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Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars Cast

Name (Sort)   Character (Sort)
Tom BergeronplayedHimself (Host) (85Eps.)
Erin AndrewsplayedHerself (S010 Contestant - 3rd Place, Co-Host S018-present) (1Eps.)
Len GoodmanplayedHimself (Judge) (85Eps.)
Bruno TonioliplayedHimself (Judge) (85Eps.)
Carrie Ann InabaplayedHerself (Judge) (85Eps.)
Julianne HoughplayedHerself (S04-S08 Professional Dancer, Judge S018-present)
Alan DedicoatvoicedNarrator (S001-present)
Brooke BurkeplayedHerself (S07 - Winner, Co-Host - S010-S17) (78Eps.)
Samantha HarrisplayedHerself (Co-Host - S02-S09) (6Eps.)
Lisa CanningplayedHerself (Co-Host - S01) (1Eps.)
Tommy ChongplayedHimself (S19 – Contestant)
Bethany MotaplayedHerself (S19 – Contestant)
Janel ParrishplayedHerself (S19 – Contestant)
Alfonso RibeiroplayedHimself (S19 – Contestant)
Sadie RobertsonplayedHerself (S19 – Contestant)
Antonio Sabato, Jr.playedHimself (S19 – Contestant)
Lea ThompsonplayedHerself (S19 – Contestant)
Michael WaltripplayedHimself (S19 – Contestant)
Jonathan Bennett (1)playedHimself (S19 – Eliminated 5th - 20 Oct 2014)
Betsey JohnsonplayedHerself (S19 – Eliminated 4th - 6 Oct 2014)
Randy CoutureplayedHimself (S19 – Eliminated 3rd - 29 Sep 2014)
Tavis SmileyplayedHimself - Talk show host (S19 – Eliminated 2nd - 23 Sep 2014)
Lolo JonesplayedHerself - Olympic athlete in Track and Field & Bobsled (S19 - Eliminated 1st - 16 Sep 2014)
Meryl DavisplayedHerself (S18 - Winner) (1Eps.)
Amy PurdyplayedHerself (S18 - 2nd Place) (1Eps.)
Candace CameronplayedHerself (S18 - 3rd Place) (1Eps.)
James MaslowplayedHimself (S18 - Eliminated 8th - 19 May 2014) (1Eps.)
Charlie WhiteplayedHimself (S18 - Eliminated 7th - 12 May 2014) (1Eps.)
Danica McKellarplayedHerself (S18 - Eliminated 6th - 5 May 2014) (1Eps.)
Nene LeakesplayedHerself (S18 - Eliminated 5th - 28 Apr 2014) (1Eps.)
Drew CareyplayedHimself (S18 - Eliminated 4th - 21 Apr 2014) (1Eps.)
Cody SimpsonplayedHimself (S18 - Eliminated 3rd - 14 Apr 2014) (1Eps.)
Billy Dee WilliamsplayedHimself (S18 - Withdrew - 31 Mar 2014)
Sean AveryplayedHimself (S18 - Eliminated 2nd - 24 Mar 2014) (1Eps.)
Diana NyadplayedHerself (S18 - Eliminated 1st - 24 Mar 2014) (1Eps.)
Amber RileyplayedHerself (S017 - Winner)
Corbin BleuplayedHimself (S017 - 2nd Place)
Jack OsbourneplayedHimself (S017 - 3rd Place)
Bill EngvallplayedHimself (S17 - Eliminated 9th - 25 Nov 2013)
Leah ReminiplayedHerself (S17 - Eliminated 8th - 18 Nov 2013)
Elizabeth BerkleyplayedHerself (S17 - Eliminated 7th - 11 Nov 2013)
Brant DaughertyplayedHimself (S17 - Eliminated 6th - 4 Nov 2013)
Nicole PolizziplayedHerself (S17 - Eliminated 5th - 28 Oct 2013)
Christina MilianplayedHerself (S17 - Eliminated 4th - 14 Oct 2013)
Valerie HarperplayedHerself (S17 - Eliminated 3rd - 7 Oct 2013)
Bill NyeplayedHimself (S17 - Eliminated 2nd - 30 Sep 2013)
Keyshawn JohnsonplayedHimself (S17 - Eliminated 1st - 23 Sep 2013)
Kellie PicklerplayedHerself (S16 - Winner) (19Eps.)
