Season 1

1 :01x01 - Ken-Tuck-E

George Washington sends Daniel Boone and sidekick Yadkin into "Ken-Tuck-E," the dark and bloody hunting ground for four Native American tribes, to find a site for a fort. Upon arrival, Daniel and Yadkin encounter a lone Cherokee brave running from a band of Shawnee warriors. Daniel drives the Shawnees away and the greatful Cherokee, a half-breed named Mingo, shows him an ideal location on which to build their fort.
Guest Stars: George Lindsey as Wigeon | Robert F. Simon as Chief Blackfish | Gregory Morton as Brayton | Stephen Courtleigh as George Washington | Arch Johnson as Judson | Bobby Horan as Nathan Carr | Chuck Roberson as Dark Panther | Phil Chambers (1) as Macawner
Writer: Borden Chase

2 :01x02 - Tekawitha McLeod

Flathead Joseph kidnaps the adopted daughter of a Cherokee chief and offers her to the Boonesborough settlers in exchange for a jug of rum. When it's revealed that the girl is white, Daniel purchases her freedom. Soon, the Cherokee arrive on the scene to take the girl back to live with them. Daniel does not agree that the girl should return but she herself wants to go.
Guest Stars: David Cadiente as Talequah | Robert Foulk as Sledge Clayburn | Edna Skinner as Sadie Clayburn | Chris Alcaide as Flathead Joseph | Lynn Loring as Tekawitha McLeod | Donald O'Rourke as Timmy Kincaid | George J. Lewis as Menewa
Director: Thomas Carr
Writer: Paul King

3 :01x03 - My Brother's Keeper

Yadkin is seriously wounded in a Native American ambush and insists that the warrior who wounded him was none other than Mingo.
Guest Stars: Adam Williams as Mose | Peter Coe as Chieftan | Ford Rainey as Matawa | Dennis Cross as Warrior | Belle Mitchell as Old Cherokee Woman
Director: John English
Writer: Paul King

4 :01x04 - The Family Fluellen

A widowed Welshwoman and her three children are determined to settle in hostile Shawnee territory and no amount of persuading can change her mind.
Guest Stars: Judson Pratt as Amos Whyte | Cindy Cassell as Rachel Fluellen | Morgan Brittany as Naomi Fluellen | Donald Losby as Rhys Fluellen | Harold Stone as Greenbriar | Bethel Leslie as Zerelda Fluellen
Director: Byron Paul

5 :01x05 - The Choosing

Daniel and Jemima take a pleasant father daughter jaunt into the wilderness which quickly turns into a nightmare. Daniel accidentally wounds himself with an axe and Jemima gets kidnapped by a band of Native Americans.
Special Guest Stars: David Brian as Major Horton |
Guest Stars: Richard Devon as Tice Fowler | Larry Chance as Native American
Director: Thomas Carr
Writer: Paul King

6 :01x06 - Lac Duquesne

Lac Duquesne is a former French officer turned river pirate who was once a friend of Daniel's. Things change, however, when Duquesne steals a shipment of rifles intended for the Boonesborough settlers. Daniel, Yadkin, and Mingo then set off in pursuit.
Guest Stars: Barry Kelley as Butters | Sarah Selby as Mrs. Butters | James Griffith (1) as Feathers | Émile Genest as Lac Duquesne
Director: Thomas Carr
Writer: Paul Savage

7 :01x07 - The Sound of Wings

Major Peter Wellington, a crafty British officer, assumes Daniel's identity in order to persuade the Native American tribes to side with the Brits against the Colonials during the Revolutionary War. The only way for Daniel to prove his true identity is to undergo several vigorous challenges along with Wellington.
Special Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Major Peter Wellington |
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Chief Talakum | Michael Pate as Pushta | Ralph Moody as Charlie Crow
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: John Hawkins

8 :01x08 - A Short Walk to Salem

Renegade outlaw Simon Girty and his three no-talent sons plan to steal the seasonal fur take of the Boonesborough settlers.
Guest Stars: James Westerfield as Simon Girty | Harry Dean Stanton as Jeb Girty | Robert Sorrells as Luke Girty | William Fawcett as Ben Pickens | Charlie Briggs as Hiram Girty
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Paul King

9 :01x09 - The Sisters O'Hannrahan

Thanks to the bumbling, stumbling, and fumbling of Yadkin, Daniel becomes the owner of two indentured Irish servant girls.
Guest Stars: Fay Spain as Kathleen O'Hanrahan | Nina Shipman as Molly O'Hanrahan | Don Megowan as Herman Boehm | Hal Baylor as Cyrus Ballard | Maudie Prickett as Flavia Tillridge | Sig Ruman as Van Coot | Larry J. Blake as Auctioneer
Director: John English

10 :01x10 - Pompey

Indentured servant Caleb Calhoun arrives in Boonesborough to track down runaway slave Pompey for their owner. Calhoun has to bring Pompey back or he'll be forced to serve an additional term of indenturement.
Guest Stars: Joseph V. Perry as Tabuka | Peter Whitney as Caleb Calhoun | Brock Peters as Pompey
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

11 :01x11 - Mountain of the Dead

A dream about a man whom Daniel thought was dead is followed by the appearance of three men at the door of the Boone cabin who demand that Daniel take them to the site of a bloody Native American massacre that took place years before.
Special Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as William Russell |
Guest Stars: John McLiam as Charles Bane | Ed Peck as John Hawkins | Kelly Thordsen as Guthrie MacAnders | Jay Silverheels as Chenrogen
Director: Byron Paul

12 :01x12 - Not in Our Stars

Lord Dunsmore, the British Governor General of Virginia, orders the Boonesborough settlers out of Kentucky within 30 days claiming that he himself holds title to the land.
Special Guest Stars: Walter Pidgeon as Lord Dunsmore |
Guest Stars: James Brown (2) as Sergeant Quincy | Abraham Sofaer as Chief Tamund | John Vivyan as Major Halpen | Tim Graham (1) as Sparrow
Director: John English

13 :01x13 - The Hostages

A band of Senecas kidnaps Rebecca and ransacks the Boone cabin. The unusual thing about this group of brigands is that they are led by a white Tory officer.
Guest Stars: Rhodes Reason as Captain William Butler | Ellen Corby as Hilda Brock | Madlyn Rhue as Esther Mancour
Director: George Sherman
Writer: Carey Wilber

14 :01x14 - The Returning

With winter fast approaching, Daniel's old pal, Will Carey, enters the Boonesborough settlement with a load of pelts. Unfortunately, Mingo isn't too pleased with Carey's presence. It seems as though Carey got those pelts by murdering three of his fellow Cherokee tribesmen.
Special Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Will Carey |
Guest Stars: Carmen D'Antonio as Cherokee Woman | Pat Hogan as Hotakna | Robert G. Anderson as Donovan | George J. Lewis as Menewa
Director: John English
Writer: Don Ingalls

15 :01x15 - The Prophet

A Native American holy man who calls himself the Prophet asks the Shawnee to join other tribes in driving the white settlers out of the Kentucky territory. The Shawnee hesitate at first but then the Prophet promises he can deliver their arch-enemy, Daniel Boone, into their hands.
Guest Stars: John Russell as Amos MacAleer | Hank Worden as Blue Belly | Ric Roman as Theyandaga | Joe De Santis as Jigossassee | Patricia Huston as Amanda Dobson | Kevin Hagen as John Dobson
Director: Robert D. Webb
Writer: Carey Wilber

16 :01x16 - The First Stone

The Boones give shelter to Esther Craig and her young son, William, when they're found wandering in the wilderness but signs soon begin to indicate that Esther is a witch.
Guest Stars: Kurt Russell as Wiillam Craig | Morgan Woodward as Tom Sutton | Gene Evans as Joshua Craig | Geraldine Brooks as Esther Craig
Director: Harry Harris

17 :01x17 - A Place of 1000 Spirits

The Boones and Mingo try to rescue Lt. Henry Pitcairn, a British officer who was abducted from a Salem tavern by two Shawnee braves. It turns out that Pitcairn is harboring a deadly secret for which the Shawnee insist he pay with his life.
Special Guest Stars: Macdonald Carey as Lt. Henry Pitcairn |
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Toka | I. Stanford Jolley as Tavern keeper | Ted White as Carata
Director: George Sherman

18 :01x18 - The Sound of Fear

Simon Perigore ranks as the nastiest mother Daniel Boone has ever faced. Perigore and his band of scalphunting thugs take Daniel's family hostage. In return, Daniel must help Perigore foment a Native American war.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Simon Perigore |
Guest Stars: Jim Boles as Parson | Jacques Aubuchon as Henri LaPleche | Jack Elam as Dr. Miller Petch | Peter Duryea as Andrew Perigore | Robert J. Wilke as William "Toff" Dunston |
Uncredited: Robert Bice as Sergeant
Director: Harry Harris
Story: Truman Clay | Teleplay: Dick Nelson, Truman Clay

19 :01x19 - The Price of Friendship

Daniel encounters river pirates Ben and Sara Hanks who will steal you blind though they won't hurt you physically.
Guest Stars: William Phipps as Dink | Kurt Russell as Matthew | John Pickard (2) as Telly | Lane Bradford as Sam | Myrna Fahey as Sara Hanks | Lloyd Nolan as Ben Hanks
Director: John English
Writer: Frank Chase

20 :01x20 - The Quietists

A pacifist Quaker family moves onto a farm located on the edge of hostile Cherokee territory. Nothing Daniel does or says can persuade them to arm themselves.
Guest Stars: Alexander Scourby as Eli Bothwell | Jay Silverheels as Latawa | Robert Random as Stephen Bothwell | Eve McVeagh as Kate Bothwell | Mary Jane Saunders as Amantha Bothwell
Director: George Sherman

21 :01x21 - The Devil's Four

Daniel and Yadkin get four manacled felons to drive wagons filled with supplies through the Cumberland Gap which is infested with bandits and hostile Native Americans.
Guest Stars: Willis Bouchey as Magistrate | Whit Bissell as Trapper | Charles Horvath as Erich Strasser | Gordon Jump as Marcus Clements | Sean McClory as Liam O'Hara | James Best as Jethro Wyatt | Bruce Cabot as Simon Bullard
Story: Mark Rodgers | Teleplay: Herman Groves

