Season 11, Episode 13 - Recap

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The 200th episode kicks off and Kyle Massey and Lacey, Rick Fox and Cheryl, Brandy and Maks, Bristol Pailin and Mark, Kurt Warner and Anna and Jennifer Grey and Derek are left. The pros kick it off and dance to the first song of “Dancing with the Stars” and show what it means to be a pro at what they do. Stars from Seasons 1-10 have also come out to show their support. Team Captain Kristi Yamaguchi comes in to coach Rick Fox & Cheryl, Bristol Palin & Mark and Kyle Massey & Lacy. Team Captain Apolo Ohno comes on to challenge Kristi with Kurt Warner & Anna, Brandy & Maksim, and Jennifer Grey & Derek.

Team Kristi rehearses and they all are going to be doing the Cha Cha Cha. They get the moves the way they want and the girls help out Bristol to be a little bit sexier in her movements. They practice hard and Kristi comes in to show her support. They come out dancing the Cha Cha Cha and they perform it wonderfully and have a lot of fun with their sexiness and big energy. They get the crowd going and they finish big. Len tells that it was good and that they have a hard thing that they have to know this dance and then their individual. Bruno tells that it was amazing and that Bristol missed a step but it was polished. Carrie Ann tells that Rick was on fire. The scores are Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno with all 8’s with a total of 24 points for Team Kristi.

Team Apolo rehearses and they have the benefits of getting started quickly and get their dance steps. Jennifer has a doctor’s note tells that she needs to take breaks and it takes a toll on the practice, but this doesn’t stop them. They enter the stage and show what it takes to have all the dancing moves that are supposed to be there are amazing at what they are doing. Bruno tells that they really got into it and it was really great. Carrie Ann tells that it was really great. Len tells that they all raised their game and had a lot of fun. The scores are: Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 9 and Bruno with a 9 with a total of 27 points for Team Apolo.They beat out Team Kristi

Mel B. is the guest judge to watch the first dance of the night and Kyle & Lacy are going to take on the Paso Doble and it is a tough aggressive dance and he has to be perfect. They enter the stage and they do what they do best and have that chemistry that every dancer dreams of. Len tells that was his best dance. Mel B. tells that it was amazing and she was blown away. Bruno tells that he had the energy of the perfect bull and it was awesome. Carrie Ann tells that they did an amazing job. The scores are: Mel B. with a 10, Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with an 8 and Bruno with an 8 with a 35/40. Grand total of 59/70.

Emmitt Smith is the next guest judge to see Kurt and Anna take on the Tango that he danced that was performed. At rehearsal, Anna tells that it easy and Kurt takes her to the football field and she gets a new appreciating of what she knows. They enter the stage and dance the Tango to “Simply Irresistible”. They execute every move perfectly. Bruno tells that he went from Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished. He tells that he needs to fix the posture. Carrie Ann tells that she loved the fact that Kurt used his character and it was good. Emmitt Smith tells that it was very special on the dance floor. Len tells that he came back and he is improving. The scores are: Emmitt with a 10, Carrie Ann with a 8, Len with an 8 and Bruno with an 8 with a total of 34/40. Grand total of 61/70.

The next judge is Kelly Osbourne and she did her Waltz very well and Bristol & Mark are going to interpret it. During rehearsal, Mark tells Bristol that she is going to have to smile if she is going to have any chance. They enter the stage and she has fun in the dance but it lacks something. The judges see this too when Carrie Ann tells that Bristol has the power to touch them, but she is detached. Kelly tells that she gave her goosebumps and that she did fantastic. Len tells that the turns were good, but lack the chemistry. Bruno tells that Bristol is a natural mover and that she needs to connect more but did very good with it. The scores are: Kelly with a 9, Carrie Ann with an 8, Len with an 8 and Bruno with an 8 with a total of 33/40. Grand total of 57/70.

Helio Castroneves comes on to judge Rick & Cheryl and it is the Quickstep. He tells that they are going to have fun doing the dance. During rehearsals, Rick is goofing around and finds it hard to focus. He calls Eliza, his girlfriend, to come over to show that he can have fun and
They come out and they surprise Carrie Ann and the rest and it was really good. Len tells that Rick had fun and that it had everything like he wanted. Bruno tells that Rick had more faces then Jim Carrey and Helio tells that he stole the kiss. Carrie Ann tells that it was his best. The scores are: Helio with a 10, Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 9 and Bruno with a 9 with a total of 37/40. Grand total of 61/70.

The next judge to come to the stage is Gilles Marini. The Foxtrot is his dance and it is up to Brandy & Maksim to show that they can do it. They enter and have a fun time with the dance and it is very sexy. Brandy lets out a grunt when she makes a little mistake and the judges barley miss it. At the end of the performance, Bruno tells that was a Foxtrot driven by sex, but there was a mistake. Gilles tells that the performance was amazing. Carrie Ann tells that it was very good except for that tiny mistake. Len tells that she was amazing and not to even think of the mistake. The scores are: Gilles with a 9, Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 10 and Bruno with a 9 with a total of 37/40. Grand total of 64/70.

The final judge is Drew Lachey and has the Tango as his best dance for Jennifer and Derek to perform. He tells that he is going to be looking at the technique and attitude. Jennifer lacked control last 2 weeks and Jennifer tells that her body feels like it is going to crumble. They learn the steps and her body is not doing what it could have done weeks ago. She starts to doubt if she will be able to finish the dance. They get on stage and she is amazing on the dance floor and get a standing ovation from everyone. Carrie Ann tells that this show is a journey and she blew the doors down. Len tells that the Tango showed her true talent. Drew tells that the musicality was amazing and it was great. Bruno tells that it was like a Phoenix raising from the ashes and tells that she could go all the way. The scores are: Drew with a 10, Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 9 and Bruno with a 9 with a total of 37/40 64/70. The dancers have danced and who will survive the results.