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Season 18

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Season 18

1658 :18x01 - FR1811 The Mystery of Meredith's Murder

The case of a US college student who was charged with the murder of her British housemate while studying in Italy.

1659 :18x02 - FR1812 When Caylee Vanished

Dennis Murphy discusses the case which has occupied the headlines this week, Caylee Anthony's disappearance from back in July 2008. A talk is had with Caylee's grandparents concerning the findings this week and their daughter's possible involvement.

1660 :18x03 - FR1813 The Evictors/Rick Warren/Missing No More/Along Came a Spider

Author/Evangelical pastor Rick Warren is interviewed about his book and political views, along with his recent family crisis. Then, a look at families who have been effected by the recent housing crisis. Lastly, a murder investigation arises from a widows suspicious behavior.

1663 :18x06 - FR1817 Miracle on the Hudson: What Went Right

A minute-by-minute look at the landing of US Airways flight 1549 in New York's Hudson River. Includes interviews with some of the survivors and their rescuers.

1664 :18x07 - SU1817 This Moment, This Time/10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes

Ann Curry takes a glimpse at what President Barack Obama will have in front of him when he takes office, through insights from pundits, scholars and newsmakers. Plus, Hoda Kotb reports on everyday heroes in the second installment.

1665 :18x08 - FR1818 Deadly Dealing

Chris Hansen investigates female college student became a drug informant and was killed during a botched drug bust.

1666 :18x09 - SU1818 10 Most Incredible Close Calls/Beyond the Sea (Update)

Hoda Kotbe introduces 10 near death experiences, all caught live on camera. The extremely close calls include a child getting stuck between huge boulders, a base jump gone horribly wrong, a roof top fire rescue, a girl trapped under concrete, another girl - and then her rescuer - trapped under ice, an aircrew man sucked into a friggin' jet engine, a sinking cruise ship and a diver stuck in a shark cage WITH an 18 foot Great White!. In the second hour, Keith Morrison reviews the case of Olivia Newton John's missing boyfriend, Patrick McDermott. But was his disappearance due to falling overboard, committing suicide, or faking his own death in order to avoid court proceedings brought by an ex-wife? Also, the husband-and-wife team that owns the fishing boat McDermott supposedly fell from speaks about Patrick for the first time.

1667 :18x10 - FR1819 Fighting For Sean

Meridith Vieira investigates a case of global kidnapping which has affected a New Jersey community.

1668 :18x11 - FR1820 Justice For Sparkle

Justice For Sparkle

1669 :18x12 - SU1820 The Run of His Life/Where's the Money/Life in the Corner Office

Chris Hansen takes a closer look at the financial bailout package from the government which is hoping with give a jump-start to the economy. Also included is the measures which are being implemented to keep people from abusing the stimulus money.

1670 :18x13 - TU1821 The Octuplets' Mother: Her Story

An interview by Ann Curry with the mother who recently gave birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman on Jan. 26, shedding light on her headline grabbing story.

1671 :18x14 - FR1821 Deadly Affair

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz follows officials as they track down a killer of a wife and mother. The investigation goes back and forth as her husband and daughter have different views on what happened.

1672 :18x15 - SU1821 10 Wild Rides/Escape From Brushy Mountain

Chris Hanson shows us ten of the most death-defying moments which were caught on film, including a daredevil's crash and a skier taking on an avalanche. Then, a camping trip in Virginia turns into a frightening test of survival.

1673 :18x16 - FR1822 Deadly Sanctuary

An investigative report on the death of a female parishioner inside the office of the county church, which shocked the congregation and left them suspicious to why this happened. Was this death a murder or maybe a suicide? Correspondent Keith Morrison reports.

1674 :18x17 - SU1822 Black Box Mystery: The Crash of the Concorde/Reality Bites (Update)

Peter Greenberg examines the deadly flight of the supersonic Concorde which came down in France, killing all 113 on board on July 2000. Complete with first hand accounts, the report looks into the controversies which still surround the crash today. Also, Chris Hanson gives his report on a reality show which had gone wrong.

