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Season 6

140 :06x01 - A Very Small Rifle

Johnny Appleseed acts as a peacemaker between the settlers and the Cherokee when a young Cherokee is accidentally shot by a young settler.
Special Guest Stars: Roger Miller as Johnny Appleseed |
Guest Stars: Anne Seymour as Corn Woman | Johnny Jensen as Sandy Wallace | Brian Nash as Lige | Mark Miranda as Wa-Thoa | Kevin Hagen as Bart Wallace | Armando Silvestre as Gabriel | Eddie Little Sky as Eagle | Warren Vanders as Ben |
Uncredited: William Smith (1) as Amos Martin
Director: Nathan Juran
Songs: Roger Miller -- Bird of Life, Roger Miller -- Plantin' Apple Seeds

141 :06x02 - The Road to Freedom

Israel helps slaves George and Jimmy Hill escape from their owners.

Intent on gaining their freedom, Negro slave George Hill and his young son Jimmy run away. Their escape is soon discovered and they are pursued by their owner, slave trader Rafe Carson.

George and Jimmy are later ambushed by Crane Hawkins, one of Carson's men. Though George suffers a broken leg, he manages to reach a river and send Jimmy away on a log that's heading downstream.
Nearby, Daniel Boone, his son Israel, and a friend, Ben, are preparing to leave their campsite. Ben and Israel go down to the stream to do some work, and they spot Jimmy clinging to the log.

Leaving Israel with Jimmy at the campsite, Ben goes off into the woods and finds Jimmy's father. But slave trader Carson and his men have also arrived in the area and are looking for George and Jimmy....
Special Guest Stars: Floyd Patterson as George Hill |
Guest Stars: John Milford as Jud Baker | George Spell as Jimmy Hill | Jim Davis (1) as Rafe Carson | Roy Jenson as Crane Hawkins | Warren Vanders as Ben
Director: William Wiard

142 :06x03 - Benvenuto... Who?

Josh Clements once again becomes involved with a scheming woman who hides a stolen diamond inside his guitar to keep her co-horts in crime from finding it.
Guest Stars: Marj Dusay as Eugenie Genet | Leon Askin as Roquelin | Aram Katcher as Thibaud | Walter Burke as Hamel | Richard Kiel as Le Mouche
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Walter Black

143 :06x04 - The Man

Daniel must disable a British cannon which threatens to sink a Continental detachment coming up river. His only help comes from two Continental Army prisoners, a British deserter, and Gabe Cooper, an escaped slave who's now a Tuscarawa chief.
Guest Stars: Ray Harden (1) as British Sergeant | Kevin O'Neal as Webster | Gene Evans as Stark | George Backman as Addison
Director: Nathan Juran

144 :06x05 - The Printing Press

Daniel and Israel travel to Philadelphia to obtain much needed supplies for the Kentucky settlers but the British have decreed that supplies can only be purchased with currency. Daniel then gets old friend Benjamin Franklin to print up a batch of counterfeit notes but this method doesn't seem very ethical to young Israel.
Guest Stars: Wadsworth Taylor as Tillson | Edward J. Kelly as Guard | Lindy Davis as Zeke | Daniel Nichols as Walt | Kimetha Laurie as Sally | Alan Caillou as Sgt. Ridley | Woodrow Parfrey as Quartermaster Owens | Peter Bromilow as Captain Thurlow | James Wainwright as Cully | Jack Bannon (1) as Corporal Smythe | Fredd Wayne as Benjamin Franklin
Director: William Wiard

145 :06x06 - The Traitor

Daniel guides the wife of a British commander to Fort Detroit to rendezvous with her husband who says he plans to surrender the fort to the Continentals.
Guest Stars: Ed Long as Major Grayson | Ivor Barry as Sir Henry Hamilton | Walter Scott as British Soldier | Robert Cornthwaite as Governor Guy Carleton | Ed Flanders as Colonel Richard Lackland | Jill Ireland as Angela Lackland | James Wainwright as Cully | John Orchard as Sgt. Perkins | Richard Devon as Many Lives
Director: Nathan Juran

146 :06x07 - The Grand Alliance

The Spanish are planning an invasion of United States territory. Only Josh Clements, Gabe Cooper, and a Spanish pirate with a grudge against his own government can save the day. Heaven help us all.
Special Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Alejandro Buenaventura |
Guest Stars: Armando Silvestre as Captain Torres | Carlos Rivas as Sgt. Ortega | Hugo Fargo as Lieutenant | Tom Hernández as Surgeon | Joel Fluellen as Joselito | Abel Fernández as Sentry
Director: Nathan Juran
Songs: Rosie Grier -- Yankee Doodle Dandy

147 :06x08 - Target Boone

Adam Jarrett and his sons are after Daniel's hide. They blame him for the death of Adam's wife in a river boat accident which involved a boat on which Daniel was traveling.
Guest Stars: Phil Donati as Jury Foreman | Lee J. Lambert as Gordon Jarrett | Richard Webb as Bryant | Ian Wolfe as Judge | Jack Garner as Storekeeper | Ron Soble as Robert Jarrett | Will Geer as Adam Jarrett | Kurt Russell as Nathan Jarrett
Director: William Wiard