Zendaya ColemanplayedHerself (S16 - 2nd Place) (19Eps.)
Jacoby JonesplayedHimself (S16 - 3rd Place) (19Eps.)
Alexandra RaismanplayedHerself (S16 - Eliminated 8th - 21 May 2013) (19Eps.)
Ingo RademacherplayedHimself (S16 - Eliminated 7th - 14 May 2013) (17Eps.)
Sean LoweplayedHimself (S16 - Eliminated 6th - 7 May 2013) (16Eps.)
Andy DickplayedHimself (S16 - Eliminated 5th - 30 Apr 2013) (14Eps.)
Victor OrtizplayedHimself (S16 - Eliminated 4th - 23 Apr 2013) (12Eps.)
D.L. HughleyplayedHimself (S16 - Eliminated 3rd - 16 Apr 2013) (9Eps.)
Lisa VanderpumpplayedHerself (S16 - Eliminated 2nd - 9 Apr 2013) (8Eps.)
Wynonna JuddplayedHerself (S16 - Eliminated 1st - 2 Apr 2013) (5Eps.)
Dorothy HamillplayedHerself (S16 - Withdrew (potential severe back injury) - 26 Mar 2013) (4Eps.)
Melissa RycroftplayedHerself (S15 - Contestant - Winner) (18Eps.)
Shawn JohnsonplayedHerself (S8 - Winner / S15 - 2nd Place) (18Eps.)
Kelly MonacoplayedHerself (S1- Winner / S15 - 3rd Place) (18Eps.)
Apolo Anton OhnoplayedHimself (S15 - Eliminated 10th - 20 Nov 2012) (17Eps.)
Emmitt SmithplayedHimself (S15 - Eiminated 9th - 20 Nov 2012) (17Eps.)
Gilles G. MariniplayedHimself (S15 - Eliminated 8th - 13 Nov 2012) (15Eps.)
Kirstie AlleyplayedHerself (S15 - Eliminated 7th - 13 Nov 2012) (20Eps.)
Sabrina BryanplayedHerself (S15 - Eliminated 6th - 30 Oct 2012) (12Eps.)
Bristol PalinplayedHerself (S15 - Eliminated 5th - 16 Oct 2012) (8Eps.)
Helio CastronevesplayedHimself (S15 - Eliminated 4th - 9 Oct 2012) (6Eps.)
Drew LacheyvoicedHimself (S15 - Eliminated 3rd - 9 Oct 2012) (6Eps.)
Joey FatoneplayedHimself (S15 - Eliminated 2nd - 2 Oct 2012) (5Eps.)
Pamela AndersonplayedHerself (S15 - Eliminated 1st - 25 Sep 2012) (3Eps.)
Donald DriverplayedHimself (S14 - Winner) (19Eps.)
Katherine JenkinsplayedHerself (S14 - Second Place) (19Eps.)
William LevyplayedHimself (S14 - Third Place) (19Eps.)
Maria MenounosplayedHerself (S14 - Eliminated 9th) (18Eps.)
Melissa GilbertplayedHerself (S14 - Eliminated 8th) (16Eps.)
Roshon FeganplayedHimself (S14 - Eliminated 7th) (16Eps.)
Jaleel WhiteplayedHimself (S14 - Eliminated 6th) (14Eps.)
Gladys KnightplayedHerself (S14 - Eliminated 5th) (12Eps.)
Gavin DeGrawplayedHimself (S14 - Eliminated 4th) (10Eps.)
Sherri ShepherdplayedHerself (S14 - Eliminated 3rd) (8Eps.)
Jack WagnerplayedHimself (S14 - Eliminated 2nd) (6Eps.)
Martina NavrátilováplayedHerself (S14 - Eliminated 1st) (4Eps.)
J.R. MartinezplayedHimself (S13 - Winner) (18Eps.)
Rob KardashianplayedHimself (S13 - 2nd Place) (18Eps.)
