Season 5

Look Back in Annoyance

A clip filled episode that looks back at the past 5 seasons. The episode also features a preview of Is It College Yet?, a movie based on the show.

Is It College Yet?

With graduation looming, Lawndale High seniors scramble to make their college plans. Daria and Tom decide to apply to Bromwell while Jane gets rejected from several art colleges, making her think about life without a degree in art. But the pressures of finals, graduation, and college begin to wear on friendships, even threatening them in some cases. Meanwhile, Jodie applies to an African American college, despite her parents' disagreement; Quinn gets a part-time job; and the cheerleaders eagerly look forward to their future at Great Prairie State.
Guest Stars: Karen Kunkel as Various | Stefanie Layne (1) as Lisa | Becca Lish as Lisa Goldwin | John W. Lynn, Jr. (1) as Sick, Sad World Announcer | Ben McCrea as Man at Governor's Park | Gilat Meltzer as Various | Daniel Milledge as Various | Maria Rodas as Various | Fisher Stevens as Various | Brad Sussman as Various | Laurine Towler as Michele Landon | Jennifer Visalli as Shauna
Director: Karen Disher
Songs: Chantel Kreviazuk -- Before You, XTC -- Dear God, 311 -- Don't Stay Home, The Posies -- I May Hate You Sometimes, Biz Markie -- Just a Friend, Eve -- Love is Blind, Beck -- Nicotine and Gravy, Ruff Ends -- No More, Ruff Endz -- No More Shopping Sprees, MxPx -- Responsibility, Pharaohe Monch -- Simon Says, Parade of Losers (DVD only) -- Sixteen and Confused, Korn -- Somebody Someone, Duran Duran -- Someone Else Not Me, Wheatus -- Teenage Dirtbag, Outkast -- The Art of Storytelling, Splendora -- Turn Down the Sun, William Orbit -- Water Babies, Macy Gray -- Why Didn't You Call Me?, Travis -- Why Does It Always Rain on Me?

53 :05x01 - Fizz Ed

Facing low funding, Ms. Li takes money from a soda company in exchange for advertising at the high school. Daria objects to the advertising, but no one else feels the same way. However, Ms. Li can't meet the quota the company set and is forced to get out of the deal.
Guest Stars: Kiki Barrera as Superintendent Cartwright (as Sydney Perez)
Director: Karen Disher
Songs: Wyclef Jean -- 911, Sade -- By Your Side, Crazy Town -- Darkside, Finger Eleven -- Drag You Down, Naughty By Nature -- Feels So Good, Scarface -- It Ain't Part II, Sade -- Lovers Rock, Vitamin C -- Money, The Offspring -- Original Prankster, Queens of the Stone Age -- The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

54 :05x02 - Sappy Anniversary

Daria feels like Tom is taking her for granted as they near their 6 month anniversary. Daria talks to Helen about how she feels, but Helen doesn't give her too much help. Tom admits to Daria that he isn't the romantic type and was only romantic with Jane to save their relationship. Meanwhile, Jake gets hired at an internet start-up company. However, the other employees are younger than him and he can't understand their lingo.
Guest Stars: Kiki Barrera as Noah Barkman (as Sydney Perez)
Director: Guy Moore
Songs: Sum 41 -- Makes No Difference, R.E.M. -- The One I Love, Everclear -- Wonderful

55 :05x03 - Fat Like Me

Sandi gains weight after being on crutches. Since she is in violation of the Fashion Club's weight policy, Sandi resigns as president, leaving Quinn to head the club. However, Quinn resigns out of respect for Sandi and the club can't function without either of them. Meanwhile, Daria and Quinn bet on whether or not the Fashion Club will completely fall apart and both Daria and Jane try to influence the members so they'll win the bet.
Director: Ted Stearn
Writer: Peggy Nicoll
Songs: The Dandy Warhols -- Bohemian Like You, Guster -- Fa Fa, Beenie Man -- Girls Dem Sugar (feat. Mya), PJ Harvey -- Good Fortune, Dexter Freebish -- Leaving Town, Eve's Plum -- Lipstuck, Jennifer Lopez -- Love Don't Cost a Thing, Union Underground -- Mr. Deadman, Zebrahead -- Playmate of the Year

56 :05x04 - Camp Fear

Daria and Quinn return to Camp Grizzly for a reunion. At the reunion, Quinn's old friends are similar to the Fashion Club, and Daria sees how antisocial she still is. Meanwhile, after Trent and Jane drop off Daria and Quinn, they meet an elderly storekeeper who becomes the inspiration for one of Trent's songs. Back in Lawndale, Helen and Jake clean out their garage.
Guest Stars: Bart Fasbender as Nicholas Campbell | Wass M. Stevens as Max Tyler
Director: Pat Smith
Songs: Ben Harper -- Burn to Shine, Sixteen Horsepower -- Clogger, Jay-Z -- I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me), Supergrass -- Mary, Richard Ashcroft -- Money to Burn, The Beta Band -- Round the Band

57 :05x05 - The Story of D

Daria writes a story that she wants to get published, but only lets Jane and Tom read it. Tom encourages her to submit it, but when she does, the story gets rejected and Daria becomes discouraged. The Fashion Club set out to win a humanitarian award by donating a mirror to the school, but can't come up with the money to do so. Meanwhile, Helen worries that Daria may rush into having sex with Tom.
Director: Guy Moore
Songs: Gomez -- Bring It On, Save Ferris -- Everything I Want to Be, At the Drive In -- Invalid Litter Department, Big Pun -- It's Alright, Nickelback -- Leader of Men, Catherine Wheel -- Sparks Are Gonna Fly, Pharoahe Monch -- The Light, Coldplay -- Yellow