22 :01x22 - The Reunion

Itinerant peddler Timothy Patrick Bryan shows up in Boonesborough looking for his long lost daughter Rebecca Boone but she wants nothing to do with the man because he abandoned her family when she was a child.
Special Guest Stars: John McIntire as Timothy Patrick Bryan |
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hayes (1) as John Barnes | Bebe Kelly as Mary Barnes | Hank Patterson as Jed Harper | Marvin Brody as Tom Bradley
Story: Rita Lakin | Teleplay: Jack Paritz, Rita Lakin

23 :01x23 - The Ben Franklin Encounter

After returning from a trip to Virginia, Daniel and Mingo relate via flashback how they met the legendary Benjamin Franklin and almost got themselves shanghaied to England in the process.
Guest Stars: Laurie Main as Benjamin Franklin | Edward Mulhare as Admiral Lord Clydesdale | Albert Carrier as Charles Penet | Anna Lee as Clara Merivale | Vikki Harrington as Mary Merivale | James Forrest as Lt. Richard Fergus | Alan Simpson (3) as Moreland
Director: Nathan Juran

24 :01x24 - Four-Leaf Clover

Francis Clover, Boonesborough's new schoolmaster, can't seem to do anything right but he sure manages to do something wrong--he inadvertently gave rifles and gunpowder to hostile Shawnees.
Special Guest Stars: George Gobel as Francis Clover |
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Chief Saugus | Alvy Moore as Amos Truro | Dick Wessel as Moses Hennepin | Isa Crino as Mrs. Wilson
Director: John English
Writer: Preston Wood

25 :01x25 - Cain's Birthday (1)

Most of the Boonesborough men are out working at a salt-making campsite when they are mysteriously surrounded by a Native American war party led by a French officer. Daniel mysteriously orders them to surrender which leaves mostly women and children to defend the fort.
Guest Stars: Cesare Danova as Colonel Michelet | Connie Gilchrist as Keziah Tench | Shug Fisher as Jake Tench | Maurice Marsac as Gagne | Ted de Corsia as Chief Talawa | Abel Fernández as Little Turtle
Director: Paul Landres
Writer: Carey Wilber

26 :01x26 - Cain's Birthday (2)

Relief finds its way to Boonesborough in the form of one lone British officer and his orderly. That doesn't appear like it's going to cut the mustard especially when the fort's powder magazine is blown up by an attacking force of Native Americans.
Guest Stars: Alan Napier as Sir Hubert Crater | Booth Colman as Private Slimpsey | Maurice Marsac as Gagne | Connie Gilchrist as Keziah Tench | Ted de Corsia as Chief Talawa | Cesare Danova as Colonel Michelet
Director: Paul Landres
Writer: Carey Wilber

27 :01x27 - Daughter of the Devil

Superstition runs rampant in Boonesborough when two mysterious travelers arrive and the appearance of a deadly panther follows.
Guest Stars: Orville Sherman as Will Camfield | Norman Leavitt as Clyde Devon | Mario Alcalde as Russ Kresson | Frank Silvera as Marcel Bouvier | Pilar Seurat as Marie Bouvier | Pearl Sherman as Mrs. Bertrand
Director: Joseph Sargent
Writer: Stephen Lord

28 :01x28 - Doll of Sorrow

A sorry criminal named Seth Jennings steals a sacred doll from the wife of a Native American chief and plans to hold it for ransom. Knowing that this could lead to major hostilities between the settlers and the Native Americans, Daniel puts his own neck on the line to retrieve the doll.
Guest Stars: Adrienne Hayes as Rising Star | Eddie Little Sky as Grey Eagle | Edward Binns as Seth Jennings
Director: Paul Landres

29 :01x29 - The Courtship of Jericho Jones

Jericho Jones gets the hots for a beautiful Creek princess and elopes with her. Needless to say, this turn of events causes considerable disruption of settler-Native American relations.
Guest Stars: Russ McCubbin as Jubal Markham | Joe Canutt as Pushmataha | Stuart Randall (1) as Kawita | Anne Helm as Sumah
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Carey Wilber

Season 2

30 :02x01 - Empire of the Lost

Daniel receives a major surprise when he returns to Boonesborough from a journey and discovers that British Colonel Worthing has ordered the settlement evacuated.
Guest Stars: Edward Mulhare as Col. Marcus Worthing | Abel Fernández as White Feather | George Backman as Lt. Morris | Thomas Browne Henry as Chief Antawah | Orville Sherman as Tupper | Richard Lapp as Sentry
Director: Nathan Juran

31 :02x02 - The Tortoise and the Hare

It's time for the settlers' annual cross country foot race with the Native Americans which is always a hotly contested affair. Daniel is Boonesborough's best runner but he sprains an ankle and is unable to compete. It's up to young Jericho Jones to carry the load for the settlers against the noble redmen and their swift runner.
Guest Stars: Shug Fisher as Jake Tench | Orville Sherman as Tupper | Peter Mamakos as Creek Chief | Ken Del Conte as Deerfoot | Laurie Main as Stinch | James Griffith (1) as Coll
Director: George Sherman

32 :02x03 - The Mound Builders

Daniel and Mingo intercept a band of Shawnees who are pursuing a mysterious fellow dressed in the regalia of an Aztec chieftan.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Dull Knife | Henry Silva as Zapotec
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Clyde Ware

33 :02x04 - My Name is Rawls

Rawls is an unusual fur thief. He's an escaped slave who makes a point of telling his victims his identity.
Guest Stars: Orville Sherman as Tupper | Harold Goodwin (1) as Harper | Lawrence Montaigne as Mawson | Michael Conrad as Sharben | Rafer Johnson as Rawls
Director: George Sherman

34 :02x05 - The Old Man and the Cave

Israel unwittingly violates a Native American tribal custom when he rescues a starving old medicine man from a sacred burial cave. This act arouses the ire of a younger medicine man who's an old enemy of Daniel Boone.
Guest Stars: Val Avery as Watowah | Hal John Norman as Gray Elk | Cyril Delevanti as Nitashanta
Writer: Walter Black

35 :02x06 - The Trek

John Benton is a notorious scumbag who sells defective guns to Native Americans and then burns out their villages when they refuse to pay. Needless to say, the planet isn't big enough for both him and Daniel Boone.
Special Guest Stars: Aldo Ray as John Benton |
Guest Stars: Roy Jenson as Jenson | Charles Horvath as Pike | Ted White as Hawks | John Lupton as James Chadwick
Director: George Sherman

36 :02x07 - The Aaron Burr Story

Disgraced Vice-President Aaron Burr arrives in Boonesborough looking for a guide to the mouth of the Cumberland River. Daniel smells a rat and declines Burr's offer but young Jericho Jones agrees to undertake the task.
Special Guest Stars: Leif Erickson as Aaron Burr |
Guest Stars: Holly Bane as Leader | Michael St. Clair as Leamus O'Leary

37 :02x08 - Cry of Gold

Two scumbag land developers hire bareknuckle English boxing champion Thomas Cromwell to dispose of Daniel in a prizefight so they can buy up Boonesborough property cheaply.
Guest Stars: Orville Sherman as Buckman Tull | Anne Barton as Woman | Dick Nelson as Murchison | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Hamer | William O'Connell as Blake | Maxwell Reed as Thomas Cromwell | Sarah Marshall (1) as Anne Denning
Director: Nathan Juran

38 :02x09 - The Peace Tree

A group of Scottish settlers builds a settlement right smack dab in the middle of Cherokee hunting grounds. Daniel tries to get them to vacate but everyone knows how stubborn Scotsmen can be.
Guest Stars: Harold Goodwin (1) as David | Ted White as Pushta | Abel Fernández as Tarend | Nestor Paiva as Menawah | Peter Oliphant as Dougal McIntosh | Larry Domasin as Monlutha | Liam Redmond as Roderick McIntosh
Director: George Sherman

39 :02x10 - The Thanksgiving Story

Daniel and Jericho Jones are in a hurry to get back to Boonesborough in time for Thanksgiving. They make it in time but then a messenger brings news tht the Choctaws are on the warpath. Can Daniel's visiting father-in-law be the person who averts the potential bloodbath?
Special Guest Stars: John McIntire as Timothy Patrick Bryan |
Guest Stars: Rodolfo Acosta as Chief Gabriel | Abraham Sofaer as Grey Cloud | Shug Fisher as Jake Tench | Ted White as Choctaw Warrior

40 :02x11 - A Rope for Mingo

Jericho finds a murdered family near a burning wagon and Mingo's knife happens to be stuck in one of the victims.
Guest Stars: Med Flory as Luke | Ray Montgomery as Hank | Peggy Stewart as Ida Morgan | Leo Gordon as Silas Morgan | Peter Coe as Cherokee Brave | Gloria Manon as Kutawari | George Kennedy as Zach Morgan
Director: John Florea

41 :02x12 - The First Beau

It's young love, first love for Jemima who falls for David Ellis, a newcomer to Boonesborough. Unbeknownst to her, David is also a thief who's casing the joint for his partner in crime.
Special Guest Stars: Fabian as David Ellis |
Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Mike Kravic | Sam Jaffe as Jed Tolson
Director: John Florea

42 :02x13 - The Perilous Journey

Daniel and Rebecca finally get to take a long delayed honeymoon but it gets interrupted by an army officer with a confidential message for Daniel to deliver to New Orleans.
Guest Stars: Albert Carrier as Marquis de Lafayette | Alan Napier as Lord Brisbane | Shug Fisher as Jake Tench | John Orchard as Stone | William Fawcett as Shopkeeper | Stacy Harris as Captain Grant | Steve Ihnat as Tyler
Director: John Florea

43 :02x14 - The Christmas Story

A Native American brave and his pregnant wife arrive outside the settlement seeking shelter inside the fort from a raging blizzard but some of the settlers are wary of giving it to them.
Guest Stars: Morgan Woodward as Elisha Tully | Eve McVeagh as Eleanor Tully | Paul Fix as Grey Cloud | Jay Silverheels as Sashona | John Crawford as Jeremy | Sue England as Nanteen | Valentin de Vargas as Oneha | Aliza Gur as Tawna
Writer: Stephen Lord

44 :02x15 - The Tamarack Massacre Affair

Daniel is sent to negotiate a friendship treaty with the Iroquois but one Madeline Lorne says the tribe is guilty of a massacre of which she is the only survivor.
Special Guest Stars: Dina Merrill as Madeline Lorne |
Guest Stars: Russ McCubbin as British Sergeant | Robert Lansing as Captain Robert Ives | Michael Keep as Rain Cloud | James O'Hara as British Officer | Charles Bateman as Major John Lorne
Director: James B. Clark

