Season 13, Episode 14 - Recap

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Another Results night and this time, Rob Kardashian & Cheryl, Nancy Grace & Tristan, David Arquette & Kym, Hope Solo & Maksim, J.R. Martinez & Karina and Ricki Lake & Derek are in danger of going home and await their results. They kick off the night with a performance from Justin Bieber. He shows that he still has it and entertains the audience.

They show a clip of Carson Kressley talking to the fans of the shows and makes jokes. Afterward, Len says that they would like to see Team Paso perform again. They come out and do a great job again.

Rob & Cheryl and Nancy & Tristan come out for their results and Tom says that Rob & Cheryl are safe and Nancy & Tristan are in the bottom two. Afterward, Brooke talks to Rob & Cheryl, Nancy & Tristan and J.R. & Karina and they each tell how hard they worked and what they have in store if they get through. J.R. sings a little bit of “I Will Never Say Never”.

Victoria-Rose, an aspiring dancer shares her story about how she was diagnosed with a tumor. She says that she had to learn to walk and dance too. She fought to relearn and 2 months after the surgery, she was back on stage. Christina Perry comes out and sings her new single Arms while Kyle Robinson & Victoria-Rose dance on stage. She gets a standing ovation and Tom asks if it lives up to her expectations and she says that it has.

Derek Hough and Alison Hocker perform on stage and they do a great job on stage together. Afterward, they get to another result. J.R. & Karina and Derek & Ricki and they are both safe.

Boyz 2 Men and Justin Beiber come out on stage and sing together. The pros offer the dance in the foreground for them and they all show that they are worth the fame that they have and continue to get.

David & Kym and Hope & Maks come out and the couple in the bottom two is David & Kym. This leaves Hope & Maks safe.

David & Kym and Nancy & Tristan come down for their final results. The couple going home and leaving the competition is David & Kym. The crowd erupts with Boos. David comes down and says that it has been fun and says that he finished everything that he wanted to do and says that he had fun with “Dancing with the Stars”