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Daria: The Old and the Beautiful

Ms. Li orders asks everyone volunteer during Volunteer Week. Daria tries to read to senior citizens, but the elderly don't like Daria's unenthusiastic voice. However, they do like Kevin and Brittany, so they read to the senior citizens instead. The Fashion Club decides to donate clothes to the homeless, but are too choosy about what to give away and what to save.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x3
Production Number: 302
Airdate: Wednesday March 03rd, 1999

Guest Stars
Kiki BarreraKiki Barrera
voiced Steve Taylor
Lemon KrasnyLemon Krasny
voiced Theresa
Episode Notes
This is the first appearance of Steve Taylor, as well as the first speaking appearance of Ashley-Amber. Ashley-Amber was previously seen in "The Lab Brats", and both Ashley-Amber and Steve will later be seen in "Groped by an Angel".

Non-Speaking Characters: Mr. O'Neill, Mrs. Bennett, Ms. Barch, Andrea, Brian Taylor, Coach Gibson

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Afghan WigsSomethin' Hot 
Foo FightersNew Way Home 
Foxy BrownHot Spot 
Heather NovaHeart and Shoulder 
Liz PhairPolyester Bride 
Local HAll the Kids Are Right 
Luscious JacksonDeep Shag 
Massive AttackBlue Lines 
Monster MagnetSpace Lord 
Screaming TreesSworn and Broken 
Veruca SaltNumber One Blind 

Episode Quotes
Jane: Damn it! I must have left my Exact-O knives in the pediatric ward.
Daria: You're really getting into this, aren't you?
Jane: Yeah. The kids and I are redoing all the wall murals. The happy clowns holding balloons - we turned them into Mongol invaders wielding maces.

Woman #1: What a pretty voice she has. Do you think?
Woman #2: Oh, yes. She sounds just like Frances did when she was younger.
Woman #3: I always did have a lovely voice.
Brittany: Thanks!
Woman #2: And I looked just like you, dear.
Brittany: Eep!

Daria: Do you think if you breathe on me I might catch your enthusiasm?
Jane: Hey, who knows what you'll catch.

Kevin: Darwin's the monkey guy, right? I like monkeys.
Mr. DeMartino: A statement no doubt once also made by your mother!
Kevin: No. She's more into kitties.
Brittany: I love kitties!
Mr. DeMartino: That's terrific, Brittany, and really adds an extra dimension to today's lesson!

Episode Goofs
The exterior of Brittany's house is different than in "The Invitation".

Cultural References
Episode Title: The Old and the Beautiful

The episode title comes from the daily CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Episode References
When Quinn is talking about Brooke, she is referring to the Brooke who suffered a nasal relapse after plastic surgery in "Too Cute".

Daria's "Melody Powers" story was first seen in "Cafe Disaffecto".

Theresa, the saleslady, is the same Theresa from "Monster".

Mrs. Johansen's comment abou the chocolate bars is a reference to Daria and Jane's fundraising during "Cafe Disaffecto" in which they refused to sell Mrs. Johansen chocolate due to her health condition.

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