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Season 15

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Season 15

1501 :15x01 - Murder in the Moonlight

A man is accused of killing his beautiful wife on a moonlit beach walk and then shooting himself to cover up the crime, Dennis Murphy reports.

1502 :15x02 - America Remembers: 9/11 Controllers

NBC News will air Tom Brokaw's award-winning report, "America Remembers: 9/11 Controllers," featuring Brokaw's exclusive interview with 20 air traffic controllers from around the country who handled the hijacked planes on September 11th, 2001. On the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks, this special report broadcast these controllers speaking out for the first time about how they discovered the terrorist plot, as it was unfolding and struggled to contain it.

1503 :15x03 - Flight 93

Marking the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, former co-anchor, Jane Pauley, returns to "Dateline," to update her 2001 report, "Flight 93." New interviews with family members who lost loved ones in the flight, and new audiotapes will be added to the report that details the heroic events on board the hijacked plane that was crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa.

1504 :15x04 - To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 1)

Chris Hansen is back with another series of reports on men who target young teenagers over the Internet.

1505 :15x05 - Crossing the Line

In a candid interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, airing at 9 PM/ET, Debra LaFave speaks out about the 2004 criminal case that made her perhaps the most infamous school teacher in America. LaFave, the young, attractive teacher who pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious battery and is currently serving a sentence of house arrest, reveals new details to Lauer about the case and her sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student.

1506 :15x06 - Inside the World of Infomercials

Dateline decided the best way to get inside this world was to make one ourselves, for a product that would never be sold. Introducing 'Moisturol,' a skin moisturizer. We had no scientific evidence that it works, but could we get an infomercial made anyway?

1507 :15x07 - To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 2)

Chris Hansen is back with another series of reports on men who target young teens over the Internet. Next investigations take place in Georgia and Northern California.

1508 :15x08 - The Paris Hilton Tapes

In an hour-long report, "The Paris Hilton Tapes," "Dateline" airs the never-before-heard audiotapes of Los Angeles Police Department detectives interviewing Paris Hilton as a witness, pressing her about what she knew or had been told, about the 2004 burglary of Joe Francis, the controversial creator of "Girls Gone Wild." Keith Morrison reports.

1509 :15x09 - To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 1)

Part one of Dateline's hidden camera investigation in Petaluma, Calif., on men who target young teenagers over the Internet. After chatting online about sex and then making a date, a total of 29 men show up at "Dateline's" undercover house only to be confronted by "Dateline's" Chris Hansen.

1510 :15x10 - The Milkshake Murders (a.k.a. A Tale of Two Brothers)

Two brothers are murdered at different times and in different places, but both under strange circumstances – one after some sketchy business deals, the other after drinking a mysterious milkshake. How did the separate lives of two brothers end in murder? Dennis Murphy reports.

1511 :15x11 - To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 2)

Part two of Dateline's hidden camera investigation in Petaluma, Calif., on men who target young teenagers over the Internet. After chatting online about sex and then making a date, a total of 29 men show up at "Dateline's" undercover house only to be confronted by "Dateline's" Chris Hansen.

1512 :15x12 - Recent School Shootings

In an NBC News exclusive, Meredith Vieira will sit down with John Michael and Ellen Keyes, the parents of Emily Keyes, the sixteen-year-old student who was tragically killed when a shooter entered her Colorado high school last month. Keyes was a student at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado where the shooting occurred. She was one of the six teenage girls taken hostage by Duane Morrison when he attacked the school on September 27.

1513 :15x13 - Death on the Lake

Chris Hansen continues his investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a Michigan couple after a romantic boat trip on Lake Huron with a newly obtained audiotape of the last phone call made from the boat and exclusive interviews with family members who have never spoken publicly before.

1514 :15x14 - Death & the Dentist

A woman in the midst of a bitter divorce is found shot in the head. Her family is adamant that she was murdered, but evidence suggests suicide. However, when new information is revealed about her husband's past, her grief-stricken family sees their opportunity for justice to be served. Rob Stafford reports.