1675 :18x18 - FR1823 Mystery on a Moonlit Road

After discovering an old family secret, a woman decides to research the details of her father's murder from decades earlier.

1676 :18x19 - FR1824 With Friends Like These

Correspondent Keith Morrison reports on what happened when some L.A. down-and-out men met up with a pair of elderly ladies known for helping the homeless, and something else.

1677 :18x20 - FR1825 Deadly Dreams

Keith Morrison investigates the claims that a sleepwalking man killed his paramour.

1678 :18x21 - SU1825 Fighting For Sean Update/George Clooney on Dafur/Michael Phelps Interview

Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps is interviewed by Matt Lauer. Also, Ann Curry chats with George Clooney about his cause of ending the Dafur crisis while on a trip to the border of Chad and Sudan. Plus, Meridith Vieira reflects on a father's struggles to bring his son to the U.S. from Brazil.

1679 :18x22 - FR1826 Flying High at Cocktail Cove

A report about Michael Schrenker, a financial advisor who faked his own death in January 2009, after being charged with financial fraud, by deliberately ditching the airplane he was piloting.

1680 :18x23 - SU1826 Inside The Financial Fiasco: Mortgage Madness

Correspondent Chris Hanson begins the first of a three part series on the recent economic crisis. This report will explore the bad effects of a risky home loan. This story is punctuated with insight from insiders and those who told of the wrongdoings.

1681 :18x24 - FR1827 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Debt Trap

Part two of Chris Hanson's three part of his economic reports. Today's report follows families who are on the edge of bankruptcy and exposes shady illegal activities allegedly used by some collection agency.

1682 :18x25 - SU1827 10 Most Incredible Close Calls (2)

Originally scheduled Part 3 of Inside The Financial Fiasco (see SU1828) did not air. Instead, Hoda Kotbe re-introduces 10 near death experiences, all caught live on camera. The extremely close calls include a child getting stuck between huge boulders, a base jump gone horribly wrong, a roof top fire rescue, a girl trapped under concrete, another girl - and then her rescuer - trapped under ice, an aircrew man sucked into a friggin' jet engine, a sinking cruise ship and a diver stuck in a shark cage WITH an 18 foot Great White!. (Original Airdate: January 25, 2009. SU1818)

1683 :18x26 - FR1828 Death of a Heartsong

Keith Morrison explores how a murder ripped apart a seemingly happy couples marriage.

1684 :18x27 - SU1828 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Promises, Promises

Chris Hansen concludes his three part series on the recent financial crisis with a look at the unsavory sales schemes which prey upon vulnerable customers.

1685 :18x28 - FR1829 Unsolved Case Squad

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz and a team of investigators attempt to crack a pair of murder cases.

1686 :18x29 - SU1829 Dystonia/Model School Scam/The Mysterious Music Man

First, Hoda Kotb reports on how 13-year-old Sam Gladen battled a medical mystery - Dystonia - and decides to undergo brain surgery. Then, Chris Hanson files an undercover report which scrutinizes a modeling company. Plus, Dennis Murphy investigates a scam from on online-dating company based in Philadelphia.

1687 :18x30 - FR1830 Disappearance at the Dairy Queen

Dennis Murphy reports on how devoted a policeman and his intern were to solve the mysterious disappearance of a young Michigan girl.

1688 :18x31 - FR1831 A Long, Dark Stretch of Road

Dennis Murphy investigates a case where a lawyer was injured after being shot and his wife was killed on a darkened road in Westchester County, NY.

1689 :18x32 - SU1831 A Step Too Far/You Might Be Rich (1)

Money lays in state treasuries all over the country as unclaimed funds. Tiki Barber sets out to help return some of this property to it's rightful owners. In addition, Sara James profiles an Arctic adventurer.

1690 :18x33 - FR1832 The Surfer & The Bird Rock Bandits

The death of a 24-year old surfer is investigated by Keith Morrison.

