Season 11, Episode 14 - Recap

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The results of the 200th episode are in and Kyle Massey and Lacey, Rick Fox and Cheryl, Brandy and Maks, Bristol Pailin and Mark, Kurt Warner and Anna and Jennifer Grey and Derek are in danger of getting eliminated. The judges pick that Team Apolo from last night are the ones going to do an encore dance because of their skill at the dance. They come out and give a good performance.

Brandy & Maks and Bristol & Mark are up for elimination is Brandy & Maks. Bristol and Mark are still in jeopardy. After a break they unravel a little Awards show for past contestants and the “Most Dramatic Dance Moment” of the seasons goes to Marie Osmond’s collapse after a Samba. She accepts her award and says that she is grateful for the chance to faint on “Dancing with the Stars”.

With “Step In Time”, the cast from Mary Poppins Broadway perform and they are fantastic. They show what it really means to be able to be in a Broadway show.

Taylor Swift performs and she shows what it means to be a recording artist that has won countless amounts of awards and sings great. The next award goes to “Best Worst Dancer” goes to Kenny Mayne. He comes out and Tom tells that they are giving the award be they like him. Kenny tells that they have another “Dance Center” coming up to add to the fun of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Brooke is with Jennifer & Derek and Rick & Cheryl and talks about how they did last night and after a sort break, the eliminations continue and the couple safe to dance next week is Jennifer & Derek. Rick and Cheryl are in jeopardy. The next award is “Biggest Dancer Transformation” goes to Louis Van Amstel. He comes out and accepts the award. He tells that he loved his ponytail when he had it.

Rod Stewart performs “I Get a Kick Out of You”. He sings great with background dancers adding to the mood of the song. He showcases his voice great and proves that he’s still got it after so many years. Best Judge’s Moments comes on and they show the reactions of all the judges with Bruno being the most active of all of them combined.

Kyle & Lacy and Kurt & Anna are up for Eliminations and the next couple safe is Kurt & Anna. Kyle & Lacy are in jeopardy. Brooke talks to the three couples for eliminations and it is all from “Team Kristi” the losing team of the dance off. One will be going home out of the group.

Taylor Swift sings “Wide Horse” and a clip show goes in the background of the 11 seasons of “Dancing with the Stars”. With the dancers in the videos, the past 11 seasons of “Dancing with the Stars” has been good. Tom tells that he is a big fan of Taylor Swift and pretends to faint.

The show runs a clip of stress for the celebrities this season. The celebrities tell that they are going to have to deal with their stess and that at the moment of the competition, there is no room for stress. Eliminations of Rick & Cheryl, Kyle & Lacy and Bristol & Mark and the next couple going on to the next round is Bristol & Mark.

This leaves Kyle & Lacy for the final elimination. Kyle & Lacy and Rick & Cheryl are up for the final elimination of the night and the couple leaving the competition is Rick & Cheryl. They come downstairs and Rick tells that his journey on the show has been a really good experience and there have been fun moments. They share a moment for a last dance and group hug.