1515 :15x15 - Circle of Friends

Two girls, one boy and a twisted teen love triangle. How did jealousy among friends lead to a horrifically brutal murder? Rob Stafford reports.

1516 :15x16 - Family Ties

Keith Morrison reports on the 2004 execution-style murder of a young chemistry scholar in Santa Barbara, Calif., and the bizarre investigation and trial that ensued. In the report, the victim’s ex-wife discusses the murder in her first televised interview.

1517 :15x17 - Madonna's Confessions

Madonna talks in detail about her controversial adoption of a 1-year-old Malawi baby, her recent concert tour, and the continued scrutiny over her religious beliefs.

1518 :15x18 - Fatal Attraction

Loved by many, attractive, bright and kind -- Mary Lynn Witherspoon lived a sweet, southern life anybody could envy -- until a young man obsessed by her decided to take it away. Keith Morrison reports.

1519 :15x19 - Death in the Hills

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1520 :15x20 - Murder by Stairs

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1521 :15x21 - Killer Charisma

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1522 :15x22 - The Lady in the Lake

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1524 :15x24 - Nevada Control Murder

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1525 :15x25 - Subway Pusher

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1539 :15x39 - Killer Instinct

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1544 :15x44 - To Catch an ID Thief

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1545 :15x45 - Thief of Hearts

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1547 :15x47 - What Lies Beneath

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1548 :15x48 - A Deadly Mission

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1549 :15x49 - To Catch a Car Thief

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1558 :15x58 - Dangerous Liaisons

Dateline NBC investigates the life of Victoria Corderi, a wealthy socialite who has been accused of having one of her lovers murder another one of her lovers.

1559 :15x59 - What the Camera Saw

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1560 :15x60 - Missing

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1561 :15x61 - Scenes from a Murder

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1562 :15x62 - Miracle Workers

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1566 :15x66 - Tony Blair Interview

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1567 :15x67 - The Accused

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1569 :15x69 - Anatomy of a Murder Update

A death row case is re-examined in light of new evidence. Reported by Keith Morrison.

1570 :15x70 - American in Secret Military Prison in Iraq

Five stories are covered in this two-hour episode: an American named Donald Vance was held in a secret military prison in Iraq for 97 days; Steve Carell discusses his new movie Evan Almighty; a Seattle mother thinks her estranged husband is stalking her, and the mystery of how he is doing it is solved; the Vietnamese American community in New Orleans have had great success recovering from Hurricane Katrina; and a homeless, uninsured 63-year-old woman is dropped off on the streets by a hospital.

1571 :15x71 - William & Harry

Matt Lauer has the first American interview with Prince William and Prince Harry. Topics include the 10th anniversary of the death of their mother, Princess Diana; and their thoughts on America.

1572 :15x72 - The Murders on Lovers Lane

Stone Phillips reports from Florence, Italy on how a best-selling American author found himself under investigation in Italy's most notorious unsolved murder case.

1573 :15x73 - Rescue on Roberts Ridge

In March 2002, during a battle called Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, a Navy Seal named Neil Roberts fell from a helicopter as it attempted to land on a mountaintop controlled by al Qaeda fighters. "Rescue On Roberts Ridge" is the story of the soldiers who were sent in to find Roberts and bring him home. Reported by Stone Phillips, the two-hour, award-winning broadcast presents a minute-by-minute account of what those soldiers faced when their own chopper was shot down and for the first time on television, viewers will be able to watch, just as the U.S. commanders did that day, spy plane footage of the downed chopper as the enemy closed in.

1574 :15x74 - Cape Fear

Correspondent Dennis Murphy travels to Cape Cod to investigate the mysterious January 2002 murder of single mother and fashion writer Christa Worthington.

1575 :15x75 - 15 Years: A Stone Phillips Retrospective

A retrospective on the journalistic endeavors of Stone Phillips reflecting on the anchor's memorable interviews, past stories and hard-hitting investigations during his 15 years of “Dateline NBC” reporting.

1576 :15x76 - Season 15, Episode 76

Ann Curry examines the mysterious November 2006 poisoning death of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko. Curry's report includes an interview with Litvinenko's widow, Marina. Also: Dennis Murphy scrutinizes the case of a U.S. woman who vanished after becoming involved with an Englishman who claimed to be a secret agent.

