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Season 13, Episode 2 - Recap

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The Results show begins and Ron Artest & Peta, Rob Kardashian & Cheryl, Kristin Cavallari & Mark , Chynna Phillips & Tony, Nancy Grace & Tristan, David Arquette & Kym, Elisabetta Canalis & Val, Hope Solo & Maksim, Carson Kressley & Anna, J.R. Martinez & Karina, Ricki Lake & Derek, and Chaz Bono & Lacy are in danger of leaving the competition.

The pros show what it means to be a Pro dancer as they dance to “Edge of Glory” The remaining members of “The Troupe” dance along with them. They have a few new members of “The Troupe”.

Rob & Cheryl, Ricki & Derek and Elizabetta & Val are first for elimination. They come down and Ricki & Derek are safe along with Elizabetta & Val. Rob & Cheryl is in jeopardy. Afterward, they show a clip of the cast members meeting everyone and how they

Harry Connick, Jr. comes out and performs on stage with his new single. Tony & Kym dance in the foreground. Tom talks to Harry and talks about Harry’s Broadway Musical and he says that he is rooting for

Hope & Maks, Kristin & Mark and Metta & Peta are next to see if they did enough. The couple who is safe is Hope & Maks followed by Kristin & Mark. This leaves Metta & Peta in jeopardy. Afterward, they show a clip of “The Troupe” and the three new members.

The Season 13 “The Troupe” dance and they show that they are great at what they do. They show that they are worthy of the spot of "Dancing with the Stars".

LMFAO performs on stage and Carrie Ann and Bruno have fun dancing as well. Maks and Mark join Lacy and other pro dancers on stage in the foreground.

Chynna & Tony, J.R. & Karina and Chaz & Lacey come out and the next couple who is still in the competition is Chynna & Tony followed by J.R. & Karina and Chaz & Lacey.

Nancy & Tristan, David & Kym and Carson & Anna go to the stage for their results. The next couple safe is David & Kym followed by Carson & Anna. This leaves Nancy & Tristan in jeopardy.

Metta & Peta, Rob & Cheryl and Nancy & Tristan go to the stairs and the next couple safe is Rob & Cheryl. This leaves Nancy & Tristan and Metta & Peta to go down the stairs and Len says that it is horrible that one couple has to leave. The final result is that Metta & Peta are going home. They come to Tom and Brooke and Metta says that he had a great time and they dance out.