Legacies - Recap

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The episode begins and Ryland wants to know what Emma’s doing and she admits she was looking for pills. She tells him she’s sorry and he tells her it’s not her fault and that he’ll get her some help. He opens the safe and takes out some medication and while he is at it, she stares at something else in the safe. After he leaves to take a call, she continues staring. In Zurich, Christopher demands to know where his mother is and who they are, saying he’s going to call the police on them for fraud. After telling him that the accident burned over 60% of her body, David says she left Dallas because she was hideous and didn’t want to terrify him.

He says midway through the surgeries she found out that she had pancreatic cancer and was heartbroken because she wanted to go back to him in Dallas. He tells Christopher that Cliff asked him to keep Pam’s death a secret because Christopher would otherwise get her shares. He reveals that Cliff has been supporting them all these years to keep the secret. Christopher is horrified that his uncle would let him think that he’d been abandoned all these years. David’s wife, who was also Pam’s nurse, gives Christopher his mom’s will and a letter she wrote him right before she died. She tells him Pam’s biggest regret was that she never made it back to him.

In Dallas, John Ross, Bobby and Pamela come to see Roy in jail and tell him to come clean because Cliff is going to let him take the fall. Bobby says the DA will cut him a deal and protect him. Before being taken away, Roy says nothing, but only stares at Pamela. After Cliff informs Ryland that Roy’s been arrested, Ryland says Roy will do the time like a man and won’t reveal anything. Cliff isn’t convinced and tells him that it would be a shame if all their hard work was for nothing, so he makes a call and tells someone there’s a job that needs doing. In prison, Pamela pays Roy a visit and asks what she has to do to get him to tell the truth about Ryland and Cliff being behind the rig explosion.

She says she also needs to know if her dad knew she was on the rig. She tells him he doesn’t need to confess to anyone, if he’ll just tell her the truth. Roy tells her to have other children and forget her father because there was nothing unintentional about it. Later, while Roy is talking to his daughter on the phone, he’s attacked and his throat is slit by another prisoner. At home, Emma’s watching the news about Roy’s killing, when Ryland comes in and promises her he had nothing to do with it. She tells him she’s glad Drew is gone and Roy’s dead because now there’s nothing to link the accident to him. Harris is relieved to hear her say this and hugs her.

At Southfork, the Ewings are also watching the news, when Christopher comes in. After the family expresses their sympathy for his mom, Christopher tells them he mourned on the plane ride home and wants to know what’s next. He shows them the will that says he owns one third of Barnes Global and John Ross tells him about the death certificate they found in Cliff’s bank box. Pamela and John Ross also reveal the news about their marriage and Sue Ellen is thrilled. After Christopher congratulates them, Bobby says he’s ready to reveal what JR left him. He says that JR was working on taking Cliff down for good and shows them the gun. Pamela ID’s it as her father’s gun and Bobby says it’s the gun that killed JR.

The cartel Cliff was working with had the gun, but they arranged to buy it from them. Bobby says because all of this went down in Mexico, Cliff needs to be tried there, but Cliff would fight extradition. Pamela tells them she can get her dad to Mexico, Bobby asks if she’s okay with that and she assures him she is. While Elena is packing her stuff, Christopher comes in and after expressing her condolences, she again apologizes to him for not telling him about Drew. He says if she wants to make it up, she should call Drew and tell him to turn himself in. She says she has no way to contact him, but he finds that hard to believe, saying he can never trust her again and walks out.

Pamela and Cliff are headed for their private jet. She has convinced him she’s working on a casino deal Frank, Cliff’s deceased son, had started and he tells her how proud he is of her. As he heads into the plane, she plants the gun case in the limo. At Harris’, Emma drugs her father by crushing pills into his food. While at the bank, the cops arrive with a warrant, check Cliff’s safety deposit box and find the belt buckle. At Harris’, Emma breaks into her dad’s safe and removes from it a ledger and a briefcase. She delivers the ledger to Ann, saying she couldn’t let him keep pulling all the strings. Soon after, the cops arrive at Harris’s and arrest him for drug trafficking, saying they’ve got his ledger.

JR's body is exhumed and the bullet is removed, after which, the cops stop Cliff’s limo and find the gun which they fingerprint. They test ballistics, while they’re at it and the test reveals that it’s a match. In Mexico, Pamela and Cliff are checking into their rooms, when they get a call. Pamela answers it and turns out its Cliff’s secretary trying to warn him about the warrant. Pamela hangs up and unplugs the phone, while pretending it was room service. There’s a knock at the door, its Bobby, and the rest of the Ewings. Christopher starts by revealing that they know Pam is dead. John Ross and Pamela also reveal the marriage news.

In the end, they tell Cliff that they own two thirds of Barnes Global and now control Ewing Energies again as well. The cops come in and Sue Ellen lets him know that the evidence has all been gathered and it all points to him. Cliff tells them the gun was stolen from him and admits he was in Mexico, but says he was in Cabo. He tells them he’s been framed, adding someone moved the plane. He rants, saying JR is trying to frame him from the grave. At the jail in Mexico, Bobby comes to see Cliff and he asks Bobby, how he framed him for JR’s death. Bobby offers him one last chance, saying if he admits to blowing up the rig that killed his grandchildren, plotting with Ryland and killing Roy he’ll get the charges dropped in Mexico. Cliff again demands to know, who killed JR and Bobby says he (Cliff) will never know.

While Bobby’s at JR’s grave thanking him, John Ross and Christopher arrive and tell him that they want to know what really happened. Bobby and Baum, who is also there, share a look and Bobby nods. He pulls JR’s last letter from his wallet and reads it to them. It reveals that he has terminal cancer and has a few days left to live. JR says the feud Digger Barnes started with their family had caused too much pain over the years and it had to end. The letter says that he stole Cliff’s gun and that he knows Cliff is always in Mexico that time of year for a fishing trip. John Ross asks who shot his father and Baum admits that he did it. He says that JR insisted he do it to end his suffering and to put an end to the feud.

At home, Elena tells her mom that she went back to their old property to check the drill site and she found that there was no oil pocket there. She tells her mom that her dad wasted his life for nothing, as did Drew. There’s a knock at the door and a courier delivers property documents to Elena from Cliff’s lawyer. Turns out, he wants her to come see him in jail. In prison, Emma pays her father a visit and he tells her she has no idea what she’s done. He tells her she let the Ewings get inside her head, but she counters that this has nothing to do with them and that she did this for herself. At Southfork, Pamela and Christopher have a talk. She tells him that he should forgive Elena because he’s always loved her and tells him not to be like her dad.

In prison, Elena pays Cliff a visit and demands to know what he knows about the land. Cliff tells her the history of the land and says that JR thought the land had oil too. She says that there’s no oil, but Cliff tells her that JR switched the deeds, gave her dad worthless land and took the oil rich property instead. He says JR killed her father with his actions and tells her he will give her his proxy for the last one-third of Barnes Global, if she’ll go after the Ewings, for what they did to her family and his. At Elena’s, Christopher comes looking for her, while she’s driving to someplace and is in tears. Christopher is knocking on her door, telling her they need to talk, saying he loves her.

He eventually goes inside and sees she’s not home. John Ross has bought flowers and is heading up to a hotel room, while Elena drives to an estate in Mexico to see a man named Joaquin, who she and her brother grew up with in Mexico. John Ross takes his flowers and champagne up to a hotel room, where Emma is waiting for him with the briefcase she got from her father's safe for him. He climbs into bed with her. The episode ends at this point.