Ricki LakeplayedHerself (S13 - 3rd Place) (18Eps.)
Hope SoloplayedHerself (S13 - Eliminated 9th) (17Eps.)
Nancy GraceplayedHerself (S13 - Eliminated 8th) (15Eps.)
David ArquetteplayedHimself (S13 - Eliminated 7th) (13Eps.)
Chaz BonoplayedHimself (S13 - Eliminated 6th) (12Eps.)
Carson KressleyplayedHimself (S13 - Eliminated 5th) (11Eps.)
Chynna PhillipsplayedHerself (S13 - Eliminated 4th) (9Eps.)
Kristin CavalleriplayedHerself (S13 - Eliminated 3rd) (8Eps.)
Elisabetta CanalisplayedHerself (S13 - Eliminated 2nd) (6Eps.)
Ron ArtestplayedHimself (S13 - Eliminated 1st) (4Eps.)
Hines WardplayedHimself (S12 Winner) (5Eps.)
Chelsea StaubplayedHerself (S12 3rd Place) (5Eps.)
Ralph MacchioplayedHimself (S12 Eliminated 8th) (3Eps.)
Romeo MillerplayedHimself (S12 Eliminated 7th) (1Eps.)
Kendra WilkinsonplayedHerself (S12 Eliminated 6th)
Chris IrvineplayedHimself (S12 Eliminated 5th)
Petra NemcovaplayedHerself (S12 Eliminated 4th)
Sugar Ray LeonardplayedHimself (S12 Eliminated 3rd)
Wendy Williams (2)playedHerself (S12 Eliminated 2nd)
Mike CatherwoodplayedHimself (S12 Eliminated 1st)
Jennifer GreyplayedHerself (S11 Contestant - Winner)
Kyle MasseyplayedHimself (S11 Contestant - 2nd Place)
BrandyplayedHerself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 9th)
Kurt WarnerplayedHimself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 8th)
Rick FoxplayedHimself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 7th)
Audrina PatridgeplayedHerself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 6th)
Florence HendersonplayedHerself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 5th)
Mike SorrentinoplayedHimself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 4th)
Margaret ChoplayedHerself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 3rd)
Michael BoltonplayedHimself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 2nd)
David HasselhoffplayedHimself (S11 Contestant - Eliminated 1st)
Nicole ScherzingerplayedHerself (S10 Contestant - Winner)
Evan LysacekplayedHimself (S10 Contestant - 2nd Place)
Chad JohnsonplayedHimself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 8th)
Niecy NashplayedHerself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 7th)
Jake PavelkaplayedHimself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 5th)
Kate GosselinplayedHerself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 4th)
Aiden TurnerplayedHimself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 3rd)
Buzz AldrinplayedHimself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 2nd)
Shannen DohertyplayedHerself (S10 Contestant - Eliminated 1st)
Donny OsmondplayedHimself (S09 - Winner) (5Eps.)
MyaplayedHerself (S09 - 2nd Place) (5Eps.)
Kelly OsbourneplayedHerself (S09 - 3rd Place) (4Eps.)
Joanna KrupaplayedHerself (S09 - Eliminated 12th) (5Eps.)
Aaron CarterplayedHimself (S09 - Eliminated 11th) (5Eps.)
Mark DacascosplayedHimself (S09 - Eliminated 10th) (4Eps.)
Michael IrvinplayedHimself (S09 - Eliminated 9th) (5Eps.)
Louie VitoplayedHimself (S09 - Eliminated 8th) (5Eps.)
Melissa Joan HartplayedHerself (S09 - Eliminated 7th) (5Eps.)
Natalie CoughlinplayedHerself (S09 - Eliminated 6th) (5Eps.)
Chuck LiddellplayedHimself (S09 - Eliminated 5th) (4Eps.)
Debi MazarplayedHerself (S09 - Eliminated 4th) (2Eps.)
Tom DelayplayedHimself (S09 - Withdrew) (2Eps.)
