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Daria: Fat Like Me

Sandi gains weight after being on crutches. Since she is in violation of the Fashion Club's weight policy, Sandi resigns as president, leaving Quinn to head the club. However, Quinn resigns out of respect for Sandi and the club can't function without either of them. Meanwhile, Daria and Quinn bet on whether or not the Fashion Club will completely fall apart and both Daria and Jane try to influence the members so they'll win the bet.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x3
Production Number: 503
Airdate: Monday March 05th, 2001

Director: Ted Stearn
Writer: Peggy Nicoll

Episode Notes
This episode was not re-aired on The N.

Non-Speaking Characters: Brooke

This is Brooke's first appearance (though non-speaking) since "Too Cute".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Beenie ManGirls Dem Sugar (feat. Mya) 
The Dandy WarholsBohemian Like You 
Dexter FreebishLeaving Town 
Eve's PlumLipstuck 
GusterFa Fa 
Jennifer LopezLove Don't Cost a Thing 
PJ HarveyGood Fortune 
Union UndergroundMr. Deadman 
ZebraheadPlaymate of the Year 

Episode Quotes
Sandy: Can't ... I ... rest?
Quinn: Did Cleopatra rest when she was inventing mascara? Did Neferiti rest when she was posing for statues? Did Helen of Troy rest when she was doing whatever it was she did? Beauty never rests! Now, swim you cow, swim!!

Jane: Did I hear right? The death of the Fashion Club? That at last the people shall be free?
Daria: Not likely. That club's like a hydra. You cut off one airhead, two more grow back.

Sandi: Obviously, I'm the only one in this room concerned with the burgeoning obesity problem tearing apart the very fabric of our land.
Stacy: Not the fabric!

Sandi: Gee, Tiffany, why don't you take a picture? It will last longer.
Tiffany: But I don't have a camera.

Quinn: You're going to carry on the Fashion Club mission. You'll stop the vertically challenged from wearing really fat stripes, point out icky fibers to icky fibers wearers, and fight frosted shadows wherever you go, unless it's at a costume party. You'll hold yourselves up to the highest standards possible. No ankle boot too pointy, no chartreuse too chartreusey, and no mock turtleneck too mocky. And finally, you will never, ever date anyone less attractive than you are ... although equally attractive is okay.

Episode Goofs
Sandi's cast switches from her left leg to her right leg during the episode.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Fat Like Me

The episode title is a take on the John Howard Griffin novel Black Like Me.

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