1691 :18x34 - SU1832 You Might Be Rich! (2)/How Lucky Can You Get?

An unsuspecting family learn from Donald Trump and Tiki Barber that they are recipients of a large sum of unclaimed money. Also, Chris Hansen tests California lottery retailers to see whether they are complying or not.

1692 :18x35 - FR1833 Your Cheating Heart/Deadly Suspicion

Hoda Kotb looks into the subject of infidelity, and whether some men and women are born to cheat. Also, Dennis Murphy investigates the January 2008 disappearance of a woman vacationing in the Caribbean.

1693 :18x36 - SU1833 Kevin Johnson, Mayor/Macy the Racer/Tesla Motors/Agape World Inc./Maria Lauterbach update/Ikaria island

First, an interview with Kevin Johnson, NBA star turned Mayor of Sacramento. Next, a profile of Macy Causey, an 8-year-old 3rd generation race car driver. Plus, a look at Tesla Motors electric cars. Then, Chris Hanson examines a smaller Ponzi scheme affecting everyday people (Nicholas Cosmo, Agape World Inc.). Then, an update on murdered marine Maria Lauterbach. Finally, Hoda Kotb visits the island of Ikaria, where residents live long and healthy lives.

1694 :18x37 - FR1834 The Party's Over

Authorities are puzzled when a woman disappears from the Caribbean vacation home she and her husband built in an attempt to heal their marital woes. Dennis Murphy investigates.

1695 :18x38 - SU1834 Afghan Education/Cody McCasland, Hero/Slumdog Stars/Farrah's Story update/The Last Dance

First, Ann Curry examines the efforts being made to educate women in Afghanistan. Next, Keith Morrison introduces us to Cody McCasland, a 7-year old who had both his legs amputated above the knee. Also, an update of the child actors who appeared in the motion picture, "Slumdog Millionaire." Plus, a further look at Farrah Fawcett's cancer story. Finally, an in-depth investigation of the murder of a wealthy Colorado man.

1696 :18x39 - FR1835 The Stripper & The Steelworker

A stripper and a steelworker end up in the trial of their lives after a fisherman is found murdered, as reported by Keith Morrison.

1697 :18x40 - SU1835 The Spy Who Loved Me/The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire

Dennis Murphy reports about an American living in Britain and a suave Englishman who claims to have been a spy. In addition, Murphy investigates a hedge-fund manager believed to have been involved in fraud.

1698 :18x41 - MO1836 Justice for Julia/A Father's Mission

Dennis Murphy reports on a woman's death who was in the middle of an abusive relationship and whether her husband's hand was involved in the crime. Additionally, Keith Morrison investigates when a son is named the prime suspect in a murder of a couple and even his father believes he was guilty. In the end, the father tries desperately to clear his son's name.

1699 :18x42 - FR1836 Fatal Visions

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz investigates the case of the 2001 drowning of a woman inside her own bathtub which has seen many twists and turns throughout the years.

1700 :18x43 - SU1836 On tour with Taylor Swift

Dateline gets an exclusive backstage pass with the country pop mega star. Reported by Hoda Kotb.

1701 :18x44 - FR1837 Mystery in the Deep Blue Sea

A newlywed bride drowns while diving at the Great Barrier Reef during her honeymoon in Australia. Was this just an accident by a novice scuba diver or did her husband play a role in her demise? Dennis Murphy reports.

1702 :18x45 - SU1837 Inside Iran/The Year of Living Dangerously/Fighting For Sean(3)

Ann Curry takes a look at the politics, people, and history of Iran as she explores a side of the country rarely seen. Next, Dennis Murphy reports about a wife who finds herself trapped inside her husband's mysterious and secretive life - a world filled with intrigue and deception that would take a decade for her to escape from. Finally, an update - David Goldman has been trying to gain custody of his son Sean, ever since his wife took him to Brazil back in 2004. Now after five years, will the father and son be reunited?