45 :02x16 - Gabriel

Daniel and Mingo are captured by a group of Spanish soldiers while on their way to a French trading post. Daniel is mistaken for Gabriel LeJeune, a French revolutionary wanted by the Spaniards.
Special Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Esteban de Vaca |
Guest Stars: Carlos Romero as Captain Francisco | Jacqueline Beer as Heloise Joliet | Vincent Beck as Gabriel LeJeune | Mike Mazurki as El Toro
Director: Gerd Oswald

46 :02x17 - Seminole Territory

Deep down in Seminole territory, Daniel and Mingo encounter Fletcher Cameron, a magician who soon dazzles the Native Americans with his tricks. Wouldn't you know it, soon this 18th century Houdini wannabe begins fancying himself as a potential leader of the Seminoles.
Guest Stars: Diane Ladd as Ronda Cameron | Leonard Nimoy as Oontah | Nan Leslie as Ada Mayberry | Richard Devon as Hotallah | Russ Conway as Tom Mayberry | Judson Pratt as John Bridger | Michael Corhan as Shampay | Channing Pollock as Fletcher Cameron
Director: John Florea
Writer: Stephen Lord

47 :02x18 - The Deserter

Daniel gives shelter to Reuben Stone not knowing that he's an Army deserter so when bounty hunter Simon Harmon arrives on the scene he mistakes Daniel for another deserter who was traveling with Stone.
Guest Stars: Slim Pickens as Simon Harmon | Dick Sargent as Reuben Stone | Henry Brandon as Lije Moody | Ted White as Sgt. Jud Blake | Bob Terhune as Ab Varney | Bruce Jacobs as Jethro | Rudy Robbins as Josh Cutler
Director: Nathan Juran

48 :02x19 - Crisis by Fire

When a smallpox epidemic threatens Boonesborough, Daniel and his family are quarantined in their cabin. Roger Barr, an embittered former Army officer who has settled in the area, sees this as his opportunity to gain power.
Special Guest Stars: George Sanders as Colonel Roger Barr |
Guest Stars: John Crawford as Tolliver | Marvin Brody as Tupper | Barbara Knudson as Kate Tolliver | Jeanne Cooper as Amy Barr | Rhodes Reason as Dr. Jedrick | Hal John Norman as Quonab
Story: Lee Loeb | Teleplay: David Duncan (1), Lee Loeb

49 :02x20 - The Gun

Daniel travels to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to have a new rifle made for himself but on his way back to Kentucky he must outwit two assclowns who try to force him to guide them through hostile Shawnee territory.
Guest Stars: Ken Renard as Red Eagle | Dee Carroll as Sarah Goodall | Warren Vanders as Pike | Milton Selzer as Isaac Delf | Robert Middleton as Simon Brasher | Al Dunlap as Man | James Almanzar as Shawnee Leader | Michael Morgan as Shawnee Brave
Director: Robert Totten

50 :02x21 - The Prisoners

Daniel faces another nasty mother in convicted traitor Edward Eliot who kidnaps Israel and Jemima to insure Daniel's help in killing Colonel Richard Calloway, who condemned Eliot's brother to the firing squad.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Edward/Matthew Eliot | Gregory Morton as Col. Richard Calloway | Chris Alcaide as Noah Pierce | Kelton Garwood as Rufus Hubbard | Rick Vallin as Sentry
Director: John Florea

51 :02x22 - The Fifth Man

To carry out an urgent military mission at the bequest of Virginia governor Patrick Henry, Daniel needs safe passage through hostile Tuscarawa territory which only that tribe's chief, embittered former war hero George Rogers Clark, can provide.
Special Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as George Rogers Clark (Catahecassa) |
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Patrick Henry | John McLiam as Matthew Elbridge | Shug Fisher as Jake Tench | Orville Sherman as Tupper | Vic Tayback as American Soldier
Director: George Sherman

52 :02x23 - The Gun-Barrel Highway

Daniel tries to avert bloodshed between the Shawnee and road builders who have begun building through tribal hunting grounds in direct violation of a treaty.
Guest Stars: Bob Homel as Wiggins | Fred Carson as Tall Bear | Timothy Scott as Phelps | Dennis Cross as Red Hand | Arthur Space as Sawyer | John Kellogg as Cassady | Walter Reese as Smithson
Director: John Florea

53 :02x24 - The Search

On his way to New Orleans to market his furs, Daniel is attacked and robbed. Tracking down his assailant he becomes involved in a search for pirate gold.
Guest Stars: Russ McCubbin as Armand | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Kidder | Willard Sage as Marcel Proust | Douglas Fowley as Rufus C. Hoops | Michael Ansara as Sebastian Drake | Nita Talbot as Sylvia du Marais | Richard Reeves as Bartender
Director: Harmon Jones

54 :02x25 - Fifty Rifles

Cashiered British Army officer William Blount steals a shipment of 50 rifles and plans to trade them to the hostile Shawnee in return for a huge tract of land.
Guest Stars: Christopher Dark as Kashita | William Mims as Scraps | Henry Wilcoxon as William Blount | George J. Lewis as Shawnee Chief | Barbara Pepper as Mrs. Shanks | Tom Fadden as Shanks
Director: John Florea

55 :02x26 - The Trap

Daniel goes after a nasty bunch of mothers who terrorized his family, took Israel hostage, and left Mingo with his foot caught in a bear trap.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Rogan Morgan | Robert Donner as Coot | Orville Sherman as Tupper | Marc Cavell as Lucas | Jack Lambert (1) as Rafe Todd | Mike Lane (1) as Ike
Director: Gerd Oswald

56 :02x27 - The Accused

Daniel is framed for murder in this episode and it's up to Mingo to save the day since Perry Mason and Matlock won't be traveling back in time to make crossover appearances.
Guest Stars: Eddie Quillan as Ephraim Smith | George Savalas as Warden | Walker Edmiston as Grover Matthews | Buck Young as Henry Foxx | Vaughn Taylor as Justice Homer Goodwin | E.J. Andre as Peterson | John Crawford as Ken Scott | Joanna Moore as Lacey Lowe | Jerome Thor as Samuel Thurston | Tom McFadden as Livery Man
Director: John Florea

57 :02x28 - Cibola

Old Matty Brenner, half-crazed with hunger and thirst, stumbles into Daniel and Mingo's camp dragging along a boy who claims to live in Cibola, one of the legendary cities of gold.
Guest Stars: Royal Dano as Matty Brenner | Alejandro Rey as Sgt. Goya | Jose Hector Galindo as Antonio | Nicholas Georgiade as White Wolf | Alexander D'Arcy as First Soldier
Director: Gerd Oswald

58 :02x29 - The High Cumberland (1)

This two-part episode deals with the early years of Daniel Boone's life and how he met both Rebecca and Mingo. It also re-writes things quite a bit from the show's premiere episode as to how he first traveled to Kentucky and first encountered the Oxford educated Cherokee.
Guest Stars: Barbara Turner De Hubp as Mrs. Meador | Chuck Roberson as Dutch | Roy Jenson as Cash Doyle | Ted White as Trapper | Bob Terhune as Big John | Charles Horvath as Luther Willis | Armando Silvestre as Jim Santee | Jack Williams (3) as Larson | Jacqueline Evans as Martha Bliss | Felix Gonzalez as Judd
Director: George Sherman

59 :02x30 - The High Cumberland (2)

In the conclusion of this two-part episode dealing with the early years of Daniel Boone's life he must lead a party of settlers through a canyon and take a stand against pursuers who want their precious supplies all the while defeating rival Jim Santee for the affections of one Rebecca Bryan.
Guest Stars: Barbara Turner De Hubp as Mrs. Meador | Roy Jenson as Cash Doyle | Chuck Roberson as Dutch | Charles Horvath as Luther Willis | Armando Silvestre as Jim Santee | Bob Terhune as Big John | Jack Williams (3) as Larson | Jacqueline Evans as Martha Bliss | Felix Gonzalez as Judd
Director: George Sherman

Season 3

60 :03x01 - Dan'l Boone Shot a B'ar

Daniel confronts Cletus Mott who's after the bear that killed his father and brother. Mott is determined to hunt down the bear himself and threatens anyone who gets in his way.
Guest Stars: Slim Pickens as Cletus Mott | Dick Foran as Jeremiah | Claude Hall as Wilse Mott | Chick Chandler as Ira Haggans
Director: Alex Nicol
Story: David Chantler | Teleplay: D.D. Beauchamp

61 :03x02 - The Allegiances

Mingo has divided loyalties when he learns that his Cherokee tribe will be part of a British scheme to drive all the white settlers from Kentucky.
Guest Stars: Paul Fix as Quonab | Walter Kray as Chenrogan | Angela Clarke (2) as Wanona | Michael Pate as Raccuwan | Patrick Horgan as Byron Honeywell | Charles Macaulay as Col. Arthur Merivale | Frank Hagney as Hongas | Jack Big Head as 1st Brave | Joe Canutt as 2nd Brave | Tim Donnelly as Bugler
Director: Earl Bellamy
Story: Luanna Poole | Teleplay: David Duncan (1)

62 :03x03 - Goliath

Robbers force horse trader Otis Cobb to buy a slave with the settlers' money--and now he has to pay them back.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Oakie as Otis Cobb |
Guest Stars: Orville Sherman as Tupper | Shug Fisher as Tolliver | Harold Goodwin (1) as Grover Hanks | Woody Strode as Goliath | Sheldon Allman as Caleb Smith | Cal Bolder as Alex | Jerome Cowan as Loomis | Ed Peck as Smedley | Chuck Couch as 2nd Smith Brother | Tony Epper as 3rd Smith Brother | Charles Bail as 1st Smith Brother | Bea Bradley as Susan Smith
Director: Barry Shear

63 :03x04 - Grizzly

Israel is the only person who can clear a man wrongfully accused of murder.
Guest Stars: Jeff York as Big Zack | William Tannen as John | Harold Goodwin (1) as Grover Hanks | Orville Sherman as Tupper | Chuck Roberson as Native American #2 | Phil Chambers (1) as Jed Weston | Rodolfo Acosta as Running Fox | Juney Ellis as Mrs. Stubbs | Percy Helton as Stubbs | Buddy Van Horn as Native American #1
Director: William Wiard

