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Season 2

22 :02x01 - Designate This

After months of reindoctrination, Max must escape her captors and return to Logan, whose obsession with bringing down Manticore has made him number one with a bullet on their most wanted list.
Guest Stars: Antonio Cupo as Male X5 | John Savage as Col. Donald Lydecker | Ashley Scott as Asha Barlowe | Nana Visitor as Dr. Elizabeth Renfro/Madame X | Geneva Locke as Young Max | Daniel Bacon as Control Room Tech 1 | Norman Armour as Sleazy Clerk | Brian Drummond as TAC Officer 1 | Ian Marsh as Drill Sergeant | David Coles as Forensics Cleaner | Robert Gossett as Col. Jim McGinnis | Adam Henderson as Manticore Doctor | Grace Park as Female Breeding X5
Director: Jeff Woolnough

23 :02x02 - Bag 'Em

Max must stop an NSA agent hell-bent on erasing Renfro's mistakes by systematically killing all the X-series.
Guest Stars: Andrew Francis as Male X6 | Kyle Alisharan as Operative | Craig Veroni as Soldier #1 | Sarah Jane Morris as X6/Ralph | Ashley Scott as Asha Barlowe | John Savage as Col. Donald Lydecker | Catherine Lough Haggquist as Reporter | Jesse Moss as Bullet | Claude Duhamel as Clerk | Nicki Clyne as Fixit | Connor Widdows as Bugler | Leanne Adachi as Computer Tech | Chris Kramer as Mike | Colin Cunningham as Transhuman DAC | Jennifer Jasey as Shelly
Director: Vern Gillum
Songs: Hed PE -- Bartender, Hed PE -- Killing Time, Hed PE -- Space Boogie

24 :02x03 - Proof of Purchase

As Max struggles to keep Joshua's existence from the citizens of Seattle, Alec finds himself forced to turn against his own.
Guest Stars: John Savage as Col. Donald Lydecker | Kyle Alisharan as Operative | Janet Wright as Annie The Announcer | Ryan de Boer as X6-252 | Kimani Ray Smith as Bearded Homeless Guy | John Hainsworth as Skinny Homeless Guy | Jane Sowerby as Blue Collar Wife | Rob LaBelle as Engel | John DeSantis as The Mangler Miller | Ken Kirzinger as Bloody Fighter #2 | Shawn Stewart as Bloody Fighter 1
Songs: Crystal Method -- Name of the Game

25 :02x04 - Radar Love

Max and Logan uncover a genocidal agenda when they look into a series of unusual deaths linked to transgenic escapees.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Dr. Beverly Shankar | Byron Mann as Detective Matt Sung | Tyler Labine as Cyril | Ashley Scott as Asha Barlowe | Kris Pope as Rafer | Winston Brown as Bartender | Paul Jamieson as Overcoat Man | Raugi Yu as Ticket Taker | Michael David Simms as Captain | Donald Fong as Dead Chinese 1 | Rick Tae as Proprietor
Director: Michael Angeli
Songs: George Clinton -- Atomic Dog, Da Brat feat. Kelly Price -- Runnin' out of Time

26 :02x05 - Boo

It's Halloween in Seattle, and Max is in for a night of talking heads, fortune tellers and haggis.
Guest Stars: Sarah Carter as Katarina | Rob deLeeuw as Man | French Tickner as Father McAllister | Brian Jensen as Cop at Venue | Kris Pope as Rafer | G. Michael Gray as Dieter | Leslie Jones (1) as Waitress | Angelika Baran as Pretty Redhead | Travis MacDonald as Bum
Director: Les Landau
Songs: Gorillaz -- Clint Eastwood, D-12 -- Fight Music, Mystikal -- Mystikal Fever

27 :02x06 - Two

Disturbed by some unusual behavior from Joshua (as well as Alec's new job working at Jam Pony), Max's concern for Joshua is heightened when sector police killings are attributed to a "beast-like" creature. Her anxiety increases when Logan points out her lack of knowledge about the creatures that grew up in the Manticore basement. As Max races to try to figure out the mystery of the killings before more are committed, events culminate in a shocking conclusion.
Guest Stars: John Callander as Prisoner | Michasha Armstrong as Tuck | Mike Dopud as Cop 3 | David Parker (2) as Officer Pearson | Fred Ewanuick as Bird | Sonya Salomaa as Lux | John Cassini as Blond Cop | Garfield Wilson as Gun Happy Cop | Patrick Gallagher as Hispanic Cop
Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Jose Molina
Songs: Tech N9ne -- Tormented

