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Daria: Partner's Complaint

In Mrs. Bennett's class, Daria is assigned to do a report on applying for a loan and buying a car. Due to Daria still having trouble accepting Jane's relationship with Tom, Daria partners up with Jodie instead of Jane. Working with Jodie makes Daria see that she's too inflexible and has alienated her few friends because of it, and Jane forgives Daria for how she acted.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x1
Production Number: 401
Airdate: Friday February 25th, 2000

Director: Karen Disher
Writer: Glenn Eichler

Guest Stars
Kiki BarreraKiki Barrera
voiced Wally
Episode Notes
Non-Speaking Characters: Upchuck

Quinn's shirt has changed from the shirt she typically wears: pink with a butterfly and longer sleeves compaired to pink with the smiley.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
311Come Original 
AshJesus Says 
BeckSexx Laws 
Ben LeeNothing Much Happens 
Bif NakedAny Day Now 
David BowieThursday's Child 
KelisCaught Out There 
LenFeelin' Alright 
Will SmithWill2K 

Episode Quotes
Jodie: What should we call our company?
Daria: Brink of Bankruptcy, Incorporated?

Jane: They're fighting over who's smarter?
Daria: There's a battle of the Titans.

Jodie: Hey, Daria ... that was nice what you said in that presentation.
Daria: Don't get conceited. The only reason I changed my mind about what you did is that I was wrong and I acted like a clod.
Jodie: That's two reasons.
Daria: Rub it in, why don't you?

Jane: You want to do a class project with me?
Brittany: Well, not really, but I mean, you're right here and all.
Jane: Oh, Brittany, you sweet-talker, you. (Jane and Brittany leave)
Daria: I hate everybody.

Daria: You know, you don't have to tiptoe around me like I'm some sort of hysterical nut job.
Jane: There are many words I could use to describe you. Hysterical is not among them.

Daria: Are you comparing Kevin and Brittany to you and me?
Jane: There's, like, 16 possible combinations there, and not a single one of them works.

Jane: So, you want to do the project alone, hmm?
Daria: Kind of. I kind of said that to tick you off.
Jane: It worked.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Partner's Complaint

The episode title is a pun of the Philip Roth novel Portnoy's Complaint.


The car that Kevin, Mack, Brittany, and Jane were supposed to be buying is a take on the 1990 edition of the Dodge Viper.

Episode References
Andrew Landon's folding coffee cup is a reference to season 2's "Gifted" in which Andrew tells Jake about the invention.

Daria refers to Jake's heart attack, which occured in "Jake of Hearts" while talking to the banker.

Daria's bad attitude towards Jane's relationship with Tom is a continutation of the storyline from "Jane's Addition".

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