64 :03x05 - First in War, First in Peace

Upon learning about an assassination plot against George Washington, Daniel and Mingo rush to keep if from coming to fruition.
Special Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Edgar Newton |
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Col. James Lampert | Ivor Barry as George Washington | Henry Corden as Peter Mornay | Eddie Quillan as Innkeeper | Bryan O'Byrne as Portman | Lane Bradford as John Beachum | Clyde Howdy as Hostler | Robert Adler as Orderly | Tony Epper as Sergeant
Director: Barry Shear

65 :03x06 - Run a Crooked Mile

Daniel is forced to collect a ransom for a band of body snatchers who are holding Israel hostage.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Graves as Logan Harris |
Guest Stars: Doodles Weaver as Horseman | Harry Harvey as Luther Michaels | Myron Healey as Lynch | Arthur Hunnicutt as Gabe | Marvin Brody as Cross | Stanley Clements as Timbo | Ken Renard as Jason | Harry Raybould as Hoad
Director: Anton Leader

66 :03x07 - The Matchmaker

Daniel and Mingo play matchmaker for a Creek princess and the son of a Shawnee chief in order to avert an inter-tribal war.
Guest Stars: Laurie Main as Stinch | Chuck Roberson as Shawnee | Larry Chance as Lone Runner | James Griffith (1) as Coll | Hal John Norman as Chief Red Fox | Peter Mamakos as Chief Two Shoots | Brenda Benet as Princess Wildflower
Director: Robert Douglas
Story: Sam Gilman

67 :03x08 - Onatha

Daniel and Mingo save a small black girl from drowning but then clash with two slave hunters who claim ownership of her.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Hongas | Kim Hamilton as Naomi | Lila Perry as Onatha | Rayford Barnes as Millard Church | Virginia Capers as Elsie | Alan Baxter as John Ruth | Raymond St. Jacques as Nimrod | Robert DoQui as Tom | Davis Roberts as Jim
Director: Earl Bellamy

68 :03x09 - The Loser's Race

Daniel must haul ass from Boonesborough to Williamsburg to pay a delinquent land tax but the man traveling with him has been hired to make sure he never reaches his destination.
Special Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as James Dorsey |
Guest Stars: Richard Devon as Stokes | William Tannen as Clark | Brendan Dillon as Timothy Stark | Barbara Perry as Lydia Dorsey | Lindsay Workman as Dr. Marcus Winter | Patrick Whyte as Governor | Douglas Henderson as Gerald Ainsley | Tony Ballen as Stone | Ollie O'Toole as Town Crier
Director: William Wiard

69 :03x10 - The Enchanted Gun

After giving his rifle to a Shawnee warrior, Daniel must prove that the weapon is not enchanted or more powerful than the regular law.
Guest Stars: Michael Ansara as Red Sky | Robert J. Wilke as Jake Manning | William Tannen as Tolliver | Eddie Quillan as Higgins | X Brands as Tall Deer | Bara Byrnes as Wahanee | Thomas Browne Henry as Noheemo | Ken Mayer as Flint

70 :03x11 - Requiem for Craw Green

Seeking answers in the mysterious death of his half-breed friend, Craw Green, Mingo cuts his locks and disguises himself as a white man in order to travel to a settlement called Logan's Fort. Logan's Fort is run by a vicious bigot named Roark Logan who holds an ironic secret of his own.
Special Guest Stars: Jeffrey Hunter as Roark Logan |
Guest Stars: John Crawford as Press Boker | Bruno VeSota as Reuben | Frank Hagney as Settler | John Alvar as Kanati Green | Malcolm Atterbury as Thaddeus Hill | Sabrina Scharf as Alkini Matthews | Pamelyn Ferdin as Girl
Director: George Sherman
Story: Sid Harris

71 :03x12 - The Lost Colony

Daniel and Mingo discover an isolated and remote valley inhabited by people who claim to be descended from the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.
Guest Stars: John McLiam as Jedediah Corbett | Katherine Walsh as Elizabeth Corbett | Buck Taylor as Jonathan Warren | Joseph Hoover as Chad Oliver | Steve London as Barnabas Platt
Director: Alex Nicol
Story: Ken Pettus

72 :03x13 - River Passage

Daniel, trying to deliver gunpowder to Boonesborough, has to deal with hostile Native Americans and river rat Bill Sedley.
Special Guest Stars: Leif Erickson as Bill Sedley |
Guest Stars: Jim Davis (1) as Carpenter | James McCallion as Hostler | Howard Wright as Bartender | George Keymas as Leader | Richard Hale as Shawnee Chief | Tom McFadden as Sentry | Steve Raines as Horseman | Robert Brubaker as Talbot
Director: William Witney

73 :03x14 - When a King is a Pawn

Daniel and Israel try to save French Prince Charles from being returned to France and a date with the guillotine.
Guest Stars: Lilyan Chauvin as Madame Simon | George D. Wallace as Phillipe Gamet | Cesare Danova as Henri La Gaux | Peter Tenen as Ormond | Bill Walker (1) as Perrault | John Zaremba as Chaumet | Morgan Mason as Prince Charles | Hagen Smith as Paul
Director: Lesley Selander

74 :03x15 - The Symbol

It's Daniel and Mingo to the rescue when the Liberty Bell is stolen by an assclown Spaniard named Count de Borba.
Special Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Count Alfonso de Borba |
Guest Stars: Holly Bane as Butcher | Jon Locke as Tate | Carole Cook as Annie Boyd | David Peel (2) as Dick | Jeff Morrow as Major Hughes | Laurence Haddon as Eli

75 :03x16 - The Williamsburg Cannon (1)

Virginia Governor Patrick Henry recruits Daniel and Mingo to help with the transportation of a heavy cannon to Continental troops on the frontier. In order to reach their destination they must travel through hundreds of miles of enemy infested territory.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Capt. Robert George | Keith Andes as Ben Moore | Michael Blodgett as Sam Linn | Jack Lambert (1) as Alexander McAfee | Booth Colman as Patrick Henry | George Backman as Major Ferguson | Arch Johnson as Tavernkeeper | Richard X. Slattery as Simon Foss | David Morick as Coachman | Byron Foulger as Thomas Goodleaf | Tony Epper as Tate
Director: William Witney

76 :03x17 - The Williamsburg Cannon (2)

The British set a trap for Daniel and his small band who are hauling a heavy cannon to Continental forces on the frontier.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Capt. Robert George | Keith Andes as Ben Moore | Jack Lambert (1) as Alexander McAfee | Michael Blodgett as Sam Linn | George Backman as Major Ferguson | Richard X. Slattery as Simon Foss | Tony Epper as Tate | Dorothy Holland as Malilla
Director: William Witney

77 :03x18 - The Wolf Man

The settlers of Boonesborough are faced with deciding whether or not slavery should be permitted in their settlement.
Guest Stars: Don Haggerty (1) as Jed Cudahy | Kenneth Tobey as Taggart | R.G. Armstrong as Jarvis | Otis Young as Adam | D'Urville Martin as Joseph | John McCann (1) as Jim Smith | San Christopher as Mrs. Smith
Director: Earl Bellamy

78 :03x19 - The Jasper Ledbedder Story

A man named Jasper Ledbetter arives on the scene with a sad tale of woe about hostile Shawnees abducting his family. Daniel and Mingo accompany Jasper deep into Shawnee territory but then discover the real object of the journey.
Special Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer as Jasper Ledbetter |
Guest Stars: Abel Fernández as Warrior | William Tannen as Ben Clark | Frank Hagney as Shawnee Chief | Kate Murtagh as Lucy Ledbetter | Corey Fischer as Freddie Ledbetter
Director: William Wiard

79 :03x20 - When I Became a Man, I Put Away Childish Things

In this sentimental, pathos episode, Israel's pet fawn destroys a neighbor's crop and the boy is faced with the painful prospect of seeing his pet destroyed.
Guest Stars: Harold Goodwin (1) as Grover Hanks | Mala Powers as Polly Cooper | Dick Sargent as Andrew Cooper
Director: Earl Bellamy

80 :03x21 - The Long Way Home

Daniel joins in the hunt for an escaped Army prisoner who is wanted for murder. The fugitive happens to be an old friend of his.
Guest Stars: Robert J. Shaw as Orderly | Jack De Mave as Tad Parsons | Brett Pearson as Seymour Coot | Joel Ashley as General Harmer | Richard Webb as Murdock | Lawrence Montaigne as Hayes Fuller | William Marshall as Birch Kendall
Director: Earl Bellamy

81 :03x22 - The Young Ones

Three young survivors of a Native American massacre stir up a hornet's nest worth of trouble for Daniel Boone.
Guest Stars: Kurt Russell as Jed | Jeanne Cooper as Addie Ogilvie | Robert Anderson as Sam Ogilvie | Claire Wilcox as Martha | Chuck Roberson as Lige Henry | Robert Foulk as Otis | Frankie Kabott as Little Tom
Director: Gerd Oswald
Story: Sid Harris

82 :03x23 - Delo Jones

Happy go lucky woodsman Delo Jones arrives in Boonesborough carrying a big secret: he's on the run from a murder charge. Daniel discovers his secret and prepares to turn him over to a pursuing posse but Delo swears that the officer in charge of the posse is the real killer.
Special Guest Stars: Jimmy Dean as Delo Jones |
Guest Stars: Lyle Bettger as Lehman Henderson | William Tannen as Calvin Moss | John Orchard as British Sergeant | Eddie Little Sky as Naytuk
Writer: Clyde Ware
Songs: Jimmy Dean -- Buckeye Jim, Jimmy Dean -- Soldier, Soldier

83 :03x24 - The Necklace

Daniel heads for New Orleans carrying a pearl necklace that will exonerate a wrongfully convicted man but his journey is imperiled by three no-talent assclowns who are out to steal the necklace.
Special Guest Stars: Philip Carey as Gordon Lang |
Guest Stars: Laurie Main as Stinch | Steve Brodie as Darby | Tom Troupe as Becquerel | Valentin de Vargas as Rio | Kelly Thordsen as Pa Grimes | James Griffith (1) as Coll | Omar Hayyam as Fremont
Director: Earl Bellamy