28 :02x07 - Some Assembly Required

Max discovers that her "brother" Zack may be alive and back in Seattle as half-man/ half-machine. He is the prize of the highest bidder. Knowing Zack gave his life for hers, Max puts herself at great risk, attempting to rescue him from his new "owners," a vicious Seattle gang. But when Zack makes an attempt on Logan's life, Max is forced to make a very painful decision.
Guest Stars: William Gregory Lee as Zack (X5-599) | Todd Fenwick as Hulk | John Mann (1) as British Eddy | Winston Brown as Bartender | Seth Ranaweera as Shashi | Fred Ewanuick as Bird | Fred Keating as Buddy Thompson | Sonya Salomaa as Lux
Director: Nick Marck

29 :02x08 - Gill Girl

Feeling alienated and even more distant from Logan after the supposed re-occurrence of the virus that keeps them apart turns out to be a bad case of the chicken pox, Max once again sets out to protect the transgenics she let into the world after a female aquatic creature is accidentally captured at sea. Feeling the presence of the evil Mr. White at every turn, Max, aided by a reluctant Alec, must race against time to free the creature before she is destroyed. Complications arise when the sea creature's mate throws a wrench into the rescue mission and Max discovers they may have taken on more than they can handle.
Guest Stars: Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Mark Lukyn as Tech | Gus Lynch as Mack | Anita Brown as Gill Girl | Scott Heindl as Jack | Darcy Laurie as Ike | Jesse Hutch as Gill Guy | Jessica Amlee as Brittany | Angela Moore as Nurse Betty | Darryl Quon as Bouncer
Director: Bryan Spicer

30 :02x09 - Medium is the Message

Max's continued efforts to cure the Manticore virus are interrupted by a kidnapping case that involves White, a group of amped-up kidnappers and Lydecker's disappearance.
Guest Stars: Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Emily Holmes as Wendy Olsen-White | Robert Carter (1) as Bald Transgenic | Christopher Gordon as Purebred 2 | Brayden Bullen as Ray White | Claudette Roche as Rita | Simon Burnett as Purebred 1
Director: Jeff Woolnough

31 :02x10 - Brainiac

Max's investigation of an S1W raid leads her to a unique transgenic who can apparently tell the future.
Guest Stars: Michael Bower as Brain | Noel Callahan as Vid Kid | Cary Shields as Leader | Sarah La Greca as Young Woman | Dagmar Midcap as Newscaster | Darren Choo as SWAT Guy 2 | Tiffany Knight as TV Commerical | Simon Longmore as Arcade Cop | Thomas Milburn, Jr. as SWAT Guy 1 | Terry Chen as S1W Member

32 :02x11 - The Berrisford Agenda

Alec wrestles with the ghosts of his last Manticore mission and finds himself haunted by the mistakes of the past.
Guest Stars: Meghan Ory as Rachel Berrisford | Suzanne Ristic as Maid | Jacob Chaos as Lab Coat Man | Micah Gardener as Simon Lehane | Fulvio Cecere as Agent Sandoval | Michael Kopsa as Robert Berrisford | Ty Olsson as Mario | Eric Breker as Agent 1

33 :02x12 - Borrowed Time

Max and Logan find a cure for their genetically engineered virus, but must set aside any thoughts of romance to stop a bizarre Manticore creation on the loose in Seattle.
Guest Stars: Sarah Cole-Burnett as Emma | Ryan Drescher as Tim | Scott Bellis as Delbert | Tony Alcantar as Irving | Fiona Hogan as Muriel | Peter Williams (1) as Hal
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Jose Molina

34 :02x13 - Harbor Lights

When Max is shot and hospitalized, Logan must race White and a curious CDC doctor to keep Max's transgenic identity a secret.
Guest Stars: Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Bobby Stewart as Sector Cop 1 | Sarah Strange as Nurse Betty | Dagmar Midcap as Reporter | Laara Sadiq as Attending Nurse | Kwesi Ameyaw as Lab Tech | Ben Cotton as Biker at Gas Lineup | Donavon Stinson as Bill - Channel 3 News | Enuka Okuma as Dr. Harrington | Jerry Wasserman as Dr. George
Director: Kenneth Biller

35 :02x14 - Love in Vein

Max tracks down a gang of troublemaking transgenics, only to discover that their fake barcodes are a tribute to a transgenic master with a messiah-like hold on his human disciples.
Guest Stars: Ian Marsh as Doorman 1 | Miles Meadows as Rollins | Keegan Connor Tracy as Rain | Rekha Sharma as Dr. Beverly Shankar | Matthew Currie Holmes as Push | Zak Santiago as Kurt | Kett Turton as Jonathan | Sam Witwer as Marrow | Missy Peregrym as Hottie Blood | Adrian McMorran as Dylan | Camille Sullivan as Lida
Director: David Grossman