148 :06x09 - A Bearskin for Jamie Blue

The Boones befriend Jamie Blue, a young indentured servant who was born in prison and whose heart has been hardened by a lifetime of living in poverty. Can they melt Jamie's heart of stone?
Guest Stars: Randy Eccles as Dink | Don Nichols as Walt | Jim Gosa as Edwards | JoAnna Cameron (1) as Kellie | Charles Dierkop as Dokker | Christopher Connelly as Jamie Blue | Bernard Fox as Carruthers
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Frank Chase

149 :06x10 - The Cache

Josh could be headed for Kentucky's highest hanging tree when a trapper is found knifed to death near his campsite. It might take a bigger man than Daniel to get Josh out of this predicament.
Guest Stars: Luana Patten as Lucy McFarland | Dick Peabody as Dawson | James Gavin as Carey | Robert Sorrells as Hogan | John Kellogg as Sam Swanson | Vaughn Taylor as Judge Qualey | Alex Karras as Moose Williams | James Doohan as Angus McFarland | Ted White as Middleton
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Irve Tunick

150 :06x11 - The Terrible Tarbots

Daniel and Gabe do battle with a trio of nasty assclowns who have taken Israel hostage and stolen a chest of Army gold they were transporting.
Guest Stars: William Traylor as Tom Stoneman | Zalman King as Meshach Tarbot | Anthony Costello as Shadrach Tarbot | Strother Martin as Pa Tarbot | James Wainwright as Cully
Director: Nathan Juran

151 :06x12 - Hannah Comes Home

Hannah, a white woman captured by Native Americans in a raid 15 years before, is ransomed and returned to her husband in Boonesborough. The reunion is complicated by the fact that Hannah gave birth to a son during her captivity and he wants no part of the white man's world.
Guest Stars: Ted de Corsia as Chief Ankara | William O'Connell as Pickering | Ted Eccles as Jason | Ford Rainey as Jonas | Mary Fickett as Hannah | Ted White as Aweetok | William Smith (1) as Amos Martin
Director: Fess Parker
Writer: Harry Basch

152 :06x13 - An Angel Cried

Josh once again finds himself in a full blown mess as he and a Catholic nun struggle to stay alive in hostile Native American territory.
Guest Stars: Mariette Hartley as Sister Cecelia | Carlos Rivas as Tall Fire
Director: Fess Parker

153 :06x14 - Perilous Passage

Daniel and Gabe are joined by young Sam Weaver on their way homeward from a mission behind British lines. The only problem is that there's a bounty on their heads and someone appears to know the exact location of the route they're traveling back to Kentucky.
Guest Stars: John Davidson (3) as Sam Weaver | Ron Heller as Tory Private | Ralph Montgomery as Ruskin | Richard Peel as British Sergeant | Claude Johnson as Tory Ranger | Walter Maslow as Tory Corporal | Henry Oliver as Dunfee | Ted Gehring as Pettigrew | John Orchard as British Corporal | Liam Sullivan as Colonel Trevelyan | Gloria Grahame as Molly Hogan | James Doohan as Fletcher | Alan Caillou as Sgt. Harry Pickens
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Lee Karson

154 :06x15 - The Sunshine Patriots

Josh Clements and Gabe Cooper resemble 18th century versions of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as they bumble, stumble, and fumble their way through a spy caper in Yorktown.
Guest Stars: Ian Ireland as Colonel Percy | Harold Ayer as Butler | Nels Nelson as General Partridge | Dick Winslow as Sir Samuel Tawney | Michael Keep as Magwa | Raoul Franck as General Rochambeau | Gail Kobe as Letitia Peacham | Jack Bannon (1) as Lt. Poole | Laurie Main as Sir Samuel Peacham | Isabel Sanford as Maybelle
Director: William Wiard

155 :06x16 - Mama Cooper

Daniel and Gabe Cooper search for Gabe's mother so that he can purchase her freedom before she dies.
Special Guest Stars: Ethel Waters as Rachel Cooper |
Guest Stars: Bill Conklin as Mecom | Jordan Rhodes as Teddy | Sue Hirdler as Mrs. Schmidt | Sam Laws as Cuffee | Roy Engel as Dr. Ramsey | Louise Arthur as Mrs. Pritchard | Timothy Carey as Wibberly | Michael-James Wixted as Emmanuel | Jean Howell as Norma Del Carruthers | Tyler McVey as Preacher Potter | Sidney Clute as Otto Schmidt
Director: William Wiard
Songs: Ethel Waters -- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

156 :06x17 - Before the Tall Man

Daniel and Rebecca play matchmaker for idealistic Nancy Hanks and hot-tempered carpenter Tom Lincoln. The only problem is that Tom wants nothing to do with Nancy but if they don't get together then a great leader will not be born.
Guest Stars: Burr deBenning as Tom Lincoln | Marianna Hill as Nancy Hanks | Tim Weldon as Foxy | Tony Gange as Denton Gahagan | Harlan Warde as Nicholas Burns