Kathy IrelandplayedHerself (S09 - Eliminated 3rd)
Macy GrayplayedHerself (S09 - Eliminated 2nd)
Ashley HamiltonplayedHimself (S09 - Eliminated 1st)
Ty MurrayplayedHimself (S08 - Eliminated 10th)
Lil' KimplayedHerself (S08 - Eliminated 9th)
Chuck WicksplayedHimself (S08 - Eliminated 8th)
Lawrence TaylorplayedHimself (S08 - Eliminated 7th)
Steve-OplayedHimself (S08 - Eliminated 6th)
David Alan GrierplayedHimself (S08 - Eliminated 5th)
Steve WozniakplayedHimself (S08 - Eliminated 4th)
Holly MadisonplayedHerself (S08 - Eliminated 3rd)
Denise RichardsplayedHerself (S08 - Eliminated 2nd)
Belinda CarlisleplayedHerself (S08 - Eliminated 1st)
JewelplayedHerself (S08 - Withdrew - Injured)
Nancy O'DellplayedHerself (S08 - Withdrew - Injured)
Warren SappplayedHimself (S07 - 2nd Place)
Lance BassplayedHimself (S07 - 3rd Place)
Cody LinleyplayedHimself (S07 - Eliminated 9th)
Maurice GreeneplayedHimself (S07 - Eliminated 8th)
Susan LucciplayedHerself (S07 - Eliminated 7th)
Cloris LeachmanplayedHerself (S07 - Eliminated 6th)
Toni BraxtonplayedHerself (S07 - Eliminated 5th)
Rocco DiSpiritoplayedHimself (S07 - Eliminated 4th)
Kim KardashianplayedHerself (S07 - Eliminated 3rd)
Ted McGinleyplayedHimself (S07 - Eliminated 2nd)
Jeffrey RossplayedHimself (S07 - Eliminated 1st)
Misty May-TreanorplayedHerself (S07 - withdrew)
Kristi YamaguchiplayedHerself (S06 - Winner)
Jason Taylor (2)playedHimself (S06 - 2nd Place)
Cristián de la FuenteplayedHimself (S06 - 3rd Place)
Marissa Jaret WinokurplayedHerself (S06 - Eliminated 9th)
MarioplayedHimself (S06 - Eliminated 8th)
Shannon ElizabethplayedHerself (S06 - Eliminated 7th)
Marlee MatlinplayedHerself (S06 - Eliminated 6th)
Priscilla PresleyplayedHerself (S06 - Eliminated 5th)
Adam CarollaplayedHimself (S06 - Eliminated 4th)
Steve GuttenbergplayedHimself (S06 - Eliminated 3rd)
Monica SelesplayedHerself (S06 - Eliminated 1st - Tie)
Penn JilletteplayedHimself (S06 - Eliminated 1st - Tie)
Mel BplayedHerself (S05 - 2nd Place)
Marie OsmondplayedHerself (S05 - 3rd Place)
Jennie GarthplayedHerself (S05 - Eliminated 9th)
Cameron MathisonplayedHimself (S05 - Eliminated 8th)
Jane SeymourplayedHerself (S05 - Eliminated 7th)
Mark CubanplayedHimself (S05 - Eliminated 5th)
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.playedHimself (S05 - Eliminated 4th)
Wayne NewtonplayedHimself (S05 - Eliminated 3rd)
Albert Reed (2)playedHimself (S05 - Eliminated 2nd)
Josie MaranplayedHerself (S05 - Eliminated 1st)
Laila AliplayedHerself (S04 - 3rd Place)
Ian ZieringplayedHimself (S04 - Eliminated 8th)
Billy Ray CyrusplayedHimself (S04 - Eliminated 7th)
John RatzenbergerplayedHimself (S04 - Eliminated 6th)
Heather MillsplayedHerself (S04 - Eliminated 5th)
Clyde DrexlerplayedHimself (S04 - Eliminated 4th)
Leeza GibbonsplayedHerself (S04 - Eliminated 3rd)
Shandi FinnesseyplayedHerself (S04 - Eliminated 2nd)
Paulina PorizkovaplayedHerself (S04 - Eliminated 1st)
Mario LópezplayedHimself (S03 - 2nd Place)
Joey LawrenceplayedHimself (S03 - 3rd Place)
Monique ColemanplayedHerself (S03 - Eliminated 7th)
Jerry SpringerplayedHimself (S03 - Eliminated 6th)
Sara EvansplayedHerself (S03 - Withdrew from the competition)
Willa FordplayedHerself (S03 - Eliminated 5th)
Vivica A. FoxplayedHerself (S03 - Eliminated 4th)
Harry HamlinplayedHimself (S03 - Eliminated 3rd)
Shanna MoaklerplayedHerself (S03 - Eliminated 2nd)
Tucker CarlsonplayedHimself (S03 - Eliminated 1st)
Jerry RiceplayedHimself (S02 - 2nd place)
Stacy KeiblerplayedHerself (S02 - 3rd Place)
Lisa RinnaplayedHerself (S02 - Eliminated 7th)
George HamiltonplayedHimself (S02 - Eliminated 6th)
