The Invitation - Recap

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The episode opens with Quinn and Daria walking to school and Quinn telling Daria to quit following her. As they continue walking, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie approach the girls and they each offer to carry either Quinn’s books or pencil but Jamie can’t come up with anything else to ask to carry. Quinn helps him out by digging in her pockets and finding a hair scrunchie.
In art class, Daria and Brittany share a table. Daria is drawing effortlessly but Brittany is having a tough time and asks Daria for help. Because Daria helped Brittany, she gets invited to her party on Saturday night, but “just this once.” Jane and Daria decide to go so Jane can get in some good sketches and in order to make Quinn miserable.
Quinn gets a ride to the party with the three J’s (Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie), who have become Quinn’s biggest admirers, and Daria and Jane get a ride from Trent, Jane’s musician brother. Once they arrive at Brittany’s gated community, a security guard checks to see if they’re on the guest list. Daria is and since Jane isn’t, she says her name is Tiffany, thinking their must be one Tiffany at the party. The guard lists off five Tiffanys, Jane picks Tiffany Duke one but chooses one the guard made up. Daria covers for her and says she was hired to draw portraits and shows him Jane’s sketchbook. While the guard is distracted, Daria and Jane slip past the gate and into the party.
At the party, Brittany is waited on hand and foot by the three J’s. She makes Joey crush ice for her drink, makes Jeffy twist pretzels for her, and Jaime bites a cracker into a square for her. Meanwhile, Daria and Jane get a tour of the house from Upchuck, who only got invited because he dissected Brittany’s frog for her. After the tour, Daria and Jane stand around and soon spot Quinn hiding behind a ceramic tiger. Daria approaches Quinn right as she tries to leave. Since Daria only came to the party to embarrass Quinn, she starts telling the three J’s embarrassing stories about Quinn and about pictures of Quinn in her chubby stage. Quinn pulls Daria away and bribes her to leave the party. Jane emerges from the laundry room after making out with a guy she just met and her and Daria decide to leave the party. As Daria and Quinn leave, the cops are called because of the noise and the three J’s begin to fight each other after Quinn says she wants to be just friends with them. Since the three J’s are fighting, Quinn can’t get a ride home and Daria refuses to call her parents to pick them up so Upchuck volunteers to drive them home.