84 :03x25 - Fort West Point

In this thinly veiled version of the Benedict Arnold story, Daniel and Mingo try to halt the commanding general of Fort West Point from turning the fort over to the British.
Guest Stars: Kent Smith as General Hugh Scott | Raymond Guth as Tatum | Richard Tretter as Noble | David Morick as Slade | Jim Gosa as Purvis | Kelton Garwood as Oliver | Alan Caillou as British Captain | Robert Miller Driscoll as Robey | Hampton Fancher as Tad Arlen | Bill Fletcher as Major John Andre
Director: Gerd Oswald

85 :03x26 - Bitter Mission

To prevent war, a wounded Daniel begins a long journey with traitorous retired general, James Wilkerson, as his prisoner. Wilkerson, with the aid of the Spanish, is pitting Virginia against Kentucky in order to snatch the region for himself.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as General James Wilkerson | Cesar Romero as Colonel Carlos Navarro | Berry Kroeger as Governor | William Tannen as Calvin Moss | Morgan Jones (1) as Keller | Richard Morrison (1) as Governor's Aide

86 :03x27 - Take the Southbound Stage

When President John Adams is kidnapped it's Daniel who is recruited by the First Lady to deliver the ransom money.
Guest Stars: Arnold Moss as Anthony Bedloe | Mabel Albertson as Abigail Adams | Robert Donner as Pike | Torin Thatcher as John Adams | Henry Darrow as Gideon | Sarah Marshall (1) as Nancy Bedloe | Alan Carney as Stagecoach Driver | Paul Brinegar as Gurney | Karl Bruck as Hotel Clerk | Hank Worden as Cab Driver | William Fawcett as Gunsmith | Doodles Weaver as Barkeep
Director: Gerd Oswald

87 :03x28 - The Fallow Land

It's Daniel to the rescue when three trappers poaching on Cherokee land threatens to instigate a Native American uprising.
Special Guest Stars: John Ireland as Hiram Manville |
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Canuda | William Tannen as Calvin Moss | Lev Mailer as Anderson | John Lodge as Harris | Steve Darrell as Nefromo | Morgan Jones (1) as Keller
Director: William Witney
Story: William Driskill | Teleplay: D.D. Beauchamp

Season 4

88 :04x01 - The Ballad of Sidewinder and the Cherokee

Daniel and Mingo have their furs stolen and in order to recover them they have to pit river pirates Joe Snag and Milo Quaife against each other.
Special Guest Stars: Forrest Tucker as Joe Snag |
Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Milo Quaife | Victor French as Sangster | Richard Hoyt Miller as Davy Rock | Vito Scotti as Priest
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Melvin Levy

89 :04x02 - The Ordeal of Israel Boone

After Daniel is bitten by a rattlesnake on a wilderness outing, Israel desperately seeks help for him.
Guest Stars: Jim Davis (1) as Sam Ralston | Ted Eccles as Boy #1 | Rory O'Brien as Boy #2 | Billy Corcoran as Boy #3
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Paul Playdon

90 :04x03 - The Renegade

Tom and Martha Jimson have adopted a young Native American boy but his renegade father is determined to reclaim him. Daniel and Mingo lend a hand in the matter.
Guest Stars: Gregory Walcott as Tom Jimson | Phyllis Avery as Martha Jimson | Jon Lormer as Eli Jimson | Peter Mark Richman as Hawk | Rick Natoli as Little Bear
Director: William Wiard
Story: Rick Husky | Teleplay: Melvin Levy, Rick Husky

91 :04x04 - Tanner

Israel is abducted by a frightened outcast whom he had earlier befriended.
Special Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Tanner |
Guest Stars: James Dobson as Jenkins | James Anderson (1) as Watkins | John Alderson as McIntosh | John Pickard (2) as Beckett
Director: John Newland

92 :04x05 - Beaumarchais

Daniel and Mingo lend a hand to French dramatist Pierre Beaumarchais, an ally of the Patriot cause. It seems as though the good playwright is attempting to smuggle gold through British lines.
Special Guest Stars: Maurice Evans as Pierre Beaumarchais |
Guest Stars: Robert Wolders as Almaviva | Ivor Barry as Colonel Winthrop | Louise Sorel as Susanna | Hugh Langtry as Bartolo | Leland Murray as Figaro | Alan Caillou as British Major
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

93 :04x06 - The King's Shilling

David Hubbard is arrested by the British and sentenced to hang for sedition and treasonous activities. In order to save his son's life, David's father kidnaps a British soldier to exchange for him. It's up to Daniel to try and save the lives of both David and the soldier.
Guest Stars: John Orchard as British Sergeant | Morgan Jones (1) as Keller | Jack Bannon (1) as Larkin | Claude Johnson as Jack Weaver | Robie Porter as Tom Chapin | Jeff Pomerantz as David Hubbard | Mort Mills as Andrew Hubbard | Peter Bromilow as Colonel Holland | Barbara Bell Wright as Mrs. Hubbard | Barbara Hershey as Dinah Hubbard
Director: Ida Lupino

94 :04x07 - The Inheritance

Rebecca inherits a spooky old mansion that is rumored to be haunted.
Guest Stars: Harold Goodwin (1) as Evans | Edwin Mills as Ostler | Royal Dano as John Maddox | Hank Patterson as Gray | Peter Crowcroft as MacGregor
Director: Nathan Juran

95 :04x08 - The Traitor

Captured by the British, Daniel manages to avoid execution as a traitor by volunteering to rescue the captured daughter of a British colonel from the Shawnee.
Guest Stars: Patrick O'Moore as Colonel Cartwright | Lyn Peters as Julia Cartwright | Warren Munson as Corporal Tompkins | Rex Holman as Penango | Charles Bail as Sinooc | Kelly Thordsen as Sgt. Reynolds | Joe Jenckes as Lt. Drake
Director: William Wiard

96 :04x09 - The Value of a King

Daniel must secure free passage for a group of runaway slaves who are holding Israel hostage. In order to do this he has to outwit slavehunter Asa Webb.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Asa Webb | Dort Clark (1) as Meecham | Ken Gampu as Kamba
Director: John Newland

97 :04x10 - The Desperate Raid

Daniel and a young army lieutenant are forced by necessity to hire a group of scumbags to help deliver supplies to a besieged fort.
Guest Stars: Lester Matthews as Major | Hampton Fancher as Lt. Noland | William Beckley as Aide | Charles Macaulay as Colonel Gates | Jack Lambert (1) as Stronk | William Mims as Malloy | Jacques Bergerac as LeGrande | Ted Gehring as Toby
Director: Nathan Juran

98 :04x11 - The Spanish Horse

Cal Trevor's father passes away and all he leaves the young man is a lame thoroughbred racehorse. Daniel, as is his nature, lends a helping hand.
Guest Stars: Bill Williams (1) as Caleb Trevor | Robert Emhardt as Squire Breen | Russ McCubbin as Slade | Henry Jones (1) as Landers | Michael Burns (1) as Cal Trevor | Jimmy Murphy (1) as Whipper
Director: William Wiard

99 :04x12 - Chief Mingo

Close friends Daniel and Mingo clash over whether the alleged murderer of a Cherokee chief should be tried by the Native Americans or in a white man's court of law.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Long Feather | William Tannen as Trapper | John Larch as Sam Hawken | Hal John Norman as Chief White Cloud | Nick Thompson (2) as Elder
Director: Gerd Oswald

100 :04x13 - The Secret Code

Daniel has a tough mission for the Patriot cause. He has to rescue the Continental Army's top code expert from British and Native American hands--or kill him before they can make the poor fellow talk.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Maksoana | Jack Bannon (1) as British Guard | Edward Mulhare as Colonel Burton | David Opatoshu as Phillip Cobb | Jock Mahoney as O'Connor | Roy Dean as Captain Clements | Richard Webb as Captain Riley | John Maurer as Raymond Cobb
Director: William Wiard

101 :04x14 - A Matter of Blood

A Native American princess raised among the whites has a tough row to hoe as she tries to prove herself worthy to become queen of the Delaware tribe.
Guest Stars: Adrienne Hayes as Lawana | William Smith (1) as Catoga | Harry Bellaver as Teduskan | Walter Coy as Tribal Elder | Madame Spivy as Tatama | Chester Jones as Servant | Harry Harvey as Justice of the Peace | Lesley Woods (1) as Elizabeth Creighton | Berry Kroeger as William Creighton | Ben Andrews as Farley Creighton | Charles Horvath as Brave #1 | Del West as Brave #2
Director: Nathan Juran

102 :04x15 - The Scrimshaw Ivory Chart

Daniel, Rebecca, and Israel get involved with amiable pirate Will Scataway in a quest for buried treasure.
Special Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Will Scataway |
Guest Stars: Ted Cassidy as Gentle Sam | Percy Helton as Jud | James Westerfield as Hand | Sid Haig as Typhoon

103 :04x16 - The Impostor

Mingo, Rebecca, and a backwoodsman pose as a British major, his fiancee, and orderly as part of a convoluted scheme to prevent the British from gaining access to a rapid firing rifle that could change the course of the Revolutionary War.
Special Guest Stars: Jimmy Dean as Jeremiah |
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Colonel Chalmers | Roy Dean as British Corporal | Harold Gould as Major Richardson | Bryan Grant as Captain Halstead
Director: William Wiard

104 :04x17 - The Witnesses

Israel and two of his friends witness a murder but nobody believes them--except the killer.
Guest Stars: John Carradine as Zack Pike | Virginia Gregg as Nettie Pike | Harry Basch as Stranger | Art Stewart as Walter Brown | Miranda French as Sarah Brown | Richard Garland as Farmington | Sheldon Collins as Stinky | Jon Walmsley as Pudge | Valerie Reynolds as Mrs. Farmington
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Rick Husky

105 :04x18 - The Flaming Rocks

Daniel and Mingo intercede to prevent reprisals when a stubborn Welshman begins mining coal from Tuscarawa land.
Special Guest Stars: Jimmy Dean as Jeremiah |
Guest Stars: R.G. Armstrong as Joseph Garth | Abel Fernández as Bear Paw | Dorothy Green as Evelyn Garth | Michael Witney as Orville | Lee J. Lambert as John | Charles Bail as Stephen | Makee K. Blaisdell as Eagle Feather | Jon Lormer as Yellow Knife | Corinna Tsopei as Yellow Knife's Daughter
Director: Nathan Juran

106 :04x19 - Then Who Will They Hang from the Yardarm If Willy Gets Away?

