Season 13, Episode 8 - Recap

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Results Night and Rob Kardashian & Cheryl, Chynna Phillips & Tony, Nancy Grace & Tristan, David Arquette & Kym, Hope Solo & Maksim, Carson Kressley & Anna, J.R. Martinez & Karina, Ricki Lake & Derek, and Chaz Bono & Lacy are in danger of leaving the ballroom.

They kick it off with Raphael Saadiq singing “Soul Man”. Afterward, they show a clip of what the audience thought about the dancing and they all tell that they are surprised of everyone.

Susan Bowell sings “Unchained Melody” and has the pros add the foreground dancing. She shows that she is still worth the fame.

Rob & Cheryl, J.R. & Karina and Ricky & Derek come to the stage for the first elimination results. The first couple safe is Ricky & Derek. The next couple safe is J.R. & Karina. Rob & Cheryl are in jeopardy.

Julianne Hough and Kenny Warmald come out and dance to “Holding out for A Hero” and then the music changes to “Footloose” with Blake Shelton singing the song.

Next Chynna & Tony, Carson & Anna and Chaz & Lacey are next for their results and the next couple safe is Chaz & Lacey. Joining them is Carson & Anna. Chynna & Tony are in jeopardy.

They show a clip of how the celebrities thought going into Dancing with the Stars was going to be easy at first, but when they got into it, they realized that it was hard. Afterward, Juliane and Derek Hough dance together. They show why they are the pros.

Nancy & Tristan, David & Kym and Hope & Maks come to the stage for their results and the next couple safe for next week is Hope & Maks. The couple following them is David & Kym. Nancy & Tristan are in jeopardy.

Nancy & Tristan, Rob & Cheryl and Chynna & Tony come to the stage and the couple safe for another week is Nancy & Tristan. This leaves Rob & Cheryl and Chynna & Tony. The couple leaving the competition is Chynna & Tony. Chynna comes up and says that she messed up, but she had fun.