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Daria: Ill

While at a Mystik Spiral concert, Daria breaks out with a rash that covers her face. Embarrassed by the thought that Trent might see her with the rash, Daria hides in the bathroom only to run into Brittany. There, the two make a deal with Brittany promising not to tell anyone where she is. After being sent to the hospital, and after a series of 'deals', Lawndale finds out that Daria is in the hospital with a brain condition.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x9
Production Number: 209
Airdate: Monday July 06th, 1998

Director: Sue Perrotto
Writer: Peter Gaffney

Guest Stars
Stacy BassStacy Bass
voiced Various
Stacy BassStacy Bass
voiced Various
Bart FasbenderBart Fasbender
voiced Nicholas Campbell
George DemasGeorge Demas
voiced Various
George DemasGeorge Demas
voiced Various
Episode Notes
This is the first episode to use Britany's trademark "eep!" exclamation. The exclamation will also be used by Stacy, Daria, and Mr. O'Neill in future episodes.

Non-Speaking Characters: Andrea, Nicholas Campbell, Max Tyler

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Beastie BoysPass the Mic 
Juliana HatfieldLive on Tomorrow 
PortisheadOnly You 
RadioheadNo Surprises 
SemisonicClosing Time 
Spice GirlsStop 
Stabbing WestwardSave Yourself 
TravisU16 Girls 
White ZombieSuper Charger Heaven 

Episode Quotes
Jodie: Brittany, I'm sure if it was serious, Daria would be in the hospital.
Brittany: Um ...
Jodie: What? She is in the hospital?
Brittany: Eep!
Jodie: She's not in the hospital?
Brittany: (squealing) I promised I wouldn't say anything about the hospital because I made a deal with Daria and she kept her part and I kept my part but then I made another deal with Jane and I didn't even know I was making it and now I didn't keep my part because I told about the hospital so now Jane's going to tell about the deal and I didn't mean anything by it I just wanted to see what other kids do at night who don't do sports and he didn't mean anything to me, Kevvy, I swear it!
Kevin: So ... she is in the hospital.

Daria: Jane, this is Dr. Phillips.
Dr. Phillips: Pleased to meet you. Friend, not family, right?
Jane: How can you tell?
Dr. Phillips: Daria seemed happy to see you.

Daria: So then, what did you want to ask me?
Dr. Phillips: Nothing in particular. I just thought you could use a break from your parents for a while. You play gin rummy?
Daria: Sure.
(Dr. Phillips deals the cards)
Dr. Phillips: Actually, I did want to ask you one thing.
Daria: Yeah?
Dr. Phillips: What is it with your mother?

Jake: (while driving) Ah, damn it! (yelling) Go to hell, ya reckless bastard! My kid's got a rash! Ah, the damn window's up! (rolls window down) I said, Go to hell, you reckless .... hey, get back here!

Mrs. Sullivan: Daria?
Daria: Who are you?
Mrs. Sullivan: I'm Mrs. Sullivan. Did I leave an enema bag here?

Daria: Like I need this.
Jane: What?
Daria: A big, bright, mysterious rash covering my skin.
Jane: I know! And here you were, perfectly capable of alienating people on personality alone.
Daria: You know, you could have just sent flowers.

Episode Goofs
While in the bathroom stall taking to Britany, the laces on Daria's boots disappear.

While Helen is talking on the phone, the cord on the phone changes from being curly to being straight.

Jake's laptop changes from being black to being white during the episode.

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