Willy Crawford is a sailor being sought as a mutineer who attempts to start a new life for himself in Boonesborough. Then a man named George Perkins arrives at the settlement and throws a major monkey wrench into Willy's plans.
Guest Stars: Wilfrid Hyde-White as George Perkins | Jack Bannon (1) as Lt. Parker | Eddie Quillan as Stokey | Martin Horsey as Willy Crawford | Alan Caillou as Sgt. McIntosh | Jon Locke as Corporal Harrison | David Peel (2) as Corporal Barton | Joel Smith (1) as Overstreet | Miranda French as Mrs. Overstreet
Director: Fess Parker

107 :04x20 - The Spanish Fort

Daniel goes undercover on a dangerous mission to sabotage a Spanish fort being built on American soil with American slave labor but there's an informer in his midst.
Guest Stars: Richard Angarola as Captain Miro | Hank Brandt as Zeb Brandt | Gary Conway (1) as Billy Carver | Ken Swofford as Mick O'Toole | Theodore Marcuse as Hugo Dopfer | Nate Esformes as Sergeant | Mike Farrell as American Officer
Director: William Wiard

108 :04x21 - Hero's Welcome

Everyone believes that Simon Jarvis is a coward including his friends and family. Daniel and Mingo help Simon to prove differently.
Guest Stars: Roy Jenson as Luke | Charles Drake as Simon Jarvis | Sarah Marshall (1) as Elizabeth | Robert J. Wilke as Fryman | Jean Inness as Mrs. Hicks | Ronnie Masterfield as Jeremy
Director: Nathan Juran

109 :04x22 - Orlando, the Prophet

Mingo and Israel tangle with a medicine showman when they try to help the showman's gypsy bondservant win his freedom.
Guest Stars: Hans Conried as Orlando | Harold Goodwin (1) as Loomis | Med Flory as Joker | Antony Alda as Rudi | Joseph V. Perry as Gardner
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Melvin Levy

110 :04x23 - The Far Side of Fury

Gideon's son is kidnapped by Native Americans while in Daniel's care. The boy's tracks lead to the edge of a waterfall which leads all concern to believe that the child is dead. Gideon then goes mad with grief and decides to punish Daniel by killing Israel.
Guest Stars: Don Pedro Colley as Gideon | Med Flory as Dobbs | Ezekial Williams as Little Dan'l | John Cardos (1) as Brave
Director: William Wiard

111 :04x24 - Nightmare

On their way home to Boonesborough after a trip to Salem, Daniel, Rebecca, and Israel must elude a pack of bloodthirsty Shawnees.
Guest Stars: Charles Picerni as Oonelah | Fred Carson as Menewa | Vince St. Cyr as Tomachi | Kenny Endoso as Tuscola | Ramón Martinez as Emubby | Frank Orsatti as Emathala | Hans Wedemeyer as Maugwa
Writer: Paul Playdon

112 :04x25 - Thirty Pieces of Silver

Daniel and Mingo are on a secret mission to deliver guns to the settlers but Amos Fargo plans to buy his indentured sister's freedom by selling them out to a gang of renegades who are after the guns.
Guest Stars: Ted White as Captain Harper | Andrew Prine as Amos Fargo | Herbert Anderson as Wyman | Harry Lauter as Corbin | Warren J. Kemmerling as Decker | Susan Albert as Susan | Virginia Christine as Martha | Rory Donahue as Sergeant
Director: Nathan Juran

113 :04x26 - Faith's Way

A schoolteacher possesses the uncanny ability to communicate with animals. Unfortunately for her, nearby Native Americans believe she is a witch responsible for the forays of a marauding panther.
Special Guest Stars: Julie Harris as Faith |
Guest Stars: Lou Frizzell as Henry Carter | Jeff Morrow as Jody Brown | Claude Woolman as Tahchee | George Keymas as Medicine Man | Carroll Kemp as Cheif Emathia
Director: Joel Oliansky

Season 5

114 :05x01 - Be Thankful for the Fickleness of Women

Josh Clements makes his debut and he's in the type of trouble that would become his norm. He has to find a husband for a pretty bondservant he accidentally bought or marry her himself. Daniel, for the first of many times, tries to help Josh extricate himself from his predicament.
Guest Stars: Brooke Bundy as Sarah | Sean McClory as Ephron Marsh | James Davidson (1) as Bart Cooley | Tom Fadden as Sam Cooley | John Goddard as Simon | Peter Canon as Matthew | Jack Garner as Friend | Ollie O'Toole as Auctioneer | James Kline as Bidder
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Don Balluck

115 :05x02 - The Blackbirder

Bounty hunter Lute Purdy mistakes Gideon for an escaped slave. Things then go from bad to worse for Gideon when Mason Pruitt, a deserter from a slave ship, falsely confirms that Gideon is indeed the escapee.
Guest Stars: Jim McMullan as Mason Pruitt | Timothy Carey as Lute Purdy | Don Pedro Colley as Gideon
Director: William Wiard

116 :05x03 - The Dandy

As a favor to an old friend, Daniel tries to educate a young fop in the ways of a woodsman. This one could be a tough task especially when a band of Shawnees get on their trail.
Guest Stars: Olan Soule as Clerk | David Watson (1) as David Scott | John Cardos (1) as Long Knife | Sheldon Allman as Scott | Kenny Endoso as Black Fox | Saundra Gayle as Calf Eye
Director: William Wiard

117 :05x04 - The Fleeing Nuns

Daniel and Mason Pruitt try to aid two nuns who are actually a French noblewoman and her maid. They are fleeing a nasty group of Jacobins who intend to kill them.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Berthe | Ollie O'Toole as Toy Merchant | William Phipps as Horn | Jim McMullan as Mason Pruitt | Brioni Farrell as Louise | Marcel Hillaire as Pelletier | Richard Angarola as Monet | Maurice Marsac as Boucher
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Irve Tunick

118 :05x05 - The Plague That Came to Ford's Run

Josh Clements probes the disappearance of a German guitar maker in a xenophobic community that is suspicious of foreigners and outsiders.
Guest Stars: Richard Devon as Archer | Charles Drake as Andy Wharton | Gail Kobe as Amanda Wharton | Kevin Hagen as Stokes | Todd Roberts as Tim
Director: Fess Parker

119 :05x06 - The Bait

Daniel tries to track down an 18th century frontier version of Bonnie and Clyde who just held up a stagecoach.
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Sulie | Med Flory as Jubal | Skip Ward as Davey | James Daris as Matt | Robert Adler as Driver | Hank Patterson as Fiddler | Kelly Thordsen as Blackstone | Pera Malouf as Native American Woman
Director: Nathan Juran

120 :05x07 - Big, Black and Out There

Gideon has conflicting loyalties when he and Daniel track down a runaway slave who has been stealing from the settlers.
Guest Stars: Don Pedro Colley as Gideon | Yaphet Kotto as Luke | Ezekial Williams as Little Dan'l | Harry Basch as Jesse Watts | Claude Johnson as Joe | Tom Drury as Lem | Art Jenoff as Charlie Bates
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Harry Basch

121 :05x08 - Flag of Truce

Daniel is sent by the Army to arrange a treaty with the Wyandotte tribe. He's unaware that a general wants to use this pretext to arrest and hang their chief.
Guest Stars: Mort Mills as General Grosscup | William Smith (1) as Chief Campuits | H.M. Wynant as Major Howerton | Pilar Del Rey as Moranta | Mark Miranda as Towanga | Russ Conway as Secretary of War | Joe Jenckes as Lt. Wilson | David Mark Farrow as Sentry
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Irve Tunick

122 :05x09 - The Valley of the Sun

Poor ole Josh Clements gets into a mess again when he becomes separated from Daniel during their deer hunting trip. He's captured by a nutty Englishman who will stop at nothing to protect his hoard of gold.
Guest Stars: Mariette Hartley as Millie Boyd | Severn Darden as Sir Hubert Spencer
Director: Nathan Juran

123 :05x10 - The Patriot

A former Loyalist who's been living in exile in Canada returns to Boonesborough. His presence re-opens a lot of old wounds from the Revolutionary War especially with his own son who fought against the British.
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as John Gist | Ted Eccles as Hal | Tom Lowell as Davy | Scott Perry as Sam | John Anthony Epper as Charley Pete | David Wendel as Morgan
Director: Fess Parker
Writer: Melvin Levy

124 :05x11 - The Return of Sidewinder

Daniel does battle once again with his friendly enemy, Joe Snag, who has taken to robbing freight wagons with a gang known as the Cumberland Buckaroos.
Special Guest Stars: Forrest Tucker as Joe Snag |
Guest Stars: Rex Holman as Davy Rock | Charles Dierkop as Dumas | Charles Picerni as Beetle | Bill Coontz as Pottle | Robert Cornthwaite as Sir Ives Wallace | Frederic Downs as Dewey | Joseph V. Perry as Kinch | Robert Adler as Equerry | Jackie Kahane as Dobie
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Melvin Levy

125 :05x12 - Minnow for a Shark

Israel becomes involved in the theft of the King's dispatch box when he travels to Virginia with Daniel.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as Jonas Morgan | Ivor Barry as Commodore Morrison | George Keymas as Portugee | Jack Bannon (1) as Corporal | Morry Ogden as Sentry #1 | Orwin C. Harvey as Sentry #2
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Nathan Juran

126 :05x13 - To Slay a Giant

When Gideon is accused of murder, Daniel must clear him quickly before some of the settlers turn into a lynch mob.
Guest Stars: Don Pedro Colley as Gideon | Torin Thatcher as Cyrus/Enoch Blake | Lee J. Lambert as Hemet | Charles Bail as Luke | Ezekial Williams as Little Dan'l | Hy Chase as Hank
Director: Nathan Juran

127 :05x14 - A Tall Tale of Prater Beasley

Prater Beasley is a wandering minstrel and teller of tall tales who travels with an invisible bear. Prater and his invisible friend try to help a crippled boy learn self-reliance.
Special Guest Stars: Burl Ives as Prater Beasley |
Guest Stars: Rory Stevens as Joe Montgomery | Lyle Bettger as Joseph Montgomery | Jeff Donnell as Verna Montgomery | Willis Bouchey as Diben Rowley | John Spina as Kawtegaybe
Writer: Melvin Levy