1703 :18x46 - MO1838 The Trouble on the Hill

The quiet roads within the canyons lay the homes of three feuding neighbors, all which are loved and made great accomplishments in their lives. Who knew what these neighbors were capable of doing?

1704 :18x47 - SU1838 The Many Faces of Clark Rockefeller

A look into the case of Clark Rockefeller, a German born man whose real name is Christian Carl Gerhartsreiter and has been living under an assumed name after kidnapping his daughter during an supervised visitation.

1705 :18x48 - MO1839 Vegas Undercover

Chris Hansen follows a day out at work with the Las Vegas police as they are watched on camera. Included is an officer spotting would-be pimps by acting as a first-time prostitute; the auto-theft team tracks "bait cars" which they want to be stolen; and a man gives information to police concerning his counterfeiting-money scam.

1706 :18x49 - FR1839 The Secrets in the Box/The Last Voyage (update)

Keith Morrison reports about 2 daughter's trying to discover why their mother mysteriously disappeared. Their father claims that she ran off with another man. Or is he just covering himself from a crime? 16 years later, the truth will be revealed. Then, in 2004 at Newport Beach,California, Tom and Jackie Hawks were killed as they tried to sell their boat. Josh Mankiewicz reports on the latest in the case and interviews a young man who showed interest in buying the boat and later was named as their killer.

1707 :18x50 - SU1839 Top 5 of 10 Most Incredible Close Calls

Hoda Kotbe re-introduces the top 5 of 10 near death experiences, all caught live on camera in this half-hour version of SU1818 originally aired on January 25, 2009. The extremely close calls include a girl - and then her rescuer - trapped under ice, an aircrew man sucked into a friggin' jet engine, a sinking cruise ship and a diver stuck in a shark cage WITH an 18 foot Great White!.

1708 :18x51 - MO1840 Where there's smoke...

Correspondent Rob Stafford examines a case of one man being left for dead in his garage, and another man gone missing, making investigators wonder whether these are coincidental or if a couple's plan to start a new life has gone awry.

1711 :18x54 - SU1840 Homeless/Regressive Disease/Slumdog Stars/Michael Jackson Questions

Hoda Kotb gives a report about a mother trying to save her children from a rare disease by learning all about pharmacology and medicine.

1712 :18x55 - MO1841 Living With Michael Jackson (2003)

Dateline NBC airs a one-hour edit of Martin Bashir's 2003 Granada Television documentary "Living with Michael Jackson". The film spans of 8 months of Jackson's life, from May 2002 to January 2003. Jackson admitted sharing his bed with children in the documentary. Bashir is now an NBC news anchor, but was at ITV in the UK at the time of filming.

1713 :18x56 - FR1841 Michael Jackson: Remember The Time

Hoda Kotb introduces a revealing 2 hour look back at the life of Michael Jackson. First, extended cuts of Matt Lauer's interview with Jermaine Jackson at the Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz provides an in-depth look at the life and career of the pop superstar including preparations for his upcoming re-launch. Finally, Keith Morrison examines the future of Michael's children. The program ends with a montage of classic Jackson song and dance moves.

1714 :18x57 - SU1841 10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes

Hoda Kotb reports on everyday heroes. We learn about ten people who saved lives, such as the Arizona teenager who overcame his fear of heights to rescue his autistic little brother.

1715 :18x58 - MO1842 Michael Jackson: Gone Too Soon

Hoda Kotb hosts. First, Josh Mankiewicz reveals the latest details about the death of Michael Jackson, and his funeral perperations. Hoda presents some rare words from Michael's October, 2001 online audio chat as part of the promotion for the then soon-to-be released Invincible album and tour. (His first new album in six years.) Dennis Murphy performs some forensic accounting with a look at his finances and the potential for Jackson memorabilia sales and the future of Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz speaks with friends and family recalling a fun (and lonely) side of Michael Jackson that few have seen, plus some hopes for the come-back tour. Then, Hoda Kotb presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 1983 Thriller music video including recent interviews with Ola Ray and others who worked on the production. Finally, a look at the global response to Michael Jackson's passing.