157 :06x18 - Run for the Money

It's time for the annual footrace between the settlers and the Native Americans. Since Daniel has gotten a little long in the tooth when it comes to cross country running it's up to Cincinnatus to find another candidate. He finds one in fleet-footed slave Lucas Hunter but then learns that Lucas' brother will be running for the Native Americans.
Guest Stars: Bob Kline (2) as Jolly | Dino Washington as Lucas Hunter | Bill Walker (1) as Ephraim | Robert Adler as Abram | Dorothy Konrad as Mrs. Putnam | James Minotto as Walt | Henry Kingi as Straight Arrow | Ted Gehring as Brooking | Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Linus Hunter | Peter Mamakos as Chief Bear Claw | Jack Albertson as Shem Sweet | James Wainwright as Cully
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Walter Black

158 :06x19 - A Matter of Vengeance

Mason Pruitt is convinced that a visitor to Boonesborough is the killer of his parents.
Guest Stars: Pete Logan as William | Robert Anderson as Wilson | Ramon Bieri as Hanker | Jim McMullan as Mason Pruitt | David McLean (1) as Simon | Linda Marsh as Amy
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Irve Tunick

159 :06x20 - The Landlords

Two moronic assclowns are swindled by a man who claims ownership of Boonesborough and sells them the deed.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Churchill James | Victor French as Ess Hines | Med Flory as Bingen Hines | Natalie Core as Grace Cowles | James Wainwright as Cully | Robert Cornthwaite as Sir Ives Wallace | Tom Drury as Settler | Walter Reese as Proprietor | Pete Logan as Hart | William Plaugher as Carl Cowles |
Uncredited: William Smith (1) as Amos Martin
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Melvin Levy

160 :06x21 - Readin', Ritin', and Revoltin'

The children of Boonesborough want schoolmaster Pickering to teach them about Native American culture but their request is opposed by both the teacher and their parents.
Guest Stars: Tony Davis as Little Hawk | William O'Connell as Pickering | Billy Corcoran as Joe | Maureen Crow as Mrs. Jones | James de Closs as Gates | Stafford Morgan as Talbot | Ceil Cabot as Mrs. Williams | Toni Gilman as Mrs. Gray | Bill Walker (1) as Horner | Walter Maslow as Higbee | John Daniels as Baxter | Rory O'Brien as Jonathan | Arthur Batanides as Chief Tekwatana
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Lee Karson

161 :06x22 - Noblesse Oblige

An exiled French prince changes places with his chef because he's growing tired of fawning receptions everywhere he goes.
Guest Stars: Victoria Vetri as Susan Pepper | Sonny Klein as Drunk | Elizabeth Baur as Virginia Brewster | Virginia Christine as Mrs. Brewster | Jane Dulo as Mrs. Pepper | David Watson (1) as Prince Louis | Murray MacLeod as Edgar | Phil Proctor as Bernard | Ted White as Stage Driver | Eddie Quillan as Proprietor
Director: Nathan Juran

162 :06x23 - The Homecoming

An old man discovers that he is now the last of the Piqua tribe which once lived in the area where Boonesborough now stands. He plots to avenge the demise of his people by destroying the settlers.
Guest Stars: William Plaugher as Oxy James | Robert Anderson as Amos | Bart Burns as Boron | David Opatoshu as Tamenund | Sidney Clute as Pasco
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Melvin Levy

163 :06x24 - Bringing Up Josh

Josh Clements is in a spot once again when he becomes foster father to a pair of orphans. Widow Abigail Spoon has had her sights set on marrying Josh for quite a while and insists that he cannot raise the two children properly without a mother figure--namely her.
Guest Stars: Keith Brock as Hoag | Kathleen Crow as Woman | Neal Nixon as Clem | Barney Rosenzweig as Trapper | Larry Shriver as Friend | Stafford Morgan as Seth | Loretta Leversee as Abigail Spoon | Lori Saunders as Mary Pickett | Jodie Foster as Rachel | Ty Wilson as Billy | Mike Henry (2) as Creole Jim | Foster Brooks as Drunk
Director: William Wiard

164 :06x25 - How to Become a Goddess

The Onondaga tribe mistake Rebecca for a fabled red-haired goddess in their folklore thanks to the machinations of assclowns Ess and Bingen Hines.
Guest Stars: Hank Calia as Israbi | Frank Orsatti as Tupi | Anakorita as Dawn | Walter Coy as Chief Blackfish | Paul Mantee as Atawa | Med Flory as Bingen Hines | Victor French as Ess Hines | Ruth Warrick as Wise Woman
Director: William Wiard
Story: Jim Byrnes (2) | Teleplay: Don Balluck

165 :06x26 - Israel and Love

It's young love, first love for Israel who falls for the daughter of a woodcarver who has lost his inspiration to carve and is drowning himself with false shots of courage at the local crawl and fall.
Guest Stars: Cam Clarke as Pasco Jr. | Robin Mattson as Brae | Sidney Clute as Pasco | Tim O'Connor as Second | Norman Leavitt as Starkie
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Melvin Levy
Warning: Daniel Boone (1964) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1964
Ended: August 27, 1970
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