128 :05x15 - Copperhead Izzy

In this re-telling of Oliver Twist, Israel visits his uncle in Williamsburg and becomes involved with a group of orphans who are forced to steal for their living by the Fagin-like Dr. Samuel Morton.
Special Guest Stars: Vincent Price as Dr. Samuel Morton |
Guest Stars: Olan Soule as Silversmith | Elena Verdugo as Violet Morton | J. Pat O'Malley as Uncle Brian | Sheldon Collins as Hoot Owl Tom | Butch Patrick as Black Cat Jack | Randy Lane as Chicken Leg Pete | Natalie Core as Miss Hinch | Danny Rees as Juggler | Tom Drury as Station Agent
Director: William Wiard

129 :05x16 - Three Score and Ten

An aging gunsmith tries to prove to himself and others that he can still be useful and productive.
Special Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Alex |
Guest Stars: James Wainwright as Cully | Warren Vanders as Ben | Paul Fix as Great Bear | John McCann (1) as Jesse | Luanne Roberts as Beulah | Clint Ritchie as Two Feathers

130 :05x17 - Jonah

Josh's late uncle, who wanted him to give up his carefree ways, leaves him an inheritance--a plot of land near Boonesborough and an educated slave named Jonah. Josh, who doesn't believe in slavery, frees Jonah but he refuses to leave until he's made a proper gentleman out of Josh. Needless to say, this one could take a while.
Guest Stars: Yaphet Kotto as Jonah | Sidney Clute as Homer | Warren Vanders as Ben | Booth Colman as Whitmore | Sean McClory as Bartender | Joseph V. Perry as Tolliver | Mike Lane (1) as Bear | James Wainwright as Cully
Director: William Wiard

131 :05x18 - Bickford's Bridge

Daniel receives orders from the Continental Army to destroy all bridges in the path of the advancing British Army but stubborn James Bickford and his sons have rebuilt their bridge and refuse to let it be destroyed again.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as James Bickford | Kurt Russell as Paul Bickford | John Orchard as Sgt. Malcolm | Glenn Wilder as Hawks | Peter Jason as Clint Bickford | Joe Jenckes as Corporal Barnes | Frank Orsatti as Sentry | Glen Bass as Carpenter
Director: Nathan Juran

132 :05x19 - A Touch of Charity

Jimmy McGill wants to win the hand of lovely Miss Charity and asks Daniel for some help in doing so.
Guest Stars: John Davidson (3) as Jimmy McGill | Warren Vanders as Ben | Shelley Fabares as Charity | Don 'Red' Barry as Amos | Dick Peabody as Samuel Stone | Nelson Olmsted as Thaddeus King | Ollie O'Toole as Minister
Director: William Wiard

133 :05x20 - For Want of a Hero

Daniel, Rebecca, and Israel become involved in the scheme of five soldiers who survived a massacre to steal an Army payroll.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Sergeant Tim Rafferty | Arch Johnson as Private Hanks | Harry Dean Stanton as Crane | Zalman King as Evans | Robert Doyle as Michael Rafferty
Director: Lee Philips

134 :05x21 - Love and Equity

Wandering minstrel Prater Beasley returns to Boonesborough and ends up defending himself on charges of witchcraft.
Special Guest Stars: Burl Ives as Prater Beasley |
Guest Stars: Med Flory as Bingen Hines | Victor French as Ess Hines | Ted White as Morse | Jimmy Bracken as Tab | Natalie Core as Grace Cowles | Fran Ryan as Miss Jones | Liam Sullivan as Patrick Henry | Deborah Newman as Miss Favour | Wilbur Plauger as Carl Cowles
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Melvin Levy

135 :05x22 - The Allies

It's a race between Daniel and the British to get to a bridge that spans a gorge. The British need the bridge to transport a shipment of guns to their Native American allies.
Guest Stars: James Wainwright as Cully | Jim McMullan as Mason Pruitt | Ben Archibek as Ethan Doggett | Ronne Troup as Ellie Doggett | Greg Mullavy as Latham Green | Jack Bannon (1) as Lieutenant | Dick Foran as Simon Doggett | Peter Bromilow as Colonel Hamilton | Rico Alaniz as Crooked Hand

136 :05x23 - A Man Before His Time

Young Luke Slater swears to avenge the self-defense killing of his father by a friend of Daniel's.
Special Guest Stars: Ron Howard as Luke Slater |
Guest Stars: James Wainwright as Cully | Warren Vanders as Ben Crowley | Joel Davison as Sam | Kevin Tate as Ethan | Claire Wilcox as Mary | Stafford Morgan as Redcoat | Joey Coons as John
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Don Balluck

137 :05x24 - For a Few Rifles

Israel gets snatched by a band of Native Americans who want twenty rifles in exchange for releasing the boy.
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Ben | Michael Dante as Akari | Donald Losby as Niska | Ted de Corsia as Chief Wamakah | Myron Healey as James Burns | Ken Renard as Guardian
Director: John Newland

138 :05x25 - Sweet Molly Malone

Daniel and Rebecca are matchmaking again. This time it's for former Continental Army soldier Molly Malone and tinker Herman Bloedel.
Special Guest Stars: Barbara Bel Geddes as Molly Malone |
Guest Stars: Jack Kruschen as Herman Bloedel | Jack Garner as Townsman | Tom Drury as Henry Carter | Stafford Morgan as Isaac
Director: William Wiard

139 :05x26 - A Pinch of Salt

Daniel and artist David Scott are on a land survey and find themselves held hostage and forced to work in a salt mine by two rifle-toting sisters.
Guest Stars: David Watson (1) as David Scott | Joan Hackett as Theodora Liggett | Donna Baccala as Leslie Liggett | Bo Svenson as Warren Haskins | Jim Davis (1) as Scud Tumbrill | Charles Horvath as Callaway | Paul Stader as Williams | Charles Picerni as Weaver | Eddy Donno as Coombs | Dick Winslow as Jenkins
Director: William Wiard

Season 6

140 :06x01 - A Very Small Rifle

Johnny Appleseed acts as a peacemaker between the settlers and the Cherokee when a young Cherokee is accidentally shot by a young settler.
Special Guest Stars: Roger Miller as Johnny Appleseed |
Guest Stars: Anne Seymour as Corn Woman | Warren Vanders as Ben | Eddie Little Sky as Eagle | Armando Silvestre as Gabriel | Kevin Hagen as Bart Wallace | Mark Miranda as Wa-Thoa | Brian Nash as Lige | Johnny Jensen as Sandy Wallace |
Uncredited: William Smith (1) as Amos Martin
Director: Nathan Juran
Songs: Roger Miller -- Bird of Life, Roger Miller -- Plantin' Apple Seeds

141 :06x02 - The Road to Freedom

Israel helps slaves George and Jimmy Hill escape from their owners.

Intent on gaining their freedom, Negro slave George Hill and his young son Jimmy run away. Their escape is soon discovered and they are pursued by their owner, slave trader Rafe Carson.

George and Jimmy are later ambushed by Crane Hawkins, one of Carson's men. Though George suffers a broken leg, he manages to reach a river and send Jimmy away on a log that's heading downstream.
Nearby, Daniel Boone, his son Israel, and a friend, Ben, are preparing to leave their campsite. Ben and Israel go down to the stream to do some work, and they spot Jimmy clinging to the log.

Leaving Israel with Jimmy at the campsite, Ben goes off into the woods and finds Jimmy's father. But slave trader Carson and his men have also arrived in the area and are looking for George and Jimmy....
Special Guest Stars: Floyd Patterson as George Hill |
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Ben | Roy Jenson as Crane Hawkins | Jim Davis (1) as Rafe Carson | George Spell as Jimmy Hill | John Milford as Jud Baker
Director: William Wiard

142 :06x03 - Benvenuto... Who?

Josh Clements once again becomes involved with a scheming woman who hides a stolen diamond inside his guitar to keep her co-horts in crime from finding it.
Guest Stars: Marj Dusay as Eugenie Genet | Leon Askin as Roquelin | Aram Katcher as Thibaud | Walter Burke as Hamel | Richard Kiel as Le Mouche
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Walter Black

143 :06x04 - The Man

Daniel must disable a British cannon which threatens to sink a Continental detachment coming up river. His only help comes from two Continental Army prisoners, a British deserter, and Gabe Cooper, an escaped slave who's now a Tuscarawa chief.
Guest Stars: George Backman as Addison | Gene Evans as Stark | Kevin O'Neal as Webster | Ray Harden (1) as British Sergeant
Director: Nathan Juran

144 :06x05 - The Printing Press

Daniel and Israel travel to Philadelphia to obtain much needed supplies for the Kentucky settlers but the British have decreed that supplies can only be purchased with currency. Daniel then gets old friend Benjamin Franklin to print up a batch of counterfeit notes but this method doesn't seem very ethical to young Israel.
Guest Stars: Fredd Wayne as Benjamin Franklin | Jack Bannon (1) as Corporal Smythe | James Wainwright as Cully | Peter Bromilow as Captain Thurlow | Woodrow Parfrey as Quartermaster Owens | Alan Caillou as Sgt. Ridley | Kimetha Laurie as Sally | Daniel Nichols as Walt | Lindy Davis as Zeke | Edward J. Kelly as Guard | Wadsworth Taylor as Tillson
Director: William Wiard

145 :06x06 - The Traitor

Daniel guides the wife of a British commander to Fort Detroit to rendezvous with her husband who says he plans to surrender the fort to the Continentals.
Guest Stars: Richard Devon as Many Lives | John Orchard as Sgt. Perkins | James Wainwright as Cully | Jill Ireland as Angela Lackland | Ed Flanders as Colonel Richard Lackland | Robert Cornthwaite as Governor Guy Carleton | Walter Scott as British Soldier | Ivor Barry as Sir Henry Hamilton | Ed Long as Major Grayson
Director: Nathan Juran

146 :06x07 - The Grand Alliance

The Spanish are planning an invasion of United States territory. Only Josh Clements, Gabe Cooper, and a Spanish pirate with a grudge against his own government can save the day. Heaven help us all.
Special Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Alejandro Buenaventura |
Guest Stars: Armando Silvestre as Captain Torres | Carlos Rivas as Sgt. Ortega | Abel Fernández as Sentry | Joel Fluellen as Joselito | Tom Hernández as Surgeon | Hugo Fargo as Lieutenant
Director: Nathan Juran
Songs: Rosie Grier -- Yankee Doodle Dandy