Tia CarrereplayedHerself (S02 - Eliminated 5th)
Master PplayedHimself (S02 - Eliminated 4th)
Giselle FernandezplayedHerself (S02 - Eliminated 3rd)
Tatum O'NealplayedHerself (S02 - Eliminated 2nd)
Kenny MayneplayedHimself (S02 - Eliminated 1st)
John O'HurleyplayedHimself (S01 - 2nd Place)
Joey McIntyreplayedHimself (S01 - Eliminated 4th)
Rachel HunterplayedHerself (S01 - Eliminated 3rd)
Evander HolyfieldplayedHimself (S01 - Eliminated 2nd)
Trista RehnplayedHerself (S01 - Eliminated 1st)
Alec MazoplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S01/S04-S05/S07/S09) (4Eps.)
Allison HolkerplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S19-)
Andrea HaleplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S02)
Anna DemidovaplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S08-S09/S12) (4Eps.)
Anna TrebunskayaplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S02/S05-S06/S09-S15) (26Eps.)
Ashly DelGrossoplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S01-S03/S10)
Baz LuhrmannplayedHimself (S09 - Guest Judge)
Brian FortunaplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S04)
Charlotte JorgensenplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S01)
Chelsie HightowerplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S08-S12/S14-S15) (28Eps.)
Cheryl BurkeplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S02-) (67Eps.)
Damian WhitewoodplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S10)
Derek HoughplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S05-S11/S13-) (76Eps.)
Dmitry ChaplinplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S08 - S09) (5Eps.)
Edyta SilwinskaplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S01-S10)
Elena GrinenkoplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S03-S04)
Emma SlaterplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S17-)
Fabian SanchezplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S06)
Gleb SavchenkoplayedHimself (Professional Dancer S16-) (7Eps.)
Jesse DeSotoplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S03)
Jonathan Roberts (2)playedHimself (Professional Dancer - S01-S02/S04-S06/S08-S09)
Karina SmirnoffplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S03-S09/S011-) (70Eps.)
Keoikantse MotsepeplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S19-)
Kym Johnson (1)playedHerself (Professional Dancer - S03-S09/S011-) (58Eps.)
Lacey SchwimmerplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S07-S09/S11-S13) (16Eps.)
Lindsay ArnoldplayedHerself (Professional Dancer S16-) (11Eps.)
Louis Van AmstelplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S01-S03/S06/S09-S13/S15) (17Eps.)
Maksim ChmerkovskiyplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S02-S05/S07-S15) (57Eps.)
Mark BallasplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S05-) (65Eps.)
Michael Flatley (1)playedHimself (S07 - Guest Judge)
Nick KosovichplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S02-S03)
Peta MurgatroydplayedHerself (Professional Dancer S13-) (16Eps.)
Sharna BurgessplayedHerself (Professional Dancer S16-) (15Eps.)
Tony DovolaniplayedHimself (Professional Dancer - S02-) (38Eps.)
Tristan MacmanusplayedHimself (Professional Dancer S13-) (3Eps.)
Val ChmerkovskiyplayedHimself (Professional Dancer S13-) (20Eps.)
Witney CarsonplayedHerself (Professional Dancer - S18-)
Warning: Dancing With the Stars guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Reality
Genre: Celebrities | Dance | Music
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Premiere: June 01, 2005
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