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Daria: Malled

Daria's business class takes a field trip to the Mall of the Millennium, which Daria is not looking forward to. However, when Quinn and the Fashion Club ditch school on the same day and go to the mall, Daria makes the most of the trip.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Production Number: 105
Airdate: Monday March 31st, 1997

Guest Stars
Amy BennettAmy Bennett
voiced Various
Jessica ZainoJessica Zaino
voiced Various
Merle BeckerMerle Becker
voiced Various
Patrick FredericPatrick Frederic
voiced Various
Episode Notes
The Guptys appear in this episode as people on the tram, but they arn't officially introduced as characters until "Pinch Sitter".

This is the first time that the power struggle between Quinn and Sandi over The Fashion Club is shown.

"Rock & Roll" Randy is first seen in this episode, but isn't introduced as a character until "The Big House".

Non-Speaking Characters: Lester and Lauren Gupty, Mrs. Manson, "Rock & Roll" Randy

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
BeckNew Pollution 
BlurSong 2 
JamiroquaiVirtual Insanity 
Kula ShakerHey Dude 
Mazzy StarFade Into You 
Utah SaintsOhio 
WhitetownYour Woman 

Episode Quotes
Quinn: How will I hold my head up in the Fashion Club?
Daria: A traction pulley?

Kevin: All right! Field trip! (to Daria) Where are we going, man?
Daria: The field.
Kevin: Cool.

Episode Goofs
Jane walks into the Doo-Dad shop twice. Once before the employees start to sing, and once after they're done.

While the Morgendorffers are eating, a pitcher appears on the table without any one of the members getting up to get it.

While looking at the traffic patterns at the food court, the bridge to Daria's glasses disappears, then reappears.

Cultural References
Mall of the Millennium

The Mall of the Millennium is a take on The Mall of America, the world's largest mall.

Daria: If you play that John Lennon song backwards ...

This is a reference to the belief that if you play "Imagine" backwards, you can hear hidden lyrics.

Daria: It smells like ...
Jane: Teen spirit?

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is one of Nirvana's most well known songs.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits are a take on the popular Beanie Baby craze.

Quinn vs. Sandi

This episode is the first to feature the underlying theme of a power struggle between Quinn and Sandi. At the Fashion Club meeting at the mall, they argue and Sandi says that "maybe Quinn should be president," only for Quinn to sarcastically reply that "I could never replace you, Sandi." This forshadows various power struggles and the need to be more popular than the other that occur throughout the rest of the series.

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