36 :02x15 - Fuhgeddaboudit

Max and the gang are taken for a ride when a hypnotically persuasive transgenic uses an Eyes Only case for her own self-serving agenda.
Guest Stars: David Gianopoulos as Tony Rinaldi | Laurie Brunetti as Dougie | Tracy Leah Ryan as Mia | Lee Jay Bamberry as Ringmaster | Peter Benson (2) as Waiter | Byron Mann as Detective Matt Sung | Louis Chirillo as Bobby No Neck | John Juliani as Boss Sparacino
Director: Morgan Beggs
Writer: Julie Hess

37 :02x16 - Exposure

Max and Logan track Ames' kidnapped son to a small town where the breeding cult is readying Manticore's youngest creations for a mysterious ceremony. Meanwhile, Alec and Original Cindy take it upon themselves to stop Sketchy from uncovering the truth about the transgens running amok.
Guest Stars: Brayden Bullen as Ray White | Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Devin Douglas Drewitz as Samuel | Mike Mitchell as Mule | Emily Holmes as Wendy Olsen-White | Dominika Wolski as Priestess | Aaron Douglas as Clerk | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2 | Garwin Sanford as Priest | Stephen Spender as Security Guard | Malcolm Stewart as Director Paul Simms

38 :02x17 - Hello, Goodbye

After nearly infecting Logan, Max decides to end their affair for good; Alec's haunted by the sins of his Manticore twin; and White triggers a witch hunt by leaking info about the transgens to the media. Meanwhile, Joshua finds the perfect woman, but can't find the courage to confess his secret.
Guest Stars: Evan Stewart as Anchorman | Gerry Durand as ND Cop | Rekha Sharma as Dr. Beverly Shankar | Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Paul Moniz de Sa as Uniformed Cop | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Mrs. Moorehead | Mike Mitchell as Mule | Noah Beggs as Detective Krakow | Sadie Lawrence as Young Widow | Kandyse McClure as Annie Fisher | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Writer: Jose Molina

39 :02x18 - Dawg Day Afternoon

Max must break her vow to avoid Logan after Joshua becomes a target of a transgenic manhunt.
Guest Stars: Bobby Stewart as Bald Cop | Jorge Vargas as Bug | Brad Loree as Sector Cop 1 | Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Dagmar Midcap as Newswoman | L. Harvey Gold as Lawyer | David Coles as Quint | Mitchell Kosterman as Lieutenant | Kandyse McClure as Annie Fisher | Malcolm Stewart as Director Paul Simms
Director: Kenneth Biller

40 :02x19 - She Ain't Heavy

Max's escape from Seattle is derailed after White sends in her clone to capture the elusive X-452; Logan's Eyes Only compound is attacked; Joshua finds a new home among his fellow mutants; and White takes the stand with a revelation sure to turn the entire nation against the transgens.
Guest Stars: Evan Stewart as Anchorman | Jessica Alba as Sam/X5-453 | Cameron Bright as Johnny | Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Brian Jensen as Mole | Jim Thorburn as Steve | Fred Ewanuick as Luke | Darcy Laurie as Dix | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2 | Malcolm Stewart as Dir. Paul Simms
Director: Allan Kroeker

41 :02x20 - Love Among the Runes

With Max now determined to turn the tables on White and pro-actively lead a transgenic resistance against the fast growing and dangerous xenophobia that is sweeping the country, events unfold that place our heroine in a potentially more vulnerable position than ever before. Attempting a rescue of three of her "brothers" imprisoned and on the verge of execution, Max's misguided trust in a seemingly helpful, but odd individual places her directly in the line of fire when the man's close familial connection to White is revealed. Double-crossed and potentially on her own due to a recent estrangement from Logan, Max must not only figure out a way out of her seemingly deadly predicament but also turn the tide on White's plans to expose the transgenics to a less than accepting populace. With time running out and Max, Alec and the rest of their kind backed into a corner from which there may be no escape, we head toward the final showdown of humans vs. transgenics.
Guest Stars: David Haysom as Checkpoint Cop | Brian Jensen as Mole | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Moorehead | Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Peter Shinkoda as Albino X | Fred Ewanuick as Luke | Paul Perri as Senator McKinley | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2 | Henri Lubatti as CJ Sandeman | Ronald Selmour as Dan
Songs: Chuck D/MC Lyte -- Dark Angel Theme

42 :02x21 - Freak Nation

Max must finally expose herself to the world and defend her own kind when a potentially deadly hostage situation arises at Jam Pony.
Guest Stars: Rick Worthy as Clemente | Tahmoh Penikett as ND Cop | Craig Veroni as Otto Gottlieb | Lorin Heath as CeCe | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Mrs. Moorehead | Brian Jensen as Mole | Christine Willes as Church Lady | Erin Karpluk as Gem | Fred Ewanuick as Luke | Darcy Laurie as Dix | Jeffrey Ballard as Dalton/X-6
Director: James Cameron
Warning: Dark Angel guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 2000
Ended: May 03, 2002
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