58 :05x06 - Lucky Strike

The teachers at Lawndale High go on strike and substitutes are hired to replace them. After one substitute is fired, Daria replaces him, which makes Quinn worry that people will find out that Daria is related to her. The secret gets out when Quinn does well on a test and the Fashion Club ask her about her real relation to Daria. Meanwhile, Jane and Trent help with the strike by making posters and writing lyrics for the campaign.
Director: Ted Stearn
Writer: Peter Elwell
Songs: David Gray (1) -- Babylon, Evan and Jaron -- Crazy For This Girl, A Guy Called Gerald -- Fever (or a Flame), Ludacris -- Southern Hospitality, AFI -- Total Immortal, The Posies -- Under Easy, Travis -- Writing to Reach You

59 :05x07 - Art Burn

The Lane's gazebo falls apart and Lane and Trent decide to rebuild it. To earn money for the repairs, Lane sells some artwork and ends up being hired to recreate famous paintings for a gallery in town. Trent tries to hire guys to help them fix the gazebo, but he can't get the slackers he hired to do any work.
Guest Stars: Kiki Barrera as Steve Taylor, Head Contractor (as Sydney Perez) | Bart Fasbender as Nicholas Campbell | Wass M. Stevens as Max Tyler
Director: Pat Smith
Writer: Dan Vebber
Songs: Fuel -- Innocent, Oasis -- Listen Up, Chevelle -- Mia, Bow Wow -- Puppy Love (feat. Jagged Edge), A.F.I. -- The Day of the Phoenix

60 :05x08 - One J at a Time

Helen wants Daria to invite Tom over for dinner, but Daria is afraid that Jake will embarrass her and Tom. Quinn sets out on a mission to find one guy to date exclusively and finally settles on Jeffy. At dinner, Jake ends up bonding with Tom and Jeffy when they all try to capture the squirrel that's been bothering Jake.
Director: Guy Moore
Songs: American Hi-Fi -- Flavor of the Week, O-Town -- Liquid Dreams, Jennifer Lopez -- Play, Miquel Brown -- So Many Men, So Little Time, Fatboy Slim -- Weapon of Choice, Tag Team -- Whoomp! There It Is

61 :05x09 - Life in the Past Lane

Jane starts to date Nathan, a retro guy, but Daria and Tom don't like him as well as Jane. Later, Jane sees how far Nathan takes his retro lifestyle and decides that he isn't right for her. Meanwhile, Upchuck finally attracts Stacy when he performs magic tricks at school.
Director: Ted Stearn
Songs: Olivia (2) -- Bizounce, Jon B. -- Don't Talk, Idlewild -- Little Discourage, 8½ Souvenirs -- Sharp Dressed Man, Saliva -- Your Disease

62 :05x10 - Aunt Nauseam

Helen agrees to be the lawyer for her sister's divorce. But the two end up fighting over whom their mother favored and Jake, not being able to handle the fighting, leaves. Aunt Amy, who is very similar to Daria, is called to mediate, but is sucked into the fight as well. Daria and Quinn are affected by the fighting; leading Daria to wonder if she should be with Tom and Quinn to wonder if she and Daria will end up like their aunts have.
Guest Stars: Barbara Soehner as Aunt Rita Barksdale (as Barbara Layton) | Rita Pietropinto as Aunt Amy Barksdale
Director: Pat Smith
Songs: Aerosmith -- Jaded, Morcheeba -- Let It Go, Spineshank -- New Disease, Daft Punk -- One More Time

63 :05x11 - Prize Fighters

Helen wants Daria to apply for a scholarship and Daria reluctantly enters an essay contest. She is chosen as a finalist, but is unhappy with the business's racist and sexist practices and has to decide if she wants to drop out of the contest or not. Meanwhile, Jake buys hot dogs in bulk by mistake, but tries to make the best of his error.
Guest Stars: Bart Fasbender as Andrew Landon
Director: Guy Moore
Writer: Neena Beber
Songs: Everclear -- Everything to Everyone, Nikka Costa -- Like a Feather, Wyclef Jean -- Perfect Gentlemen

64 :05x12 - My Night at Daria's

Daria and Tom study alone and they both end up falling asleep in Daria's room. Tom wakes up at 4:00 AM and tries to sneak out of the house, but Jake catches him. Daria has to convince Helen that nothing happened but Quinn overhears part of their conversation and assumes that Daria had sex with Tom. The rumor gets out at school and Daria begins to wonder if they should have sex or not.
Director: Ted Stearn
Writer: Peggy Nicoll
Songs: Gorillaz -- Clint Eastwood, Savage Garden -- Crash and Burn, Train -- Drops of Jupiter, The Gathering -- Eleanor, Gomez -- Get Myself Arrested, Alice in Chains -- No Excuses, Ricky Martin (1) -- Nobody Wants to Be Lonely, The Prissteens -- Scandal, Controversy & Romance, Destiny's Child -- Survivor, Spooks -- Things I've Seen

65 :05x13 - Boxing Daria

After going through a box of old stuff, some of the items trigger Daria's childhood memories. The memories, which were about her parents arguing over Daria's antisocialness, upset her. Daria then has to come to terms with her problems as a child.
Songs: Nine Days -- Absolutely (Story of a Girl), Echo & The Bunnymen -- It's Alright, Our Lady Peace -- Life, St. Germain -- Rose Rouge, Orbital -- The Box, Oasis -- Who Feels Love?

Is It College Yet?

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons
Status: Ended
Network: MTV ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 03, 1997
Ended: January 21, 2002
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