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Daria: Is It Fall Yet?

School's out and the students of Lawndale are looking forward to their summer vacation. Kevin and Brittany get jobs as lifeguards, Mack drives an ice cream truck, Jodie spends all of her time volunteering, and the Fashion Club, including Quinn, hire a tutor, David. But things aren't as good for Daria and Jane. After a fight over Tom, the best friends split and head their separate ways. Daria heads to Mr. O'Neill's summer camp after her mother volunteers her, while Jane heads off to an artists' colony. At the It's OK To Cry Corral, Mr. O'Neill's camp, Daria tries to help Link, a 12 year-old very similar to herself, and while helping the pre-teen Daria has to face her own feelings for Tom, all making for a long summer.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x0
Airdate: Sunday August 27th, 2000

Guest Stars
Bart FasbenderBart Fasbender
voiced Andrew Landon
Cindy E. BrolsmaCindy E. Brolsma
voiced Various
Lemon KrasnyLemon Krasny
voiced Theresa
John W. Lynn, Jr. (1)John W. Lynn, Jr. (1)
voiced Sick, Sad World Announcer
Rachel AntonRachel Anton
voiced Various
Amanda FoxAmanda Fox
voiced Katherine 'Kay' Sloane
Brett BarskyBrett Barsky
voiced Various
Joseph BuoyeJoseph Buoye
voiced Various
Maggie FredricMaggie Fredric
voiced Various
Carson DalyCarson Daly
voiced David Sorenson
David MorittDavid Moritt
voiced Various
Rhodri J. MurphyRhodri J. Murphy
voiced Various
James WoodsJames Woods
voiced Various
David GrohlDavid Grohl
voiced Daniel Dotson
Episode Notes
Instead of the regular theme song, Splendora's "Turn Down The Sun" is used.

When this movie aired on MTV, it was commerical-free and had four minutes of extra footage including a music video for Mystik Spiral's "Freakin' Friends".

When this movie was re-aired on The N, the subplot focusing on Allison's bisexuallity was edited out.

The ending credits feature a montage of outtakes including a boom mic hitting Jane, the artists from the colony sitting around naked, and Daria and Tom holding up Daria's front door.

The plot of the movie follows the continuity of the series, taking place after "Dye! Dye! My Darling!" and before "Fizz Ed".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Alicia KeysWoman's Worth 
Craig DavidFill Me In 
DefaultWasting My Time 
Donnell JonesYou Know What's Up 
Foo FightersLearn to Fly 
GarbageBreaking Up the Girl 
Jennifer LopezI'm Real (feat. Ja Rule) 
KelisYoung, Fresh, and New 
Kurrupt feat. Natina ReedIt's Over 
LFOEvery Other Time 
Mary MaryPraise You 
PinkGet This Party Started 
Ray JFormal Invite 
The RootsYou Got Me 
SplendoraCollege Try (Gives Me Blisters) 
SupergrassTime to Go 
Tori AmosStrange Little Girl 
ToyaI Do!! 
Trick DaddyI'm a Thug 

Episode Quotes
David: But when the workers stormed the Bastille, they only found seven prisoners and one of them was the Marquis de Sade.
Quinn: Eww.
David: That's more or less the way they felt.

Brittany: Oh, Mack, something terrible has happened!
Mack: Don't worry, the sun's not gone. It's just hiding behind the clouds.

Helen: Oh, Jakey, do you realize what a momentous summer our girls have had? Quinn learned she's smarter than she thought, and Daria has her first boyfriend.
Jake: It's summer already?

Daria: Does this college town have a name or do you just turn left at the kid with the tractor?

Quinn: So David was right. I am superficial.
Daria: At least you know your strengths.

Cultural References
Lackluster Video

Lackluster Video, which is seen when Daria and Tom are at the shopping center, is a take on the video rental store Blockbuster Video.


Pepperhill College is a take on Pepperdine University.

Episode References
Jodie's line about "shredding of some congressman's incriminating files" is a reference to "The F Word".

Quinn's remark to Mr. DeMartino about the definition of Manifest Destiny is similar to the scene where Daria defines Manifest Destiny in "Esteemsters".

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