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Season 11 Finale - Recap

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It is the Season Finale of “Dancing With The Stars” and the pros come out dancing for a dance number the past contestant, minus Audrina Patridge and Michael Bolton, come out and do a dance number and they kick off the celebration and Jennifer Grey & Derk, Kyle Massey & Lacey and Bristol Palin & Mark. Jennifer Grey ruptured a disk last night and she tells that she is going to dance thanks to her doctor patching her up. The dancers are going to dance for some last minute points.

Christina Agularia sings “Show Me How" from her new movie and she is amazing as usual and shows what it means to be a recording artist that is worthy of the awards she gets.

Round one kicks off with Kyle & Lacey and they have to pick their best dance and they pick the Tango. He tells that he has to be perfect and that he is going to be out there with perfect posture. They come out and they do a perfect job with the Tango. Len tells that he came out with a go for the win and it was full of energy. Bruno tells that he is a talented person and he is a stage animal. Carrie Ann tells that it showed that he could be powerful and in control. She tells that it a breath of fresh air.

Bristol and Mark are next and they are going with the Rock Week tango and she agrees. They come out on the dance floor and give a dance that is worthy of the spot. Bruno tells that she earned her place in the finale for this Tango and it was good. Carrie Ann tells that her dance was her favorite because it was bigger and broader. Len tells that Bristol tells that she has the How in the Wow.

Jennifer & Derek end the first round and they are going to be doing their waltz as their first dance. They get out on the stage and dance and it is magical as always with her. Carrie Ann tells that she is glad she picked the dance and she allowed the dance to happen and it was magical. Len tells that she is the complete package. Bruno tells that it was a blissfully, beautiful dance.

Scores for Kyle & Lacey are: Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with an 8 and Bruno with a 9. Total score of 26 points. Kyle tells that they were looking for their style. Scores for Bristol & Mark are: Carrie Ann with an 8, Len with a 9 and Bruno with an 8. Total score of 25 points. Bristol tells that the Cha-Cha is going to be fun. Jennifer & Derek get the perfect 30. Jennifer tells that she is going to go out there and shake her money maker. “Raise Your Glass” by Pink. Kyle & Lacey are going first, Jennifer & Derek are 2nd and Bristol & Mark are last to perform their Cha-Cha.

David Hasselhoff sings on stage and does a dance number with his partner and two other pro dancers. Afterward, the final 3 pros talk about their choreography and how they have excelled in it throughout the season.

Kurt Warner and Rick Fox face off on the dance floor and they do a dance number to "Eye of the Tiger" and get a standing ovation from all of the judges.

Margaret Chou and Florence Henderson do a dance with their partners and it is nice and fun.

They flashback to the drama of the show and how Jennifer lost it the first dance, how Brandy and Maksim didn't get along at all and other things between judges and dancers.

“The Situation” comes out and does a dance and shows his “situation” off in a dance number.

They show a clip show of the most memorable of the season and with Michael Bolton’s Jive dance and Situation’s Furturistic dance and Florence’s sexy dance and especially when Brandy & Maks got eliminated.

Brandy & Maksim hit the stage and do a dance number that is worthy of the finals, but unfortunately never had the chance.

Christina Agularia sings “Beautiful” and it is amazing as she should be for singing songs that have top the charts.

The judges talk about the contestants. For Jennifer they tell that she always dances through the pain and is stronger. For Bristol, they tell that Bristol is the “girl next door” and that she has improved since the beginning. For Kyle, they tells that he lights up the room and that he is dynamite. Len tells that he has to work on refinement.

Kyle & Lacey start their instant dance and they are amazing as usual. Jennifer & Derek come on and they move across the dance floor with precision and exactness. They are followed by Bristol & Mark and they show that they have improved. The end the instant dance and they give their last bow. Len tells that he is amazed and tells that Bristol was on fire, Kyle was amazing and Jennifer is always good. Bruno tells that Jennifer was amazing, Kyle was on fire and Bristol ended great. Carrie Ann tells that they all inspire hope. The scores for Kyle & Lacy are: Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 9 and10. 28. For Jennifer & Derek the scores are: Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 9 and Bruno with a 10. Total score of 28. The scores for Bristol & Mark are: Carrie Ann with a 9, Len with a 9 and Bruno with a 9. Total score of 27.

The leader board puts Jennifer in 1st, Kyle in 2nd, and Bristol in 3rd. The couple taking 3rd place is Bristol & Mark. Bristol tells that it was a life changing experience and it was amazing.

Now for the final vote and the new champions of “Dancing with the Stars” is……JENNIFER GREY & DEREK HOUGH!!