1577 :15x77 - Season 15, Episode 77

Correspondent Keith Morrison studies the case of Matthew Winkler, a small-town Tennessee preacher who was killed in March 2006.

1578 :15x78 - Episode 78

Keith Morrison chronicles how a former San Diego youth minister materialized as the main suspect in his wife's vanishing. In a second report, secrets bubble to the surface in a tight-knit community when a popular woman goes missing. Hoda Kotb reports.

1579 :15x79 - Episode 79

Correspondent Natalie Morales journeys to Knoxville to conduct an interview with Eric McLean, who is charged in the March 2007 shooting death of his teacher wife's alleged student lover.

1580 :15x80 - To Catch an ID Thief

Part 1 of 2. Correspondent Chris Hansen investigates alleged Internet predators in a hidden-camera report from Ocean County, N.J.

1581 :15x81 - To Catch an ID Thief (2)

In the investigation “To Catch an ID Thief,” correspondent Chris Hansen reports on identity theft and attempts to expose an alleged global ID-theft ring.

1582 :15x82 - Episode 82

Hoda Kotb journeys to idyllic Nantucket, Mass., to report on a fairy-tale courtship that was shattered by murder. Included: the ensuing trial.

1583 :15x83 - Internet Predators (2)

The conclusion of correspondent Chris Hansen's investigation of alleged Internet predators in Ocean County, N.J.

1584 :15x84 - Episode 84

Meredith Vieira journeys to Scotland to conduct an interview with J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series. Rowling addresses the Potter craze and her life before the fame of Potter. In addition, Chris Hansen provides a hidden-camera exposé on the global counterfeit prescription-drug trade.

1585 :15x85 - Episode 85

Correspondent Keith Morrison analyzes the attempted murder of a mother of three, who was left paralyzed after being shot by an alleged hired hit man in October 1997.

1586 :15x86 - Episode 86

Chris Hansen provides a high-tech, hidden-camera report on iPod thievery and the perpetrators behind the crimes.

1587 :15x87 - In the Shadow of Justice

“In the Shadow of Justice” analyzes the case of David Lemus, whose conviction in the November 1990 murder of New York City nightclub bouncer Marcus Peterson was overturned in 2005.

1588 :15x88 - Episode 88

Dennis Murphy chronicles the life, cross-country travels and alleged criminal exploits of a mother of three with various aliases.

1589 :15x89 - Episode 89

Hoda Kotb files a report on a woman who went to valiant measures to protect her family from a former boyfriend.

1590 :15x90 - Episode 90

Correspondent Keith Morrison investigates the mysterious 2006 vanishing of John Elwin, a Hawaii-based businessman.

1591 :15x91 - Dead Men Talking

In “Dead Men Talking,” correspondent Victoria Corderi joins Louisville detectives and medical examiners as they utilize forensic technology to investigate various crimes scenes.

1592 :15x92 - Episode 92

Correspondent Dennis Murphy examines the stabbing death of an Iowa pediatrician.

1593 :15x93 - Episode 93

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1594 :15x94 - Diana: The People's Princess

In “Diana: The People's Princess,” Hoda Kotb files a report on Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97) on the 10th anniversary of her death.

1595 :15x95 - Wild Bill Stanton: Watching Your Back

In “Wild Bill Stanton: Watching Your Back,” security consultant Bill Stanton explores measures for protection against various crime

1596 :15x96 - Episode 96

Keith Morrison journeys to Buffalo to explore the September 2006 murder of Joan Diver, a mother of four.

1597 :15x97 - Episode 97

Dennis Murphy offers a study of the brutal July 2007 home-invasion murders of a mother and her two daughters in Cheshire, Conn.

1598 :15x98 - Phil Spector, Facing the Music

Correspondent Keith Morrison explores the crime case of Phil Spector, updating developments in the famed music producer's trial. Spector is charged in the February 2003 shooting death of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his California home.
Classification: News
Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
Episode Order: 39
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