1716 :18x59 - TU1842 A Farewell To Michael Jackson

A look back at the days events from Michael Jackson's memorial services, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

1717 :18x60 - FR1842 Crossing The Line

Two kids grew up in South Boston as the best of friends and took divergent paths. John Connolly became one of Boston's most celebrated FBI agents, and his old buddy James "Whitey" Bulger became a notorious mobster. Connolly makes a deal with his friend Bulger to become an informant for the FBI and the FBI will overlook his illegal gambling operation. But what kind of devil's deal did he make since the FBI will have overlooked serious mob crimes. Dennis Murphy investigates the crimes and court trial that became the basis for the Martin Scorsese film "The Departed."

1718 :18x61 - MO1843 The Mystery in Manson Tunnel

Keith Morrison investigates the death of a student from UCLA, scrutinizing whether witchcraft, cult activity or possibly the pair of roommates had a hand in the crime.

1719 :18x62 - FR1843 The Family Business

The case of a murdered Boston contractor ends in a deadlocked jury, the second trial starts in an attempt to find justice.

1720 :18x63 - SU1843 The Girl in the Little Blue Dress

Correspondent John Larson updates the case of the disappearance of a 3-year old girl, following her determined father's quest to retrieve her.

1721 :18x64 - FR1844 Kidnapped Heiress: The Patty Hearst Story/The Mystery of the Lost Weekend

Josh Mankiewicz recalls the case of the 1974 Patty Hearst kidnapping by a little known group called the SLA - Symbionese Liberation Army. Mankiewicz talks with another man who claims he was held by the SLA and telling his story for the first time.

In an unexplainable case, an unassuming elementary school vice principal known for his kindness, was charged with killing his wife and children.

1722 :18x65 - SU1844 The Detective's Daughter

A kidnapped mother finds a way to call 911 without being detected by her captor. Other witnesses, including a driver who saw the crime as it happened, also make a call to 911 and plead for help. But was it a system breakdown which prevented the police from locating her?

1723 :18x66 - MO1845 Star-Crossed: The Tucson Developer Murder

Josh Mankiewicz reports about a popular, well-connected businessman who died after his car exploded. It was first believed to have been the work of the mob, but when a large insurance payout was sent to Europe, the prime suspect becomes the ex-wife, who is living there.

1724 :18x67 - FR1845 Michael Jackson: Inside The Final Hours / Dangerous Liaisons

Josh Mankiewicz reports on the latest happenings from he Michael Jackson death, including inside information of Jackson's lifestyle and a new report on what Jackson's personal doctor told police he did and didn't do the day Jackson died. Then, Rob Stafford investigates the death of football star's girlfriend, and the investigators believe the killer is someone he has known.

1725 :18x68 - SU1845 How Lucky Can you Get?

Chris Hansen tests California lottery retailers to see whether they are complying or not.

1726 :18x69 - MO1846 A Stranger in the House

A serial killer may be on the loose, causing an investigation after the murder of one woman and the later another woman is killed.

1727 :18x70 - FR1846 Terror at the Mall / Rosemary & the Motorcycle Man

A string of violent crimes against patrons of a local mall in a wealthy neighborhood leave the Investigators wondering if their isn't a serial killer on the loose. Dennis Murphy reports. Also, when a real estate agent disappears, her husband makes claims that she has left town, but her friends are not believing the story. A lawyer learns what may have happened to her, but is bound by attorney-client privilege. After nine years the lawyer can now finally reveal what has he knows. Keith Morrison reports.

1728 :18x71 - SU1846 Back To Woodstock

Looking back 40 years to Woodstock. Includes rare home movies, archival footage and splendid musical highlights.

1729 :18x72 - MO1847 No Safe Place

Keith Morrison reports on the slayings of Bud and Melanie Billings in their home in Pensacola home in early July. Why was this couple, the celebrated parents of 17 children, 13 by adoption and 9 with special needs, the target? Many questions are raised such as the motive and a look at the suspects. He also talks with Ashley Markham who's telling the inspirational story of her mother Melanie Billings in-depth for the first time.

