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Danny Phantom: Masters of All Time

Vlad has relapse of his ecto-acne. Now to make sure Danny helps him with his cure, he infects Sam, and Tucker. This requires Clockwork’s help with time travel. After Danny prevents Vlad’s accident in the past, time is changed so that Vlad marries Maddie, and Jack has ghost powers and is going by the name of Jack Plasmius. Now Danny could go back in time and help his parents get back together but this could cause his friends to be sick again.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x14
Production Number: 034
Airdate: Friday March 24th, 2006

Guest Stars
Martin MullMartin Mull
voiced Vlad Masters
David CarradineDavid Carradine
voiced Clockwork
Episode Notes
Jack Plasimus has all the powers Vlad Plasimus has and the experience as well.

This episode proves that even if Vlad was never hit with the prototype ghost portal and got ecto-acne Maddie still would have chosen Jack, so Vlad really has no reason to hate Jack.

Since Danny changed time by pushing Vlad out of the way of the prototype ghost portal Jack was the one who gained ghost powers. Vlad pushed Maddie out of the way she fell in love with him and married him.

Episode Goofs
Clockwork's aging was mixed up. ts suposed to be [baby, middle aged, old, baby middle aged, baby] in this ep it was [baby, old, middlaged, baby, old, middleaged]

Vlad's hair is still white even though he was never hit with the proto portal. Jack's hair remains black even after he was hit with the portal.

Cultural References
The episode title “Masters of All Time” refers to Clockwork (who is the ghost of time), and Danny.

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