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Daria: Arts 'n' Crass

Mrs. Dafoe, the art teacher, wants Jane to submit a poster for a contest. The poster turns out nice, but Daria writes a poem to go along with the poster that doesn't go over well at school. The principle insists that the girls change the poem, but Daria and Jane resist.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x1
Production Number: 201
Airdate: Monday February 16th, 1998

Director: Karen Disher
Writer: Glenn Eichler

Episode Notes
Non-Speaking Characters: Amanda Lane

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Atari Teenage RiotGraditude 
BeckDead Weight (A Life Less Ordinary) 
BisTell It To The Kids 
Blink 182Dammit 
The Dandy WarholsNot If You Are The Last Junkie On Earth 
Echo & The BunnymenI Want to Be There When You Come 
Edwyn CollinsThe Magic Piper Of Love 
Imani CoppolaLegend Of A Cowgirl 
LL Cool J4,3,2,1 
LL Cool JPhenomenom 
The MisfitsDig Up Her Bones 
MorrisseyAlma Matters 
PortisheadAll Mine 
Sonic YouthDisappearer 

Episode Quotes
Ms. Li: I don't see how any of you could think of passing up the chance to bring honor unto yourself and Lawndale High.
Jane: "Unto"?
Daria: Buckle my shoe.

Ms. Li: Did you really think you were going to get away with it?
Jane: Well, it would be stupid to say "yes" now.

Daria: Sorry we woke you up.
Trent: Don't worry about it. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Jane: You know, nobody said the message had to be positive. I'm going to do something that really represents student life.
Daria: Yes.
Jane: And tell the truth about how much it can suck.
Daria: Yes.
Jane: To blow away the story-book fantasy about how great it is to be young.
Daria: Yes.
Jane: And you're going to help.
Daria: No.

Ms. Li: (over the telephone) Mrs. Morgendorfer, I'm afraid I have some rather bad news. Your daughter Daria appears to have been involved in an act of vandalism.
Helen: What?
Ms. Li: Mrs. Morgendoffer, your daughter collaborated with Jane Lane in the creation of a poster for our art contest.
Helen: Yes, I'm aware of that.
Ms. Li: We found part of the poster unacceptable. So it was altered prior to it's entry. Unfortunatley someone defaced the poster while it was on display and since your daughter and Miss Lane were objecting to changing it, I must assume that they were the vandals. I'm going to have to take drastic action.
Helen: Wait a moment. You're saying the girls were against changing the poster but entered it into the contest anyway?
Ms. Li: It was entered for them.
Helen: I was under the impression that participation in this contest was voluntary.
Ms. Li: Yes, but your daughter refused to volunteer, so in her case I made it mandatory.
Helen: All right Ms. Li, let me make sure I have this straight. You took my daughter's poster from her, altered its content, exhibited it against her will and are now threatening discipline because you claim she defaced her own property which you admit to stealing?
Ms. Li: That's not what I said at all!
Helen: Ms. Li, are you familiar with the phrase, violation of civil liberties?
(Ms. Li stammers in terror)
Helen: And the phrase - Big, fat lawsuit?

Episode Goofs
In Ms. Li's office, the books behind her desk constantly change colors between frames.

While walking home, Daria and Jane pass by the same house and mailbox twice.

At Pizza King, Daria and Jane's cups change from blue with a yellow stripe to red with a yellow stripe between frames.

Mr. O'Neill's phone only has 9 numbers. In order to be able to dial every possible number combination, there should be 12 buttons.

Cultural References
Jane: The only way for us to save our work was to destroy it.

Jane's line is a take on a well-known quote by a Vietnam soldier, "we had to burn the village in order to save it."

Daria: It's off to the sneaker sweatshop for me and Quinn.

This is a reference to a series of scandals involving Nike's factories in third world countries. Investigations revealed that the factories were filled with underage, poorly treated, and underpaid children.

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