proof and storms out. Bobby follows him and says he agrees Cliff is to blame. He explains that, because the crime was committed in Mexico, they can’t get Cliff arrested in Dallas. Bobby assures him they will teach Cliff a lesson, but it will take some time.

In Zurich, after Christopher gets a low battery light and goes looking for a charger, he finds Elena’s spare phone and dials the last number. Drew picks up the call and says Elena’s name. Christopher says “Drew”. Drew immediately realizes who it is and, after hanging up, he destroys the phone. When Elena comes out of the shower, Christopher confronts her. She reasons that Drew is trying to make things right, by trying to find Roy, to make the connection to Ryland. Christopher isn’t willing to calm down. He says he thought she was the one person he could trust, but he was wrong. He thinks it was bad enough that he had to deal with all of Pamela’s lies, but says he won’t take it from her. Before storming out, he tells her to pack up and leave. In Southfork, Ann makes breakfast for Emma and greets her. Emma tells her she didn’t sleep well, so Ann gives her half a pill. She says the nurse told her they would adjust the dose down each day and that she can start rehab on Monday. Emma takes the pill, but looks less than happy about it.

In Zurich, Christopher is keeping watch outside his mom’s house. Elena calls, but he ignores her call. In Dallas, Sue Ellen arrives to see the governor and tells him she’s been visiting Ken in the Cayman Islands. She shows the governor the copy Ken gave her of the initial report from TESHA about the explosion. She says that there’s proof the governor’s office redacted the document and was involved in a cover-up. The governor says Ken wouldn’t have given her that, knowing what he has to lose, and tells her if she does anything with the report he’ll take Ken down. She makes it clear that she doesn’t care and tells him they need to talk about the government taking over the drill site.

At a bar, Drew enters and talks to Mickey, the bartender working there. After asking her about Roy, he tells her to call him if Roy comes in. Before leaving, he urges her to not tell Roy he was asking. She agrees but, soon after he leaves, she calls up Roy and tells him that someone was looking for him. At Harris’, Emma arrives and tells him she made a mistake leaving his house. She tells him that, after leaving, she started taking too many pills and that’s what caused the car accident. She says she wanted to call him from jail, but Ann told them not to let her. She wants to come home and he agrees, saying they’ll get her into detox and get her back on her medication schedule.

At Southfork, Bobby and Baum stare at JR’s monogrammed belt buckle, which gives Bobby an idea. He calls for John Ross. John Ross then has talk with Pamela. He shows her the belt buckle and she says she thought it was stolen when JR died. He tells her it’s a replica and asks her to plant it in Cliff’s things, saying they both deserve justice for what Cliff did to them. At Drew’s hotel, Roy comes searching for him and while he is looking for Drew upstairs, Drew breaks into Roy’s truck. Drew then noisily takes off on his motorcycle and Roy, on seeing this, gives chase in his truck. Soon after, a motorcycle cop pursues them and Roy tells the cop that the guy he’s chasing is Drew Ramos, who’s wanted for blowing up the Ewing rig.

The motorcycle rider pulls off his helmet and turns out the person is not Drew. While talking to Roy, the cop notices a bag of what looks like drugs on the seat of his truck and tells Roy to step out of the car. Roy protests that it’s not his, but the cop doesn’t believe him. After Roy has been taken away by the cop, the motorcyclist meets Drew for his payoff. While Sue Ellen is informing Bobby that the Governor will be more reasonable from now on, he gets a call from Drew, who tells him he got Roy arrested for narcotics possession. He also reveals that the shoes they’ve been smuggling are actually made of high end drugs. Bobby tells Drew that, despite everything, he still needs to turn himself in. After returning home, Elena tells her mom that she tried to explain to Christopher that Drew had no choice, but he just wouldn’t listen.

Her mother tells Elena to go to Christopher and apologize for choosing her family over his, saying that, in time, he’ll understand. At the bank, John Ross and Pamela are planting the belt buckle in Cliff’s safety deposit box. At home, Christopher gets a call that wakes him from his drunken stupor, telling him his mom is clearing out her bank account. He tells them not to confront her and says he’s on the way.

At Harris’, Emma is looking for something in her dad’s desk and when she doesn’t find it, she tries the safe. Her dad comes in and demands to know what she’s doing. At the bank, Christopher runs toward David and the woman he’s with. He yells “Mom” and the woman turns, but it’s not Pam. While at the bank, Pamela finds her Aunt Pam’s death certificate in the safety deposit box and tells John Ross that Pam really is dead. The episode ends at this point.