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Daria: The Lawndale File

Daria and Jane start to think that there are aliens in Lawndale after strange things, including Trent writing cheery songs, government agents visiting Lawndale, and Mr. DeMartino being arrested, start to happen. However, people begin to think Daria and Jane are atomic communists when they misinterpret some things that Mr. O'Neill says.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x11
Production Number: 311
Airdate: Wednesday August 04th, 1999

Director: Guy Moore
Writer: Peter Elwell

Episode Notes
Non-Speaking Characters: Corey, Mrs. Bennett

This is Artie's first appearance since season 1's "Esteemsters".

This episode was originally entitled "The Lawndale Files".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Cypress HillThrow Your Set in the Air 
Ja RuleHolla Holla 
Powerman 5000Tokyo Vigilante #1 
Shaped Box - NirvanaHeart 
Spice GirlsOuter Space Girls 

Episode Quotes
Kevin: So, there aren't any atomic communists?
Jane: I wouldn't say that.
(Points to the fashion club)
Quinn: Don't say anything.
Tiffany: We're dressed this way for fashion club solidarity.
Sandi: One of us has a problem. That's all you need to know.
Mr. O'Neill: Oh dear! What kind of problem?
Sandi: A private problem.
Stacey: It's a neck zit.
Quinn: Stacey!
Tiffany: Don't worry Quinn, they still don't know it's you.
(Quinn runs off sobbing)
Tiffany: Did I say the wrong thing?
Sandi: Don't worry about it.

Helen: Daria, is anything wrong with Quinn?
Daria: If this weren't a school day, I might have the time to begin answering that.

Helen: All of a sudden, she doesn't like aliens.
Quinn: Who does? Aliens impregnate you and then they pop out of your chest and kill you while you're trying to eat lunch. What's to like?

Jane: So you convinced your dad you're not a communist?
Daria: Yeah, I'm showing him how much I love money by hitting him up for it every chance I get.

Daria: On your way over here, you didn't see any, um, lights in the sky or anything?
Artie: Oh, no! They're back?!

Jane: Did we just see a U.F.O.?
Daria: You're getting paranoid. It's probably just an informal get-together of local stalkers. You know, hang out, swap stories, try out each other's skeleton keys.
Jane: But only an idiot would go stalking with a flashlight.
Daria: Come on. This is Lawndale.
Jane: Oh, yeah.

Jane: A lot of weirdness around here lately.
Daria: Yeah. I won't be sorry to see this day end.
Jane: You say that every day.
Daria: Oh, yeah.

Jane: Hmm. When was the last time you saw Kevin without his neck thing?
Daria: You're talking implants?
Brittany: I heard that, and it's not true!
Jane: I guess she thought you meant her U.F.O.s.

Episode Goofs
The poster above Jane's bed has disappeared, but reappears after the Sick, Sad World interview with Artie airs.

Cultural References
Episode Title: The Lawndale File

The episode title is a possible reference to the television series The X-Files in which FBI agents investigate the paranormal.

Quinn: Aliens impregnate you and then they pop out of your chest and kill you while you're trying to eat lunch.

This is a reference to the 1979 movie Alien in which a crew member on a spaceship "gives birth" to an alien embryo that had been growing inside of his chest.

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