147 :06x08 - Target Boone

Adam Jarrett and his sons are after Daniel's hide. They blame him for the death of Adam's wife in a river boat accident which involved a boat on which Daniel was traveling.
Guest Stars: Kurt Russell as Nathan Jarrett | Will Geer as Adam Jarrett | Ron Soble as Robert Jarrett | Jack Garner as Storekeeper | Ian Wolfe as Judge | Richard Webb as Bryant | Lee J. Lambert as Gordon Jarrett | Phil Donati as Jury Foreman
Director: William Wiard

148 :06x09 - A Bearskin for Jamie Blue

The Boones befriend Jamie Blue, a young indentured servant who was born in prison and whose heart has been hardened by a lifetime of living in poverty. Can they melt Jamie's heart of stone?
Guest Stars: Bernard Fox as Carruthers | Christopher Connelly as Jamie Blue | Charles Dierkop as Dokker | JoAnna Cameron (1) as Kellie | Jim Gosa as Edwards | Don Nichols as Walt | Randy Eccles as Dink
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Frank Chase

149 :06x10 - The Cache

Josh could be headed for Kentucky's highest hanging tree when a trapper is found knifed to death near his campsite. It might take a bigger man than Daniel to get Josh out of this predicament.
Guest Stars: Ted White as Middleton | James Doohan as Angus McFarland | Alex Karras as Moose Williams | Vaughn Taylor as Judge Qualey | John Kellogg as Sam Swanson | Robert Sorrells as Hogan | James Gavin as Carey | Dick Peabody as Dawson | Luana Patten as Lucy McFarland
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Irve Tunick

150 :06x11 - The Terrible Tarbots

Daniel and Gabe do battle with a trio of nasty assclowns who have taken Israel hostage and stolen a chest of Army gold they were transporting.
Guest Stars: James Wainwright as Cully | Strother Martin as Pa Tarbot | Anthony Costello as Shadrach Tarbot | Zalman King as Meshach Tarbot | William Traylor as Tom Stoneman
Director: Nathan Juran

151 :06x12 - Hannah Comes Home

Hannah, a white woman captured by Native Americans in a raid 15 years before, is ransomed and returned to her husband in Boonesborough. The reunion is complicated by the fact that Hannah gave birth to a son during her captivity and he wants no part of the white man's world.
Guest Stars: William Smith (1) as Amos Martin | Ted White as Aweetok | Mary Fickett as Hannah | Ford Rainey as Jonas | Ted Eccles as Jason | William O'Connell as Pickering | Ted de Corsia as Chief Ankara
Director: Fess Parker
Writer: Harry Basch

152 :06x13 - An Angel Cried

Josh once again finds himself in a full blown mess as he and a Catholic nun struggle to stay alive in hostile Native American territory.
Guest Stars: Mariette Hartley as Sister Cecelia | Carlos Rivas as Tall Fire
Director: Fess Parker

153 :06x14 - Perilous Passage

Daniel and Gabe are joined by young Sam Weaver on their way homeward from a mission behind British lines. The only problem is that there's a bounty on their heads and someone appears to know the exact location of the route they're traveling back to Kentucky.
Guest Stars: John Davidson (3) as Sam Weaver | John Orchard as British Corporal | Liam Sullivan as Colonel Trevelyan | Gloria Grahame as Molly Hogan | James Doohan as Fletcher | Alan Caillou as Sgt. Harry Pickens | Ted Gehring as Pettigrew | Henry Oliver as Dunfee | Walter Maslow as Tory Corporal | Claude Johnson as Tory Ranger | Richard Peel as British Sergeant | Ralph Montgomery as Ruskin | Ron Heller as Tory Private
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Lee Karson

154 :06x15 - The Sunshine Patriots

Josh Clements and Gabe Cooper resemble 18th century versions of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as they bumble, stumble, and fumble their way through a spy caper in Yorktown.
Guest Stars: Isabel Sanford as Maybelle | Laurie Main as Sir Samuel Peacham | Jack Bannon (1) as Lt. Poole | Gail Kobe as Letitia Peacham | Raoul Franck as General Rochambeau | Michael Keep as Magwa | Dick Winslow as Sir Samuel Tawney | Nels Nelson as General Partridge | Harold Ayer as Butler | Ian Ireland as Colonel Percy
Director: William Wiard

155 :06x16 - Mama Cooper

Daniel and Gabe Cooper search for Gabe's mother so that he can purchase her freedom before she dies.
Special Guest Stars: Ethel Waters as Rachel Cooper |
Guest Stars: Sidney Clute as Otto Schmidt | Tyler McVey as Preacher Potter | Jean Howell as Norma Del Carruthers | Michael-James Wixted as Emmanuel | Timothy Carey as Wibberly | Louise Arthur as Mrs. Pritchard | Roy Engel as Dr. Ramsey | Bill Conklin as Mecom | Jordan Rhodes as Teddy | Sue Hirdler as Mrs. Schmidt | Sam Laws as Cuffee
Director: William Wiard
Songs: Ethel Waters -- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

156 :06x17 - Before the Tall Man

Daniel and Rebecca play matchmaker for idealistic Nancy Hanks and hot-tempered carpenter Tom Lincoln. The only problem is that Tom wants nothing to do with Nancy but if they don't get together then a great leader will not be born.
Guest Stars: Burr deBenning as Tom Lincoln | Marianna Hill as Nancy Hanks | Harlan Warde as Nicholas Burns | Tony Gange as Denton Gahagan | Tim Weldon as Foxy

157 :06x18 - Run for the Money

It's time for the annual footrace between the settlers and the Native Americans. Since Daniel has gotten a little long in the tooth when it comes to cross country running it's up to Cincinnatus to find another candidate. He finds one in fleet-footed slave Lucas Hunter but then learns that Lucas' brother will be running for the Native Americans.
Guest Stars: James Wainwright as Cully | Jack Albertson as Shem Sweet | Peter Mamakos as Chief Bear Claw | Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Linus Hunter | Ted Gehring as Brooking | Henry Kingi as Straight Arrow | James Minotto as Walt | Dorothy Konrad as Mrs. Putnam | Robert Adler as Abram | Bill Walker (1) as Ephraim | Dino Washington as Lucas Hunter | Bob Kline (2) as Jolly
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Walter Black

158 :06x19 - A Matter of Vengeance

Mason Pruitt is convinced that a visitor to Boonesborough is the killer of his parents.
Guest Stars: Linda Marsh as Amy | David McLean (1) as Simon | Jim McMullan as Mason Pruitt | Ramon Bieri as Hanker | Robert Anderson as Wilson | Pete Logan as William
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Irve Tunick

159 :06x20 - The Landlords

Two moronic assclowns are swindled by a man who claims ownership of Boonesborough and sells them the deed.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Churchill James | Victor French as Ess Hines | Med Flory as Bingen Hines | Natalie Core as Grace Cowles | James Wainwright as Cully | Robert Cornthwaite as Sir Ives Wallace | Tom Drury as Settler | Walter Reese as Proprietor | Pete Logan as Hart | William Plaugher as Carl Cowles |
Uncredited: William Smith (1) as Amos Martin
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Melvin Levy

160 :06x21 - Readin', Ritin', and Revoltin'

The children of Boonesborough want schoolmaster Pickering to teach them about Native American culture but their request is opposed by both the teacher and their parents.
Guest Stars: Tony Davis as Little Hawk | William O'Connell as Pickering | Billy Corcoran as Joe | Arthur Batanides as Chief Tekwatana | Rory O'Brien as Jonathan | John Daniels as Baxter | Walter Maslow as Higbee | Bill Walker (1) as Horner | Toni Gilman as Mrs. Gray | Ceil Cabot as Mrs. Williams | Stafford Morgan as Talbot | James de Closs as Gates | Maureen Crow as Mrs. Jones
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Lee Karson

161 :06x22 - Noblesse Oblige

An exiled French prince changes places with his chef because he's growing tired of fawning receptions everywhere he goes.
Guest Stars: Eddie Quillan as Proprietor | Ted White as Stage Driver | Phil Proctor as Bernard | Murray MacLeod as Edgar | David Watson (1) as Prince Louis | Jane Dulo as Mrs. Pepper | Victoria Vetri as Susan Pepper | Sonny Klein as Drunk | Elizabeth Baur as Virginia Brewster | Virginia Christine as Mrs. Brewster
Director: Nathan Juran

162 :06x23 - The Homecoming

An old man discovers that he is now the last of the Piqua tribe which once lived in the area where Boonesborough now stands. He plots to avenge the demise of his people by destroying the settlers.
Guest Stars: Sidney Clute as Pasco | David Opatoshu as Tamenund | Bart Burns as Boron | Robert Anderson as Amos | William Plaugher as Oxy James
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Melvin Levy

163 :06x24 - Bringing Up Josh

Josh Clements is in a spot once again when he becomes foster father to a pair of orphans. Widow Abigail Spoon has had her sights set on marrying Josh for quite a while and insists that he cannot raise the two children properly without a mother figure--namely her.
Guest Stars: Lori Saunders as Mary Pickett | Jodie Foster as Rachel | Ty Wilson as Billy | Mike Henry (2) as Creole Jim | Foster Brooks as Drunk | Loretta Leversee as Abigail Spoon | Stafford Morgan as Seth | Larry Shriver as Friend | Barney Rosenzweig as Trapper | Neal Nixon as Clem | Kathleen Crow as Woman | Keith Brock as Hoag
Director: William Wiard

164 :06x25 - How to Become a Goddess

The Onondaga tribe mistake Rebecca for a fabled red-haired goddess in their folklore thanks to the machinations of assclowns Ess and Bingen Hines.
Guest Stars: Ruth Warrick as Wise Woman | Victor French as Ess Hines | Med Flory as Bingen Hines | Paul Mantee as Atawa | Walter Coy as Chief Blackfish | Anakorita as Dawn | Frank Orsatti as Tupi | Hank Calia as Israbi
Director: William Wiard
Story: Jim Byrnes (2) | Teleplay: Don Balluck

165 :06x26 - Israel and Love

It's young love, first love for Israel who falls for the daughter of a woodcarver who has lost his inspiration to carve and is drowning himself with false shots of courage at the local crawl and fall.
Guest Stars: Cam Clarke as Pasco Jr. | Robin Mattson as Brae | Sidney Clute as Pasco | Tim O'Connor as Second | Norman Leavitt as Starkie
Director: Nathan Juran
Writer: Melvin Levy
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1964
Ended: August 27, 1970
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