1730 :18x73 - FR1847 Deadly Dealing / Down by the River

Chris Hanson examines the case of a female college graduate who was used as an informant for a drug bust, which went wrong and she ended up dead. Additionally, Heda Kotb tells the story of a mother's ten year quest for justice in the wake of the disappearance of her 11-year old son.

1731 :18x74 - MO1848 The Mystery at Chalk Creek

Dennis Murphy reports about a a woman who was killed after falling into a creek while on a fishing trip with her new husband.

1732 :18x75 - FR1848 Obsession / Murder in the Family

First, Hoda Kotb gives her report concerning the unexplained and unexpected death of 24-year-old Michelle Herdon, a death which baffled investigators for over two years. The murder would end up having Propofol as the means of death, the same drug believed to have killed singer Michael Jackson. Then, Dennis Murphy investigates the case of Maggie Locascio, a woman who was about to escape from her overpowering husband and begin a new life. But suddenly her life was cut short. The case saw a son versus his father in deciding who was responsible for the murder.

1733 :18x76 - MO1849 In the Bedroom

Josh Mankiewicz reports on a man whose dead body was found in his bedroom may have been part of a lethal love triangle.

1734 :18x77 - FR1849 Disappearance Before Dawn / Flying High at Cocktail Cove (updates)

Dennis Murphy reports on a mysterious case of a young groom who vanishes on his honeymoon cruise. Next, Keith Morrison gives an update on Marcus Schrenker, a financial adviser facing financial fraud who deliberately ditched the plane he was piloting on January 2009, in order to fake his own death.

1735 :18x78 - SU1849 A Dose of Controversy

Matt Lauer takes an unprecedented look at the emotional debate surrounding vaccines and the suggested link to autism. Includes an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who first came across the possible connection; plus investigative journalist Brian Deer and pediatrician Paul Offit.

1736 :18x79 - MO1850 The Mysterious Death of a Titan

Lester Holt examines the death of ex-NFL QB Steve McNair, who was killed July 2009. Included is a look at McNair's final hours of life.

1737 :18x80 - FR1850 The Man Behind the Mask

Sara James reports about Donna Palomba, a mother of two, recalls her horrific experience of being raped in her own home by a masked man. The broadcast examines the events which followed and how they divided the Waterbury, Conn. community, and how one detective believed her story while the others felt she lied.

1738 :18x81 - SU1850 Mukhtar Mai / American Character / Debt Trap (update)

First, Ann Curry interviews Mukhtar Mai in Pakistan, who is lending a hand in the next generation of women in her village by building schools and a center for abused women. Next, Tom Brokaw heads across U.S. Highway 50 to find the American Character in this brief promo of his series airing on the USA network. Lastly, Chris Hanson revisits the debt epidemic in the USA and interviews families who are nearly bankrupt. With the use of hidden cameras, Hanson exposes the dirty tactics in which some collection agencies will use and the steps taken by authorities to crack down on debt collectors who violate the law.

1739 :18x82 - MO1851 Second Chances

The national media attention was focused on Alex and Derek King in 2003 after confessing to murdering their father. The boys, 12 and 13 years old at the time, were two of the youngest kids to ever be charged as adults for murder and arson. Now, Keith Morrison gives the boys their first ever interviews, where they speak of their crime and of their lives today.

1740 :18x83 - FR1851 Cause for Alarm

A report by Dennis Murphy concerning a puzzling shooting inside the peaceful suburban home of a young elementary school and her cheating husband which not only divided their family and neighbors, but also a jury.

1741 :18x84 - FR1852 Behind Closed Doors: Bad Chemistry / The Mystery in the Master Bedroom

A pair of reports by Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy finds the correspondents investigating two of is a seemingly perfect couple, and the other is a newlywed pair ... that ends with death.
Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: News
Genres: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
Episodes Order: 39
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